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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Anti-gun pro-Muslim Piers Morgan Devastated by Tweets

Washed up and Clueless lefty Piers Morgan has used the tragedy in San Bernardino to advocate that all citizens be armed and that Muslims be rigorously profiled by the government that they leave our guns alone so we can protect ourselves from Muslim fanatics eh... Yeah how long did it take for you to spot that one mmmmm?

Instead chalk up Piers Morgan as another useful idiot for ISIS along with President Barry Husein, Hillary Clinton and John McCain among others. As soon as the shooting was over and the dust settled, Piers Morgan wasted no time in joining other leftists in demanding EVEN MORE GUN CONTROL!!! while nitpicking at Donald Trump and others who recognize Islam as a threat and that it is Islam not random extremism that is the cause.

But online bloggers have struck back hard. Piers Morgan has been owned by amateurs and casual tweets who have fired back against his leftist ways. Here are just some of the best of what you missed...

Excellent! Carol Roth's tweet against Piers Morgan's communist epic failings was truly the most epic of all. Its time to elect some real leadership in America and its time for citizen journalists representing what the majority of Americans want to take over and strike hard against the left and its dinosaur media.


Billysonsofliberty said...

Stick to judging pimplyfaced teenyboppers and other wanabes on talent shows Piers.

Anonymous said...

Idiot wanker. Even in england we hate his guts.

Anonymous said...

Pier's morgan like most liberals have never read a single page of the Koran. Most people who are so called Islamophobes are those of us who read the Quran cover to cover. I have read both the Quran and the bible twice. The Bible is a exortation of God's love and violence is only practiced as a last resort against very evil people like the Amelekites who were nazis. The quran is all about slay the unbelievers slay the infidel ETC.