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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

See you all next year!

Next year will be busy on Mainestategop blog! 2016 has a lot in store! I'll tell you all about it, January first!

If i'm not having too much fun or drunk that is...

For SSI victims, no holiday cheer this year or any year

hey everyone i'm back I hope you all had a good holiday weekend I did and like Bob cratchet I was very merry that i haven't written on my blog for sometime. Well no problem because today I am going to start off things with a couple of articles about SSI and how the liberals have used it to plunder those they deem to be enemies of the people's socialist state or just to steal their money to keep the beast going I guess. All in all, its about enslavement and oppressing the masses. for those of you who don't know what I mean, look up SSI on my blog.

The holidays may have been kind to most of us but not all, not the poor and certainly not those on the government dole. Specifially it has been worst to those who are on SSI. The overwhelming majority of whome don't belong there at all but were forced on there by an abusve relative(s) or by the government.

The state does not really care about those it takes care of. The purpose of the state is to exploit the masses and squeeze as much it can from it and to control us. this is why liberals and others who support government hate wealth, hate jobs, hate freedom and hate prosperity. it goes against the grain of liberal communist values of total control under the state and under liberalism.

To aid in this endevour, they use a program like SSI. By forcing people to spend down their assets below $2000 to become eligible. They do this usually by creating a false diagnosis of a disability or mental disorder some of which are also fake. Asperger's syndrome and schizophrenia are the most common. The diagnosis is loose and based on assumptions and false witness testimony by either a government worker or an abusive relative.

The result is poverty and unemployment for the victim. employers can tell if a victim is on SSI through the Social security administration, the IRS or the E-verify system if they are getting ssi and thereby disqualify them from employment because they are deemed by the state to be mentally inferior and incompitent.

And why not? government is always right! so say the leftists nazis and marxists in our schools, state administration, peace groups, the ACLU and these other rackets tell us so so it must be true right?

The holidays can be hardly be pleasant for these poor victims at all as well. The government, having depleted them of their assets their savings, their well being lost along with whatever lifestyles they were accustomed they find themselves in poverty, homeless, deprived, even persecuted and alone. their crimes range from being disabled, being hated by abusive relatives, greedy government, opposing liberal laws and policies that are unjust or all the above or some of these reasons.

This holiday season, many who are on SSI do not get any holiday joy. This Christmas and many others there were no gifts or presents. there was little or nothing to eat but to liberals this is just fine. GOVERNMENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Everything is okay...

Things were not okay for Lewis Longland from Ashville North Carolina. Lewis had been bullied as a child because his maternal Grandfather was black. Being one quarter black in this, the most liberal city in North Carolina is unbearable. He had no friends growing up in high school. Despite that he went to college and got a degree but as his life was taking off his parents decided to intervene. His father, a liberal decided that the government should run his life for him. He believed it was best for him. The psychiatrist also a liberal bum decided he was mentally ill.

He had Asperger's syndrome meaning he was a retard and believed that his racial make up hindered his development. Because of the diagnosis he was branded mentally incompitent. His father became his guardian under an emergency order after his father lied to police and a judge. Lewis soon after was forced to quit his job where he made 30k annually was stripped of his assets which his father possesed. He was then forced to go on SSI.

The reason? His doctor said he was not fully human and that he was stupid and mentally ill with aspegers.

Lewis was placed in a group home but ran away hitchhiking till he eventually made it to Dallas Texas. There he stayed at a local mission and then a half way home run by independent baptists. Texas Mental Health were unable and even unwilling to remove his diagnosis and no one was able to help him get off SSI. He could not get a job neither because he was on SSI. This despite a flawless record and work history.

This Christmas Lewis spent his time in Jail for panhandling to try and afford a decent meal on christmas which was spent in lock up in the LA County jail. All he had for Xmas dinner was a biscuit and mashed potatoes. The government I guess really is caring huh liberals?

Lewis Now lives in Bakersfield California. He has been unemployed for 3 years. His payee abuses his money. Even though he gets $900 a year and his rent is $550, he only gets $30 a week for an allowance. He currently works in the Los Angeles area as a thief, a burglar and also when he is able to get enough money, as a professional gambler in Las Vegas and Commercial city.

Mark Howard of Baltimore Maryland had it even worse. As a teenager he was abused at school by students and teachers. His parents blamed him for it saying that he was doing something wrong. at 14 he was taken to a doctor who told him he was retarded with Asperger's syndrome and bipolar. He was given a controversial treatment called Lupron. the drug was supposed to stop his Asperger stupidity as they say and screw his head back on. It made him worse. worse still his growth was stunted and he developed seizures and other problems from the Lupron as well as the meds. Lupron also caused impotence. he cannot have children.

Mark also suffered brain damage. he was forced to drop out of high school at 17 and lived a hellish 3 years in youth shelters in Baltimore and Philly. it was there that he was almost raped by another man and suffered beatings and robberys frequently because of his short stature and weak physique. mark used his food stamp card to walk from Philadelphia to New york city. The walk took 5 days and Mark nearly died. At New York the government was not so helpful and friendly either. The government there made him sit in a homeless shelter where he was malnurished and persecuted by staff.

Mark's payee never gave him any money until after a year in suspense he was placed in a section 8 apartment in the Bronx. There Mark lives in fear. His family refuses to help him because "you're stupid! The government can help!" They then hang up on him. Mark does not own much. His apartment was broken into twice and on one occasion, a laptop PC he built himself from pawn shop parts was stolen. it took him a year to save for the parts.

mark's payee now only gives him $20 dollars a week. Not enough for anything. At Christmas Mark did not get any gifts from his relatives who call him a developmentally dumb piece of **** and an aspergers turd. Mark got one present, dental hygene kit which consisted of 3 toothbrushes, two tubes of toothpaste, two dental floss and a small bottle of listerine. For Christmas supper he only had a salami sandwich.

Edna Reeves from Aurora California had been homeless since she was 18. A victim of an abusive mother who used her to get SSI. At age 10 she was forced to go to a doctor and told the doctor that she was stupid and crazy. Her case worker advised her to do this so she could get free money from the government. The doctor decided she had bipolar and Asperger's syndrome. The reason is based on false testimony from her mother and because she was picked on at school for being overweight. Under the regiment of medication her weight soared and at the age of 15 was forced to get an emergency liposuction.

At 18 she quit school and became homeless on SSI. Her payee gave her nothing and Social security refused to help her get her money back from her mother who abused her. Even her lawyers were not very helpful. Binder and Binder agreed to take her case but they had to pocket 50% of what her payee and mother owed her. This is what happened. A new payee was also not helpful. Despite being eligible for $900 from California she only got $20 a month.

She has been homeless for 10 years. she was her own payee for 3 of those years but once again the government decided they knew better, took it from her and left her destitute again. it was only during the 3 years that she was her own payee from 2010-2013 that she enjoyed any prosperity. Thereafter it was back to being hungry and miserable.

This Christmas Edna stayed at a hotel room in a bad part of Portland Oregon where she lives. She had nothing but a bowl of soup and no presents. She still lives in Portland Oregon off only $30 a month.

The reverend Jonah Mkombo works in the city of New York as a missionary to poor people and has noticed that many victims of homelessness already receive government aid but the aid is restrictive or very small.

There is a lot of poverty in New york. a lot of these people get no aid even though they are able to get it. But there are also those who get it but it is not enough. People get very little. Payee abuses people all the time. the people get only little money they get little food the city doesn't care about them. the city pay millions for homeless services but services are terrible. The whole system is corrupt and terrible.

The city of New York like many other cities pays millions to homeless but most go to government workers. The little that is actually spent on the homeless pays for poor shelter, poor nurishment, and even poorer facitilites. there are not enough beds to house the growing homeless not enough showers not enough clothes. Yet liberals continue to bow down and worship the government.

for those of us the sharp fangs of communism have yet to bite into we had a good year this year. we had food and presents but unless we stand up and demand an end to government we cannot hope to succeed in ending poverty for our fellow americans.

To all the victims of government we wish you a better new year and end to government in this new year an end to socialism an end to welfare an end to ssi and the restoration of wealth and justice to those who had it taken by obama and the democrats.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


If you're wondering why all the posts in foreign language its a tribute to my foreign viewers who make up quite the bulk of my viewership. I gave out seasons greetings to my viewers in Eastern europe mainly in Russia, ROmania, Hungary and Czech republic. Also I gave a shout out to my viewers in Germany.

SO! This Christmas for my viewers a treat. christmas specials! From the holy, to the haughty, cartoons, movies, even amateurish monstrosities from such as the retarded animal babies!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sezoane salutări și un Crăciun foarte vesel telespectatorilor mele în România!

Sezoane salutări și un Crăciun foarte vesel telespectatorilor mele în România ! Hristos a fost născut de aproximativ două mii cincisprezece ani în urmă în această săptămână pentru a ne dea speranță și mântuire și pentru noi toți salva de la puterea lui Satan . America se roagă pentru România care a fost întotdeauna un bastion al credinței creștine pentru peste o mie de ani. Ați supraviețuit invaziilor , ai supraviețuit naziștilor și al doilea război mondial , cea mai mare și mai sângeros război între două națiuni , națiunea dumneavoastră holocaustul ai supraviețuit comunismului și eventuala prăbușire sa . ne minunăm la modul în care a supraviețuit tiran Nicolae ceucescu și opresiune a naziștilor și Uniunea Sovietică . America stă cu tine împotriva culturii morții , care a adus deja disperarea pe pământul nostru o dată creștin . suntem cu tine împotriva forțelor socialismului împotriva avortului homosexualității imperialismului Islamic și hedonism . Ne rugăm ca Domnul Isus Hristos te ține și tu binecuvântează și strălucește countancence lui asupra ta acest sezon de vacanta .

Roční období pozdravy a velmi veselé Vánoce mým divákům v češtině !

Roční období pozdravy a velmi veselé Vánoce mým divákům v češtině ! Kristus se narodil asi dva tisíce a před patnácti lety tento týden , aby nám naději a spasení , a aby nás všechny zachránit ze satanovy moci . Bible říká v Janovi , takže tři šestnáct, pro Bůh tak miloval svět , že dal svého jediného Syna , aby nás zachránil od hříchu . Amerika se modlí za czcheckoslavakia která byla vždy baštou křesťanské víry pro více než tisíc let . Vy jste přežil invaze , jsi přežil nacisty a druhou světovou válkou , největší a nejkrvavější války mezi dvěma národy , váš národ holocaust přežil jsi komunismus a jeho případného zhroucení . Amerika stojí s vámi proti kultuře smrti, který již přinesl beznaděj na naší kdysi křesťanské země. stojíme s vámi proti silám socialismu proti potratům homosexualitě islámském imperialismu a hédonismu . Modlíme se, aby Pán Ježíš Kristus vás drží a žehná vám a svítí mu countancence na vás v této sezoně

Времена года приветствия и очень веселого Рождества с моими зрителями в России!

Времена года приветствия и очень веселого Рождества с моими зрителями в России! Христос родился около двух тысяч пятнадцать лет назад на этой неделе , чтобы дать нам надежду и спасение , и спасти нас всех от власти сатаны. Библия говорит в Евангелии от Иоанна три шестнадцать Ибо так возлюбил Бог мир , что отдал Сына Своего Единородного, чтобы спасти нас от греха . Америка молится за Россию , которая всегда была оплотом христианской веры на протяжении тысячи лет. Вы выжили вторжения , вы пережили нацистов и Второй мировой войны, наибольшую и самую кровавую войну между двумя народами , ваша нация Холокост вы пережили коммунизм и его возможный крах . Америка стоит с вами против культуры смерти , что уже принес отчаяние от нашей некогда христианской земле . мы стоим с Россией против сил социализма против абортов гомосексуализм исламского империализма и гедонизма .

Życzenia świąteczne i bardzo Wesołych Świąt do moich widzów w Polsce !

Życzenia świąteczne i bardzo Wesołych Świąt do moich widzów w Polsce ! Chrystus urodził się około dwa tysiące piętnaście lat temu w tym tygodniu , aby dać nam nadzieję i zbawienie i zbawić nas z mocy szatana . Biblia mówi w Jana trzy szesnaście Albowiem tak Bóg umiłował świat , że dał swego jednorodzonego Syna , aby nas zbawić od grzechu . Ameryka modli się o Polsce , która zawsze była ostoją wiary chrześcijańskiej przez ponad tysiąc lat . Masz przetrwał najazdy , to przetrwały zawody od innych narodów , przeżyłeś nazistów na zagładę przeżyłeś komunizm i jego ewentualnego upadku . Ameryka stoi z wami przeciw kulturze śmierci , która już przyniosła rozpaczy po naszym raz chrześcijańskiej ziemi . stoimy w Polsce przed siłami socjalizmu przeciwko aborcji homoseksualizmu islamskiego imperializmu i hedonizmu . Módlmy się, aby Pan Jezus Chrystus trzyma i błogosławi wam i świeci jego countancence na was tym sezonie .

Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket és évszakok üdvözletet én nézők közé tartozik !

Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket és évszakok üdvözletet én nézők közé tartozik ! Szeretném megköszönni mindenkinek a támogatást és a segítséget betartva a blog Mainestategopp futás és folyik . Amerikában áll Magyarország az ő harcban , hogy biztonságos legyen a fenyegető kommunizmus és a fenyegető possed én muszlim bevándorló terroristák azzal fenyegetnek, hogy elborít és roncs a hajdani két ország . Az amerikai emberek állnak veled biztosítása a határok a barbár iszlám terroristák , amelyek meghaladják Európában . Ti mind a mi praryers . Lehet , Jézus Krisztus áldjon és tartson youthis ünnepek és Magyarország és Európa jöjjön vissza Isten a hit és Isten egyházát .

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A hate crime not reported by the media #justiceforjessica

What if I told you that in Mississippi the KKK had gang raped a black teenager then doused her body with gasoline and burned her to death, wouldn't that make you outraged? Well added with the problems going on such as the mass shooting by an amateur white supremacist in South carolina coupled with a historic church burned down not to mention communist piggies beating up and shooting blacks the media certainly would have much to do.

 But that isn't the case. In reality it was a gang of 17 black muslim gangstas, YO! Raping and violently killing a white girl. a teenage girl named Jessica Chambers who was raped strangled doused with gasoline and left to burn to death all because she was white and not a muslim. The media which supports black muslims more than whites I guess and that loves Islam a religion that supports these things wont report it. Justice is supposed to be blind, and not biased. And so is our cowardly, politically-inbred media.

Even when they do it to each other or non-muslim blacks the left defends them.

When you report a single broken window in Texas as a “hate crime”, but can’t be bothered to raise the issue of a 19 year old girl burned alive by 17 men? There’s a name for that… journalistic malpractice. The FBI only got involved after there was a national outrage over the violent death. Many of the killers some of whom were on parole and had also drug charges in addition.

The left is also silent throughout the nation. You wont find hashtags like #justiceforjessica or #womenslivesmatter or #whitelivesmatter for that matter too. And lets also not forget a few other headlines the liberal press wont touch...

Like how a federal judge a white women who opposed racial profiling became the victim of a robbery by three blacks. REASON: She was white...


Or how Shoe companies report 1,200 people are killed over sneakers every year!!Look it up here Also

AND HOW ABOUT THIS! A Muslim illegal immigrant rapes a woman at a gas station while yelling allah akhbar.

Oh by the way, the victim was a black woman. still it doesn't matter. Muslim murderers are always well like by liberals.

If ever there was proof that the media is slanted to the left this I guess is s wrap

Monday, December 21, 2015

How immorality and perversion in Germany lead to Hitler's rise

Taken from Hitler the story never told. A documentary on how immorality evil drugs godlessness homosexuality and perversion in Germany during the roaring 20s and great depression allowed for Hitler to take over Germany and institute a socialist dictatorship.

In countries with poor economies, poor morals, a deteriorating family structure and unbelief, socialist and other evil governments are able to take over and thrive.

,p> America is on the path of Babylon just like Berlin in the 20s. The end road is tyranny! REPENT AMERICA! RETURN TO JESUS! RETURN TO TRADITIONAL VALUES!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Over one million viewers on Mainestategop and counting!

This is a response to several emails I got last week claiming that despite having over 600 articles (including some that were later deleted because of censorship by blogspot and because of inactive accounts ETc) on my blog no one visits it. They claim that I preach to myself that no one cares ETC. Well today I am going to debunk that here and now...

As you can see here since 2008 we had over Sixty-one million viewers. Yes folks! Sixty-one million viewers! Many of them from outside the united states. Russia, Hungary, Sweeden, Brazil and India were among our best viewers. Our biggest viewership actually came during inactive times like during 2012-2014. I was away then didn't know if I wanted to continue bet everyone shouted for more! more! more! Its kinda like the First season of the old 80s sitcom who's the Boss? with Tony Danza. The show who's the boss was cancelled after its first season because the networks didn't quite like it and tony Danza faced prison for assault in a bar fight, but went on to do 8 seasons because the reruns were very popular. They brought the show back. Who's the Boss went on to score high ratings during 8 seasons before wraping up in the 90s.

 This is how Mainestategop blog came back to life last year. And Believe me I got no intention of stopping it now. While inactive and dormant during 13 and early 14 the blog was visited by a lot of people from Europe and asia mainly from Hungary and Russia who thought of our blog to be very popular.

In addition, the blog became popular thanks in part to Mark Fiore the freedom hating left wing cartoonist after it has been said that I was the inspiration for many of his cartoons in particular Dog Boy and Mr Dan. I don't think I need to tell you which character is based on yours truly...

The biggest reason my blog is popular is because i discuss popular subjects yes but most of all because I discuss things that no one talks bout or hears about. Like how Social security is being used to confiscate bank accounts or people i know who suffered because of liberals. I also post things that are interesting like popular Youtube videos or historic articles like the one about The Battle of Lepanto.

And of course liberals having a whine out in the town I guess are also people I should thank too. In particular oldfartrants who accused me of setting up sock accounts and who attacks me because I support Citizens united and the constition. More on that another time.

So to all the liberals who ridicule me saying this blog doesn't get read, well up yours lefties. read it and weep or as one person I know would say, EAT IT UP! EXCELLENT STEW!

And too my loyal viewers thank you for letting me know you cared especially to my viewers oversesas! God bless you all! And may god bless America and my America bless God1

howtheworldworks destroys gun control, obamacare and socialism (again)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

victim of socialism enslaved by the state of Wisconsin so taxpayers can get squeezed even more

Herbert Bowler of Appleton Wisconsin has always had a hard life. Growing up as a child, he was bullied and taunted by classmates and held in contempt by teachers and family members who saw him as mentally ill just because of his troubles. He thought that growing up there would be no more trouble. he was wrong.

His family restricted him and treated him like a child instead of an adult. He was not allowed to be independent. Prevented from working at a job and living independently in the community of his choice. He was forced to live in the dumpy filthy state of Wisconsin and the poor jobless left wing town of Appleton.

Herbert wrote of his struggles under the left, under liberal abusive relatives and under the thumb of left wing unions that kept him jobless homeless and destitute. Why? To get paid taxes by the taxpayers and live high and dry while doing nothing at all. Lazy workers know that by keeping the unemployed unemployed and unproductive they get more money. Herbert Bowler's story is becoming more and more common as liberal fascism grows in America.

Here now is an email from Herbert Bowler who is currently a ward of the state and his abusive parents who is branded mentally ill and disabled simply because he is unemployed and because he is against liberal fascism:

My name is Herbert Bowler, I am 26 years old and live in Appleton wisconsin. I live here against my will because my government and my parents do not want me to live anywhere and because they do not want me to be normal and happy.

My trouble I believe started when I was a teenager but its roots go to when i was a child. When I was a child started school everything started out alright. but when i was 10 years old some new kids from Green Bay and Madison moved in and began to start trouble for me. They began to bully me and spread false rumors about me. When I went to the teachers they ignored me and did nothing. Neither did my parents. My mother told me it was my fault and that I needed to learn to make friends. I was shocked!

Things got worse and worse and by the time I was in 9th grade it reached its peak. I was beaten and attacked everyday and harrased and taunted. My studies suffered. My mother and father and other relatives didn't care neither. They forced me to go to a psychiatrist and told me that I had to go because was probably retarded mentally ill. I told the doctor I was not crazy that the bullies were the stupid crazy. the doctor took notes and really I could tell he didn't give a damn about me. The first day he proscribed meds for me. i don't remember what they were only that they would make me woozy and cause me to be overweight because i couldn't control my eating because of them.

I didn't want to take the meds because I knew I was not mentally ill. the doctor told me I had to because I had anxiety from school. The anxiety I got from bullying not craziness but the doc said it would help. Anyway I was 15 and my mom was in control and made me take them. So did my dad. My mother threatened me with dad who in turn threatened to "force them down my throat if I didn't take them." My uncle Charles suggested that my parents take everything away from me and all my priviliges if I didn't cooperate and take the meds. My anxiety got worse and my health suffered but they still made me take them.

The doctor claimed that I had Asperger's syndrome and that I had ADHD & Bipolar disorder. Asperger's is a mental illness that you get because you are bullied. He told me that I failed to socialize with my peers but they were the ones who failed. He said that I had Asperger's because of the bullying and because I had restricted interests. Well I'm not good sports and video games and stuff like that were the only activities opened to me so yeah there you go. Basically i read that its also been grouped with mental retardation so I am mentally ill autistic and retarded just because I was bullied. Bipolar is another mental illness. I was told that was stupid with bipolar all because I argued a lot and because the doctor said I was fidgety. Well the reason is because my mom verbally abused me and called me names and I have right to defend myself against her arguements but the stupid doctor said nothing about that.

Well things reached its crescendo when I went on strike. It started when my backpack was broken into and my textbooks and homework stolen when I was 16. The teachers blamed me for it. They claimed I had lost it and that I would get an F if I didn't find them. I found them in the class room wastebasket torn up and damaged. I showed this to the teacher that someone clearly threw them out. The students all laughed at me as i held it up to the teacher. I worked very hard on it but the teacher said she didn't care and that because it was torn and damaged she could not take it. In front of everyone she flunked me. Everyone laughed and applauded! Because of this I would flunk for the term.

I told her "look! I did nothing wrong! It was stolen! I found it in the trash! Someone put it there! Lets find them!" She said no. she told me that if I did not be quiet I would be in trouble. I was in tears at this point and said "NO! I AM INNOCENT! MY WORK WAS STOLEN ITS NOT MY FAULT!" I was told to go to the principal's office. I left as everyone cheered and high fived. I went to the principal's office and told him what happened.

the vice principal took me into his office and told me that it was my fault that I was being tormented by students! he accused me of being a distraction to learning and that I made myself a target. How I asked? He said he didn't know. "So how do you know I am the distraction not the bullies?" he told me because I looked pecular and ugly. he said I was unseemly, in shambles and that my looks made me what I was. when i asked how it was my fault he said. i never said anything was your fault. What I am saying is that the way you dress and look the way you talk your weight etc. makes you a target. You should go to a special school so the kids here can learn without being distracted and encouraged  and so you can learn in a place of quiet and solitude"

At this time I was medicated, I was starving, I was angry and it all came to a head. i walked out and went to a pay phone in the cafeteria. I called the local news channel WISN and told them I was going to lock myself in a classroom and go on strike because they allowed people to bully me and flunk me locked myself into an empty class room and went on strike.

I took some paper and made a banner and waved it out the window and barricaded the door with desks and chairs. I began to shout out the window "strike for rights!" and other slogans. I said I would not leave until my teacher graded me fairly and the thief was found and punished. I also threatned to set the class room on fire but I didn't have any lighter or matches. I also said that I would no longer take my meds

The police and two teachers were able to break into the class room and i was arrested and taken to the hospital and placed in the psych ward. The good news is the teacher graded my papers and i got a C-. the bad news is that I now had a psychiatric record and I was made ward of the state. I was placed in a foster home in Green Bay and later went to live with an aunt and Uncle in Oshkosh.

My aunt and uncle were nicer to me than my parents and other relatives but they responded to me with sinnicism. They made me take my meds. One day when I refused they called the police and I was threatened with lock up in a mental hospital. also my uncle taunted me at times. After living with them for nearly a year I went back to live with my parents under new terrible restriction. The cupboards and fridge were padlocked and I was forbidden to eat without permission because the meds wouldn't let me control my meds.

Also my computer and Playstation was taken away from me and given to my younger brother. from now on I could only use either one for one hour a day and I had nothing else to do. I was also forced to get up early in the morning at 5am and go jogging with my father who would yell at me and taunt me if I fell behind or got short of breath. He once called me a fat lazy porker at the park for falling back and running short of breath. I told him the meds and the weight were in the way but it made him madder.

This went on for a year. I went to the state once and asked them to let me go back to the foster home but they did nothing about it. Even after threatening another strike which caused my mom to beat me and she threatned to have me locked up in the institution forever and ever with no career or adult life ever.

When I turned 18 my grandma gave me money as she had my two older brothers who left home when they turned 18 but I didn't get it. My mom took control of it as a conservator. I wanted to use the money to go to college out of state and get a good career as an electrician. My mother laughed at me and said she could not picture me as a student at college or university. I was according to my mom so crazy with Asperger's and too many disorders it wasn't funny but she pointed at me and laughed anyway. My father said that people with mental illness don't go to college because they're too crazy to get a job in the real world. When I told him I was not crazy and that the diagnosis was wrong he told me that i was in denial because Doctors are never wrong.

"are you a doctor? No? Then shut up. You're not a doctor. Part of your problem is you're so mentally ill you can't even see how mentally ill you are. You're not a licensed profesional and I fail to see how a professional with experience licensed by the government can be wrong and an idiot like you can be right!"

My grandma did not object. I told her that her son was rude and that the problems I was having were because of abuse by the school and that my parents made me have problems by yelling at me all the time and putting me down like they always do. But she decided to be better off by playing it safe and having my father and mother act as conservators.

While all the kids at school who picked on me moved out of Appleton or stayed behind to work if they had any if they were lucky, I was forced to stay at home and let the doctors and the government take care of me. I learned the hard way that the government is backward and messed up as well as confused, unkind, racist, fascist and mean. i wanted to move someplace nice where they had jobs like oregon or maybe move to Chicago. I wanted to go to college but they told me no no no. you can't. You're too stupid. You wont make it ever in the world you need treatment!

I stayed at home most of the time. I was enrolled in Voc Rehab, the food stamp program, and enrolled in SSI. I didn't want it. It was forced on me. I guess it was after our second meeting with our case worker who was not very nice that I became a conservative. I hated Wisconsin, I hated the government and I hated SSI and all these stupid programs that did absolutely nothing for me. I had some money with me from lunch at school I saved just in case. I radid my stash and bought a greyhound ticket out west. I wanted to Go to either Oklahoma or Texas where they had lots of jobs and no big stupid government full of failing programs.

After email inquiries and n searching for a homeless shelter I decided to go to Tulsa. I would enroll in a Christian transitional home that would help me get a job and learn to be independent. After 3 months of failure under socialism I left Wisconsin for the first time in my life. Our bus schedule strange though. The schedule was set up so I'd go through Omaha and Denver. The clerk told me that routes through missouri were full. I thought it might throw my abusive family off my trail and I could make it to Tulsa in no time. I was wrong. At Chicago, i told my mom by pay phone I was fed up with her abuse and all the problems she gave me. for the first time in a long time i was off the terrible meds, i was away from abuse and as I drove through the mid-west I was at last at peace.

But I was wrong. One of my uncles saw me walk into the greyhound station. He tried to stop me but when the bus left  it was too late. He and my mom and dad along with a cop were able to get the clerk to tell me info about where I was going. Mom called the police in Denver and told them I was suicidal and on the way. When I got to Denver The police checked the bus and told us all to hand over our tickets and reciepts for tickets. When I gave them mine they told me to come with them. I knew right then what had happened. They told me my parents were worried about me. (no they weren't they never have been. they're just worried I'll be a success and prove socialism is wrong.) I told them how my parents abused me but they didn't believe me. they handcuffed me and took me to the nearest psychiatric ward to be evaluated. 

I found out then that my Mother had applied for an emergency guardianship with my parents, several uncles and the state as guardian. the guardianship became a plenial guardianship for asperger's syndrome. They also added I found out later that I was labled a danger to self and society and an incompitent. They also said I was introverted, failed to thrive and incapable of caring for myself. They compared me to a potted plant.

Because i was under guardianship i had no choice. i was forcibly extradited back to Wisconsin. When I arrived at the airport my parents hugged me then told me they missed me. Liars. They just glad I didn't get a job and become independent. I was then taken home where my case worker Heidi waited for me and grilled me about why I wanted to go to tulsa and where I got the money for such a "grandoise adventure" to nowhere." I told her I went there because one of the few friends I had at school lived there and refered me to a transitional housing ministry that could help me out. Tulsa also had lots of jobs in all sectors unlike Wisconsin which had a bad economy and was mean.

But Heidi rebuked me telling me that i was missing my big picture and that it is "for my own good" that I stay in Appleton wisconsin whether or not there were no jobs. She said I would benefit from programs. But I never did. They promised that in a year I would be given my own place a job maybe etc. Well they didn't promise a job. In fact Heidi believed that I was too stupid to work and that since I was eligible to recieve SSI that meant I didn't need one.

The meds made me sick. I became overweight and would often be sick and weak and tired. So no wonder I can't work. I only felt good when I was off the meds but my parents did not care. They said it was good that I was fat and tired.

Also I was forced to live in an apartment for retards. They call it residential care. I am the only one there who has any semblance of normalcy. I would be normal if I weren't on programs and druggeed up.

I couldn't find work anywhere in Appleton or in Green Bay. From the time I graduated till now I had only worked at one job. Labor ready. That was only because i had run away again and found myself in new york. I ran away again Last October and was in Portland Oregon. I didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving. All I had to eat was two double cheeseburgers. I worked at labor ready for awhile before being found arrested and sent back to Appleton.

I now live in the apartment for retards again. I have no friends, no job no money, my SSI check goes to my mom who is my payee and conservator and guardian. I only get $10 a week in allowence. This one retard down the hall gets $50 a month. Mom says she doesn't trust me with money becuase she says Im so stupid.

As of writing this letter on December 5th 2015 I am still a ward of Wisconsin and the unions who are lazy and don't care. Scott Walker and a few sympathetic people helped me get my guardianship limited. But I still am under the leash of the government.

I learned alot from my experiences. I am not longer a liberal I am a conservative.

I learned that the government benefits more when people are unemployed and homeless because then the taxes can go up and they get paid for the more unemployed and poor there are.

I also learned that poor people are more subserviant to the big government. They depend on it for substinence. Very little I should add. I don't I hate it here. I don't have any money or anything and I will hate the government even more because of how I am treated.

My family makes fun of me and doesn't really care about me at all. They all say that its my fault that i am a victim of bullying and that I can't find work. They blame me for the failure of socialism.

I don't know what I am to do. I need to get off of guardianship and get off these meds.

Herbert Bowler continues to live in Appleton Wisconsin in a residential care home for the disabled. He is in the process of coming off his guaridanship so he can get detoxified from meds and be able to work at job and leave wisconsin. Please pray for herbert and others like him.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Islam supports murdering the disabled

Sorry been away awhile but you know how it is with the holidays and what not.

Today I want to share with you a sickening revelation. It concerns muslims murdering the sick and the weak. And in particular they are murdering people with disabilities. The liberal media have neglected to report attrocities commited by Muslims, all of whom are terrorists and enemies of America and the west but with epidemic murders of the disabled and the weak occurring in the Mid-east and even here the left can no longer ignore it and act like Islam is a peaceful religion.

Even the press in Europe which makes our own liberal media look like Fox is unable to ignore it as it is with This report from the UK concerning Muslims killing kids with Down syndrome.

Get this, under Sharia law in the mid-east has ruled that people with down syndrome are to be killed. Isis activist group mosul Eye has issued a fatwa, an Islamic decree that newborn babies with Down's Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children". the cleric who issued it was Abu Said Aljazwari.

Nazi Germany made similar actions killing those it deemed a burden on the state. Nazi which is an acronym for national socialism was supported by liberals during the 30s and is supported today by the majority of muslims and liberals. Whether or not they want to admit it.

Down syndrome isn't the only disorder that can get your head cut off in Islam. Children with disabilities ranging from Muscular dystrophy, spinal bifidah, Autism, borderline intelligence, learning disabled, ETC are all targets.

Even liberals can't ignore it as witnessed by this article by the leftwing New York daily news. which shows videos of children with disabilities being slaughtered for allah and his pedophile murdering prophet Mohammed. Still the NYdaily calls it an "alleged" killing. Downplaying the destructivness of the Muslim faith. NYdaily news has always been apologetic of Muslim filth and other left wing traitors. No surprise.

Despite this the loft still defends Islam. Despite its support for oppresing women's lib, killing gays and opposing multi-culturalism (except when it favors them) The left can always be counted on to defend the enemies of freedom and America.

Donald Trump who we here support after Ted Cruz has rightfully called for keeping Islam out of America. no more Muslim immigration and keep Muslims in America under watch. For this the left has targeted him without mercy. Donald trump has been smeared as a racist, a bigot and every other ist the liberal morons in the press can think of.

Perhaps the left hasn't changed all that much since the days they opposed our intervening against Hitler after all. The left supports abortion and eugenics and always have so now they have another reason to support the Satanic hate cult of Islam.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

responses and new revelations added to Chi-raq movie review

Last week as you know I did a movie review on Chi-raq by Spike Lee. It really in truth was not a movie review it was really a political review of the movie's underlying themes. The theme that Chicago's crime problem is not really the fault of urban hip-hop culture and gun control or that you have men having sex with random women including having unwanted children who grow up without male role models and become criminals or the lack of morality. Neither any mention of black nationalism or welfare and laziness.

Instead the movie blames Chicago's crime problems on guns and white people mainly southern whites. One of my employees went to see it with his son mainly because his son was doing a school report on Lysistrada which the movie is loosely based on and also to show his son what happens to people who don't finish school and expect the government to take care of them. A commentator who is a black conservative made a similar comment on the article that he showed his children what happens when they embrace the liberal worldview.

What was most interesting is the emails and comments I received. I couldn't publish all of them because they were filled with racial slurs and swearing. Also many of them didn't get that i was only doing a political review not a real movie review. I didn't see the movie and it hadn't come out yet but looking at the trailer and reading summaries of the movie you could already get a sense of what it was about and what agenda it was pushing.

And now that people I know have seen it and reported it to me I can see that not only was I pretty accurate, I missed a few details. Many thanks BTW to people for sharing the message.

I have no intention of seeing this trite. I will not spend any of my money to promote Spike Lee's communist agendas and I would rather save my money on the star wars film instead.

An excellent movie review of Chi-raq can be found on which you can read clicking here and I loved it. The content of the movie is laid out and I want to paste it here so have a look...

Very strong Romantic, politically correct, pro gun control, Anti-Southern, anti-police, and even anti-white worldview overall with some solid, overt Christian and moral pro-faith elements/arguments (including a positive clergyman figure plays a large role in his community, extensive funeral scene takes place in a church, two scenes include gospel songs, multiple references to God and Jesus, Satan is referenced, prayer is mentioned in multiple scenes, a woman prominently wears a cross necklace, Heaven is mentioned, and there’s a plea to confess one’s sins and surrender to authorities), but some very strong pagan, immoral behavior includes some Christian, biblical morals/values are ignored in favor of immorality, a couple scenes contain brief homosexual innuendo including a woman calls herself a “dyke,” the Black Lives Matter movement takes a prominent role and certain groups of the population (whites, southerners, conservatives, politicians) are stereotyped as being politically incorrect or racist in multiple scenes, law enforcement and government are accused of exercising a “legal form of lynching” in their treatment of black people, government is demonized as not caring about “thugs,” a black conservative is accused of being a “Ben Carson sellout”, Americans who are pro-gun are demonized as warmongers, southerners are accused of having “evil in their blood,” the Red White and Blue insurance company is accused of greedily taking advantage of the high death rate on the south side of Chicago, final scene promotes gun confiscation/surrender to the government, several scenes involve anti-police rhetoric, private corporations sign a treaty with the “hood” to “guarantee” jobs to unemployed people regardless of merit in an effort to stop gun violence; at least 120 obscenities and profanities, multiple slang terms used on numerous occasions for male and female genitalia, multiple offensive slang terms used for women on numerous occasions, a slang term is used for a woman’s breasts, the term “pissing” is used; two rap songs include descriptions of shootings and death, gunshots are used as sound effects in multiple scenes and rap songs, one scene has a man shooting guns at the camera, multiple people are shot at a rap concert, the aftermath of a drive-by shooting is depicted, a dead girl is shown covered by a blood-stained sheet, a house is set on fire followed by an exchange of gunfire between gang leaders, a mother cleans a pool of her daughter’s blood off the street, two men are slapped in the face, gunshots are heard outside a home, several scenes depict gunfights; very strong sexual content includes several scenes depicting graphic fornication, multiple scenes describe or use innuendo to describe a male’s aroused state, sex sound effects are used in several scenes, a man gropes a woman’s breast, one scene takes place in a strip club where strippers are not present but discussed, a mob of women wear chastity belts, women graphically discuss refusing men sex in multiple scenes, a boy walks on his mother having sexual relations, one scene involves voyeurism as hundreds of people watch a couple fornicate, the entire plot revolves around sex, and almost every scene discusses or depicts it in some way, a woman seducing a man gets him to strip to his underwear and imitate sexual acts, sexual immorality between unmarried couples is widely promoted and accepted within the community, men whose girlfriends or wives refuse them sex have no problem turning to another woman to satisfy their desires; nude couples engaged in sex but with their lower genitalia hidden by camera angles in a couple of scenes, upper male nudity in several scenes wearing underwear only, rear male nudity in several scenes; alcohol use; multiple scenes depict cigarette smoking and drug use, multiple scenes mention illegal drug sales; and, men talk about women as their inferiors and having their place as sexual pleasers, men allow their ego to fuel violence, people in the community refuse to come forward as witnesses to murders, and there’s a false, idealistic, somewhat superficial view of love as the only real security and answer to violence.

 I really loved that part where Spike lee calls black people who don't want to give up their rights and their guns to the government as Ben Carson sellouts. It makes me regret that our first black president was not Alan keyes or Herman Cain. It would've made these black leftists heads explode.

But Ted Baehr goes on and just exposes even more the hatred of whites and the leftist propaganda including marxism and the black lives movement that attacks America and attacks constitutional freedom that is keeping blacks from being in a worse condition like slavery.

CHI-RAQ the movie is way too long and there are too many scenes that act purely as vehicles for characters to spout off soliloquies full of leftist political propaganda – something for which the movie’s swarm of A-list stars gladly lend their talents. The story also lacks cohesion and skips around from one event to the next without much exposition in between these events. 

Perhaps even worse, the radical, hateful, anti-cop Black Lives Matter agenda permeates this movie, calling out the militarization of police forces and the mistreatment of blacks in low-income communities. Even so, at least the movie recognizes the problem of black-on-black violence is recognized and dealt with, instead of Spike Lee trying to blame it all on other segments of the society.

However, Lee’s movie has no shortage of racism against whites, particularly southern whites, who were stereotypically demonized as confederate flag, gun-loving, racist warmongers. There is also a very strong gun control agenda at play, with the blame being laid on the guns themselves rather than the evil criminals the guns. 

of course the fact that our police force is communist and militarized is a problematic factor. Police brutality towards blacks gives black criminals like those in this trite film an excuse to go on rampages and murder innocent people like with the killing of two innocent policemen in the wake of Eric Garner's death.

And what left wing anti-american film based in Chicago Would be incomplete without Father Mike Pfleger, Catholic priest and communist who works with Jeremiah Wright and runs St Sabina church in Chicago which is also in the movie! Father Pfleger despite his heretical communism is not excommunicated by the church. He has called for violence against 2nd amendment supporters and against gun dealers merely for practicing the 2nd and 1st amendment enshrined in the bill of rights. The same bill I might add that abolished slavery.

Father Pfleger in fact wrote the sermon used during the funeral of an 11 year old girl named Patti who was killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting. here it is....

I am going to speak about a life today. An important life in our community. A life that ends life. The life of a gun.

This handgun was born in a factory in Springfield, Massachusetts in April of this year.

This gun began its professional career when it was purchased by “Big Tony” from Chicago at a Indiana Gun Show using a fake Indiana ID.

A Chicago gang bought the gun and many firearms for "Big Money" for their work in the underground economy.

The underground economy exists because banks and lending institutions rarely loan money to poor people. When asked to loan money to the poor they say, "No! No! No! No! No! Sorry but no loan."

Thus, drugs are the currency of the underground economy. Individual sales are strictly cash and carry, requiring guns for protection and retaliation. The gun found purpose. Drug houses with animated money signs popping up around them. Drug houses are banks. Why do you rob drug houses? Because that's where the loot is.

Suburban and wealthy customers, the children of the lenders and bank officials purchase narcotics.

They are not subject to police scrutiny like poor people are because these people are not “thugs.” They instead need rehab.

However, their children admire the thug outlaw culture but do so from the safety of their suburban neighborhoods. No, this gun wouldn’t get caught dead there!

No, this gun found work at the only place hiring in the hood!

This gun is the principal player in a reality TV urban murder show, which can be seen at 5 and 10 PM every night, Eyewitness 7 News.

That’s when this gun met our child Patty. No, things don't look good. Our Patty is gone. Politicians are in the pocket of the NRA. The economy has abandoned the poor. Gang members are more concerned with ego, street cred and greed than human life. A code of silence keeps us paralyzed. Violence reigns. No, things don't look good. Patty's become part of America's wardrobe where it's easier to get a gun than a computer. Sirens and gunshots are our soundtrack.

Yellow police tape, teddy bears, and balloons are the National Memorial of our neighborhoods. But this is not new. It hasn't looked good for a long time. It didn't look good in a Birmingham church when four little girls were blown to death. It didn't look good when Medgar was dying in his driveway. It didn't look good when Malcolm was shot down onstage. It didn't look good when Martin Luther King stood on the balcony outside Room 306 and at 6:03 was taken from us. No, it doesn't look good, not when Patty was lost on a busy street, with folks going to work and school, with cars passing by. How is it possible that no witnesses have come forward? What makes you a target is not the shooter, but rather the community that surrenders to fear and becomes silent!  

It doesn't look good when we here at St. Sabina must put out a $5,000 bounty for information leading to the arrest of Patty's murderer or any murderer! And those that shoot our children down go back home and watch SportsCenter then eat a Whopper and fries and act like nuthin' happened—no it DOESN’T LOOK GOOD! With things looking like they do, looking so bad—seems like our enemies are just too strong, the obstacles just too large, looks like the Pharaohs will keep us in Bondage Forever!

But Brothers and Sisters, I've come here to tell ya'll today that early one mornin', 2000 years ago, Jesus got up from the grave and shouted to you and me and all humanity, IT AIN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I've come here to tell the devil and all his two legged helpers—it ain’t what it looks like! We will not allow this self-inflicted genocide to continue. You cannot murder our children! Patty will have justice! I know it looks bad, but it ain't over, Jesus rose up from the grave and because he did. Hope wins! Justice wins! Peace wins! Goodness wins! Righteousness wins! Love wins! Love wins! Love wins!

Actually father, slavery wins. I guess you don't recall that guns were banned in Ireland when the English occupied it and murdered Catholics or in the Soviet Union were preists like you including leftists were shot by Stalin. Note that he wants to "take out" those who practice the 2nd amendment. 

The bolded comment above was by a commentator that showed it to me. Thank you BTW. whoever gave it to me. The sermon sets the tone for the movie. The IRA banking is at fault, money lenders and capitalists are at fault and most of all its all the fault of the NRA, not thugs, not hip-hop urban culture. Never the fault of the lack of morals.

Also note the sermon contained information about the gun. The gun used in the murder was illegal just like every gun in Chicago that was used in a gang shooting in real life and in the movie! The gun was illegally purchased at an Indiana gun show using a fake Indiana State ID! It was then sold by some Italian Mobster to the gangs for drugs and money. This is typical in real life Chicago.

As for the underground economy, No Father Pfleger it doesn't exist because money lenders don't want to risk their money on uneducated liberals in the hood, nor because of racism. Underground economy like the one you described exist because a demand for certain goods the government has deemed illegal exists. Socialism will not make it go away.

The bottom line is that even in One of Spike Lee's anti-american marxist flicks, gun control fails. This gun was illegally purchased. Big Tony violated umteen gun laws state local and federal to get the gun used. It didn't stop the murder. But Father Pfleger and the moronic marxists that produced this stupid movie wont get it! They still blame guns they still blame the NRA!

What's interesting also is that St Sabina puts out a $5000 reward for information leading to the murderer's arrest. This is commonplace because the police in Chicago are cowardly and lazy and don't care what happens to black victims. its commonplace in the majority of cities regardless of size. Policemen would rather get paid our taxes then seize our guns, harass us, torture us, hassle us, violate the constititon then go eat Dunkin Donuts like nothing happened!

The fact that the police are largely to blame is probably the only accurate thing said in the movie. One other thing of note is the stop snitching phenomena that is being permeated in black neighborhoods and pop culture. Its not just that they are afraid of retaliation for informing on the killers of children its because its unpopular. Popular culture says shut up be quiet and let the criminals run free.

As for the remarks about economics the reason these people cannot get loans for business is because of the high risk involved. First of all people in South Chicago are largely uneducated and know nothing about running a business. Second of all because South Chicago is dangerous the business will more than likely go under or be wiped out by the gangs.

These money lenders and bankers cannot simply make bad loans and not expect repayment. It doesn't work that way. In fact the reason we had the great recession was because of these kinds of loans. Under the CRA, the community reinvestment act passed by President Clinton in 1996, bankers were forced to give loans out to these urban street dwellers who were mostly uneducated and immoral. Food stamps and welfare were used as a surety these people spent their loans wasted them on homes and business they didn't know how to maintain and they lost out on these toxic loan that couldn't be repaid.

If you are an educated man or woman and live in South Chicago and want to start a business here's some advice for you from another businessman.

first, get out of Chicago in fact get out of Illinois! You can't make it when the state soaks you and squeezes you! Go to Iowa or Nebraksa or Kansas. Or better yet Oklahoma or Texas

second make sure you have a good education! go to college or trade school!

third don't go to neighborhoods full of crime

I'm just scratching the surface but you get the idea. MOVE! Let Chicago wallow in welfare and crime. Let the moral and decent live elsewhere.


And now here are some responses. About 2/3 of them are negative which shows how good I did. Nothing but the usual liberal banter. I am this, I am that, racist sexist wha! Wha! The rest were friendly criticisms and positive. I could not post all the comments because they were filled with foul language. Here are two bad email.

Here's our first one.

White man you F**king stupid! You sit in your mansion in New Hampshire eating cavyar while N****ers like me have to work 9 to 5 and eat fak food at a mission! You aint ever lived in the hood! You don't know what its like! I went to bad school I didn't have a choice! I couldn't  lern anything from these here devils! You devils all privilaged sending you kids to private school you get to do what you want while I gotta work and I gotta watch out for getting shot in the hed or having polise harass and frisk me! You insulatid you safe you dont know what it be like! You ever come down to North Philly i blow you up white boy stay in your mansion in your posh rich gated community!

Here's the second one
You are so stupid! You don't do a movie review unless the movie comes out first! i work as a case manager for people in Chicago who are poor! These people don't choose to become criminals they have to! Its the only way they can survive and we got too many of these problems! You are so F**king ignorant and how dare you call people like me lazy and traitors when you're the ones making this problem happen by supporting guns. We need to murder all you racists and gun owners and give your money to the poor! F***king rich a** punk! Were trying to help them and all you do is do this S**t blaming the victims and blaming the community and blaming Spike Lee. Spike lee is right! Its all because of white southerners and gun owners and the NRA!

 WHA! WHA! WHA! No mention of abuse by government, high taxes and regulations not a mention of corruption in Illinois and Chicago. All it is is blame the white man, blame the rich blame the NRA and blame the gun owners. The second one is your typical government emplioyee, lazy entitled communist and bloodthirsty. If ever there was a reason to eliminate unions this is it.

All in all the movie not worth seeing, it is way too long. Also, a ton of A-list stars appear to throw their weight behind the movie’s politically correct agenda mocking Southerners, attacking the NRA and supporting gun control, among other things. To top it off it is also abhorrently full of graphic lewd content, violence and foul language. If you want to see a movie this month, see Star Wars.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Mainestategop and the New England Alliance supports Ted Cruz for President

Its official ladies and gentlemen! you've been pestering me about this for sometime, who do we support for president? We'd love to have a real American like Ron Paul or his son Rand Paul as president but unfortunately too many American's want the government in their lives in some way. That includes republicans. But we've decided that Ted Cruz comes close enough to standing for the values of freedom and liberty over the values of Socialism and tyranny as favored by leftist Gop'ers such as Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush.

Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for liberty and Free markets officially casts its support for Ted Cruz as president. Ted Cruz supports free markets, civil liberties, military spending, an accountable government, a free economy and a free nation. Ted Cruz also stands for Christian faith and Christian values. He will do more than any other to safeguard our founding values and our founder's original intent.

So congratulations and good luck Ted Cruz! America and our children and children's children depend on you! Thank you Ted Cruz! We are rooting for you!


 so what about Donald Trump? Make no mistake he has a special place in our heart. We salute his courage for standing up to the liberals and the Muslims. The Donald is the only candidate who is speaking out against Islam and calling it out as the source of America's problems. The left has launched an attack on trump yet the more he has been attacked the more popular he has become to the American people! Trump is way ahead in the polls showing that Americans are fed up with the government failing and with the left wing lying over and over again. Americans want change and they want real change not the lousy spare change that Obama and the left give away. 

But here's the thing... all this talk and rhetoric is nothing but talk and rhetoric. Actions speak louder than words. Donald Trump says he'll take the war to Muslims and stop the government from ruining lives by curtailing liberties and that he'll stop the government from squeezing us with taxes. We are told that we need a businessman who knows how to work miracles at the economy. 
But the problem is that America is a republic not a Democracy AND NOT A BUSINESS! The problems of America cannot be solved the way you fix a business. This coming from a businessman myself! America needs a free market and a free nation. Personal liberties and economic liberties run parralell to each other. We cannot run America like a business it doesn't work that way. Obama is the one doing that even better than ever. Proof that government has failed. Again.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump has no experience. America does not need another 4 years of failure and empty rhetoric. America does not need 8 years of a president who will compromise, grow government and then deny Christ after claiming he is Christian. America does not need a president who will talk about freedom economic and personal, the need for it and then turn around and work with Democrats and left wing GOPers to undermine it. 

if Donald trump is elected he will have 4 years on the hot seat. What will happen in those 4 years? we don't know.  Donald Trump might do as he says he will or he will waste those 4 years away while america continues to suffer. One only needs look on my blog's archive to see how bad people have had it thanks to government and the left. America now than ever needs a doer not a sayer. America needs a real American. trump says but will he do is a question.

Ted Cruz on the other hand has experience. He has shown himself trustworthy. Compared to every other candidate in the GOP, Ted Cruz comes out on top.

So when all is said and done Ted Cruz comes out on top of trump and Carson. Trump can run for VP if he likes and if Cruz wants him he can have him but more than ever we need a real American as president.

Приветствую наших российских друзей и зрителей.

Приветствую наших российских друзей и зрителей. Меня зовут Брайан Болл, я живу в Нью-Гемпшире Портсмут в Соединенных Штатах Америки. Я родом из Бангор штата Мэн. Я начал этот блог в ответ на коррупции и зла в Америке и в нашем правительстве. Вы, несомненно, знакомы с нашими проблемами. Владимир Путин и ваши местные средства массовой информации имеют, я уверен, сказал вам о нашем бедственном положении и растущей коррупции в нашем правительстве и в нашей стране. Америка осажден безбожной власти, гомосексуализм, отрицание Бога, ненависть Христа и Его церкви и оставлять морали и ортодоксальности. Многие из моих друзей и зрителей на искать в Россию в качестве маяка света и морали. нелеп, так как не так давно мы были в ссоре из-за отказа России от Бога и Его Церкви и растущей Theat из impieral коммунистической тирании со стороны Москвы. Теперь это полная противоположность Я боюсь, Америка в настоящее время становится хулиганом, тиран, империалистическая, то безбожник атеист ненавидеть все, что хорошо. Мой блог является одним из многих в Америке подвергая недостатки коммунизма и недостатки в зависимости от правительства. Мы также разоблачить ложь культов и ложных религий, как ислам и коррупции и зла. Я надеюсь, что вы, мои российские commrades прочитать наш веб-сайт и переварить его содержание, так Россия станет маяком света и свободы Америка должна поддаваться рака безбожной марксизма и декадентской распущенности. По крайней мере, я надеюсь, вы не повторить историю! Hopefuly вам понравится и воспользоваться ею. Пусть Бог благословит Россию и ее народы и может Америка быть благословением для всех могучего Бога еще раз.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More liberal bias and lies in wake of SB tragedy

Again the lefti wing media continues to deceive the American people over what happened in San Bernardino last week. They claim that Islam had nothing to do with the shooting (which it did) but they are using this more than ever to cry out for gun control. The arguement is that America has the highest crime rate in America, that gun homocides are higher than in Western Europe which is socialist and allegedly has lower crime.

This is not the case. Crime in Europe particularly in The UK is higher than the US.

there’s been some very hot debate over whether gun-free UK is more or less violent than the United States. But overall, UK follows the same pattern as the rest of Europe. The UK has roughly 3 times as many crimes per 1,000 people as the USA, but has 1/4th the number of murders per 1,000 people. This is not meaningfully different from other European countries with vastly different gun regimes. France, has almost twice as much total crime per 1,000 but about 1/4th the murders per 1,000. Sweden, as mentioned above, has 1/4th the number of murders per 1,000 people, but has over 3 times the number of total crimes per 1,000. The crime rates in these countries are caused by unarmed civilians coupled with high poverty from starving people starving under socialism who commit robbery to survive. But most of all it is Islamic immigration that is fueling crime in these countries.

The United States liberal tout, often has far, far more gross crime. For instance, the United States has, on average, 143 times more homicides a year than Sweden.  However, when viewed in terms of rate, which is to say, crime per 1,000 persons, then iwe find that crime in Europe is 3 to 5 times greater!

Overall, the trade off (statistically speaking) works out to between 20-30 murders per million for between 10,000 and 80,000 total crimes per thousand. So we see that America is not that special other than that we have lower property and non gun related crimes than Europe.

But the lame stream media doesn't want you to know that. On CNN nazi liberal news Wolf Blitzer allowed Fareed Zakaria the oppertunity to lash out and blame america, tearing his country apart and blaming America and guns not Islam and gun control as the real cause:

Look, for some of this, for this particular case, there is a terrorism angle that you’ve been exploring, but in general the stories of gun violence really do startle, alarm, um, the rest of the world in a way that’s difficult to completely explain. It’s more than anything else – the rest of the world looks at this as the one element of America that they find truly baffling. Because, you know, there are other elements, the religious, the other industrialized countries, but that they understand because they used to be more religious themselves, there are other countries that are more religious. With guns, the United States is essentially alone in the world. There is no other country that has anything approaching the violence we do. The only country that comes close is Yemen, which is essentially a war zone. 

Fareed ignores that these war zones are primarily located in areas run by Democrats in places where guns are banned. The above mentioned statistics conflict with this view. NICE TRY!

But he still wont listen. He continues to promote the lie...

what they all have in common is the extraordinary ease with which people can obtain these extraordinarily destructive weapons. Weapons that you could fire hundreds of rounds, thousands of rounds of ammunition. That sets America apart. So people may have said, “Well, look at France, despite having tough gun control laws, it wasn’t able to avoid a terrorism attack. No, they did get, there was one terrorism attack that happened in Paris, but the levels of violence on any given month in any given year is 1/20th that of the United States.
...And if you ad it all up, European countries, roughly speaking, have 1/20th to 1/25th the amount of violence that we have.

Its just like Joseph Goebbels that great liberal socialist German once put it... If you tell a lie long enough... It becomes true. Yes folks, liberals are misinformed but perhaps they just want to believe the lies. I mean America is supposed to be a pariah the way you look at it from their angle all the time.

They still don't get it. perhaps they never will.

Liberals pushing agenda after San Bernardino shootings

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Anti-gun pro-Muslim Piers Morgan Devastated by Tweets

Washed up and Clueless lefty Piers Morgan has used the tragedy in San Bernardino to advocate that all citizens be armed and that Muslims be rigorously profiled by the government that they leave our guns alone so we can protect ourselves from Muslim fanatics eh... Yeah how long did it take for you to spot that one mmmmm?

Instead chalk up Piers Morgan as another useful idiot for ISIS along with President Barry Husein, Hillary Clinton and John McCain among others. As soon as the shooting was over and the dust settled, Piers Morgan wasted no time in joining other leftists in demanding EVEN MORE GUN CONTROL!!! while nitpicking at Donald Trump and others who recognize Islam as a threat and that it is Islam not random extremism that is the cause.

But online bloggers have struck back hard. Piers Morgan has been owned by amateurs and casual tweets who have fired back against his leftist ways. Here are just some of the best of what you missed...

Excellent! Carol Roth's tweet against Piers Morgan's communist epic failings was truly the most epic of all. Its time to elect some real leadership in America and its time for citizen journalists representing what the majority of Americans want to take over and strike hard against the left and its dinosaur media.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

In German hospitals Muslim refugees abuse staff and patients

Below is a letter (transcript provided by The Right Scoop) from a Czech doctor working in a German hospital. Her story is quite amazing and disgusting. It shows once more the nazism of Islam, the fact that Islam is anti-woman and is hostile towards unbelievers and the disabled.

In light of the barbaric murders in San Bernardino which were intended for the disabled and those working for them and in light of continued incursions by Muslims in the forms of Immigration and refugees from Syria, this article is very much appropriate...

And so I ask, where are all those greeters and receivers from the train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their non-profits and looking forward to more trains and their next batch of cash from acting like greeters at the stations. If it were up to me I would round up all these greeters and bring them here first to our hospital’s emergency ward, as attendants. Then, into one building with the migrants so they can look after them there themselves, without armed police, without police dogs who today are in every hospital here in Bavaria, and without medical help.


I believe I forgot to mention that this further shows the fascism of Liberalism. NOTE: It is forbidden by the German government to write about abuse my Muslims. All of whom are terrorists nazis and misogynists. Liberals are also nazis too. And Germany is still a fascist country. The press throughout Europe is suppresed.

america has a free press. America has Freedom of speech and is still not under the fascism of islam or the far left. Its not too late to fight back against Muslims and against their satanic false religion. we must especially do this in light of recent terror attacks such as those in Paris and san Bernardino.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

shooting in San Bernardino was by ISIS (islam murders disabled as proscribed by koran)

 The devastating shooting at San Bernardino California at a center for developmental disabilities was
carried out by ISIS operatives. Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, who was born in Chicago, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a shootout with police a few miles away more than four hours after the rampage.New reports now confirm that this is without a doubt an attack by ISIS. Police searching the couple's phone and computer found traces of interest in things involving ISIS. The couple also deleted info from their computer indicating that they wanted to conceal involvement with ISIS. This further proves without a doubt the ISIS connection.

One other hint of ISIS involvement is the message released from ISIS via twitter that praised the shooters as 3 lions with the hashtag #America Burning. "Three lions made us proud!" The post says. Another says: California streets are full with soldiers with heavy weapons. The Unites States is burning #America_Burning #Takbir” “God is great and he the one to be praised for that,” another supporter posted.

Yet how can one call this courageous and godly? The attack on a center that serves people with disabilities such as autism during a Christmas party with Santa in attendance? How can one call the killing of the disabled and those who they work with godly and courageous? There are no words to describe it.

All in all this could spell the beginning of the end of ISIS and hopefully the same for Islam. Islam is not a peaceful religion as many would have us believe it is a hate group. A satanic inspired hate group that hates the unbeliever and that hold great contempt for the disabled. Reports from human rights groups and refugees fleeing Iraq find that ISIS militants are targeting the disabled and murdering them.

This can also be found in the Hadith and quran in sura 2 verse 117 in the true arabic it says that those who have dumbness cannot believe. And since they are not able to believe what does the koran say to do to them? Kill them! Yes, kill the disabled and all unbelievers

Muslim (20:4645) – “…He (the Messenger of Allah) did that and said: There is another act which elevates the position of a man in Paradise to a grade one hundred (higher), and the elevation between one grade and the other is equal to the height of the heaven from the earth. He (Abu Sa’id) said: What is that act? He replied: Jihad in the way of Allah! Jihad in the way of Allah!”

Tabari 7:97 The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, “Kill any Jew who falls under your power.” Ashraf was a poet, killed by Muhammad’s men because he insulted Islam. Here, Muhammad widens the scope of his orders to kill. An innocent Jewish businessman was then slain by his Muslim partner, merely for being non-Muslim.

Ibn Ishaq: 992 – “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.

 Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

Quran (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

Quran (9:14) – “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace…”

 That doesn't sound like a religion of peace does it? certainly not. Its hateful and its dispicable. The quran and hadith justify the murder of non-muslims and the disabled. How can a religion be true if it supports killing the disabled and people who work for them?  How can the cause of ISIS be just if they would support an attack on centers that serve the disabled? How can one call the United States the great Satan and compare its people and Israel to nazis when it perpetrates satanic and nazi like crimes such as executing the disabled?

The attacks on San Bernardino and the senseless bloodbath directed at people with disabilities in the Middle East where ISIS occupies is further proof that Islam is a satanic death cult that has no place in America or anywhere in the world for that matter. We must think for ourselves whether Islam deserves any tolerance of any kind in the US. Whether or not Islam is a religion that is protected under the constitution.

And as for liberals look no further than the attempts to deny ISIS and Islamic involvement in the attacks. From the moment word of the shooting broke out, the liberal media began to blame white christian militants even claiming the masked assailants were 3 white men. How they can know for certain they were white men while they were masked and wearing full tactical body armor is a mystery. Then again maybe not. The liberal bias in the media is again made apparent showing no limits or restraints to slander whites and particularly Christians.

Blogs also show a dismal look. Claiming that only White Christians would hurt the disabled. As one jackass commented while trolling on a conservative forum, white Christians were the only ones who hate people on welfare like those with disabilities at the center. Newsflash liberals... Were against able bodied welfare recipients who can work but don't want to work. Theses scum steal from the truly needy. Better still though that loving Christian charities help instead of the failing useless government.

Obama and the government have also done nothing at all to address the true causes of the attack instead fingering the blame on guns. This has now become the banner of the leftists throughout america. Ban guns and the problems are solved. No mention of banning Islam which hates unbelievers and the disabled. No mentioned of the Quran's messages of intolerance towards the disabled and non-muslims. All Obama the Democrats and the media have done is focus on guns.

This would not be a problem in of itself if it weren't for RINO republicans joining in on at least regulating guns.

Look we can't solve this crisis if we just point to the means by which it is carried out. Blaming guns doesn't make sense. The shooting didn't happen just because there were guns. For the record 3 of 5 weapons used were illegally purchased so there goes the arguement that even more gun control will prevent a shooting. Guns were used but guns itself was not the reason. The reason is because the 3 suspects were muslims who were following the faith proscribed to them by the Quran from the false prophet mohammed. It was islam not guns.

this is the same language we saw after 9/11. president Bush didn't want to name muslims directly fearing backlash and pogroms would start and because many of his business partners in the oil industry were muslims too. But he did all of America a great diservice by not naming the real cause, Islam. You can't wage a war on terror because terrorism is a method. Neither can you wage war on guns. Guns are the tool. You need to wage war on the real cause that is the real originator that is Islam.

This attack in San Bernardino plus the attacks on Paris are only the beginning. America and Europe must wake up to the threat Islam poses to the west and to the world at large. Islam is evil, murderous and barbaric. It is cruel to women and the disabled and it is intolerant and violent toward unbelievers. Until we recognize Islam as the enemy, not its methods we will suffer more attacks.