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Monday, September 21, 2015

mainestategop banned from Twitter by Muslim jihadists and their gay liberal supporters

I might not be as active online as I used to be but I seem to be getting very very popular. After many a debate with leftist and posting my musings on FR YT and other places and my postings from elsewhere about Islam and the fags dykes and communists that love them and hate america I was banned from twitter. In particular I was banned after making comments about certain filth in California. Wont name names but It got under the skin of the tolerant left.

One of the leaders of the charge to have be sacked from Twitter was none other than Oldfartrants who made fraudulent videos about me and exagerated my relations with Lee Doren and ALEC as well as my act of lobbying for responsible small government. Oldfartrants well actually it was mainly his fans who went on the attack and pounced on my musings about the red diaper babies and the diaper heads.

So while oldfartrants and his fans and the other supporters of Hillary and Sanders all support the Muslim menace that threatens our way of life, speaking out against the evils of Islam is a no no to liberals. To a liberal Islam embraces all that the left loves. Terrorism, hatred for freedom, misogyny, imperialism, fraud, pedophilia, fascism and anti-semitism. Most of all their hatred for Jews and Israel compells liberals to love muslims.

Its ironic though. Islam commands death for fags and non-muslims including liberals who really hate God. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Islam is a a friend of Liberals and an enemy of America. Its probably likely that liberals will be the last ones to die should we lose the war.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate all muslims and liberals even more because of this

saintofgenocide said...

You got banned because you are a bigot and a white supremacist and a homophobe and a nazi and a fascist and a religious nut! On Twitter, Youtube and this stupid blog you went around making remarks about LGBT people and about muslims while supporting a fascist state called america and Christianity! A country that has cut off more heads and murdered more than any other!

mainestategop said...

I got banned because liberals hate free speech. So when are you lefttwats going to ban islam for being homophobic?

Anonymous said...

You know you're over your target Brian when you take flak. If Islam really was peaceful and if gays were good people they would just refute what you said easily and not resort to censorship or banning you from Twitter. These people are cowards at heart. And they know they're wrong.