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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More liberal bias and lies in wake of SB tragedy

Again the lefti wing media continues to deceive the American people over what happened in San Bernardino last week. They claim that Islam had nothing to do with the shooting (which it did) but they are using this more than ever to cry out for gun control. The arguement is that America has the highest crime rate in America, that gun homocides are higher than in Western Europe which is socialist and allegedly has lower crime.

This is not the case. Crime in Europe particularly in The UK is higher than the US.

there’s been some very hot debate over whether gun-free UK is more or less violent than the United States. But overall, UK follows the same pattern as the rest of Europe. The UK has roughly 3 times as many crimes per 1,000 people as the USA, but has 1/4th the number of murders per 1,000 people. This is not meaningfully different from other European countries with vastly different gun regimes. France, has almost twice as much total crime per 1,000 but about 1/4th the murders per 1,000. Sweden, as mentioned above, has 1/4th the number of murders per 1,000 people, but has over 3 times the number of total crimes per 1,000. The crime rates in these countries are caused by unarmed civilians coupled with high poverty from starving people starving under socialism who commit robbery to survive. But most of all it is Islamic immigration that is fueling crime in these countries.

The United States liberal tout, often has far, far more gross crime. For instance, the United States has, on average, 143 times more homicides a year than Sweden.  However, when viewed in terms of rate, which is to say, crime per 1,000 persons, then iwe find that crime in Europe is 3 to 5 times greater!

Overall, the trade off (statistically speaking) works out to between 20-30 murders per million for between 10,000 and 80,000 total crimes per thousand. So we see that America is not that special other than that we have lower property and non gun related crimes than Europe.

But the lame stream media doesn't want you to know that. On CNN nazi liberal news Wolf Blitzer allowed Fareed Zakaria the oppertunity to lash out and blame america, tearing his country apart and blaming America and guns not Islam and gun control as the real cause:

Look, for some of this, for this particular case, there is a terrorism angle that you’ve been exploring, but in general the stories of gun violence really do startle, alarm, um, the rest of the world in a way that’s difficult to completely explain. It’s more than anything else – the rest of the world looks at this as the one element of America that they find truly baffling. Because, you know, there are other elements, the religious, the other industrialized countries, but that they understand because they used to be more religious themselves, there are other countries that are more religious. With guns, the United States is essentially alone in the world. There is no other country that has anything approaching the violence we do. The only country that comes close is Yemen, which is essentially a war zone. 

Fareed ignores that these war zones are primarily located in areas run by Democrats in places where guns are banned. The above mentioned statistics conflict with this view. NICE TRY!

But he still wont listen. He continues to promote the lie...

what they all have in common is the extraordinary ease with which people can obtain these extraordinarily destructive weapons. Weapons that you could fire hundreds of rounds, thousands of rounds of ammunition. That sets America apart. So people may have said, “Well, look at France, despite having tough gun control laws, it wasn’t able to avoid a terrorism attack. No, they did get, there was one terrorism attack that happened in Paris, but the levels of violence on any given month in any given year is 1/20th that of the United States.
...And if you ad it all up, European countries, roughly speaking, have 1/20th to 1/25th the amount of violence that we have.

Its just like Joseph Goebbels that great liberal socialist German once put it... If you tell a lie long enough... It becomes true. Yes folks, liberals are misinformed but perhaps they just want to believe the lies. I mean America is supposed to be a pariah the way you look at it from their angle all the time.

They still don't get it. perhaps they never will.


Billysonsofliberty said...

So how do we even know what the media aez about crime is true? How do we know what the government says is true about crime? The only places in America that are really dangerous are the places that have gun control laws and welfare and have infestations of non-americans that have no education no morals and want a handout. Europeans say they are safe but when you look beyond gun homocides the truth is that there is higher violent crime in general than America! Every week in say Malmo or in Paris there's a riot by muslims and other filth. a lot of these places are full of drugs and poverty. Rural england makes Chicago and Detroit look like a picnic! The only difference is the hoodlums are white! But we believe that america is dangerous why? because some government worker said so? or because CNN or BBC said so?

Anonymous said...

I've travelled from LA to London. what a dump! Nothing but thugs and hoodlums and trashy streets. They were dirtier than LA. The only difference is instead of blacks and chicanos its whites. Oh and there were lots of muslims. Not to mention homeless bums and other street riffaff.

These thugs were just the most frightning people I ever met. They were begging and asking me for money, they harrassed my wife, they threatned to rob us and when we went out to the country they were even worse! WORSE! The first thing I saw when I entered a village was a bloody brawl between to pikeyes. They all reeked of alcohol. Everyone on the street had alcohol in their breath. this place was worse than LA. i don't even think Mexico was as bad. This is what america is gonna look like in 10 years if we don't clean up and throw the bums out of washington!

Kyle P said...

Joe Goebels was right. tell a lie long enough its then the truth. Global warming is real, gun control works, 2 + 2 = 7, the government is always right, Europe is safer than America, muslims are peaceful, its all bush's fault, 2 + 2 = 42 the govenrment is right the police are right there is no God, we don't need freedom and civil liberties, 2 + 2 = 2

Anonymous said...

Amazing... The stupidity spouted by the left is amazing... 14 years after 9/11 after war on terror, after attacks in Indonesia, India, London, spain, Bangladesh, Iraq. Israel, Syria Etc. Etc. after years of hatefilled rhetoric by Muslim clerics in London and America that would make Hitler and the KKK blush after years of Muslim crime, terror the liberals still don't get it!!!!! The liberals still continue to deny that Muslims are violent that Islam supports terrorism. They continue to blame America, say that were the intolerant ones were to blame! The Muslims are never blamed! They only blame America and Blame Israel!!

Anonymous said...

The actual crime rates in Europe are higher than in the US. particualarly in England and the Netherlands. You are more likely to be knifed to death in Britain than America, you are more likely to be mugged in Berlin than LA. You are more likely to be robbed or murdered in london than Miami. Its all fuzzy math by liberals. They're defending the criminals.

BTW, its not a crime unless its reported...

oldfartrantssucks said...

Leave it up to liberals to blame the victim.