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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How social security creates homelessness

69 year old Naomi Washington of Los Angeles California survived much in her long tormented life. As a black woman growing up in the Democratic controlled southern states, she witnessed racism, jim crow and brutal acts official and unofficial. Violent racist acts and discrimination perpetrated by government and the liberal public.

As a single mom, divorced by a dead beat father raising 3 young kids in Liberal Los Angeles it was also challenging. In a city that glorified glamour, immorality, godlessness, gang warfare and socialism and tolerated police brutality and police executions by a communist police force, a city with super high taxation, high crime, high living costs resulting from Socialism. Despite all that she was able to raise all 3 kids to go to college. One of them serving in the military, a veteran of Desert Storm, the first Gulf War. The other two grew up just as well. One is now a housewife with her own children, the other a small business owner in Colorado.

But just when the challenge of living in a nation that gradually embraced the socialism she witnessed in The Democratic South and the left coast she had no idea just how rocky her life would get. In 2005 she recieved social security Disability insurance. She got $1355 a month. Enough to live off of and she was able to move into a subsidized apartment in Venice. A big improvement from her old home in South Central LA. She thought the worst was over but she was in the eye of the storm.

In 2014 Social security shut off Naomi's pension. They decided she was no longer disabled even though she had been unemployed since 2004 for physical disability. With her pension gone her income disappeared. Soon afterwards her home was lost since they could not let her stay without being on SSDI or SSI. Naomi was forced to live in a motel, then ended up on the streets for 6 months. In the dangerous streets of LA in Skid row. She survived thanks to help from a Christian ministry called one nation under God.

With there help she was able to get her food stamps back, contact her children and relatives to facilitate help and eventually fight back against the system that cheater her. But not without costs. She had to hire an attorney who demanded a portion of her pension in return for help. She did so but her pension was deducted for legal costs. She now only gets $830 a month and was forced to live with her daughter in Oxnard.

Her daughter martina explaines, "We were just shocked that they could do this to an elderly lady. They knew she was disabled, they knew she couldn't work, they knew that without this pension she was lost but they just turned her away. I couldn't believe it I cried so hard." It was hard for her to keep back the tears. "HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO AN OLD LADY!? They need to get their act together!"

Her son Bob, a former army captain now retired was outraged. "They got illegal aliens coming here by the thousands and when they get here it don't matter if they disabled or not. All they need to do is go to the nearest Social security office say hey I hear voices and they're on pension. But an elderly lady who hasn't worked in nearly a decade, a native of this country is cut off and thrown out into the gutter while the illegal aliens and the lazy bums who fake being disabled fake being mentally ill get all the free money and handouts and gimmicks they want. That's just unbelievable that our government would go so low to stab americans in the back and let these bums from other countries get free money."

Naomi's family lost faith in the government and are now republicsns. Captain Bob Washington is now a tea party activist who campaigns for conservative causes and is a member of the Minutemen.

The Washington's problem is not just their problem. Social security often denies pension to genuine disabled cases. Not only that those on pension can expect to be cut off and thrown out on the streets if for whatever reason they decide they are no longer elderly or disabled.

In the last year over 12,000 disabled pensioners had their pensions turned off for no reason. THe majority of them wound up homeless. All thanks to a careless government and a careless society that worships government. Neither ever cared and neither ever will.

Meanwhile illegal immigrant filth and lazy bums faking schizophrenia are easily placed on without another thought. Illegal especially are favored for their votes count. So do the votes of the bums who pretend to be crazy.


The social security program really does promote social insecurity. All while elevating the have nots over the haves and giving a leg up for illegal aliens. the best solution is to get rid of it and privatize the welfare state into the church. Let caring godly citizens care for the weak, let the illegals starve themselves home and let the liberals go suck an egg.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time sure flies when you're struggling under Obama's socialist regime

I am still here folks. Been very very busy. I got two kids, one still a baby and surprise surprise! I got another on the way! Due probably in October or November I believe. The situation at work is also hectic. I had another close call with the IRS who evidently are targeting pro-American folks like me relentlessly. They tried to audit me but  I am spot on accurate with my returns and my lawyers also showed them off. Round 2 ends. Mr. Pro-American 2 IRS socialists and the crack smoking welfare bums who leech off my money, nil.

Business is hectic too. I got a lot of bureaucracy to work around and hoops to jump and my employees are unhappy because the increase in wages they got is now going to pay for mandatory insurance rates that are climbing. All thanks to Obama and idiots who should be banned from voting.

I got a few articles coming up next week about the origin of the food stamp program under Herr Hitler hero of the liberals. It includes a testimony from a Polish survivor of the Nazi occupation and how the Nazis used the food stamp program to starve the homeless and poor. Liberals also want to do the same here.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Castrated, wounded, impoverished and dumped on the streets for having Asperger's Syndrome

Johnny Alton was 25 years old in 2001 and living in Keene New Hampshire. New Hampshire was once a free state and although the influx of patriotic americans from different parts of America known as free staters New Hampshire has fallen under the sway of the communist left. This is all thanks to the swarms of welfare parasites and bums from New York and Massachusetts who come to leech off the state. While many come for the state's prosperous job economy many more come to avoid work all together.

Jeanne Shaheen and other Democratic communists have made the state, the southern part of the state anyway into a gravy train for bums who hate America. Most of them from California, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. All paid for by those who are working and responsible. Southern New Hampshire now bears more and more resemblance to Boston and New York City complete with fascist police and ridiculous unfair victimless crimes all passed by enemies of God and America.

Thanks to these filthy Democraps, Johnny Alton went from working and being independent saving for tuition at University of New Hampshire Durham to being homeless and crippled. The problem started as Johnny saved money for University tuition. He planned on entering law school and becoming a lawyer. He saved for this by working in Dry wall and carpentry. But his parents who were Democrats and who were liberal wanted him to apply for University through government programs such as Voc Rehab. To qualify however he had to spend down his money and apply for SSI.

Johnny had no desire to lose his hard earned money to a government program with a high history of failure. So his parents went to work in destroying his life. One day while at work police arrested him and had him placed under 72 hour hold for evaluation. The hold was because his mother had called 911 and falsely claimed his son was going to commit suicide at work. She also created forged documents clamed to be suicidal letters by John wanting to end his life. John denied this and despite his friends and his employer standing up for him doctors didn't listen. John was held for over a week and forcibly medicated on Seroquel, Lexipro, Depakote and Zyprexa. He was also ordered to sign a behavioral contract that required that he quit his job, enroll in Vocational Rehabilitation and spend down his money.

John was released but refused to spend down his money and quit his job pointing out that he was close to being able to get his tuition and also correctly pointing out that it made no sense to wait and wait and wait years or decades on a government program that never worked and that usually took care of illegals and felons instead of ordinary Americans. After an argument with his mother in which he stormed out, his parents called the police and made false claimed that John said he would go home and kill himself but also threatened to kill them both.

John was arrested at his apartment and taken to the Cheshire county jail and later back to the psych ward at Cheshire medical center. Because John did not follow his contract and take his meds, his doctor ordered him sent to New Hampshire state Hospital in Concord. His parents then told his employers that he could not work anymore because he was crazy. His doctor also informed them while collecting info despite violating the HIPPA laws. He lost his job and the doctors to this day were never punished for violating HIPPA.

John spent a month at NHH where he was proscribed toxic drugs. Zyprexa, Lexipro, Paxil and the drug Risperdal, a drug used by psychiatrists to castrate sex offenders in prison. A drug now being used to treat mental illnesses such as Asperger's syndrome, a mental illness similar to autism and schizophrenia. John was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, ODD, borderline personalities and panic disorder as well as bipolar. According to an evaluation John was also borderline intelligent and incapable of work or self sufficiency. They denied he had ever worked in his life and considered his parents to be very reliable sources of information.

To make matters worse, John's parents were able to get his siblings and a few relatives to sign a witness statement that John was violent and abusive towards animals even though there had never been an incident where John was violent or even hinted at violence. Not once speck of evidence existed that said that John was abusive to animals. But doctors didn't believe it. The false statements which also claimed that John spoke to himself and hallucinated and heard voices (all of which was falsehood) was also used to involuntarily commit John.

The diagnosis was also made based on the fact that he had been bullied as a child in school. Doctors claimed on an evaluation that John's eccentric and strange behavior and "autistic qualities" stopped him from making friends. In realty this had happened as a result of an abusive teacher and bad students who were raised poorly combined with a failing socialist educational system that allowed it. John did make friends when he was in High school but this was ignored.

New information also revealed that John's Christian faith was a triggering and contributing factor to his wrongful diagnosis. Both his parents held him in contempt as did his relatives.

Under John's commitment, he was forbidden to work, forbidden to make decisions in his own interest and was placed under a limited medical guardianship under his parents who had betrayed him. He was forced to apply for Voc Rehab and let them get him into university for him. He was also forced to take meds including Risperdal.

John was on the commitment for 6 years and in 2007 didn't realize that he was being castrated until a doctor informed him of the side effects of Zyprexa and Risperdal. By now he was obese, very lethargic had begun to show symptoms of diabetes and had early warning signs of heart disease. John was in a way an old man in a young man's body. His life was falling apart and deteriorating and was beyond rock bottom. He had been unemployed for 6 years was homelss for 3 of those years waiting for housing and had not attended University or College.

John found out that his mental health records and his insurance records that showed he had been on meds for retards and the mentally ill was not only a barrier to housing and a good career but also a barrier to University application as well. No one wants to hire a psycho on brain damaging meds and so Universities have no need either of so called people like John. John was devastated.

But the fact that John had been castrated without knowledge was even worse. As punishment for embracing Christianity and embracing conservative ideals and for being picked on as a child John was deprived of his livelihood, his rights and his manhood. John sued his outpatient provider and threatened a suit against the state of New Hampshire for his injuries. He was supported by the NHCLU, CCHR, The law offices of Joe Bornstein and legal aid. John' suit was not very successful and was only able to obtain a settlement of $22,000 for the side effects of Risperdal. He had impotence and also suffered gynacomastia, a condition where he grew large breasts. It was not successful because John's parents lied under oath about their son's condition and tried to sabotage the suit. They also took hold of his earnings.

With help from his attorneys John succeeded in breaking out of the guardianship but his earnings left over from corrective surgery to remove enlarged breasts went to a conservator. By the time John was able to get it back in 2008 most of it was gone. John only had less than half of it. About $4400 of it.

John eventually ran out of money and again had to depend on what little he got from SSI. He became homeless in Boston and New York city. He finally got a place to live in Boston but it was temporary. John moved from the east coast to California in the bay area and eventually settled down in Modesto where he currently lives. John Has never worked since and he is still very poor, relying on SSI and at times begs for money to get by.

John's troubles all happened because of his dependency on the government. It was not his choice, it was the choice of irresponsible parents and irresponsible government. Johnny Alton. Another lesson in why never to trust the government and why communism/socialism et al have always failed. Reasons why capitalism is the only rational system for civilization.