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Monday, November 16, 2015

Liberals silent on ISIS Muslim attacks on Paris

the left in america again shows its stripes. Yellow stripes that is. In light of the attacks of ISIS against Paris and the retaliation by France against Isis. The anti-war movement is completely silent towards France and ISIS. ISIS can freely attack civilians without condemnation while France in retaliation recieves a slap on the wrist. America meanwhile is forbidden to fight back and must be "a moral guiding light and moral example" But the only example it is is of foolish stupidity and the futility of liberalism.

The liberal response is typical so far. The attackers were marginalized victims, the attack happened because of racism. (against arabs) the attacks are because of America because of the crusades, because of inequality ad nauseum.

Even leftists who try to mask themselves as centrists are among them. Michael Bloomberg, former Bolshevik Mayor of New York and an enemy of Americans and Israel blamed guns for the ISIS attack. Never mind that guns aren't allowed in Paris. Puhlease Bloomberg! As if banning 2 litter sodas wasn't stupid enough you're going to blame the NRA and guns for the Quran's call for killing non-muslims? For Paris leftists allowing these filthy parasites into their homeland and demanding multi-culturalism despite this building up???????

The anti-war movement, the communists who oppose America's right to defend herself from Johnny Jihad while saying nothing of the jihadists  International Answer (ACT NOW TO STOP WAR AND END RACISM! LOL!) Instead of condemning Islamists have instead been busy condemning Benjamin Netanyahu at the white house.

The Socialist workers party says that War is not an excuse and not a valid reason to fight back against Islamists. The SWP has condemned France for retaliating against ISIS while evidently praising the attack by being silent against ISIS and Islamic jihad. To this day no liberal has ever protested against Jihad.

Meanwhile the Democrats are already buckling and it seems that they have thrown in the towel. The Democratic candidate from Minnesota  Dan Kimmel says that Isis isn't evil just made up of people who think they are doing what is best. HA!

It seems that even Bernie Sanders has begun to blame America. Instead of roundly and soundly condemning ISIS and Islamism, Sanders blames Climate change! CLIMATE CHANGE! A melted iceberg didn't cause the attack stupid! Islamic religious fanatics did! But Bernie Sanders thinks otherwise and oppose intervention. Instead we must adopt the policies of Neville Chamberlin. Be Peaceful and turn the other cheek.

Many progressive news groups such as for instance have praised Bernie Sanders for his remarks as have many on the Dinosaur media.

Of course the biggest source of liberal stupidity is to be found in Europe. In Paris for instance which surprisingly is the source of communist thought for the last 2 centuries leftists have blamed racism for the attacks claiming inequality and so on despite constant bending over to multi-culturalism, hate speech laws and so on. Not to mention a generous welfare state for immigrants that screw the natives.

Despite left wing sissification however the so called far-right has responded and had fought back throughout Europe and have ignored the whiners. Its time for America to do the same and elect a good american such as Donald Trump or Rand Paul!

The far left in the face of terror still clings to its futile views and still continues to support political correctness and tolerance for evil. Peace is all they want while Islam rapes and murders. The solution is not peace. the solution is to confront evil through military means if neccesary and this neccesitates it! Only by defeating evil and confronting it head on will lead to peace


Anonymous said...

Liberals aren't silen and they aren't supporting the attacks dumby! We just don't want you republican thugs to use it as an excuse to start another war for big oil like after 9/11. We also don't want you attacking Muslims at random!

Anonymous said...

How can these stupid librals say that they're being treated inequally?? France is one of the most liberal countries in the world! They wont let you even say mean things about Muslims even things about them that are true! Yet they still riot!? anyways its no excuse. Martin Luther King didn't riot he and the civil rights protesters were peaceful and even let the racists kick their teeth in without fighting back. When they did have riots after King was assassinated it was a bigger set back. By Attacking Parisians, ISIS just insured its mutual destruction...

Anonymous said...

I salute the right wing of France. Despite orders by the pro-islamic liberals in government to shut up and stay indoors and despite fascist hate speech laws they are stepping out and demanding Islam be expelled. Why can't we have that in America? We still have free speech!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! That Left Wing Freedom hater Mark Fiore just did a cartoon condemning France for retaliating and not turning the other cheek. And it looks like Liberal viwer on YT is also nit picking France for not letting Syria get away with Smacking them and being a nice quiet lamb waiting to be slaughtered for Allah.

Liberte egakite frantinite said...

viva le France ! Expulser les immigr├ęs islamiques et de garder sur les ├ętrangers et les musulmans !