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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Anti-communist film starring Ronald Reagan the Gipper!

Happy thanksgiving to my loyal fans! Here for your viewing pleasure a movie by Sid Davis reviewed by Alexander Kerensky and starring Reagan who narrates. It is particularly relevant with regards to Islam and Muslims and the recent attacks on Paris. Here it is: The Truth about Communism.


Kyle prince said...

Ronald Reagan you were right!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! It still rings true today! The big difference is that now the communists aren't in Russia they're here! HERE IN AMERICA! IN WASHINGTON! They run our government they run our land and they are running us into the ground!!!!

America needs a revival! We need God we need a conservative movement! We need something like what the leftists had in this country 50 years ago! Instead of hippies young conservatives taking it to the government! We need to take back our country from bottom to top. Rebel revolt protest and fight back! Be prepared to go to jail to go to prison. Get hurt. Muscle up against the unions, the beatniks the muslims the illegals, the Occupy bums the ghetto dwellers and the Longshoreman ETC. In 5 years take back the country and make america free again.