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Monday, September 21, 2015

mainestategop banned from Twitter by Muslim jihadists and their gay liberal supporters

I might not be as active online as I used to be but I seem to be getting very very popular. After many a debate with leftist and posting my musings on FR YT and other places and my postings from elsewhere about Islam and the fags dykes and communists that love them and hate america I was banned from twitter. In particular I was banned after making comments about certain filth in California. Wont name names but It got under the skin of the tolerant left.

One of the leaders of the charge to have be sacked from Twitter was none other than Oldfartrants who made fraudulent videos about me and exagerated my relations with Lee Doren and ALEC as well as my act of lobbying for responsible small government. Oldfartrants well actually it was mainly his fans who went on the attack and pounced on my musings about the red diaper babies and the diaper heads.

So while oldfartrants and his fans and the other supporters of Hillary and Sanders all support the Muslim menace that threatens our way of life, speaking out against the evils of Islam is a no no to liberals. To a liberal Islam embraces all that the left loves. Terrorism, hatred for freedom, misogyny, imperialism, fraud, pedophilia, fascism and anti-semitism. Most of all their hatred for Jews and Israel compells liberals to love muslims.

Its ironic though. Islam commands death for fags and non-muslims including liberals who really hate God. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Islam is a a friend of Liberals and an enemy of America. Its probably likely that liberals will be the last ones to die should we lose the war.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Honoring the heroes and the fallen This 9/11 and reflecting on what we learned and haven't

Hey everyone I just want to reflect on the 9/11 atmosphere and what's been going on. Today is quiet. I'm at home and I grieve today for the fallen of 9/11 and I grieve even more that America hasn't really learned much especially with regards to Islam and the threat it posses not to mention how the liberals are threatning to America as well. I have been away as you know. Child #2 is here and needs my care. I have two wonderful sons who I fear are not going to inherit the great land I once knew. that they will not enjoy any semblance of freedom that I do. New Hampshire is the last bastion of freedom against the swelling tides of relativism, humanism and secular liberal communism. The freestaters are holding their own but more and more people choose to vote Democrat or for Left leaning republicans like Chris Christie.  I am afraid that when they grow up New Hampshire and for that matter the rest of America will be like the USSR or modern Western European countries like France, Scandanavia or Germany. Business is swell and Work doesn't let up.

Today is a somber day. The anniversary of the most cowardly attack ever perpetrated in history. It was not an attack on a military target like Pearl Harbor. The Japanese at least didn't intend for their declaration of war to be late but This was an attack mainly on civilians. On people who never ever took up arms against Muslims or who never even heard of Mohammed or the Koran. People who's only knowledge of Islam was from some history book or 1001 tales. These people attacked civilians.

What does this means. It means that this proves that we are not at war with a method or a tribe or a nation we are at war with Islam. Islam commands its followers to murder the unbeliever. Exactly what the magnificent 19 did. The name that nazi liberal so called far rightists and Muslim jihadists gave the hijackers.

But America is silent about this. Even President Bush got on the Islam is peace band wagon. Instead of shutting down the mosques and deporting Muslim immigrants and monitoring Muslim citizens and instead of shutting down our open borders we got bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we have a real threat. ISIS. Brought there because of the vacuum we created by removing Saddam. Yeah he's evil but now that he's gone the Shiites are on the move funded by Iran. We also squabble instead of taking action against Iran for its nuclear program. We portray america and the world as the antagonizers while Iran to liberals is innocent.

Also we have given up our rights and our freedoms while opening our borders. We check and stop citizens but not foreigners. Especially illegal aliens because its racist.

Worse still America does not have a spiritual revival. Since there is a spiritual aspect regarding Islam a Christian revival is needed most. After 9/11 millions flooded the churches but we lost them. The church in america I have heard it said hit the snooze button and rolled over in her sleep. How true it is and how sad as well. We are still immoral hedonistic and decadent while the enemy is on the march.

Worse still is our failure to honor our heroes. Illegal aliens can now get free medical care while emergency workers on 9/11 got no care at all. Veterans die on waiting lists. Others are poor hungry homeless and destitute. Many of these who fought for our homes have none but we shun them and ignore them. We are no different than the mobs of beatnicks that spat on returning veterans from Vietnam in the 60s. Many of these traitors now occupy our government.

So on this somber day I now feel more somber and I fear more for my children's futures. Its up to all of us in the name of God and country to save our land through earnest prayer and we must also speak up. Notify your elected representative and make sure they do the right thing to fight Islam. Even if they are on our side encourage them. Speak up on the streets and online participate in the tea party and CPAC. We all must do our share.