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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Islam supports murdering the disabled

Sorry been away awhile but you know how it is with the holidays and what not.

Today I want to share with you a sickening revelation. It concerns muslims murdering the sick and the weak. And in particular they are murdering people with disabilities. The liberal media have neglected to report attrocities commited by Muslims, all of whom are terrorists and enemies of America and the west but with epidemic murders of the disabled and the weak occurring in the Mid-east and even here the left can no longer ignore it and act like Islam is a peaceful religion.

Even the press in Europe which makes our own liberal media look like Fox is unable to ignore it as it is with This report from the UK concerning Muslims killing kids with Down syndrome.

Get this, under Sharia law in the mid-east has ruled that people with down syndrome are to be killed. Isis activist group mosul Eye has issued a fatwa, an Islamic decree that newborn babies with Down's Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children". the cleric who issued it was Abu Said Aljazwari.

Nazi Germany made similar actions killing those it deemed a burden on the state. Nazi which is an acronym for national socialism was supported by liberals during the 30s and is supported today by the majority of muslims and liberals. Whether or not they want to admit it.

Down syndrome isn't the only disorder that can get your head cut off in Islam. Children with disabilities ranging from Muscular dystrophy, spinal bifidah, Autism, borderline intelligence, learning disabled, ETC are all targets.

Even liberals can't ignore it as witnessed by this article by the leftwing New York daily news. which shows videos of children with disabilities being slaughtered for allah and his pedophile murdering prophet Mohammed. Still the NYdaily calls it an "alleged" killing. Downplaying the destructivness of the Muslim faith. NYdaily news has always been apologetic of Muslim filth and other left wing traitors. No surprise.

Despite this the loft still defends Islam. Despite its support for oppresing women's lib, killing gays and opposing multi-culturalism (except when it favors them) The left can always be counted on to defend the enemies of freedom and America.

Donald Trump who we here support after Ted Cruz has rightfully called for keeping Islam out of America. no more Muslim immigration and keep Muslims in America under watch. For this the left has targeted him without mercy. Donald trump has been smeared as a racist, a bigot and every other ist the liberal morons in the press can think of.

Perhaps the left hasn't changed all that much since the days they opposed our intervening against Hitler after all. The left supports abortion and eugenics and always have so now they have another reason to support the Satanic hate cult of Islam.


Anonymous said...

Well that explains why liberals love this satanic false cult so much.

Trump2016 said...

i hope Israel wipes the bastards off the face of the earth!

Gordonbowler said...

That is biased and racist! I got muslim neighbors who fled Iraq during the first desert storm! their son fought in the marines against Saddam! He came back hero EVEN THOUGH he's a muslim!
I can use the damn bible for the same purpose! racist nutjob! Wow!

mainestategop said...

Yeah but ragheads killing the disabled isn't racist. So no problem there but you have a problem with someone like Herbert trying to improve their condition that they're forced in.

Gordon said...

Look... Why don't I just email you my side of the story if you think your so fair and balanced!

mainestategop said...

Alright then

Anonymous said...

As a case worker who works with disabled children from Muslim families, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!

Anonymous said...

Islamic State Issues Fatwa against Down syndrome children

This is satan's cult. No way is Islam the true religion! No way is Islam compatible with the human race!