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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How social security creates homelessness

69 year old Naomi Washington of Los Angeles California survived much in her long tormented life. As a black woman growing up in the Democratic controlled southern states, she witnessed racism, jim crow and brutal acts official and unofficial. Violent racist acts and discrimination perpetrated by government and the liberal public.

As a single mom, divorced by a dead beat father raising 3 young kids in Liberal Los Angeles it was also challenging. In a city that glorified glamour, immorality, godlessness, gang warfare and socialism and tolerated police brutality and police executions by a communist police force, a city with super high taxation, high crime, high living costs resulting from Socialism. Despite all that she was able to raise all 3 kids to go to college. One of them serving in the military, a veteran of Desert Storm, the first Gulf War. The other two grew up just as well. One is now a housewife with her own children, the other a small business owner in Colorado.

But just when the challenge of living in a nation that gradually embraced the socialism she witnessed in The Democratic South and the left coast she had no idea just how rocky her life would get. In 2005 she recieved social security Disability insurance. She got $1355 a month. Enough to live off of and she was able to move into a subsidized apartment in Venice. A big improvement from her old home in South Central LA. She thought the worst was over but she was in the eye of the storm.

In 2014 Social security shut off Naomi's pension. They decided she was no longer disabled even though she had been unemployed since 2004 for physical disability. With her pension gone her income disappeared. Soon afterwards her home was lost since they could not let her stay without being on SSDI or SSI. Naomi was forced to live in a motel, then ended up on the streets for 6 months. In the dangerous streets of LA in Skid row. She survived thanks to help from a Christian ministry called one nation under God.

With there help she was able to get her food stamps back, contact her children and relatives to facilitate help and eventually fight back against the system that cheater her. But not without costs. She had to hire an attorney who demanded a portion of her pension in return for help. She did so but her pension was deducted for legal costs. She now only gets $830 a month and was forced to live with her daughter in Oxnard.

Her daughter martina explaines, "We were just shocked that they could do this to an elderly lady. They knew she was disabled, they knew she couldn't work, they knew that without this pension she was lost but they just turned her away. I couldn't believe it I cried so hard." It was hard for her to keep back the tears. "HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO AN OLD LADY!? They need to get their act together!"

Her son Bob, a former army captain now retired was outraged. "They got illegal aliens coming here by the thousands and when they get here it don't matter if they disabled or not. All they need to do is go to the nearest Social security office say hey I hear voices and they're on pension. But an elderly lady who hasn't worked in nearly a decade, a native of this country is cut off and thrown out into the gutter while the illegal aliens and the lazy bums who fake being disabled fake being mentally ill get all the free money and handouts and gimmicks they want. That's just unbelievable that our government would go so low to stab americans in the back and let these bums from other countries get free money."

Naomi's family lost faith in the government and are now republicsns. Captain Bob Washington is now a tea party activist who campaigns for conservative causes and is a member of the Minutemen.

The Washington's problem is not just their problem. Social security often denies pension to genuine disabled cases. Not only that those on pension can expect to be cut off and thrown out on the streets if for whatever reason they decide they are no longer elderly or disabled.

In the last year over 12,000 disabled pensioners had their pensions turned off for no reason. THe majority of them wound up homeless. All thanks to a careless government and a careless society that worships government. Neither ever cared and neither ever will.

Meanwhile illegal immigrant filth and lazy bums faking schizophrenia are easily placed on without another thought. Illegal especially are favored for their votes count. So do the votes of the bums who pretend to be crazy.


The social security program really does promote social insecurity. All while elevating the have nots over the haves and giving a leg up for illegal aliens. the best solution is to get rid of it and privatize the welfare state into the church. Let caring godly citizens care for the weak, let the illegals starve themselves home and let the liberals go suck an egg.


Anonymous said...

I see this all the time in New York, LA, Chicago, Philly, Boston ETC. Old people in wheel chairs begging while illegal alien wet backs get SSI handed to them at my expense and every other American's expense. The reason they're kicking Americans off SSI into the gutter is to make way for immigrant interlopers. Its Eugenics and Euthanasia.

DuanefromMaine said...

Ridiculous. They should be getting SSI if they can't work whether or not they're immigrants.

mainestategop said...

But they aren't thanks to immigrants not to mention socialist ineptitude. That money was meant for us not these chumps that just showed up. they can get in line like the rest.

duanefrommaine said...

No its thanks to taxcuts and money meant for the poor going to corporations and corporate shills!

Anonymous said...

More like 80% of our hard earned taxes being skimmed off the top for administrative pensions.

Anonymous said...

If Naomi was an illegal alien she would never have had her pension turned off. DEPORT THEM NOW! TRUMP 2016!