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Friday, May 1, 2015

Castrated, wounded, impoverished and dumped on the streets for having Asperger's Syndrome

Johnny Alton was 25 years old in 2001 and living in Keene New Hampshire. New Hampshire was once a free state and although the influx of patriotic americans from different parts of America known as free staters New Hampshire has fallen under the sway of the communist left. This is all thanks to the swarms of welfare parasites and bums from New York and Massachusetts who come to leech off the state. While many come for the state's prosperous job economy many more come to avoid work all together.

Jeanne Shaheen and other Democratic communists have made the state, the southern part of the state anyway into a gravy train for bums who hate America. Most of them from California, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. All paid for by those who are working and responsible. Southern New Hampshire now bears more and more resemblance to Boston and New York City complete with fascist police and ridiculous unfair victimless crimes all passed by enemies of God and America.

Thanks to these filthy Democraps, Johnny Alton went from working and being independent saving for tuition at University of New Hampshire Durham to being homeless and crippled. The problem started as Johnny saved money for University tuition. He planned on entering law school and becoming a lawyer. He saved for this by working in Dry wall and carpentry. But his parents who were Democrats and who were liberal wanted him to apply for University through government programs such as Voc Rehab. To qualify however he had to spend down his money and apply for SSI.

Johnny had no desire to lose his hard earned money to a government program with a high history of failure. So his parents went to work in destroying his life. One day while at work police arrested him and had him placed under 72 hour hold for evaluation. The hold was because his mother had called 911 and falsely claimed his son was going to commit suicide at work. She also created forged documents clamed to be suicidal letters by John wanting to end his life. John denied this and despite his friends and his employer standing up for him doctors didn't listen. John was held for over a week and forcibly medicated on Seroquel, Lexipro, Depakote and Zyprexa. He was also ordered to sign a behavioral contract that required that he quit his job, enroll in Vocational Rehabilitation and spend down his money.

John was released but refused to spend down his money and quit his job pointing out that he was close to being able to get his tuition and also correctly pointing out that it made no sense to wait and wait and wait years or decades on a government program that never worked and that usually took care of illegals and felons instead of ordinary Americans. After an argument with his mother in which he stormed out, his parents called the police and made false claimed that John said he would go home and kill himself but also threatened to kill them both.

John was arrested at his apartment and taken to the Cheshire county jail and later back to the psych ward at Cheshire medical center. Because John did not follow his contract and take his meds, his doctor ordered him sent to New Hampshire state Hospital in Concord. His parents then told his employers that he could not work anymore because he was crazy. His doctor also informed them while collecting info despite violating the HIPPA laws. He lost his job and the doctors to this day were never punished for violating HIPPA.

John spent a month at NHH where he was proscribed toxic drugs. Zyprexa, Lexipro, Paxil and the drug Risperdal, a drug used by psychiatrists to castrate sex offenders in prison. A drug now being used to treat mental illnesses such as Asperger's syndrome, a mental illness similar to autism and schizophrenia. John was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, ODD, borderline personalities and panic disorder as well as bipolar. According to an evaluation John was also borderline intelligent and incapable of work or self sufficiency. They denied he had ever worked in his life and considered his parents to be very reliable sources of information.

To make matters worse, John's parents were able to get his siblings and a few relatives to sign a witness statement that John was violent and abusive towards animals even though there had never been an incident where John was violent or even hinted at violence. Not once speck of evidence existed that said that John was abusive to animals. But doctors didn't believe it. The false statements which also claimed that John spoke to himself and hallucinated and heard voices (all of which was falsehood) was also used to involuntarily commit John.

The diagnosis was also made based on the fact that he had been bullied as a child in school. Doctors claimed on an evaluation that John's eccentric and strange behavior and "autistic qualities" stopped him from making friends. In realty this had happened as a result of an abusive teacher and bad students who were raised poorly combined with a failing socialist educational system that allowed it. John did make friends when he was in High school but this was ignored.

New information also revealed that John's Christian faith was a triggering and contributing factor to his wrongful diagnosis. Both his parents held him in contempt as did his relatives.

Under John's commitment, he was forbidden to work, forbidden to make decisions in his own interest and was placed under a limited medical guardianship under his parents who had betrayed him. He was forced to apply for Voc Rehab and let them get him into university for him. He was also forced to take meds including Risperdal.

John was on the commitment for 6 years and in 2007 didn't realize that he was being castrated until a doctor informed him of the side effects of Zyprexa and Risperdal. By now he was obese, very lethargic had begun to show symptoms of diabetes and had early warning signs of heart disease. John was in a way an old man in a young man's body. His life was falling apart and deteriorating and was beyond rock bottom. He had been unemployed for 6 years was homelss for 3 of those years waiting for housing and had not attended University or College.

John found out that his mental health records and his insurance records that showed he had been on meds for retards and the mentally ill was not only a barrier to housing and a good career but also a barrier to University application as well. No one wants to hire a psycho on brain damaging meds and so Universities have no need either of so called people like John. John was devastated.

But the fact that John had been castrated without knowledge was even worse. As punishment for embracing Christianity and embracing conservative ideals and for being picked on as a child John was deprived of his livelihood, his rights and his manhood. John sued his outpatient provider and threatened a suit against the state of New Hampshire for his injuries. He was supported by the NHCLU, CCHR, The law offices of Joe Bornstein and legal aid. John' suit was not very successful and was only able to obtain a settlement of $22,000 for the side effects of Risperdal. He had impotence and also suffered gynacomastia, a condition where he grew large breasts. It was not successful because John's parents lied under oath about their son's condition and tried to sabotage the suit. They also took hold of his earnings.

With help from his attorneys John succeeded in breaking out of the guardianship but his earnings left over from corrective surgery to remove enlarged breasts went to a conservator. By the time John was able to get it back in 2008 most of it was gone. John only had less than half of it. About $4400 of it.

John eventually ran out of money and again had to depend on what little he got from SSI. He became homeless in Boston and New York city. He finally got a place to live in Boston but it was temporary. John moved from the east coast to California in the bay area and eventually settled down in Modesto where he currently lives. John Has never worked since and he is still very poor, relying on SSI and at times begs for money to get by.

John's troubles all happened because of his dependency on the government. It was not his choice, it was the choice of irresponsible parents and irresponsible government. Johnny Alton. Another lesson in why never to trust the government and why communism/socialism et al have always failed. Reasons why capitalism is the only rational system for civilization.


Brian is a coprorateshill said...

Oh look! Another nutty article ranting about the problems of liberals. Yes yes. I wonder Brian do you know that it is illegal for doctors and parents to do what it says they did? The Hippa law forbids that. Also parents have to do more than just say their loved ones are planning on killing themselves just to commit them they have to show proofs and have multiple reports from doctors and they have to show John is incapable of being responsible and knowing that actions have consequnces. Which is what a lot of right wing nuts like you do.

mainestategop said...

I know its illegal but since when do liberal filth like you care about the law. The constitution says that its illegal for states like yours to ban guns but the do it anyway and now Boston is one of the most violent cities in America. I was there 2 years ago and my car got broken into. The thief ran off when I saw him. I just wished for a glock to shoot his butt. In New Hampshire that would have been possible (pending liberal laws) And you liberals worship the government. You believe everything it says without question. You believe them when communism is working but when it doesn't and middle America gets more job while you get less you still believe it. If the libs in Boston government centr told you 2 + 2 = 20 instead of 4 you'd believe it. No question.

Brian is a corporate shill said...

Then why didn't Johnny sue the pants off the state? He would have been very, very rich. How could he have only gotten twenty-two thousand dollars? he should have gotten at least six digits for what they did? I'd fire the lawyer who offered the settlement if I was him. And why didn't he get it back from the conservator?

There's just something off about this article. Either this was all made up or Johnny Alton really did have a mental health problem. I have no problem with the state chemically neutering the mentally ill. They shouldn't be able to pass down the genes.

mainestategop said...

You've obviously never tried to sue the state. Its a difficult challenge. The plantiff essentially controls the courts and the judges so its hard to get a fair trial. Its usually up to jurors who are usually left wing bums who worship the government and believe every POS it says. I have had to sue the state in the past. It is expensive, it is difficult, it is tiresome.

First, they delay and stall. You're looking at waiting up to a year or longer while they waste time and money

Second as mentioned before, the courts, the judges the DA all of them are controlled by the platiffs. The system tries itself

Third, its costly. Most lawyers will just grovel and settle That's what I had to do and got back less.

Also another thing is that while awaiting trial, the communist Democrats go to work F***ing you up. This is what happened to a friend of mine involved in Kelo V New London. While they were filing suit and awaiting a hearing to reverse the decision to demolish their neighborhood, The Democrats in Connecticut went to work doing so an they had to stand vigil and protest and resist non-violently. In the end Justice Soto-mayor and Ruth-bader Gingsburg sided with communism (again) against property rights. Today the neighborhood is an empty lot. All thanks to liberals.

And it was not made up. Check the Boston Herald, Concord Union Leader and Monitor. It was mentioned there. The guardianship hearing I mean.

SO you support Hitler and Nazi Eugenics. No surprise.

BarbaraG said...

I've been down that road let me tell ya. I tried to sue the state of Minnesota when my son with autism had his rights violated by the state. He was arrested by police in on false allegations of screaming at pedestrians when we were living in Andover. All he did was yell at a bully from school who was teasing him for being a special ed student. Police treated him like he was a terrorist threat or public enemy number 1 and arrested him on the spot without even investigating or asking what happened. They just walked up to him threw him on the ground and punched him. They took him to jail where he was in tears and scared out of his wits. I told the police let me handle this don't get things worse but they just made things worse. He was taken to a psychiatric ward all the way in St Paul without even speaking to me. The doctors there claimed he was mentally disturbed and a danger to others and himself when he was in fact traumatized. I spoke to the doctors and explained everything that happened, I told them he wasn't causing trouble that bullies harassed him and the police went too far and over-exaggerated what happened. the doctor looked at me nodded his head as I was talking but I think I was probably talking to myself. The doctor simply ignored what I said and jumped to conclusions. He wrote down on the evaluation that my son was violent and emotionally disturbed and claimed that he violently resisted cops when they questioned him. Baloney! My son would never hurt a fly! He has no history! We sued the police successfully and no charges were filed but the idiot doctors didn't listen. They continued to say that he was a criminal despite overwhelming evidence. They also said that I made "bizarre accusations against police" That's not what the DA said! He was incarcerated in 3 mental hospitals and made ward of the state. He had a bank account worth 603.00 that was confiscated by the ward. They hurt him abused him and treated him worse than a criminal. When we sued the state of Minnesota to recover damages and restore Mike's personhood we had to climb a huge mountain. Keep in mind that the system itself from the courts, the judges the DA many of the attorneys were all in pay of the defendants. The attorneys in our state were also pro-government and socialist and the majority of Minnesota residents were also socialist so we had an unfair disadvangage. How do you put the state on trial when the justice system is run by the state? How do you get a fair trial when the system tries itself? It took us 5 long horrible years to get justice for our son. We were humiliated, berated stepped on and accused of all sorts of things. We had to go to the federal government and even they were reluctant. We finally made a breakthrough after five to six years of banging on a concrete wall. We were only able to get eleven thousand dollars from the state for all the damage they did to our son. We should have gotten far more than that. Since then we moved out of Minnesota and took our money and our livlyhoods elsewhere and moved to Montana. Mike has had a terrible ordeal, while he was a ward he lost his speech he regressed he had nightmares and lots of problems, he soiled himself in bed, we had trouble making him independent and moving him into job employment, all we got out of it was eleven-thousand dollars after attorney costs. We were told they could do no more and that we should just settle with that. Its not real justice. Its weak justice and I blame the people of Minnesota who are socialist and just as bad as he government they elected. They gave the government consent to beat up my handicapped son who was harmless and defenseless. I hate Minnesota, I hate Democrats and I hate everything they stand for. My family and I are now republicans, we don't care if there are republicans who are heartless compared to the Dems they are better.

Anonymous said...

With liberty and justice for all. That's our nation's motto but there is no justice and liberty when you have a government. The state is very powerful and most of the people you turn to for help are connected. How do you have true justice when the people you sue the people who injured you are the same people you turn to for help? This is why socialism is a big fat failure and why America needs to ditch the government and ditch the programs. I mean come one! He only gets 4400? He needs to be awarded at least six or seven digits.

Duanefrommaine said...

Sounds to me from reading this story plus Barbara's unfortunate mishap with the government in Minnesota that the system needs a complete overhaul. But how do we do that with low taxes and small government and all these checks and balances?

mainestategop said...

@anonymous LAnd of the free home of the brave... But we are not a free land when we allow a government that robs and abuses the innocent.

@duane Only way to solve this crisis is to remove the system compeletely. We must go back to our founder's intentions to make things better

DuanefromMaine said...

Even so The founders and what they intended wont work. Something else should be done.

mainestategop said...

Our founders system worked Socialism doesn't work

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as Asperger's syndrome. Its just liberal fantasy to take away people's rights and punish them for government failing. Southern New Hampshire resembles a communist bloc country. In other words its like North Korea and New York City. I am a gun owning proud American republican and a Vietnam Vet. I have been harrased repeatedly by the police for having a gun and video taping police violating people's rights. To make matters worse, I am a negro. They harass and stop and frisk people like me for no reason. Its time American's grow a back bone, overthrow the government and kill all the liberals or deport them to China.

Jerry M. said...

uh... Yes excuse me but ah... Sounds like treason and mayhem in that last comment and yes there is such a thing as Asperger's syndrome. My son had it big time let me tell ya... and where do you learn that people with Asperger's are banned from owning money? I see a lot of articles on here about Asperger's and bank accounts be confiscated. I don't agree with that but most people with Asperger's need help managing day to day activities like managing money. My son Tyler who has Asperger's got an inheritance from a dead relative in the amount of $100,000. We wanted it in a trustee account so we could help him manage it and so he could be eligible for SSI and other programs to get him caught up where he belonged. He didn't want to and since we lived in North Carolina where government is evil and since Tyler was a libertarian nut like his hero Ron Paul we couldn't get him support. We had no one to turn to to get a trustee account and he refused to have anything to do with it. (he denies having Asperger's of course and is so crazy he doesn't even know about it) So we had to let him have it all. We tried to help him but he didn't want it. We tried coaxing him to go to programs and so on and he said no. My husband made the mistake of threatening him and all he did was turn to right wingers who phoned us death threats in the middle of the night accusing us of being Communists! We had to let him go. He splurged his money on all kinds of stupid things. For example he's a big fan of the occult and bought over 5k in occult paraphinalia and spent 10k on computer games. Despite claiming to be a libertarian who loves Ron Paul he moved to Seattle and lived there for 5 years. He was not able to put himself forward he was not able to get a job except for a crappy job at Target where he got fired from. Long story short the money ran out and he was homeless. He had to put all his nice stuff he bought with his inheritance in a storage locker and soon he was running out of money to pay for that. He called us crying that he was homeless and worried that he would lose all his nice stuff so we had to make an agreement that he comes home and gets help and goes to see a psychiatrist take meds and go on SSI and programs. He agreed. We could only save about half of his stuff however the rest remained in public storage left behind to be auctioned off. He moved to New Jersey with his older brother and was placed in a nice group home then his own apartment. But this whole catastrophe happened because of windfall. There needs to be a system to take care of the money of the disabled while they get help. I don't agree with the methods mentioned in this article but I support taking away their stuff so they can get help. It has to be taken so they can get better things!

mainestategop said...

Because I know people who were accused of having Asperger's retard syndrome. The diagnosis was based on hear say not on evidence. And not everyone is like your son Tyler. Who gets to decide who can manage money and who cannot. Its very dangerous. Tyler sounds like an irresponsible adult rather than an Asperger idiot. Its your fault for not teaching him money management and its also your fault for making him feel bad. You should have been loving to him and supportive instead of castigating him over again and encouraging him to leave. Also it sounds to me that you rely to heavily on government services like public school. Why didn't the school teach him? That's your job not the government's.

Too many honest responsible people are having their money taken from them by communist government. All based onallegations by filth like you that they're too stupid to manage money. Well you didn't teach Tyler how to do it right you failed! You forced we the tax paying americans to take care of your son in a communist school. You thought that nothing bad would happen you thought that the government was perfect and always right WELL GUESS WHAT? IT FAILED IT FAILED! YOU FAILED! DEAL WITH IT! We don't need you telling us how to run our lives.