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Monday, April 27, 2015

Three cases of SSI abuse and socialist exploitation by the government

Sorry I've been away but I've been busy since tax day making sure I don't get run over by the neo-Nazis that run the IRS. Today and tomorrow will be different I hope. Well have some stories of liberal fascism and how the IRS runs down minorities and the poor.

Today I will talk about SSI. As you know I am not a fan of SSI or social security, we did stories of SSI ripping off and robbing the poor, innocent people being branded as disabled or borderline retarded because of their race or beliefs and how government confiscates their bank accounts to make them qualify and how it is ruining innocent lives because of liberals.

The following are cases from legal aid groups that I helped work with in New England and California as well as from the Rutherford foundation and from the National Association to stop guardian abuse.

Jodie McWilliams

Jodie had a troubled life. Born into a poor family Schenectady New York which lay outside of Albany. Her father was drunk and abusive towards her, her siblings but mostly her mom. She and her family moved out when her father left them and they lived with relatives and friends in Rochester NY, Coat hill Pennsylvania and eventually moved into Freehold New Jersey when she was 12 where her mother dated an older man who ran a business there and had 2 children of his own.

Jodie had 3 other siblings one brother and two sisters. Jodie was shy and a loner. In school she was picked on and teased and mostly left alone with one or two friends. The bullying was worst in Rochester but in Freehold she was mostly invisible. She never got to go to Prom and never did much mostly keeping to herself and helping her stepfather at work. Unlike her biological father and two of her mom's boyfriends, he took a liking to her and helped her out.

In addition to a problematic family and social life Jodie was diagnosed with ADD, Asperger's syndrome and also had a speech problem. Jodie and her stepdad didn't believe she had them, attributing the diagnosis to bullying and the schools failure to do anything about it. The ADD was no doubt mostly because of distractions at home and at school rather then mental problems. Her speech was another story but she saw a therapist frequently and it improved.

But in 2007 when Jodie turned 18 and was about to graduate from High school, really big trouble began. Jodie and her stepdad had big plans for her. College and a career but her mother and a school psychiatrist didn't think it appropriate. Jodie found herself at the mercy of New Jersey's notoriously abusive mental health system.

She was deceived into going into a mental hospital for outpatient treatment by her mother who claimed that she was taking her to an appointment to see a counsellor for career training. Instead she was taken to Centrastate health center and told that she was to see a mental health professional for outpatient treatment and to force her to enroll on SSI because according to her mother, "It was for the best." Jodie was informed that if she did not cooperate she would be made an inpatient, locked away and unable to go to work costing her job and income.

The doctor proscribed strong meds for Jodie that made it hard for her to stay awake and work. She was not allowed to refuse her meds. Her mother would make sure she took them everyday even resorting to threatening her with physical violence if she didn't. As a result Jodie lost her job at McDonalds and instead of blaming medication blamed her. On doctor's advice her mother even took away her car so she could not move around claiming that she could not drive anymore since she was not taking meds "for being a crazy stupid girl."

Jodie's stepfather at first protected her from her mother but then suffered a stroke and died sometime later. She lost her only protector.

Jodie attempted to run away from her abusive home life and took a greyhound bus out of New Jersey. She did not know what to do or where to go so she choose to leave for New York not knowing the devastating consequences that would have. She also left a message on her mother's voice mail telling her to leave her alone and that she was leaving before her bus left.

Jodie's mother no sooner called police. She guessed that Jodie was running away to a major city In addition to calling Freehold police she called Police in Trenton, Newark, New York, Philidelphia and Baltimore to alert them. She falsely claimed that Jodie was mentally retarded and brain damaged and needed her meds.

Jodie's bus arrived at New York Port Authority building and as she got off she was accosted by transit security officers and NYPD officers who placed her under arrest and had her detained. Under questioning they asked why she came to New York. She informed them of abuse by her mother how she was mistreated by her doctors and that she came because she did not know where else to go. Officers did not believe she was abused and since the NYPD tends to be liberal and believe the government sided with her mother.

The officers told her that it was wrong for her to run away and that she had to be medicated even though the meds caused harm. They decided to send her to Bellevue Hospital's infamous psychward where doctors took down her statements, ignored them and medicated her. Jodie was then transferred to another notorious and abusive psychiatric ward, this one in Rockland Hospital in Orangeburg. She was branded mentally incompetent and in addition to having ADD and Asperger's and Bipolar also had ODD, Panic disorder, delusions of grandeur and Borderline personalities. She was given a choice to go back home to her mother and sign away and give up all her assets or become ward of the state of New York under emergency guardianship.

Jodie did not want to give up her money from work and demanded a hearing but the doctor refused. Emergency guardianships are immediate and last for over a month hearings are not given until usually half way or when they are nearly over and in the case of the later usually result in the guardianship either being renewed for another 30 or 60 days or in longer more harmful guardianships such as plenial ones.

With the stroke of a pen, Jodie's constitutional freedoms, designed and intended to be absolute and irrevocable were revoked thanks to communist mental health laws in the Marxist state of New York. Jodie's mental health records claimed that she had delusions of being abused by her mother and that she was found in New York's transit authority building confused. They also stated that she was irresponsible and incapable of caring for herself.

She spent two weeks of her illegal and unconstitutional guardianship in Rockland's inpatient ward as well as New York University hospital's ward. She was then moved into a group home for mentally incapacitated adults in Albany. While there she was drugged into oblivion even being hospitalized for seizures caused by the meds yet she was still forced to take them.

After six months of being a ward of the state Jodie was let go. She was also on SSI by now and would discover that her money was confiscated by the state appellate. She was unable to get the money back from the state since the courts argued it was legal and necessary for her to be eligible for SSI. She spent a year in the group home and later 2 years homeless in New York and Boston before Jodie was allowed to manage her money. She currently resides in an independent living apartment in Haverhill and has never worked at a job since.

Luiz Campos

A resident of San Jose, Luiz's problems with the mental health system started when he became a born again Christian at the age of 16 and no sooner did he become a babe in Christ that he began to walk on his two feet and become a street preacher. But California is godless. And the sight of one preaching love to the downtrodden and correctly exposing the government idols in Sacramento liberals worship as the source of the states woes was something those in the highly tolerant bay area wouldn't abide.

The problem began before he turned 17. Luiz preached in Downtown SJ where his topic was the death of a homeless man. Luiz blamed it rightfully on the government and liberals. He told as well as showed how high taxes and codling to illegal immigrants who don't belong here were the cause of homelessness and death and he showed marvelously how selfish and heartless liberals were. They must've been convicted by the holy ghost because as soon as he finished, plain clothes officers arrested him on the charge of disorderly conduct as well as sexual harassment. The later charge coming from an angry liberal whore who made a false claim that he pinched her behind as she walked by a charge that witnesses and security cameras from a nearby bank would prove false.

Luiz was released to his parent's custody. The parents were Christian just like Luiz and his father went to work providing legal help for his son. Despite overwhelming proof of innocence a juvenile judge ordered him to be put under a court ordered psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatrist as  Luiz described him pretended to be friendly but wasn't. He claimed that Luiz was a sexual deviant arguing that no one who called the police could ever lie and neither could the police. A sure trait of communism. He also claimed that his beliefs that the government was not always correct and that the government was to blame and that the homeless were people were also bizarre and ludicrous. More traits of communist government worship.

Luiz was forcibly drugged by the doctor with 4 different prescription drugs. Luiz's family sued when he told Luiz that he had no right to worship such a politically incorrect God while also proclaiming luiz to be a traitor and a possible terrorist. The doctor agreed to let him choose his own doctor, a right that was denied by the courts. The next doctor was like your typical liberal government paid stooge. He would talk with him for 15 minutes pretending to give a damn then give him a bottle of pills. That's all. Fortunately there were no more problems and Luiz only had to take one proscription medication instead of the 4 the communist doctor forced on him.

Nonetheless the doctor did not take kindly to Luiz's Christian beliefs. He was rebuked and condemned for being conservative and for his beliefs in the founding father's original intent. This and more would come back to haunt Luiz when he became an adult and when he graduated from  University years later.

At 18 and a half Luiz was again arrested this time for handing out bible tracts. It was alleged that he had trespassed on private property to do so. In reality Luiz had been in downtown San Jose and the man who filed charges had in truth not noticed the presence of the Chick tract until he was on the property in Palo Alto. The charges were dropped but Luiz had been convicted of disorderly conduct and defacing the motor vehicle with the tract. These along with his unsealed juvenile record would have dire consequences for Luiz's career.

In 2005 Luiz graduated from CSU with a bachelors degree. He was 23 years old and looking forward to making a start in the world but despite handing out hundreds of resumes found no employment. It was later discovered that due to the weakening of privacy laws in America corporations were able to get a hold of information that they shouldn't like credit, criminal and medical records. That includes Psychiatric records BTW.

For over a year, Luiz Campos struggled to find work. He sent his resume far and wide throughout the nation and visited offices from LA to Seattle and as far west as Dallas. He was unsuccessful. His frustrations increased when job counselors decided to blame him for his problems. His frustrations gave way to harassing phone calls to businesses that rejected his resume where he demanded an explanation for why he was not hired. This lead to a phone call from a worker in HR from Denver who informed Luiz that he was denied employment because of his psychiatric history.

Businesses he discovered are able to gain access to government records like medical and psychiatric records. The federal government's mental health database, a system intended to stop the mentally ill from purchasing guns by collecting information from insurance companies, clinics and hospitals is also used to stop those who have mental illness or even believed to be mentally ill from being employed. Many big corporations have access to it and those who have been to a psychiatric clinic or have taken meds for crazies are blocked out from hiring.

The HR worker also informed him that this system is also being used to stop people who have taken any kind of medication even for physical ailments as well as mental illness or retardation. Businesses big and small do not want to hire crazies or the weak. Most Luiz discovered do not want to hire bible believers as well.

Thanks to the patriot act and the erosion of privacy by the government since the beginning of the war on terror, many companies even landlords can get somewhat of an idea of whether or not an applicant is crazy stupid by checking their hospital and clinic records. A landlord in an apartment Luiz's parents tried to get for him found out he had been to a clinic after credit union's shared the info.

The addition of Social security's E-hire database also makes things worse. There have been frequent mistakes with people falsely banned from not working due to Social security's laziness and inefficient government.

Luiz was stuck without a home and a job. He did get an inheiretence from his Grandmother for 100,000 dollars but he didn't get to enjoy it for very long. A month later, it was confiscated by the government because he was eligible for SSI and Medical insurance. A judge confirmed this pointing out his psychiatric history as a reason for why he needed SSI as well as his beliefs.

Luiz ended up poor on the street homeless. All because his rights were not respected. Luiz found himself homeless both in San Francisco and on LA's notorious skid row. While in LA, Luiz was forced on involuntary outpatient commitment and forced t take medication. Since then he has been back on the streets 4 times losing his home either to corrupt law enforcement that targets Christians or to corrupt government grabbing things that don't belong to him. Today he currently resides in a group home somewhere in California.

Rachel Suzuki
When Rachel graduated from High School in 2003 she expected to be going on to University and a career. She did not expect the government in California and Washington state to take away all her worldly possessions and abuse her and leave her on the streets. The problem happened because of an evaluation she had when she was 12 years old. Rachel was energetic then and survived sex abuse. But based on that evaluation from way back in a time of distress and a time when her mind was not yet developed she was now seen as a retarded mentally ill stupid person by the state. That BTW was the exact words by a psychiatrist who later evaluated her for money management.

A year after graduation the state of California became her guardian and her money from when she worked for to go to College was stolen and never recovered. Her trust fund was also taken and instead of it going to college education it went to the pockets of her guardian.

The guardian was an attorney named Nicole Bianca, a corrupt attorney who was notorious for defending fraudulent rip offs by the state against poor people. She also worked as a legal guardian and conservator and did her job well... ripping them off. Bianca is also very mean to those who turn to her for help whether or not they want it.

Rachel described how she tried to audit Nicole for abusing her account. "I went to her office and spoke to her and told her she needed to take care of me and that she had to show me the account statement. If she's not doing anything wrong she has nothing to hide. She then snapped at me and screamed that "I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY YOU'D JUST SPEND IT ON DRUGS!" I TOLD HER SHE WAS WRONG and then she said that I was just because the government said so like the government was never wrong. How can that be?"

Nicole wanted Rachel to live in a group home for the retarded in Lancaster. She refused and ran away to Oregon citing abuse by the guardian. She succeeded only in getting her guardianship switched from California to Oregon only because an audit done at the behest of a relative and sympathetic attorney showed that abuse had taken place. She had another guardian who also left her alone and poor. She lived in low income housing and was unable to work because as she found out, being  Low Income housing resident is not popular to many employers. Add to this her psychiatric record made matters worse too. She would later move to Idaho and then to Washington.

The guardianship lasted for 4 years. For Four Years Rachel lived in slums, homeless shelters and was fed sparingly. She got out only to find that all her money was gone. California and Oregon only gave back $4000 dollars of her money. To make mattes worse she was unemployable due to a psychiatric record and was horribly traumatized. From then to now she wound up in poverty and remained in poverty. She currently resides in Tacoma where she lives off her meager SSI and works as a prostitute selling her body for Crack cocaine.


If ever there was a reason to conclude that the government is dangerous its SSI. The government wants us to be poor and unemployed and to do that it will brand innocent people as undesirables just because of anything they can think off. All paid for by taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

guck the fovernment

duanefrommaine said...

So where did you get this information from? Any sort of agency or people you met?

Looking at these cases it looks as though there are other problems other than SSI. First Jodie why didn't she get a job since? And Luiz's criminal record might have had something to do with that [not getting hired] instead of being on SSI. The state is supposed to return all the money if they abuse it. Its their responsibility and the victims should've sued the F'ing hell out of the states they were in.

I don't mean to be insensitive or rude or sound like one of these heartless right wingers like Rush but I think the problem is that they have criminal backgrounds and that they have mental issues. Now I am not saying that its right. Employers shouldn't have access to either criminal or mental records unless its a job in the military. The problem is that these people have records of mistakes they made or some unfair arrest or that they got mental issues that keep them from working. Why doesn't it say what happened to Jodie and what about Rachel? How did she end up being a crack whore in Tacoma? What else did Rachel do or not do to put her in this situation?

Brian is a shil said...

How can anyone not want SSI when they need it? I work in DHHS in Boston for people who are dying to get on the program. We don't steal money from them or ban them from working! A few people I know who get it work. This is just rightist propaganda to outlaw Social security and allow the super rich to raid the last piggy bank available.

mainestategop said...

@DuanefromMaine These came from CCHR, Liberty Task Force and from The files of the ACLU. I also got it from the Rutherford center.

So people who get arrested for practicing constitutionally protected rights like Luiz did preaching should not serve the military? Anyone who can't find work in Socialist America is to blame themselves and not the government? Sounds heartless. I thought that conservatives were the ones who were the heartless ones.

@Brian is a shill
People I know are dying to get off because they were put there to stop them from working and to steal their money. That socialist piggy bank was empty decades ago before even Reagan came to power. So how is opposing bank account confiscation being a shill?

Brian is a corporate shill said...

No one said that having a bank account was being a corporate shill! I mean that you want to outlaw the government and allow private power to take over and control out lives. The government is there for a reason! We need it to protect people who are vulnerable and we need it to check private power which is becoming too powerful!
I looked at your blog and all it is is anti government right wing paranoia! Over and over the government is the enemy the government is evil the government this the government that the government robs us hates us steals from us and you make no mention of corporations grabbing and pillaging the national treasury. We need to the government we need to regulate corporations so they don't start a coup and allow redneck militias to set up a fascist state. We need taxes to pay for service to keep us developed and safe and we need to help people who cant help themselves. Disabled adults need pension and need housing. The private sector isn't going to fix that. It hasn't. Our development and our human rights status is comparable to the 3rd world thanks to ranting hysterical right wing lunatics like you. The private sector has failed government is more efficient.

mainestategop said...

My blog shows what happens when the government is trusted. You have nothing on me. You haven't made one statement to corroborate what you said. The government IS the enemy because they ARE abusing the weak and disabled and they are creating these problems.

So you live in Boston? Figures. communists live there.

Brian is a corporate shill said...

The only people who will believe anything you say are hillbillies and uneducated wrong way voters that are ruining America. I am not a communist I pay taxes I believe in private enterprise and free speech even for hysterical paranoid looney tunes like you

mainestategop said...

Yet you speak like a communist. You only want to get my money and everyone else's money all while you give Boston's homeless and destitute a false sense of hope that will never come. Not while immigrants steal their jobs and not while the Massachusetts Demorats squeeze job creators with higher and higher taxes and higher and higher mandatory insurance costs ala Romney care. If you really cared for these people at all you'd give them one way tickets to Texas or Kansas so they can get hired instead of having to cling to the government teat and wonder if they'll survive the coming winter months. I read that quite a few homeless died in Boston last year. That tells me how much you care.

Brian is a corporate shill said...

Yes we had a few homeless die about 2 I think. they were Addicts. We only have one wet shelter and they were full and the overflow shelters did not allow you if you were under the influence. Homeless with strong addictions would rather go out in the snow to be drunk or high. its very sad and thanks to people like you they didn't have a place to go. If our taxes were better like in Europe we could house these people but we'd rather have free markets and billionaires scamming us.

I don't live in Boston I live in Lowell. I commute to work on the purple line every morning to go to work to help those being affected by your backers and your policies of tax cuts and cuts to services. I proudly pay my taxes to keep civilization working unlike people like you who move to New Hampshire so you don't have to pay your fair share and exploit the workers at your business and live off their fruits and who spend their spare time ranting about how its our fault not yours that America has gotten into the condition it is.

mainestategop said...

80% of the taxes you pay go to government administrator salaries and pensions. Well you're an employee so yeah I can see you're happy. Why din't you buy these people greyhound tickets to places with jobs and that were warm. hey! You could have sent them to California if they didn't want work but you didn't. So while I and my employees struggle day to day and while your clients froze to death you get to enjoy champagne and caviar and live off of us. US. BTW my employees before tax get on average 40k a year.

Brian is a corporate shill said...

I only get paid thirty-four thousand a year. THat's not a lot in today's money. What would you rather I get paid? minimum wage?

We have a traveler's aid program. I actually sent 12 homeless individuals else where mostly to Los Angles for the winter and a couple others to Phoenix since we didn't have any place for them. three of them were sex offenders so yeah its a bit tough when you're punished again and again for a terrible mistake when it should have ended after doing ten years hard time all alone in solitaire and castration. The Catholic charities group that helps out also provided plane tickets to an individual to stay with people in Florida. Most of my clients go to places like Florida for the winter so yes they are going to red states but they are coming back empty handed so this idea that conservatism works is a bit far fetched.

I don't get champagne and caviar. I would like that since I have to bust a gut helping people who aren't able to help themselves thanks to fascists shills like yourself ruining America with capitalism. SO how much do YOU make a year? If your employees are getting more than I am then you must be very rich. What's the lowest paid postion at your business and how much are they paid? minimum wage? Some low level persons must be cleaning up after your gone.

mainestategop said...

I know you get paid more than that. Massachews**ts is a pig when it comes to other people's money. Even the lowliest government employee gets more than 34k.

I thought you had to have relatives or a home to go to in order to be eligible for travelers aid. Florida? That place is unfortunately not quite conservative. They're mostly Neo-cons government worshipers in Florida. They could've done better and gone to Texas or Kansas. I sent a man to Kansas who couldn't find work for 2 years. But one week after he arrived he got a job! Score one for capitalism over the failed system of socialism.

The lowest paid position? Hard to say. The people who clean up are a custodial agency from Portsmouth. Long ago I used to get help from Phoenix Employment which hires the disabled and retarded to work. But they got closed down because of illegal aliens so I contract with another business. One of their employees has Down Syndrome so I am doing a service to the community.

How much I make a year. None of your business. I make far more than I did when I lived in Maine but thanks to Obama care not as much.

Anonymous said...

@Brian The travellers aid program normally does not allow you to move from one homeless situation to another homeless situation but usually if there's a crisis like abusive relatives or bad weather they'll foot the bill. I remember when I was homeless in Portland my case worker lied to get me a grey hound ticket to stay at a better shelter in Providence. Another time they gave me a ticket to Phoenix without strings attatched when winter rolled in. these days a lot of places ship their have nots out since they can't handle them and have no place for them.

@The socialist shill from Boston: I know you make more than 34k. I also know that SSI is a false hope. I have dealt with your kind before. People are dying to get on SSI. They die before being put on. Most of them forced to like these poor people and people I also know. They should be at work and living in an apartment not forced on programs.

Anonymous said...


JerseyStateGOP said...

The system in NJ isn't as bad as it used to be. When Chris Christie became governor of NJ the abuse was put to a halt. He closed down the institutions which were locking up people because of being disabled (many weren't just different) and he put a bit in the mouth of the government. The liberals have hated him since. We need Chris Christie in the white house to do the same. Break down the government, destroy programs which do nothing but oppress people and cut back on taxes.

VOTE CHRISTIE IN 15! We gotta get rid of government!

Cruz2016 said...

I'd rather have Lenin for president than that socialist.