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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unemployed workers being forced on SSI into poverty by Obama's ailing socialist government

New studies show that disability pension and SSI now outranks jobs. In one month in 2012 for instance only 80,000 new jobs were added while 87,000 more people enrolled in SSI. People who were mostly forced on there by the government through blackmail and intimidation for the crime of being unemployed. They were forced to empty out their precious savings from the bank and forced to live in the streets. The cold wet streets. They only did one crime.Not be able to find work under Obama's socialist regime.

The government blames the victim for being unemployed. The government does this to deny its own failure as a socialist failure. It blames them punishes them. Seizing money and creating an exploited slave. For every bum on welfare or SSI, government workers get a bonus. Unemployment and poverty is profitable to liberals and government workers.

To make matters worse for America the unemployment problem is lied about. New reports by watchdogs show that Obama has cooked the books when it comes to America's true unemployment. America's true unemployment is around 20% to 30% Nearly 100 million Americans are suffering unemployment and underemployment. But SSI helps to cook the books. Once forced on SSI they are no longer part of the number. The numbers kept low to keep America deceived and communist and to make communism look good.

The human consequences is even more negative and tragic. Innocent Americans and their families are condemned to spend their lives in misery while being lied to by the government and being controlled by the same government. Their lives ruined their families shattered as they sit and wait for the government to help. And all they get for help is about six of seven hundred dollars a month. Not enough to pay bills, not enough for rent not even enough to live.

SSI was originally set up by the government as a handout. It is supposed to be for those to old or too stupid to work. But the government has branded innocent people as retards too stupid to work for many many reasons. Political at first but now they target the unemployed they wealthy and the elderly by robbing them and then dumping them on the street with only a measly pension.

SSI pays depending on your location in America. In all states you get about only four or five or six hundred dollars. In some places like Massachusetts or Pennsylvania about seven or eight hundred a month. In California nine hundred dollars. But these are merely there because of high living costs. California New York, Hawaii and Massachusetts are among the most expensive places to live so the government has to cut a little bit to keep the bums er, victims satiated and quiet so as not to arouse too much social disorder. Anyway no one will question the government. Government is always right. Liberals believe it and have convinced many Americans as well.

For many on SSI it is a disaster. Gino Nappoli of Ardagh New Jersey was one such victim. He was 50 years old when forced by the state to go on SSI. He had been working at the glass plant there for 20 years but was laid off after Liberals again raised taxes. He was forced to go to work at Mcdonalds in Newark when hurricane Sandy destroyed the restaurant he worked at. For 2 years he was unemployed, living off of money he made at the mill and at McD's money he was going to retire off of at a certain age but that was now his lifeline.

At his 50th birthday In 2014 Gino was positve about the future. Too old to work and too young to collect Social security Gino believed he would settle for working at menial jobs while living within his means. Gino planned to move to New Hampshire with its low taxes lack of a sales or income tax and an island of freedom in a lake of communism and godlessness. Gino planned to move to an apartment in Salem and apply for work at another McDonalds restaurant either that or Wal-mart until he was old enough to retire.

But his plans took a turn for the worse when 3 days after his birthday and 2 weeks before he would move to his new apartment in Salem Gino was arrested by police who had orders to detain him in the psych ward. While at the hospital the government moved in. Gino's bank account of 95,000 was seized by a guardian ordered for Gino under emergency guardianship by a New Jersey court on his behalf by his nephew. Gino had never heard of the hearing and never met the guardian. The guardian seized the money claiming they needed it to pay for his medical bills but Gino had health insurance. Gino only had to pay six thousand dollars but the guardian didn't listen.

A week after being released from the hospital, tired weak from meds and faced with bankruptcy by an evil guardian Gino tried to fight back. His son Steven tried to help him get legal help and negotiate the money's return. A meeting was held at Gino's home by government workers who agreed to terminate the guardianship in exchange for Gino making an agreement to give up his bank account to the guardian and to agree not to leave the state of New Jersey. According to a worker from Human services, moving to a good place like new Hampshire was not in Gino's best interest. Because New Hampshire doesn't have programs like new Jersey does. She didn't mention that these programs all have a history of failure and never work.

Gino had no desire to do this. He wanted his money which he worked hard for and he wanted to leave New Jersey. A new agreement was made. Gino could keep his money but that the guardian would control it and he could not leave New Jersey. He had to enroll in SSI. Again Gino balked as did his children. It was learned that Gino's nephew George had been the one responsible. George was a Public school teacher in New York city and had connections with the government in both NY and NJ. The guardian who's name had never been revealed had been friends with George and agreed to split Gino's money 50 50 if he agreed to have Gino placed under guardianship and forced on SSI.

It was later learned that George Nappoli was also a rabid socialist and a supporter of occupy wall street. He was dismissed from the New York Public schools system for forcing children into field trips without parental permission to the Zuccoti park camp and who used his postion to indoctrinate his class. So left wing and so vicious was George that even his fellow teachers leftist bums all allowed him to be dismissed from teaching and allowed him to live off pension. George Nappoli also supported Obama and was aghast at his uncle moving to a place like New Hampshire. Although Gino never had an interest in politics or the free state movement, George despised New Hampshire and was known by members of the free staters to advocate police brutality against them. He also did not want Gino to be there with his money.

A gruesome ordeal followed. Gino Was finally pushed into an agreement where his nephew and other son Lloyd were made guardians. They would have control over Gino and his bank account but Gino was forbidden to leave New Jersey to New Hampshire. he could only go as far away as New York or Pennsylvania. Gino's children could do little to help. George was able to seize most of Gino's assets. A Probate judge also helped George against him and Gino was forced to live in an institution in Princeton where he was forcibly drugged and abused by staff. The judge ruled that Gino's unemployment was grounds for guardianship and declared him incompetent. While there He died of a heart attack. According to His Grandson Gino Jr. He died of a broken heart being punished for being unemployed.

The family was never able to recover the money. Half of it went to his guardian who's name to this day is unknown and the other half went to attorney fees to the state and to the institution Gino was held hostage in. George is believed to have also profited. He currently resides somewhere in California where he works as an activist for the NEA. The Fusselis have teamed up with other families that suffered from guardian abuse and SSI and worked with passing a new law that requires monitoring guardians in New Jersey.

New Jersey is not the only state that punishes the unemployed with SSI. Massachusetts, Maine, vermont, New York California, Florida and Pennsylvania also hurt the people they want to help.Troy White was another unfortunate victim from Albany. He had been unemployed for over year when his family decided he was to blame. He was 27 years old and had an apartment but "concern" by his parents lead to a disaster. He was lured to Albany medical center with news his mother was sick. At the waiting room security officers having been told by his father that he was violent and suicidal body slammed him and threw him on the ground. He was then taken to the psych ward and then transferred to Capital psychiatric center.

At CPC, Troy was forcibly medicated and told he had Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental retardation and autism. The diagnosis was based on Troy being bullied in Elementary school (but he socialized well in High School when they moved. No mention of this!) and being unemployed for more than a year. Dr James Nalborne was one of the doctors Troy had. He argued that New York had one of the best economies in America and that Troy had no excuses for not having a job. He neglects to mention that Albany's communist urban planning have destroyed the city's infrastructure and business sector and that Albany is considered part of the rust belt with many factory closures in that city. New York City is the only place with any appreciative market resource for jobs. And even that has been crused by high taxes, fees, corruption and immigration. Just to name a few of the problems present there.

Troy was kept 2 weeks in CPC where he was abused and drugged. He tried to avoid the meds and tried to get free but he was forbidden to call mental health advocates or the ACLU even though the law says he must be allowed to. Also it was illegal for him to be forcibly medicated without a court order but staff at CPC forced him even once holding him down while being injected. He was given a choice. Be incarcerated in another Psychiatric hospital until he had no more money or surrender his bank account to the state and apply for SSI. He had no choice and thereafter Troy was homeless.

Troy spent an agonizing year of homelessness during Bloomberg's abusive and hostile administration. He was underfed under privilaged and mistreated by staff and other residents at NYC's notorious homeless shelters. His SSI was managed by a payee with the state who abused it. She refused to give Troy money since he was homeless. This was seen as legal and good by all the liberals in New York. More proof communism failed. Troy was also homeless in Hartford CT and in Boston for 2 years and another 2 years homeless in Los Angeles before he killed himself by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The last 5 years of his life was punishment abuse hunger and waiting in line for an apartment he would never get. Only immigrants and sluts with bastards have a chance at housing.

In California Ray Sanchez also suffered under SSI. The son of immigrants, he could not get a job because of illegal immigrants. He was laid off his job in Costa Mesa when he and other were replaced by immigrants. He could not recieve his last paycheck neither if he did not agree to train the mooching little interlopers and usurpers as well. A week later Ray took part in a tea party demonstration in Santa Ana and with many other participants was arrested. He was later taken from OC jail to a nearby psychward then to The State hospital in Norwalk in LA.

Doctors used his conservative libertarian beliefs and his opposition to immigration to brand him as socially introverted, awkward, incompitent and paranoid. Doctors diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome, bipolar syndrome and borderline personalities all exclusively because of his beliefs. Doctors then had his older brother, a Chicano marsxist become his emergency guardian. They depleted his funds and forced him to apply on SSI. After being homeless for a little over a year he still didn't qualify for SSI. Even with help from Binder and Binder. He killed himself shortly after being rejected. No money no SSI even. Government always fails.

Liberals in truth have always hated jobs. It is a requirement that their hatred for american freedom and capitalist system that they hate job creation. The liberals always sucker the poor into thinking that they're their champion but lose your job under a Democrat administration and there will be no end to the persecution and misery you will suffer.

The other problem is that socialism and its values as seen by Obamacare, high taxes and many of Obama's policies retard job growth and rather than seen at a negative light Liberals must find someone to blame. Either conservatives or the poor themselves. As more and more young people become deceived into socialism by mass media, pop culture and public schooling more there are fewer and fewer true blue americans to blame for Obama's failure. So why not blame the people Obama failed. The people socialism failed. It worked wonders for Stalin, Khruschav and Brezhnev so why not for Obama and his liberal minions?

But liberals will pay any price to destroy jobs including our children's future by miring us into debt and slavery. Through the support of eugenics, environmentalism and the myth of global warming, endless immigrant importation of useless turd world poor, public schooling liberal hate and liberal oppresion they will kill jobs and stop normal people from living for themselves and making a living. The liberals will do all in there power so that this generation and every generation thereafter is poor, oppresed and miserable all for the sake of socialism and denying its failure.

The 8 years of Obama coupled with America's continued hatred for godliness capitalism and constitutional freedom and civil liberties makes for a bleak picture for America's future. a future of fascism, or tyranny and of austerity. All thanks to liberalism and mainly in part due to Social security and SSI which has indeed played a major role not only in enlarging america's poverty and poor but America's entitlement mentality, a mentality of selfishness, greed and apathy that helps make Obama and his socialist nightmare a reality.


Brianisstillacorporateshill said...

Oh boy oh boy! Here comes more attacks on Social security, the last safety net in existence by the far right! You know what I got people who are on the wait list for SSi who are dying to get on and you show me this BS about people dying to stay off! They can't get jobs because many of these factory workers and others are in their 40s and 50s. No one wants to hire them because they're too old but they can't get SSI! What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Why would Obama want to "punish" workers and force healthy workers who can't find work on SSI? If they get SSI then they can't work otherwise they wouldn't be on SSI. And why would they stop Gino from going to New Hampshire? I mean I don't know why anyone would want to retire to that place. I would prefer to retire somewhere with safety nets to take care of me if I needed it.

mainestategop said...

Because your men are already poor that's why! SSI is about making people poor and keeping them poor! end of story! Were worse of now with it than without it.

Why would Obama want to "punish" workers and force healthy workers who can't find work on SSI?

Controlling them and getting them to vote Democrat of course!

Anonymous said...

SSI = SS stupid yall

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money. It doesn't work, even for people truly disabled!!!

Anonymous said...

SSI Another way to degrade the disabled.