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Monday, December 21, 2015

How immorality and perversion in Germany lead to Hitler's rise

Taken from Hitler the story never told. A documentary on how immorality evil drugs godlessness homosexuality and perversion in Germany during the roaring 20s and great depression allowed for Hitler to take over Germany and institute a socialist dictatorship.

In countries with poor economies, poor morals, a deteriorating family structure and unbelief, socialist and other evil governments are able to take over and thrive.

,p> America is on the path of Babylon just like Berlin in the 20s. The end road is tyranny! REPENT AMERICA! RETURN TO JESUS! RETURN TO TRADITIONAL VALUES!!

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Anonymous said...

The documentary was called Adolf Hitler, the Greatest story never told. It was about some of the positive things Hitler did for Germany despite the fact that he was a mass murderer. And it also pointed out that the allies were just as bad if not worse. Look, Stalin murdered far more people than Hitler did but we never hear about what he did. And while it acknowledges that the holocaust happened and was terrible it pointed out that Jews played a role in creating turmoil and economic uphevals as well as promoting the decadent and immoral perversions in Berlin during the 20s. MOst of those night clubs and sex clubs in Berlin were run by Jews BTW. I am not saying that to be an anti-semite. I know what Hitler did to them was wrong but the other side has to be told as well. There is always two sides to every story. Hitler was evil but he also rebuilt Germany and for awhile national socialism did work. It can work. It also worked under Franco too. He did far better than Hitler did. Hitler was not a christian we don't know if he was an atheist or agnostic like George Lincoln Rockwell was he was agnostic and not all the nazis were religious many of them resented the Catholic church because it was a foreign church taking German money and many people didn't like how the protestants and catholics were practicing hypocrisy much like they do in the USA. Hitler did close down a lot of religious places and he did outlaw homescholing which was bad and he encouraged women many of them teenagers to get pregnant out of wedlock to breed more aryans but Franco did it right. He encouraged religion and piety he also had a welfare state and he also did encourage teens to shack up but it was done under church supervision and the marriage sacrament. None the less you must admit that National socialism is when done right a good form of government better than the capitalism we have in America and elsewhere. Capitalism is founded on money. The love of money the bible says is the root of all evil. Hitler was bad but not as bad as Stalin and other people.