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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

communist fast food ban fails in California

Many of you may remember that the state of California banned fast food in poor areas. Well obesity still skyrocketed. The policy termed fast food apartheid failed. Part of communist zoning and a neo-nazi nanny state in 2008 LA Democrats decided to ban new fast food restaurants in poor areas. The result, disaster on steroids.

"Opening a McDonald's in South-Central L.A. is not government-enforced racial discrimination," William Saletan argued in 2008. "But telling McDonald's it can open franchises only in the white part of town—what do you call that?" But Democrats, who brought racism and jim crow to the south still wont admit their guilt.

South Central is what is called a food desert.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food deserts as places without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food, be they small towns or urban areas. Instead of supermarkets and grocery stores, these communities may have no food access or are served only by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer few healthy, affordable food options. According to the RAND study, even though 10 percent of the total food outlets in South Los Angeles opened after the regulation passed, there was no evidence that the composition of those establishments has changed as a result of the ordinance. If a Jack in the Box doesn't open in a food desert, there's no guarantee a supermarket or grocery store will arrive in its stead. And, even if one does, access to a supermarket doesn't always ensure a healthier neighborhood.

A similar effort was made in the communist nations of Britain and Australia. Supermarkets small or large still contributed to the problem. No one bought fresh produce all they bought was fried food. British liberals want to ban certain foods in super markets.

Barry Popkin, a professor at the University of North Carolina: "We shouldn't expect diets to shift dramatically "until we start changing the relative price of food." But thanks to high taxes and government crackdowns on farms especially small family farms, fruits and vegitables are pricey and the cost of a double cheeseburger is a better deal than a head of lettuce.

But more troubling yet is that the subtext here is that policy should be dictated for poor people the way it is for children. It started first with food stamps now it startes with zoning. But poor and minorities are the targets while the rich are let off.

There is more. No new fast food joints means the ones currently opened are croweded and jammed and many go to wealthy communities where they can be easily accesed. Affluent LA Liberals love diversity? Well they're getting it in big doses. Not only that but they even include ornery folks from the ghettos who come and make trouble. As evidenced at this Popeye's fried chicken joint in West Hollywood that ran out of chicken much to the dismay of one angry customer...

Could it get any worse? It does! No new firms means no new jobs. Jobs in fast food that could go to American poor urban minorities who could use it to climb the ladder and move up instead go to white areas to white boys who move up and leave blacks in LA with yet fewer options. Then again, they would have gone to the illegal aliens instead.

So once again communism fails and the government fails. 


Anonymous said...

Yes thank you. I will never go to a fast food establishment in LA ever again. All the flotsam and jetsam from south central have come bubbling up in to all corners of the county. There are now more bums, more mentally ill and more ghetto gang bang filth loitering in our fast food restaurants in Affluent areas because of this stupid law and they are now more brown people working at these places than whites. Thanks a lot stupid Dems! I hate it here even more now!

Brianisstillashill said...

The problem is that people in south central are too poor to afford healthier options and do not have good cooking skills plus to top it off do not have healthy knowledge. Thanks to cuts on schools by people like you.

mainestategop said...

BS! They have 99c store and dollar tree. also local carnacias (spanish grocers) have cheap food that is affordable. Also they can get a cook book or go on the internet! I know for a fact that most of these ghetto hoods, YO! Have broadband internet paid for with welfare and all the big raises from working at McDonalds that the government forced on them. WE pay more on schools than any other country and they still fail! Homeschooling and charter schooling is better.

Brian is still a shill said...

You didn't listen Brian! I also said these people don't have cooking skills because our schools no longer teach HomeEc! They don't teach health and nutrition neither! They can't make healthy choices if they don't know how or how to cook a decent nutritious meal!

mainestategop said...

Its not that hard to do! We had home ec when I was in school we also have libraries! It doesn't cost that much to teach kids that eating some of these foods is bad for you. But what are you going to do? Anyways its not the government's responsibility to tell people what to eat. IT FAILED! They're travelling to other places in more affluent areas and many of these people have mental illness, street behavior and are socially unstable and bring their issues with them. A friend of mine in Hollywood video tapped a guy going nuts at Popeye's when they ran out of chicken and there are fights and shit everywhere! All that has happened is that fast food businesses are not permitted to meet the rising demand for their products in neighborhoods that want them. That also means no new jobs for unemployed! That means no open doors from a life of welfare and hip-hop urban slumming into the working world! The government needs get out of the way and all the animal rights bums and hippies and vegans and food nazis need to STFU! If they want to get a heart attack let them! less money to spend on welfare and SSI in some cases. It'll also be a sobbering wake up to eat right!