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Thursday, June 11, 2015

California Voc Rehab put illegal aliens before unemployed Americans

The following is based on the testimony of Katherine Reynard of Visalia California. Katherine's daughter Francis was placed in Vocational rehabilitation services under the California rehabilitation department of Tulare county in 2011. According to doctors Francis suffered from Asperger's syndrome and needed the government to take care of her. Katherine thought she was doing the right thing by obeying California liberals. She was wrong.

Katherine: She had been dealt a bad hand as a child. At first when she went to school things were going alright but then when she turned 10 things went down hill. Francis I guess was starting to go into puberty and began to gain weight and stammer and had trouble making and keeping friends. Some of her friends from 1st grade moved out of town and she couldn't find new ones. She was a loner. Then when she turned 13 everything went downhill and went from bad to worse. She started getting harassed and beat up. the school did almost nothing. The only times they got involved was when there were violence. I was at a conference with the principles and, and... I screamed at the principle to get off her ass and do something! Her grades suffered she was almost left back in 8th grade because all the teasing bullying and stuff happening hurt her grades and she couldn't focus. In high school we put her in special ed because she couldn't keep up. She was on 3 different meds at different times. It didn't help. They just had us coming and going. I was so relieved when she graduated.

Francis also had a speech problem in addition to Aspergers The government used these traits to ruin her life. At the rehabilitation center that housed many of California's stupid failing programs like Voc Rehab, Francis went through hell.

Katherine: Well we had Francis do a battery of tests. They had her go through all these hoops and hurdles and we had to fill out loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of paperwork. We went there the first day accompanied by my son and husband and we were there for 5 hours I guess, then we had to come back the next day and then we had our first appointment 3 weeks later. We hoped Francis would get into employment of some kind by... a month or so? We had high hopes. 3 weeks later we talked and they said they wanted more tests. So we had a doctors appointment up in Fresno, we then had another meeting.

For 3 or 4 months the Reynards went to doctor appointments for testing to check Francis' abilities and meet with case workers at California Rehabilitation. The tests merely confirmed what was already known. Francis had Asperger's syndrome, ADD, A speech and coordination difficulty and a mild stammer. They said this repetitive testing was for records but it was a big waste of taxes and time. Meetings with the case workers was just talk talk talk.

Katherine: We had to go to all these doctors who just told us the stuff we already heard only it was more negative. They acted like she was no good for nothing I mean... we came thinking they could help her get work. But no they said. They thought she couldn't work that she was too stupid. We were just crushed. And for a year we had to go to meetings. We had to go to meetings every month every 3 months always far ahead and they always gave us the same routine. "Were still lookin, we can't find suitible work for your son, were sorry well keep trying hold on.

The Reynards went to meetings with Voc rehab that were scheduled months ahead. In the majority of Voc Rehab firms, this is what is done. A meeting is held to talk about next steps. Then another is scheduled 2 weeks later but mostly a month or more later. Sometimes as much as six months to wait to see what's up. The meetings are generally the same. They claim their trying they claim theres nothing yet, we can't find anything.

Katherine: Well this kept up for almost a year and they would uh... Have us come in every 3 months. And just like the last meeting they tell us that they went to this firm, that firm, this job site they did this and that. I asked why don't WE go and look for work ourselves since you can't seem to do anything? And they said that Francis shouldn't because she would just mess up and that she had no social skills. None at all. They told us we could mail them or fax them classified ads from newspapers and employment ads from places like Craig's list or but then they'd tell us that they don't think its good enough for Francis.

The voc rehab people did nothing for Francis. They told the Reynards that Francis was forbidden to look for work. They said that her ineptitude would prevent her from being employed. They also claimed that they could do better and that they should merely resort to sending want ads. But they all were turned down from the most menial to the most aspiring. Meanwhile Voc Rehab wasted time and money. Francis became impatient and not having a job and feeling lonely the Reynards began to loose faith in the government

Katherine: A year after we enrolled I caught Francis trying to apply for work on her own. We lived just outside Visalia at the time but it was a 30 minute walk downtown. Francis put her shoes on and just took the inititative. I caught her 3 days later as she walked home all sweaty and tired and huffing and puffing driving home early and I said, "Francis? Would you like a ride home?" She told me she couldn't wait anymore and wanted a life. She didn't care that people in town from school would tease her she didn't care about being hot and tired she wanted a life. She wanted work but she was showing up applying for work all drenched in sweat and all hot and thirsty and that's not good. I told her that and she said if I can't do it neither can Voc Rehab. They take too long I want a life. And I decided right then enough waiting. We want results now! We called them and we had a meeting.

Katherine called the Voc Rehab office and demanded an explanation for why they could not find work for Francis

Katherine: I called and they said they could schedule me in for a time that was over a month from then. I said "NO! NO! NO! You will meet with me immediately or I will go straight to Sacramento and let everyone there know that California Rehabilitation is letting people like Francis down! I'll go to the news media if I have too. YOU WILL BOOK A MEETING FOR NEXT WEEK!" They then said 3 weeks, then 2 weeks and I got mad. Eventually the supervisor came on and said sorry but 2 weeks is the best we can do.

At the meeting Katherine, Francis, her husband and her other son came to demand why no progress? The answer: Francis was not good enough to work. They informed the Reynards that Francis would never be able to be gainfully employed and that they could not find a place for her. The Reynards, upset by what they heard stormed out, contacted attorneys, demanded results. But what they found was even more astonishing...

Katherine: After finally getting to sit down with these idiots 2 weeks later I spoke to them of Francis trying to find work on her own because they obviously wern't doing anything. They explained to us that Francis shouldn't do that. She should wait and be patient because her lack of social skills would hinder her getting a job. "Okay so do your job and give her a job!" They told us then and there that they don't think Francis can work and that she should live off of SSI and live in a group home or a residential care apartment. I was speechless. I couldn't believe it. We have been coming and going for the last year and now they tell us she's too stupid to work? All I remember is yelling and cursing them and my husband told the lady who worked there that she was too stupid to work otherwise she would find a real job instead of working at Voc Rehab.  We all stormed out and told them they were fired and that they would hear from our lawyer.

Victim blaming is not uncommon for government. Socialists and Liberals worship the government as a godlike figure that can do no wrong. As a result, when it does fail (and I might add it usually does) Government looks for a scapegoat such as the homeless, or Jews. Whenever government fails to create jobs, it becomes the fault of the homeless and unemployed not because of policies and regulations not to mention excessive and unfair taxes. When police can't get their man they will hang it on some sorry sap like a black guy. This is what the incompitent and stupid NYPD does frequently when they can't meet a certain quota. This again proves why never to trust the government and the dangers of government but that was only the beginning.

Katherine: The next big shock came after we complain to Sacramento. We demanded to know why they failed and they were... "oh... that's not good. We'd better ask why." They did and they then changed their story around. Apparently the economy was not so good as we were told by the liberals it was. Second, we found out that California rehabilitation put all these immigrants first way ahead of needy people like Francis! Illegal immigrants of all people were cutting in line. Francis and other poor disabled people like her were unfairly pushed down the waiting list but its racist according to liberals to be against that. I cried when I heard the news. I was devastated.

Voc Rehab claims to put disabled first but Illegal immigrants usually get ahead. In California, they are first place whether or not they served their country or have a disability. The government prefers them because they vote democrat and hate America. So for over a year, Francis waited, and waited while wetbacks got the jobs she should have gotten. though these so called people got only a teeny tiny amount of money since they worked under the table.

After this Francis ran away from home to Seattle WA where she was homeless for over a year. She was able to get a job with help from the Salvation Army who taught her job skills. She got a job working in housekeeping at motels near SeaTac Airport and now lives in a transitional home in Renton. Her family are now republican and now oppose the government.

Katherine: Before Voc Rehab, before Francis was devasted I was Apolitical. So was my husband we didn't are about politics until then. We became conservatives and libertarians. Visalia is a conservative town we didn't have to look far for support we met so many people who were screwed by the government and who did nothing for them. I have campaigned on conservative issues, we supported Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul now. As for Francis, we got worried when she ran but I now know it was the best thing to happen. And the salvation army saved her life. They were angels there and they treated her like a human being there unlike the government. They got her work they helped hook her up. We now support them enthusiastically.

This case is further proof that the government is unreliable and a nuisance that doesn't need to be there anymore. The government is needed for liberals. Idiots, racists and hacks who want to get above others through unscrupulous means nothing more.


Anonymous said...

So the government let her down and now all government is evil? I agree they let her down but they should find another resource and other people to talk to. The government is not to blame per se the problem is these people should've been fired.

As for blaming everything on illegal immigration voc rehab isn't allowed to do that anyway and the legal immigrants many of them are just as needy if not worse off. At least Francis has a home and a loving family. These people don't have that.

mainestategop said...

Its not just Voc Rehab. Government has consistantly failed, failed, failed, failed, failed. The founders of this once great country never wanted this for us. Its been said over and over again the government that governs least is the one the governs best. No one but parasites who don't want to work benefit from this kind of system we have. I have known people who went through Voc Rehab they do nothing. As a matter of fact even Immigrants get put down by these leftist scum.

Anonymous said...

Voc Rehab is a big fat waste of monney. My son was on that program in Both California and Vermont they WILL NOT GET HIM A JOB. ITS BEEN 4 YEARS! HE'S LIVING OFF THE DOLE WHILE THESE BASTARDS DO NOTHING!!