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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time sure flies when you're struggling under Obama's socialist regime

I am still here folks. Been very very busy. I got two kids, one still a baby and surprise surprise! I got another on the way! Due probably in October or November I believe. The situation at work is also hectic. I had another close call with the IRS who evidently are targeting pro-American folks like me relentlessly. They tried to audit me but  I am spot on accurate with my returns and my lawyers also showed them off. Round 2 ends. Mr. Pro-American 2 IRS socialists and the crack smoking welfare bums who leech off my money, nil.

Business is hectic too. I got a lot of bureaucracy to work around and hoops to jump and my employees are unhappy because the increase in wages they got is now going to pay for mandatory insurance rates that are climbing. All thanks to Obama and idiots who should be banned from voting.

I got a few articles coming up next week about the origin of the food stamp program under Herr Hitler hero of the liberals. It includes a testimony from a Polish survivor of the Nazi occupation and how the Nazis used the food stamp program to starve the homeless and poor. Liberals also want to do the same here.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacay Brian. don't worry well keep a vigil.

Angryportuguese maniac said...

Who can afford to blog at a time like this? ME? I got my hands full too Brian. Don't strain yourself take your time. Enjoy Memorial day Vacay. Me I don't get a vacation.

DuanefromMaie said...

I am having a deal of trouble under lePaige. I thought the GOP was gonna end poverty?

mainestategop said...

It would be easier if we weren't footing the bill for union thugs.

Mainestatesocialistresistance said...

Its because of the bosses that fund the two parties that were in this mess. 8 years of Reagan and another 8 years of Bush have ruined the American dream.

I'm a four loom weaver, as many a man knows,
I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes
M' clogs are all broken, and stockings I've none.
Thee'd hardly gi's tuppence for all I've gotten on.

Old Billy O' Bent, he were telling us long
We mayn't had better times if I'd nobbut held m' tongue.
Well, I held m' tongue til I near lost m' breath,
And I feel in m' hear that I'ii soon clem to death

I'm a four loom weaver, as many a man knows.
I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes.
Old Billy were right, but he ne'er were clemmed,
He ne'er picked o'er in his liie.

We held out for six weeks, thought each day were the

We tarried and shifted til we were quite fast.
We lived upon nettles while nettles were good.
And Waterloo Porridge were best to us (as) food.

Our Margaret declares, if hoo'd clothes to put on,
Hoo'd go up t' London and see the great man
And if things didn' alter when there hoo'd been
Hoo' swears hoo'd fight til there blood up to th' e'en.

I'm a four loom weaver as many a man knows.
I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes
Stockings I've none, nor looms to weave on,
I've woven m'sen to far end.

duanefrommaine said...

Heh! the so called government workers in unions have it just as bad. they laid off quite a few of them and now they're short staffed in some places. My son who works at MCDonalds got a raise and had to report that to food stamp worker, there were so manty people there that not all them could be seen my son was not seen and they asked him to mail the stub. Waste of time you ask me since he only gets $7 but he's thrifty wants to go to college.

mainestategop said...

Short staffed? We got a bureucratic position on Pirhanas and another on basket ball inflation! Why do we need those? Most people I doubt have pirhannas and why do we need the government to regulate how to inflate a basketball

mainestategop said...

Those fourloom weavers lived in a time in a nation that was the opposite of America. In fact if things go your way they'll come back and we'll all be eating porridge and nettles for a long time.