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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Videos against Donald Trump

And now for the opposition to Trump. Again excellent arguements. Is Trump to good to be true? Is Trump still a New York Liberal or has he grown a brain? I report you decide. Remember to vote 2016.



Anonymous said...

So... What do you and the New England Alliance for free Markets endorse? Any decisions yet????

Chris Olmsky Right wing on the left coast said...

You can't believe everything they say! Chaim is wrong! Yes it is true that Trump espoused liberal views then but that was because he was still working in the business. You think if he went around promoting conservative views in New York at that time he would be in business? Absolutely not! New York is a commie paradise! The left would destroy him and his real estate holdings! He'd be out of work and forced into early retirement! A lot of movie stars were that way too! Charlton Heston. He changed but more over he knew his career in hollywood would end if he supported the right to carry firearms. When he retired it became safe. A lot of 80s actors like Kirk Cameron and Danny Glover are in Christian films. They couldn't do that back then they'd be out of work! Trump is getting over the hill now and he knows that he'll retire soon so he can safely promote his views. That publicity stunt was just for publicity but now with America in real trouble thanks to Obama its time he gets serious. Don't worry about Trump! Worry about Obama, the dems and commie Bernie Sanders. Elect trump, stand with him support him remind him who voted for him and why now and again and it will work out. The illegals have to go. Trump is already being compared to KKK racists like David Duke for saying so so there's no going back. That's how you know he's for real. He's putting himself and his rep on the line and we need to support him against the politically correct crowd. Get Amereica voting right for the right candidate like Trump. He may not be Ron Paul or Rand Paul but he's better and he aint like Rick Santorum or Chris Christie either. He's a genuine conservative with genuine solutions.

mainestategop said...

The left already hates him. He's a capitalist. And anyway I will only accept him if he shows he's changed and if its him or Bernie.

mainestategop said...

The New England Alliance for Liberty and free Markets and the Mainestategop blog have no decision. It'll be quite awhile. I'm afraid wwe can forget Rand Paul. the Zionist lobby will fight tooth and nail and Kentucky doesn't adore him as much as Texas. Also There are too many factors. Its just too early. Ask me again next spring.