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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Voting is not a right but a responsibility (back by popular demand)

 Hey everyone! The article here was written back in 2008 well I'm posting it again for all to see. It is an idea but I think we ought to do something about irresponsible and uneducated dimwit liberals from voting. Joseph Farah or worldnetdaily made a similar article in support of it. I think its a good idea. But It needs to be implemented carfully. Here it is.

A week ago I was at McDonald's ordering lunch. It was very busy and there was a large crowd present. I ordered the food and waited around for a few minutes. While I was doing so, a manager and another crewmemeber were getting ready to put the flags up on the pole. The manager showed him how to fold the flags up and they folded up old glory into a nice triangle with loving and patriotic care. While they were folding the McDonald's flag, a funny looking woman in her thirties with two tots in a carriage walked up to the counter where the US flag was and exclaimed in a squeaky and stupid voice, "Oh! That lookth jutht like the flag they give to famlieth of veteranth after Bush sendth them to die in Iraq and take away their benefits!"

Everyone nearby looked at her for awhile and then paid no attention to her. I began to ask myself, just where is the father of her kids and what does she do for a living anyway? From what I gather this dingbat is another one of Maine's many welfare recipients who can't amount to anything and are either too poor or too stupid to leave to get a better job and instead cancel out my vote and suck on the tit of Maine's enormous government. This woman was completely ignorant that the reason we are scaling back veterans benefits is to make way for massive social programs for lazy bums and housing projects filth like her who are idiots. I started to imagine just how the kids are going to grow up and cancel out the votes of my own children as well.

With that in mind I began to lay out the plans for this essay and thought, its time we go back to making voting a responsibility and a privilege rather than a right. One of my writers pointed out an 18th century quote from an English gentleman by the name of Edmund Blackadder the third overheard on a PBS TV show that also sums it up:

Blackadder Give stinking morons like Baldrick the vote and we'll all be back to worshiping druids, death by stoning and eating dung for dinner.

S Baldrick: I'm eating dung for dinner tonight actually.

Jokes aside there is some meaning in this. If we continue to allow people who are uneducated, immoral lazy byproducts of government schooling, secular humanism and pop culture to vote, we will be going bankrupt and have less freedom than we have now. Its already happening. The politicians and judges we elect share the same sentiments as the people before mentioned.

Long ago in America the founding fathers, men from different backgrounds were political and philosophical geniuses who recognized the necessities of religion, morality and responsibility and freedom against tyranny and dependence on government. They did little to debate on who should be eligible to choose their leaders. There were certain regulations such as the poll tax and literacy tests but it was found that they were biased towards certain groups and they didn't last. One of my friends pointed out debates on other blogs that only those who pay taxes who are not mentally incompetent or of certain privilege be allowed to vote but also pointed out that Pelosi and Obama could use that to make conservatives ineligible to vote and take over the courts, the congress, the senate and oval office and drive this country to the ground. Just keep raising taxes and have the American psychiatric Association define conservatism, defenders of the constitution and opponents of large government and taxes to be a mental disorder and that's that.

There is naturally a better way to sort it out. Sensible solid criteria that can be given out to filter out those who are moral, educated and responsible from those who are corrupt, immoral and ignorant regardless whether they are rich and poor.

First of all, recipients of welfare, and government subsidies as well as certain people who work for the government should be excluded. If you are a single mother with 12 bastards living in public housing, you should not get to vote. Get a job, a husband, get your act together, and put some of your brats up for adoption then you can vote. If you are a business executive, CEO, manager, or employee of a company that receives subsidies, no vote. Get your act together, plow more of your profits into your companies and hire more workers, create more innovations and then you can vote again. If you are a case manager, bureaucrat, agent or politician, no votes for you. You can keep your job and work for the taxpayers, or you can get a new job and vote again.

This should also apply to others on the government payroll. Police officers, Firemen, doctors, teachers, public defenders, judges, District attorneys ETC. You are receiving taxpayer money to do a job for we the people. You are receiving funds from our hard work. We don't trust you to vote for politicians who will give you a raise while our cities and communities are in the pits. We the people will decide if you deserve a raise.

The only exception I believe to this rule is the military. These men and women are doing more than receiving money they are putting their lives on the line to stay free. We don't want uneducated lazy parasites taking from defense to fund their laziness.

Second of all people who are ignorant of facts should not be allowed to vote. I recall Sean Hannity interviewing college kids in Marxist universities who don't know a damn thing about how the world works. They know nothing about history, they don't even know what happened on December 7th or what the constitution says. They do believe that socialism is best, that 80% of the wealthiest Americans (Or for that matter anyone who works) Should be taxed redistributed to those who won't work, they believe that no one should be allowed to protest or publish without government approval, they believe religion is a mental disorder and that anyone who does not agree with them in even the tiniest way is a racist sexist fascist Nazi who should be put to death.

People from other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, China, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Japan, Algeria, Yemen, Portugal, Britain and Togo land and who become citizens are required to know, and many of these people go on to becoming outstanding citizens in the community. Meanwhile our own children grow up stupid, lazy and the most they can land is cleaning up puke, flipping burgers and mopping aisles. These kids who work retail use cash registers that tally up numbers for them since they are too stupid to count add and subtract, paid for by us thanks to Public school. Yet they get to vote for idiots who ruin our nation.

There should be a test given before anyone can register to vote. The test will be a sensible one, multiple choice. You need to know about how the government works, how our constitution works, why we have the freedom we have ETC. People who support gun control, speech codes, protest zoning, socialism, compulsory public schooling won't be eligible. When they get educated, when they learn to be wiser, then they can vote.

Third, Individuals part of organizations that are openly hostile to our way of life such as the Communist party, the Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan, Islamic Jihad, La Raza, Mecha, Occupy Wall street ANSWER ISIS IWW and other trash should also not get to vote. Instead they should be considered dangerous individuals and a threat to freedom. There is a way to differentiate between which group is not of that criteria. Keep in mind I'm talking people who are openly hostile to us and our way of doing things. I'm not talking people who show some leftist views that some people disagree with like Food not bombs or the council of conservative citizens or some other nutcase groups. Were talking people who openly hate us and preach for our destruction. In the olden days communists and other people couldn't vote or work in government. We should go back to that.

Fourth people who commit certain crimes should not be permited to vote. People who are dishonest, who are unscrupulous and who harm innocent people should be barred for a long period or for the rest of their lives. A lot of felons don't want law abiding citizens to be armed or to be protected by the law. The reason criminals have more rights is because we let them vote for evil people who want to "understand them" or "have sympathy for them."

I read some other suggestions that people diagnosed with certain mental disorders or who come from certain backgrounds also should not be eligible. We at MainestateGop are against Psychiatry since it is a leftist junk science that supports eugenics and contributes to holocausts and great acts of injustice. The left can use it to declare libertarians, conservatives and others of being mentally incompetent and take over. We should not be concerned if someone appears to be unusual or comes from a certain background. If he or she is responsible and knows how the system works, they can vote.

Please keep in mind this is not totally full proof. We planned this out to be fair and decent in allowing those who are qualified to vote without allowing for loopholes for evil to use to take away someones freedom. But if we did use this, we would have better people in office, less taxes, more freedom and more jobs while people like the stupid woman I mentioned would be staying in their public housing on election day fuming about Ronnie McBush-hitler, complaining that America is the worst place in the world.


Anonymous said...

How about giving them jobs instead of punishing them.

mainestategop said...

How about we just trash the welfare state instead of throwing away our money and phoney solutions to poverty?

Anonymous said...

THis is how every empire falls. The people whether the rich or the poor begin to pilfier and live off the treasury contributing nothing. In Rome they had a welfare state and graft and it bankrupted them. They could not longer afford a mighty military that was more and more stacked with barbarian foreigners in low grade weapons and no armor. They were soft and deadlocked. The french did the same thing. The Aristocracy lived of the people and paid no taxes and took all the benefits. they were less than 10% of the population and lived off the rest of the population doing nothing but eating and getting fat. Soviet Russia it was the same thing. The dictatorship of the proletariot everything belonged to everyone but a few despots on the top got the lion's share.

Now we come to Modern day USA. The elections are a 2 party sham driven by bribes. They want to bribe the electorate with food stamps, with subsidies with favors. Vote for us because we'll help you not have to work or work as hard. Its no longer "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country." Its "If elected I'll make the rich pay for you to loaf off!" If we elect Bernie Sanders this country is doomed.

ENOUGH! From now on only taxpayers should be allowed to vote. the welfare queens and crack addicts can stay at their government subsidized projects trailer parks whatever and get high while we the responsible voters vote for responsiblepeople who will run the country the way our founders intended. Transparent, open, and as little as possible. We need to go back to reducing the time they spent in government and how much they were paid. Congress and the Senate meet only 2 months out of a year to do business except in emergencies, the state legislatures meet rarely and the community runs is own business within sensible and limited guidelines.

GordonBowler said...

To hell with that! And you say liberals are fascist? This is most fascist article I've ever read on this stupid racist blog! If you lose your job and need welfare to survive all of a sudden I can't vote! WTF! You sound like my nephew Herbert!!

mainestategop said...

I can't believe I am being called a racist by someone who wants to strangle their nephew under failed government in Wisconsin just because they were picked on and can't find work!

Anonymous said...

If we had a system where only responsible taxpaying citizens could vote then we'd have our country back in shape in no time! The only reason people vote today is to get freebies!

JFK once said, Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country! If he said that today, he'd never have won the elections. AND HE WAS A DEMOCRAT!!

Instead they ask for a free meal!! Now look at us! were swamped with failure!