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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not all homeless are lazy or irresponsible but most of them are

It may not be known to most new viewers of my blog (and my my there have been a lot of devoted fans I have met in the last 2 years even when I was idle) that I am a humanitarian as well as a conservative activist. It is because of my being on welfare and coming from a poor background that this is so. A surprise no doubt to leftwing trolls who despise me.

Yet still it cannot be emphasized that many of the homeless are lazy or just plain dumb and keep themselves perpetually poor. An inconvinient truth, an unfortunate fact. Its not just a few homeless neither but many if not the majority.

See, one problem is being unemployed for so long on welfare. You gradually erode your work ethic and your skills get rusty. You don't feel like getting up to work or look for work because well you don't feel like working. Its a lull that happens and its not that easy to come out of.

The problem is similar to a problem found by park rangers with tourists feeding bears. Back then Bears would stop eating their natural food and stop hunting and foraging and merely eat garbage and handed out food. They lost their skills and merely went to the tourists or the dumpsters. Rangers had to stop bear feeding and encourage them to go back to foraging and hunting in nature. A tough task.

The problem exists with homeless. Homeless who merely put about on food stamps and SSI and who go to soup kitchens and public feedings if their community legalizes it. They lose skill they feel work is for chumps and just eat and eat and go back to their door way to mope about.

What comes to mind is the man at the curb waving a sign on 20/20 in Denver. He wants to work but wont do certain work. Only part time custodial work. Nothing else. These kinds of people slug about have no ambition have no desires.

Many others simply have no self esteem true but why work when you can get food from free at the downtown rescue mission?

And many others if they do get a job or some kind of income don't want housing, or soap or shampoo or food and clothing. they want Booze drugs electronic toys like Laptops or Sony handhelds. They want to go on vacations and lay about rather than invest that money into bettering themselves with a home or even an education.

Then there are the mentally ill and retarded. These guys with Aspergers retard issues. The ones who can't help but mess up and f up. They get the money and the first thing they do with it is buy beer and coke and weed. Yes folks they cannot help it and they can't help but mess up. You gotta eat you know, you gotta wash, you gotta pay rent but they wont listen.

And whats more they vote Democrat. The very party that screws them in the rear. The party that puts immigrant job thieves before them the party that raises taxes on job creators taxes on landlords and bans charity cuz after all they're eligible for the system!

Whats more they vote the very same Democratic party that supports bank account seizures and supports communist mental health programs. This is the party that claims to help the poor but hurts them.

Yes. There are ways to tell whether or not a homeless person is screwing himself, if he's making himself worse. They vote Democrat, they live in Democrat controlled areas, they don't want to work, they don't want to move west or east to middle America where there is still a measure of American prosperity, they want the government to tell them what to do, they feel entitled to other people's money and they vote for those who are entitled to other people's money.

Once upon a time homeless was temporary. Once there were churches that aided the poor. Once there were not any laws against feeding the poor or giving them a menial yet paying job. Once it was possible to work menial jobs and live. What comes to mind is King of the road, the story of a vagabond who makes a living doing menial jobs while travelling all across america. Remember? Trailers for sale or rent? Rooms to let 50C? And just two hours of pushing broom buys a flophouse room. Anyone. Just about anyone could be a man of means by no means! But now those days are past.

Today the King of the road would have to apply for Government assistance, he would have to do more than push a broom for 2 hours or even 40 hours just to pay for a stupid filthy room. Rooms to let? The cheapest motel room I know of in Maine is in Lewiston. 250$ a week. The king of the road in Democrat America is a man of no means by no means. He would be on the corner begging or getting drunk in the gutters. Thanks a lot liberals for ruining another good thing.

Not all homeless are lazy or irresponsible. Many of them are. Nonetheless they are to be pitied. Pitied for being victimized by the Democrats, by the very party that pretends to help them. The Democrats, the party that supported slavery in the 19th century is bringing slavery to the working poor and minorities in this century in the form of a phony welfare scam state and a socialist stupidity system that punishes the hard working and rewards the lazy and irresponsible. A system that punishes the haves, rewards the have nots and calls evil good and good evil. Its time for Americans to unite behind a libertarian conservative like Rand Paul and bring back the values that made America great!


DuanefromMaine said...

How bout only a few of them. Since 2000 we had umteen million jobs destrouyedand thousands out of work. How is it that they are all to blame?

Anonymous said...

Dude, just get rid of welfare and ban outsourcing and the homeless will go back to work. The only people we'll have on the streets then will be hardcore lazy and really mentally f'ed up people.