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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

For SSI victims, no holiday cheer this year or any year

hey everyone i'm back I hope you all had a good holiday weekend I did and like Bob cratchet I was very merry that i haven't written on my blog for sometime. Well no problem because today I am going to start off things with a couple of articles about SSI and how the liberals have used it to plunder those they deem to be enemies of the people's socialist state or just to steal their money to keep the beast going I guess. All in all, its about enslavement and oppressing the masses. for those of you who don't know what I mean, look up SSI on my blog.

The holidays may have been kind to most of us but not all, not the poor and certainly not those on the government dole. Specifially it has been worst to those who are on SSI. The overwhelming majority of whome don't belong there at all but were forced on there by an abusve relative(s) or by the government.

The state does not really care about those it takes care of. The purpose of the state is to exploit the masses and squeeze as much it can from it and to control us. this is why liberals and others who support government hate wealth, hate jobs, hate freedom and hate prosperity. it goes against the grain of liberal communist values of total control under the state and under liberalism.

To aid in this endevour, they use a program like SSI. By forcing people to spend down their assets below $2000 to become eligible. They do this usually by creating a false diagnosis of a disability or mental disorder some of which are also fake. Asperger's syndrome and schizophrenia are the most common. The diagnosis is loose and based on assumptions and false witness testimony by either a government worker or an abusive relative.

The result is poverty and unemployment for the victim. employers can tell if a victim is on SSI through the Social security administration, the IRS or the E-verify system if they are getting ssi and thereby disqualify them from employment because they are deemed by the state to be mentally inferior and incompitent.

And why not? government is always right! so say the leftists nazis and marxists in our schools, state administration, peace groups, the ACLU and these other rackets tell us so so it must be true right?

The holidays can be hardly be pleasant for these poor victims at all as well. The government, having depleted them of their assets their savings, their well being lost along with whatever lifestyles they were accustomed they find themselves in poverty, homeless, deprived, even persecuted and alone. their crimes range from being disabled, being hated by abusive relatives, greedy government, opposing liberal laws and policies that are unjust or all the above or some of these reasons.

This holiday season, many who are on SSI do not get any holiday joy. This Christmas and many others there were no gifts or presents. there was little or nothing to eat but to liberals this is just fine. GOVERNMENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Everything is okay...

Things were not okay for Lewis Longland from Ashville North Carolina. Lewis had been bullied as a child because his maternal Grandfather was black. Being one quarter black in this, the most liberal city in North Carolina is unbearable. He had no friends growing up in high school. Despite that he went to college and got a degree but as his life was taking off his parents decided to intervene. His father, a liberal decided that the government should run his life for him. He believed it was best for him. The psychiatrist also a liberal bum decided he was mentally ill.

He had Asperger's syndrome meaning he was a retard and believed that his racial make up hindered his development. Because of the diagnosis he was branded mentally incompitent. His father became his guardian under an emergency order after his father lied to police and a judge. Lewis soon after was forced to quit his job where he made 30k annually was stripped of his assets which his father possesed. He was then forced to go on SSI.

The reason? His doctor said he was not fully human and that he was stupid and mentally ill with aspegers.

Lewis was placed in a group home but ran away hitchhiking till he eventually made it to Dallas Texas. There he stayed at a local mission and then a half way home run by independent baptists. Texas Mental Health were unable and even unwilling to remove his diagnosis and no one was able to help him get off SSI. He could not get a job neither because he was on SSI. This despite a flawless record and work history.

This Christmas Lewis spent his time in Jail for panhandling to try and afford a decent meal on christmas which was spent in lock up in the LA County jail. All he had for Xmas dinner was a biscuit and mashed potatoes. The government I guess really is caring huh liberals?

Lewis Now lives in Bakersfield California. He has been unemployed for 3 years. His payee abuses his money. Even though he gets $900 a year and his rent is $550, he only gets $30 a week for an allowance. He currently works in the Los Angeles area as a thief, a burglar and also when he is able to get enough money, as a professional gambler in Las Vegas and Commercial city.

Mark Howard of Baltimore Maryland had it even worse. As a teenager he was abused at school by students and teachers. His parents blamed him for it saying that he was doing something wrong. at 14 he was taken to a doctor who told him he was retarded with Asperger's syndrome and bipolar. He was given a controversial treatment called Lupron. the drug was supposed to stop his Asperger stupidity as they say and screw his head back on. It made him worse. worse still his growth was stunted and he developed seizures and other problems from the Lupron as well as the meds. Lupron also caused impotence. he cannot have children.

Mark also suffered brain damage. he was forced to drop out of high school at 17 and lived a hellish 3 years in youth shelters in Baltimore and Philly. it was there that he was almost raped by another man and suffered beatings and robberys frequently because of his short stature and weak physique. mark used his food stamp card to walk from Philadelphia to New york city. The walk took 5 days and Mark nearly died. At New York the government was not so helpful and friendly either. The government there made him sit in a homeless shelter where he was malnurished and persecuted by staff.

Mark's payee never gave him any money until after a year in suspense he was placed in a section 8 apartment in the Bronx. There Mark lives in fear. His family refuses to help him because "you're stupid! The government can help!" They then hang up on him. Mark does not own much. His apartment was broken into twice and on one occasion, a laptop PC he built himself from pawn shop parts was stolen. it took him a year to save for the parts.

mark's payee now only gives him $20 dollars a week. Not enough for anything. At Christmas Mark did not get any gifts from his relatives who call him a developmentally dumb piece of **** and an aspergers turd. Mark got one present, dental hygene kit which consisted of 3 toothbrushes, two tubes of toothpaste, two dental floss and a small bottle of listerine. For Christmas supper he only had a salami sandwich.

Edna Reeves from Aurora California had been homeless since she was 18. A victim of an abusive mother who used her to get SSI. At age 10 she was forced to go to a doctor and told the doctor that she was stupid and crazy. Her case worker advised her to do this so she could get free money from the government. The doctor decided she had bipolar and Asperger's syndrome. The reason is based on false testimony from her mother and because she was picked on at school for being overweight. Under the regiment of medication her weight soared and at the age of 15 was forced to get an emergency liposuction.

At 18 she quit school and became homeless on SSI. Her payee gave her nothing and Social security refused to help her get her money back from her mother who abused her. Even her lawyers were not very helpful. Binder and Binder agreed to take her case but they had to pocket 50% of what her payee and mother owed her. This is what happened. A new payee was also not helpful. Despite being eligible for $900 from California she only got $20 a month.

She has been homeless for 10 years. she was her own payee for 3 of those years but once again the government decided they knew better, took it from her and left her destitute again. it was only during the 3 years that she was her own payee from 2010-2013 that she enjoyed any prosperity. Thereafter it was back to being hungry and miserable.

This Christmas Edna stayed at a hotel room in a bad part of Portland Oregon where she lives. She had nothing but a bowl of soup and no presents. She still lives in Portland Oregon off only $30 a month.

The reverend Jonah Mkombo works in the city of New York as a missionary to poor people and has noticed that many victims of homelessness already receive government aid but the aid is restrictive or very small.

There is a lot of poverty in New york. a lot of these people get no aid even though they are able to get it. But there are also those who get it but it is not enough. People get very little. Payee abuses people all the time. the people get only little money they get little food the city doesn't care about them. the city pay millions for homeless services but services are terrible. The whole system is corrupt and terrible.

The city of New York like many other cities pays millions to homeless but most go to government workers. The little that is actually spent on the homeless pays for poor shelter, poor nurishment, and even poorer facitilites. there are not enough beds to house the growing homeless not enough showers not enough clothes. Yet liberals continue to bow down and worship the government.

for those of us the sharp fangs of communism have yet to bite into we had a good year this year. we had food and presents but unless we stand up and demand an end to government we cannot hope to succeed in ending poverty for our fellow americans.

To all the victims of government we wish you a better new year and end to government in this new year an end to socialism an end to welfare an end to ssi and the restoration of wealth and justice to those who had it taken by obama and the democrats.

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