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Monday, June 8, 2015

Voc Rehab is a conspiracy by socialists to promote unemployment and misery

Vocational rehabilitation services is a program by liberals that according to same liberals places people into jobs. The Voc rehab program targets veterans, the disabled in particular. Voc Rehab also works for the immigrants and youth. But its biggest consumers are the disabled and veterans.

Liberals praise and worship Vocational rehabilitation services or as it is also known as, the ticket to work progam, work oppertunities unlimited and many other names in different states.

But Vocational Rehabilitation is not what it seems. Voc Rehab is in reality an agency that ruins lives and that prevents employment. Voc Rehab in reality is a big fat waste of money that does not help that does not care. In fact Voc Rehab takes unemployed victims who desire employment and work and prevents them from, working, prevents them from being employed and keeps them poor, keeps them hopeless, keeps them down and keeps them unemployed.

Worse still, many people on Voc Rehab are not really disabled. They are branded that way by the government and mean abusive family members and by liberal government for the purpose of inflicting persecution and/or punishment for whatever reason.

There are thousands of innocent Americans with no disablity no mental illness whatsoever being held on Voc Rehab and prevented to go to work and live normal lives. People branded disabled because they are different, because they are poor, because of race, belief or because of political reasons. Taxpayers also suffer in loss of money to this worthless failing program as well as a loss in productivity because so many productive citizens are blocked from being employed thanks to Voc Rehab.

The Voc Rehab program works like this. The victim usually a recent graduate of High school or college or a drop out is forced on the program by the government either by abusive family members, by psychiatrists, judges, probation officers or some other reason. They are first deemed to be disabled for whatever stupid reason. Disability diagnosis does not always precede enrollment. It is usually during ones sentence under Vocational Rehabilitation services that counselors, social workers and other socialist government workers determine some kind of label for the victim.

Under Voc Rehab, the victim is forbidden to go to work, forbidden to care for him/herself, forbidden to live a normal life and placed under strict regiment either in their own homes, a group home,  institution, a shelter or some other sad place. Voc Rehab workers and counselors are the ones who decide for the victim where they will work if they can. Usually it is a very menial job that pays very, very little.

But sadly most young victims never do find work under Voc Rehab. And they spend their young adult lives all alone, isolated and unemployed. Never learning job skills, never learning anything to better themselves or getting job experience to climb the economic ladder. They are denied their right to go look for a job, their right to be independent all because of the word of some communist relative or government employee.

Statistics show that 71% of victims who are enrolled on Vocational Rehabilitation never become employed. 50% of those enrolled become homeless and chronically unemployed due to their lack of job experience to get hired and due to being restricted from working or not getting a good paying job. A whopping 86% of those who do get a job find themselves in a menial postion that doesn't pay enough to live off of. It is after all decided that these people are too stupid to do anything anyway.

The worst places for Vocational Rehabilitation are in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and New England in particular, Maine Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. This is because of the state government's brazen aggression against freedom and liberty as well as massive and unchecked immigration especially Illegal immigration. The worst of it is in California. Illegal immigrants freely stream on Voc Rehab and usually get first in line. Those victims born here are then pushed down the waiting list and are forced to wait longer while in isolation and all alone with no job or hope all because Democrats love criminals more than the poor.

But liberals don't care. In fact they love it that so many Americans are unemployed and destitute. Liberals hate freedom and hate it that Americans can climb up the ladder to achieve something of themselves. This explains why despite Vocational Rehabilitation service's crumby and good for nothing reputation and despite their massive failure rates and oppression, Voc Rehab continues to be promoted and funded by the tax payers.


Voc Rehab like all government programs contributes heavily to the  homelessness and unemployment problem of America. Artificially keeping young Americans from climbing the ladder and keeping them off it. Preventing the most basic of civil rights from being practiced all while promoting socialism and Oppresion.

Next up we will hear three testimonies of Victims of Vocational Rehabilitation services. One from Maine, another from California and the other one from Pennsylvania. These poor innocent Americans had their whole lives ahead of them. It was taken away by Voc Rehab and by mean abusive parents and socialist liberals. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I went on Voc Rehab when I became homeless in Boston. They told me not to look for a job just wait and let them do it. A year later I got fed up went to the office told the women their she was a stupid whore who couldn't find a job for anyone if it was stuck up her you know what. I then took the chair threw it across her office and walked out. They told me not to come back. NO PROBLEM BITCH! I applied for work and went to work at Wendy's over in Portsmouth NH. I finally got an apartment over in Exeter I shared with 2 other guys a year later. I am not a republican government hating conservative but these Democrats have lost my vote. I wont vote for them ever again after that.

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid program. People who are unemployable at other jobs, real jobs are all working at this place. Our son is a disabled veteran and when he went to Voc Rehab in Manchester New Hampshire they did absolutely nothing for him. It was an embarrasment. These people do not want to help our son or anybody! All they do is have us coming and going. Our son was unable to find a job.