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Friday, November 6, 2015

A letter from an abused Veteran

The following came from an abused veteran emailed to me...

My name is Msgt Ben o'neil. USMC. (HOORAH!) I am from Crescent city California. I am a veteran of desert storm, yugoslavia, second Iraq war and afghanistan. In 2004 I was injured in an ambush by terrorists and I also witnessed my friend from elementary school dying in another attack. This is causing me to suffer from PTSD and clinical depression. I was given a medical discharge in 2005 and have lost 2 jobs and have been homeless 3 times.

I love my country and I am sickened by how far we have gone. We are worse than in the sixties. My father told me stories of Vietnam when he came back from there and how the hippies wrecked our nation. He was in DC when they protested the war and commited treason by rooting for the enemy and their leader Ho Chi Minh! In California the hippies were numerous. These same scum now run America. Or as they call it Amerikkka. They occupy our municipal state and federal governments now! Ruining America with Socialism!

Left coast liberals love to pick fights with veterans or harass us in other ways especially on Veterans Day and other American holidays. Liberals all over the San Fransicko Gray Area get depressed and enraged on American holidays. If they can't gang assault a veteran, they file a false police report on him.

A druggie liberal scumbag assaulted me while I was working at my job and my liberal POS boss threatened me three times with termination for going to the hospital..

My druggie liberal convicted child rapist neighbor threatened me with pruning shears on July4 back in 1999 and the local corrupt cops gave me attitude because they made me public enemy number one since the 2008 DHS memo.

The fact of liberal bigotry against vets is easy to see online-just go to quora or yahoo and read the vitriol and calls for violence against vets by the liberals. The little Sturmabteilung have been ratcheting up the violence in the Gray Area for the last two years and I get assaulted on a daily basis. I see liberals eating their own twice or more a day.

The problems with the VA and with the war effort are entirely political and very simple. The problem with our society requires more diligence and effort. Nobody on the left coast even remembers 9/11. Local residents see veteran license plates and decals and instead of cutting us some slack or giving thumbs up, they specifically target us for hostile actions. Don't even get me started on how college punks are taught by their liberal parents and teachers how to think about and act toward vets.

It is long past time for ALL Americans to stand up for vets in your own daily lives, and to go beyond voting for good representatives or sending money where it can be used for good. I have started since about a year ago to fight back against enemy sympathizers and liberal terrorists here at home. For a long time I refrained from using violence against civilians because a sheepdog that kills a sheep must be put down. I have since realized that the sheepdog needs to bite sheep who are renegade and that many of the flock are in fact wolves in sheep's clothing; it's no coincidence the logo for the Fabian Society, the radical socialist cult that the Clintons and Bushes are in, features a wolf in sheep's clothing. As with any bullies, tolerating their hostility will only result in further escalation of violence. Liberals get to thinking they are bullies when in large concentrations and this delusion and the resulting physical violence from liberals can only be checked by physical violence. I encourage everybody to punch a liberal in the face the moment they disrespect the troops or the police; if a liberal even mentions the Iraq war, they NEED to be body checked into reality. For every Vietnam vet that gets stabbed by a trust fund hipster in Golden Gate Park or the BART, another rich white liberal needs to get kicked in the balls when he displays his contempt for veterans.

America wake up and smell the socialism! There was a time not long ago when no one dared do what they did to Cliven Bundy or what they are doing to brave policemen fighting off occupy wall street rable. I currently live in Phoenix. Sick of the liberals in my homestate! I wish all of you a happy veterans day! Semper fi!

To all our brave boys in uniform active or retired you are not forgotten. You are still loved and cherished. Blessings in Jesus name.


Anonymous said...

Damn this guy sounds half cocked! What about right wingers who attack homeless people. We had a homeless vet assaulted when I was living in Seattle two years ago I think it was. I hear right wingers talk about shredding benefits. I think before he goes off on some "hippie" he should look at how the republicans are screwing vets by axing their benefits for tax cuts for the rich.

mainestategop said...

The veteran benefits were cut because we could no longer afford them along withthe welfare we are giving away to illegal aliens and 15 year old high school dropouts with bastard litters.

mainestategop said...

HA! Seattle! No they were definitely liberals. Every hatecrime towards veterans homeless or otherwise has been by leftists

oldfartrantssucks said...

God bless our veterans this holiday season!