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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Banned from owning more than $2000 in assets under SSI. (keeping the poor poor)

I plan to do more posts this week and the following week on SSI. Its a program that is being used by liberals to create poverty and to keep people poor. It is also used by the government and abusive relatives to steal money and property. The whole purpose of the government is to keep you poor. And what better than deciding its for your own good to be poor by making you join SSI. It turns out that since Obama took power in 2008, SSI enrollment skyrocketed. There are now more people on SSI than were hired in the last 8 years. Another failure by the Obama administration, another failure of socialims. But libs and socialists don't agree. They think its good! See, so many Americans are out of work. The great recession is really just another great depression. But liberals blame them for it. To a liberal, if you lose your job in a red state under republicans its the fault of the republicans and because capitalism failed. The only time your gonna have problems and lose your job in a place with low taxes like Kansas, Texas or Nebraska is if the Fed screws things up so bad it effects the whole country (pretty much what Barack Hussein Obama is doing right now) Or if a leftist RINO or a Democrat is elected and jacks taxes or regs. But mostly it IS the person's fault. Calling the boss a douche, or cussing out customers, or embezzling or filching snacks from the rack isn't good for your resume. But that's if your lucky to live in the red states. And besides! plenty of other jobs! But if you get fired during a Democrat administration or if you live in a blue state it IS your fault according to liberals. This is because liberals worship the government. The government is never wrong. The government is always right. Its your fault not theirs. And so liberals use psychiatrists to gain up on the unemployed who are trying so hard to get a job and do everything they can to make sure they never do get a job. The DSM-V or the diagnostic statistical manual, the liberal bible for psychiatrists lists unemployment as a symptom of nearly every mental illness and disorder in the book. So... If your job is outsourced or a Mexican takes your job or if your company goes under thanks to Obama economics, its ALL YOUR FAULT!! HEIL OBAMA AND SOCIALISM! So is it any wonder that there are more SSI enrollments than jobs gained under Obama? The Obama administration is targeting the unemployed, making sure they don't get another job ever by restricting them from traveling to a red state, making it illegal for them to own a bank account and having them involuntarily committed through any dastardly mean available to them. They will kill you to keep you from getting a job and making sure the public don't think that the government isn't perfect. Once on SSI its difficult to get off it. You are not allowed to own more than $2000 in assets. You may not own property or stocks or anything worth that much. It is illegal. Because not only do liberals hate jobs they hate wealth and ownership. It impedes progress towards communist dictatorship throughout America. And SSI doesn't pay enough either. only $700 dollars. In some places LESS!!! You can't pay bills, you can't pay rent, your down and out for life. Next up we will talk about workers who are banned from working and all because they lost their job under Obama. Learn about how Mass layoffs mean mass enrollment in SSI and how the government targets them and ruins them. Learn also how SSI is being used to keep whites unemployed while wetbacks and immigrants get to work and enjoy the good life while you live in poverty under government control! Not only that next week we plan to do an article afterwards how Obama is using the police force to steal your money and house and how they are making you pay higher taxes to keep productive people from ever producing again. NEXT TIME!


Anonymous said...

Well why doesn't republican run congress and senate raise the cap or eliminate it? I live in a blue state and I have only heard conservatives condemn the unemployed. I have a nephew who is college ed and can't get a job anywhere! Not Even at McDonalds because of the bad economy! We don't blame him, he's trying he's making an effort, he goes to the unemployment office to talk to counselors and consultants who help him find work he does all that we don't judge him. But Republicans like you judge the poor and unemployed constantly!! People like my nephew according to you repubs are to blame! They're doing something wrong! They're incompitent they're this they're that. That doesn't help them. People going through a tough emotional time do not need to hear lectures from fascists or be indoctrinated into right wing fascist thinking that the social safety net is to blame! IT ISN'T! Corporations outsourcing jobs are to blame! The same corporations who get big tax cuts and subsidies by republicans!

The solution is to fix not nix the safety nets!

mainestategop said...

The republicans we have in office are a joke! If the GOP was serious about eliminating poverty and socialism we would have voted for Ron Paul in 2012 and he would've mopped the floor with Obama. No! Instead we maintain the F**KING STATUS QUO! Anyone who blames your son and does not support Ron Paul or smaller government is either a socialist or a$$clown. I am a small business owner! I know for a fact that things are bad! Its because of Obamacare and Socialism that your son is unemployed!

Anonymous said...