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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Michael Voris of church militant TV takes on birth contro

Michael voris of St Michael's media and Church Militant TV take on birth control and discusses its ramifications and consequences. Voris Blames contraception and birth control for the demise of America culture, the sexual revolution and even notes that it is the cause of the recession and the crisis in Greece. Something for my Catholic viewers. I report you decide!


St Francis said...

The reason we have all this debt and a failing economy is because of abortion and contraception. We've either killed off or prevented future generations from being born. Theres no longer anyone around to work, pay taxes, pay for all these programs or hire. We've killed them off. In order for America and Europe to stay alive they've had to rely on immigration from the 3rd world. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if most of them weren't uneducated unskilled or did not have morals. Europe in particular is a problem since a lot of these people are Muslim extremists and terror sympathizers. The on;y thing keeping down the non-christians is latino immigration in America and Immigration from eastern Europe and Russia in Europe to dilute the number of heathen coming in. Most of them are catholic so there's hope for an apostle paul among them to help out in restoring morals in America and Western Europe.

Anonymous said...

BINGO! Tat's why there's a recession! Were killing our workforce, murdering future innovaters and entrepeners and future parents with abortion. Either that or just preventing them ever even existing with birth control. What lead pipes did for Rome, the pill is doing to the United states of America. Michael Voris hits it on the nail! We must pray the rosary for America to restore life and love and remove the death culture and birth control. "Holy Mary mother of God, bring revival to America and take away the culture of death."

Mike from Boston said...

I don't think birth control has anything to do with the economy. In fact its probably better that women not be forced to give birth to unwanted children who will grow up unloved and destitute on the streets and thereby take up space unskilled jobs and also commit crime. The reason crime is so low in America vs 30 years ago is because of birth control and abortion. Future generations criminals were terminated. When you force a women to have a child she will abandon the child and it will become hostile or even develop mental and emotional problems. These leads to more welfare dependency and crime. If they don't want the kid just let them terminate it before it becomes a kid. a human. A fetus is not human. But pro-lifers do not recognize personhood of poor people or people with mental and emotional problems.