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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

communist public schools become more communist (police brutality in SC school)

Taking a break from my articles on SSI abusing workers and the unemployed to report how far gone America has become. Indeed we are looking more and more like the USSR than the USA everyday and events in South Carolina. At Spring Valley High School in Columbia show this even more so. A filthy marxist cop named Ben Fields responded to an incident where a student was disrespectful and refused to leave class when told to. The results you can see above along with another example of communism in America where 15 cops beat a little teenager and then charged him with resisting. A beating probably worse than Rodney King or Kelly Thomas. Only made sane by the fact that the suspect is still alive.

Now this is common in public schools especially in the inner city. I too witnessed it when I was in school but they had ways to deal with it. Two teachers sometimes with a security guard would grab the student by the arms and march him/her to the principal's office. On one occasion when I witnessed this the student left on his own volition and walked out of school. Good riddance. As New Jersey's Principal Joe Clark of Lean on Me fame pointed out its impossible to teach kids who don't want to learn. Just kick them out and don't let them back in until they are willing to learn.

But this is not the case. minors are forced at gunpoint into these communist indoctrination centers full of drugs crime racism including black on white racism and Nazism. They are at the mercy of their fellow students and even abusive teachers and faculty. The schools do nothing to stop this.The government hates it when people try to stop it.

So anyways Ben Fields this KGB soviet piece of filth instead of simply grabbing her by the arms cuffing her and leading her out the door flipped her desk over THEN threw her across the room while she couldn't move. She was then charged with a draconic crime. Being disorderly in school.

Really? Its a crime to be disorderly in school? SINCE WHEN!? When I was in school we just got suspended or detention if we did stuff like this not face down a lifetime criminal record wrecking futures over something so miniscule!

But no. This isn't the case. What isn't revealed is that the pig commie cop also tried to harass the students video taping the incident and confiscate the phone so no one would know. A violation of free speech. Something else that communists hate as well. If they did nothing wrong then why oppose it? Many communists are now saying that she hit him so lets use this film to show she did anything!

But no. It is only after public outcry that the fed finally decided to intervene. I dare say the only other reason the fed intervened is because she was black. I am still waiting for the federal government to intervene in the Kelly Thomas case and indict the wetback cop that killed him Manuel Ramos!

Another disturbing trend is comments I have read on Youtube. Evidently violence is okay when done by the government. Comments all over Youtube by communists and labor union activists and their useful idiots have praised the attack on this girl. They have proclaimed that violence by the government is good. As a law abiding citizen it is almost illegal for me to use a gun on a criminal. In most places it is totally illegal to defend myself with or without a weapon but the government can beat the daylights out of a student for a minor infraction and its okay. Without a doubt 95% of these communist comments are from gun control advocates and opponents of small government and self defense. Many of them anti-capitalists. At least one of these commentators is a communist from New Jersey, a Longshoreman union activist of all people. The same reds that disrupt libertarian meetings I have held in New York and New Hampshire.

So there you have it folks. Communism in America. Forcing your child into public schools to be beaten, drugged indoctrinated and made a useless welfare zombie. Its time to get rid of public school and privatize the police. CHOOSE HOMESCHOOL! Its the loving option.

UPDATE! A new video at a new angle shows new information showing that communist Ben Fields endangered other students and also shows further evidence of deliberate abuse. He can do a 900lb squat but can't lift and cuff a girl and lead her out? And Ben fields has been in trouble for abuse before. Proof that our government is unreliable...


ex-conservative said...

Looking at the comments on YT including the ones you made I noticed that quite a lot of the people who support the police against the girl and the boy are right wing conservatives including who ascribes himself as NJPatriot. He says he doesn't trust the government and is a libertarian like you but supports government using police brutality. That's strange don't you think? None of these people are liberals in the true sense of the word. They're conservative. This Marcy Smith person is a resident of St Louis which even though is populated by Democrats has quite a few rednecks like in most of Missouri. I also see that there's another redneck there as well. Yet you denounce them as communists just because the soviet union also supported police brutality. Tell me Brian, how can you not see that there is a correlation between conservatives like you and right wing fascism like those we saw in South Carolina (a bible belt red neck red state I might add) and conservative republicans. I remember growing up and being told this was good. That government was usually right even though they hated it. My uncle was even on a jury involving police brutality in Atlanta Georgia in the 80s. The defendant was a homeless black man was being charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting. Eyewitnesses testified that the cop approached him, accused him of drinking an open container then frisked him. The black man told the cop that he needed to leave black people alone and so then he that is the cop beat him up. Witnesses said so and the cop claimed he popped him in the eye and had a shiner well actually that shiner he already had from another incident where he got punched by a man he was arresting days earlier. All the evidence was there in the defendant's favor but the jury didn't listen. They were thirsty for black blood. The man was guilty until proven innocent to them and during deliberation all they talked about was how disrespectful he was to authority and how black people were criminals and how just because he was homeless he was an undesirable. It took them a little over 3 hours to condemn him as guilty. The only reason they took so long was to have lunch. My uncle admitted all this at the dinner table and admitted that they all found him guilty because he mouthed off at the cop because he was black and because he was homeless. Homeless people he said are a waste of resources all blacks are criminals all homeless are useless and deserve to spend their whole life behind bars. My parents agreed as did another uncle. I asked why this is okay and they told me that you need to respect authority at all times no matter what and that it was bad to question authority and that I need to be good. I was also taught that anyone who became homeless had themselves to blame and didn't deserve a second chance. The salvation army was going to open a homeless shelter in the town I was living in and the town said no way. They did build it but they charged the homeless $5 a day to stay there. That was a lot of money in those times when I lived in Georgia. They didn't want anyone poor living there and I see that you had Forbes stupid listing that my old state was a great place to work. Not if you're idea of work is minimum wage. So Brian how can you say only liberals support this when its conservative like the people who visit your blog who support it?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know South Carolina was communist? Usually its GOPers who support police brutality.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know what Michael Savage supported the attack on his radio show! And he also opposes video taping police. Is Michael a communist?

Michael T said...

Hi Brian noticed your comments on YT against the cheerleaders of the police state. I agree with you fully 100% that no one should be beaten for being disruptive in class but She did hit the cop. Take a good look at this. You can get hit for hiting a cop.

mainestategop said...

Okay ex-conservative first of all with respect nothing personal but you're family sound like a bunch of unintelligent inbred vermin who only registered to be GOP because they wanna be like everybody else. If you're uncle voted guilty on this guy solely because of race and class despite evidence to the contrary he is committing a crime. In the south. The homeless there tend to work rather than homeless in the north and in the city. They're back door socialists. Like Rick Santorum and Giulianni.

I deal with scum like that often usually on the alexjones channel.

Now then let me ask before I continue to debate you, where do you live now, where did this shelter get built, where did this trial take place, what is the criminal's name, where does you're uncle live and where does daddy live now.

Marcy Smith lives in St Louis MO. Most people there are leftists. Whether they know it or not. Especially east of town which is probably where she is now. Sadly.

mainestategop said...

Michael Weiner lost his touch. He's going more to the left In a few more years well lose him completely.

mainestategop said...

@michael T I didn't see that. Its blurred. Show me one not blurry.

Brian is still a shill said...

Everyone who is supporting the police onthis right now is a anti-communist republican. I looked at comments on YT and elsewhere. All this talk about respecting authority while crying about the sky falling over taxes and welfare is sickening!

mainestategop said...

They aren't. They're southern democrats and closet socialists.