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Thursday, December 17, 2015

victim of socialism enslaved by the state of Wisconsin so taxpayers can get squeezed even more

Herbert Bowler of Appleton Wisconsin has always had a hard life. Growing up as a child, he was bullied and taunted by classmates and held in contempt by teachers and family members who saw him as mentally ill just because of his troubles. He thought that growing up there would be no more trouble. he was wrong.

His family restricted him and treated him like a child instead of an adult. He was not allowed to be independent. Prevented from working at a job and living independently in the community of his choice. He was forced to live in the dumpy filthy state of Wisconsin and the poor jobless left wing town of Appleton.

Herbert wrote of his struggles under the left, under liberal abusive relatives and under the thumb of left wing unions that kept him jobless homeless and destitute. Why? To get paid taxes by the taxpayers and live high and dry while doing nothing at all. Lazy workers know that by keeping the unemployed unemployed and unproductive they get more money. Herbert Bowler's story is becoming more and more common as liberal fascism grows in America.

Here now is an email from Herbert Bowler who is currently a ward of the state and his abusive parents who is branded mentally ill and disabled simply because he is unemployed and because he is against liberal fascism:

My name is Herbert Bowler, I am 26 years old and live in Appleton wisconsin. I live here against my will because my government and my parents do not want me to live anywhere and because they do not want me to be normal and happy.

My trouble I believe started when I was a teenager but its roots go to when i was a child. When I was a child started school everything started out alright. but when i was 10 years old some new kids from Green Bay and Madison moved in and began to start trouble for me. They began to bully me and spread false rumors about me. When I went to the teachers they ignored me and did nothing. Neither did my parents. My mother told me it was my fault and that I needed to learn to make friends. I was shocked!

Things got worse and worse and by the time I was in 9th grade it reached its peak. I was beaten and attacked everyday and harrased and taunted. My studies suffered. My mother and father and other relatives didn't care neither. They forced me to go to a psychiatrist and told me that I had to go because was probably retarded mentally ill. I told the doctor I was not crazy that the bullies were the stupid crazy. the doctor took notes and really I could tell he didn't give a damn about me. The first day he proscribed meds for me. i don't remember what they were only that they would make me woozy and cause me to be overweight because i couldn't control my eating because of them.

I didn't want to take the meds because I knew I was not mentally ill. the doctor told me I had to because I had anxiety from school. The anxiety I got from bullying not craziness but the doc said it would help. Anyway I was 15 and my mom was in control and made me take them. So did my dad. My mother threatened me with dad who in turn threatened to "force them down my throat if I didn't take them." My uncle Charles suggested that my parents take everything away from me and all my priviliges if I didn't cooperate and take the meds. My anxiety got worse and my health suffered but they still made me take them.

The doctor claimed that I had Asperger's syndrome and that I had ADHD & Bipolar disorder. Asperger's is a mental illness that you get because you are bullied. He told me that I failed to socialize with my peers but they were the ones who failed. He said that I had Asperger's because of the bullying and because I had restricted interests. Well I'm not good sports and video games and stuff like that were the only activities opened to me so yeah there you go. Basically i read that its also been grouped with mental retardation so I am mentally ill autistic and retarded just because I was bullied. Bipolar is another mental illness. I was told that was stupid with bipolar all because I argued a lot and because the doctor said I was fidgety. Well the reason is because my mom verbally abused me and called me names and I have right to defend myself against her arguements but the stupid doctor said nothing about that.

Well things reached its crescendo when I went on strike. It started when my backpack was broken into and my textbooks and homework stolen when I was 16. The teachers blamed me for it. They claimed I had lost it and that I would get an F if I didn't find them. I found them in the class room wastebasket torn up and damaged. I showed this to the teacher that someone clearly threw them out. The students all laughed at me as i held it up to the teacher. I worked very hard on it but the teacher said she didn't care and that because it was torn and damaged she could not take it. In front of everyone she flunked me. Everyone laughed and applauded! Because of this I would flunk for the term.

I told her "look! I did nothing wrong! It was stolen! I found it in the trash! Someone put it there! Lets find them!" She said no. she told me that if I did not be quiet I would be in trouble. I was in tears at this point and said "NO! I AM INNOCENT! MY WORK WAS STOLEN ITS NOT MY FAULT!" I was told to go to the principal's office. I left as everyone cheered and high fived. I went to the principal's office and told him what happened.

the vice principal took me into his office and told me that it was my fault that I was being tormented by students! he accused me of being a distraction to learning and that I made myself a target. How I asked? He said he didn't know. "So how do you know I am the distraction not the bullies?" he told me because I looked pecular and ugly. he said I was unseemly, in shambles and that my looks made me what I was. when i asked how it was my fault he said. i never said anything was your fault. What I am saying is that the way you dress and look the way you talk your weight etc. makes you a target. You should go to a special school so the kids here can learn without being distracted and encouraged  and so you can learn in a place of quiet and solitude"

At this time I was medicated, I was starving, I was angry and it all came to a head. i walked out and went to a pay phone in the cafeteria. I called the local news channel WISN and told them I was going to lock myself in a classroom and go on strike because they allowed people to bully me and flunk me locked myself into an empty class room and went on strike.

I took some paper and made a banner and waved it out the window and barricaded the door with desks and chairs. I began to shout out the window "strike for rights!" and other slogans. I said I would not leave until my teacher graded me fairly and the thief was found and punished. I also threatned to set the class room on fire but I didn't have any lighter or matches. I also said that I would no longer take my meds

The police and two teachers were able to break into the class room and i was arrested and taken to the hospital and placed in the psych ward. The good news is the teacher graded my papers and i got a C-. the bad news is that I now had a psychiatric record and I was made ward of the state. I was placed in a foster home in Green Bay and later went to live with an aunt and Uncle in Oshkosh.

My aunt and uncle were nicer to me than my parents and other relatives but they responded to me with sinnicism. They made me take my meds. One day when I refused they called the police and I was threatened with lock up in a mental hospital. also my uncle taunted me at times. After living with them for nearly a year I went back to live with my parents under new terrible restriction. The cupboards and fridge were padlocked and I was forbidden to eat without permission because the meds wouldn't let me control my meds.

Also my computer and Playstation was taken away from me and given to my younger brother. from now on I could only use either one for one hour a day and I had nothing else to do. I was also forced to get up early in the morning at 5am and go jogging with my father who would yell at me and taunt me if I fell behind or got short of breath. He once called me a fat lazy porker at the park for falling back and running short of breath. I told him the meds and the weight were in the way but it made him madder.

This went on for a year. I went to the state once and asked them to let me go back to the foster home but they did nothing about it. Even after threatening another strike which caused my mom to beat me and she threatned to have me locked up in the institution forever and ever with no career or adult life ever.

When I turned 18 my grandma gave me money as she had my two older brothers who left home when they turned 18 but I didn't get it. My mom took control of it as a conservator. I wanted to use the money to go to college out of state and get a good career as an electrician. My mother laughed at me and said she could not picture me as a student at college or university. I was according to my mom so crazy with Asperger's and too many disorders it wasn't funny but she pointed at me and laughed anyway. My father said that people with mental illness don't go to college because they're too crazy to get a job in the real world. When I told him I was not crazy and that the diagnosis was wrong he told me that i was in denial because Doctors are never wrong.

"are you a doctor? No? Then shut up. You're not a doctor. Part of your problem is you're so mentally ill you can't even see how mentally ill you are. You're not a licensed profesional and I fail to see how a professional with experience licensed by the government can be wrong and an idiot like you can be right!"

My grandma did not object. I told her that her son was rude and that the problems I was having were because of abuse by the school and that my parents made me have problems by yelling at me all the time and putting me down like they always do. But she decided to be better off by playing it safe and having my father and mother act as conservators.

While all the kids at school who picked on me moved out of Appleton or stayed behind to work if they had any if they were lucky, I was forced to stay at home and let the doctors and the government take care of me. I learned the hard way that the government is backward and messed up as well as confused, unkind, racist, fascist and mean. i wanted to move someplace nice where they had jobs like oregon or maybe move to Chicago. I wanted to go to college but they told me no no no. you can't. You're too stupid. You wont make it ever in the world you need treatment!

I stayed at home most of the time. I was enrolled in Voc Rehab, the food stamp program, and enrolled in SSI. I didn't want it. It was forced on me. I guess it was after our second meeting with our case worker who was not very nice that I became a conservative. I hated Wisconsin, I hated the government and I hated SSI and all these stupid programs that did absolutely nothing for me. I had some money with me from lunch at school I saved just in case. I radid my stash and bought a greyhound ticket out west. I wanted to Go to either Oklahoma or Texas where they had lots of jobs and no big stupid government full of failing programs.

After email inquiries and n searching for a homeless shelter I decided to go to Tulsa. I would enroll in a Christian transitional home that would help me get a job and learn to be independent. After 3 months of failure under socialism I left Wisconsin for the first time in my life. Our bus schedule strange though. The schedule was set up so I'd go through Omaha and Denver. The clerk told me that routes through missouri were full. I thought it might throw my abusive family off my trail and I could make it to Tulsa in no time. I was wrong. At Chicago, i told my mom by pay phone I was fed up with her abuse and all the problems she gave me. for the first time in a long time i was off the terrible meds, i was away from abuse and as I drove through the mid-west I was at last at peace.

But I was wrong. One of my uncles saw me walk into the greyhound station. He tried to stop me but when the bus left  it was too late. He and my mom and dad along with a cop were able to get the clerk to tell me info about where I was going. Mom called the police in Denver and told them I was suicidal and on the way. When I got to Denver The police checked the bus and told us all to hand over our tickets and reciepts for tickets. When I gave them mine they told me to come with them. I knew right then what had happened. They told me my parents were worried about me. (no they weren't they never have been. they're just worried I'll be a success and prove socialism is wrong.) I told them how my parents abused me but they didn't believe me. they handcuffed me and took me to the nearest psychiatric ward to be evaluated. 

I found out then that my Mother had applied for an emergency guardianship with my parents, several uncles and the state as guardian. the guardianship became a plenial guardianship for asperger's syndrome. They also added I found out later that I was labled a danger to self and society and an incompitent. They also said I was introverted, failed to thrive and incapable of caring for myself. They compared me to a potted plant.

Because i was under guardianship i had no choice. i was forcibly extradited back to Wisconsin. When I arrived at the airport my parents hugged me then told me they missed me. Liars. They just glad I didn't get a job and become independent. I was then taken home where my case worker Heidi waited for me and grilled me about why I wanted to go to tulsa and where I got the money for such a "grandoise adventure" to nowhere." I told her I went there because one of the few friends I had at school lived there and refered me to a transitional housing ministry that could help me out. Tulsa also had lots of jobs in all sectors unlike Wisconsin which had a bad economy and was mean.

But Heidi rebuked me telling me that i was missing my big picture and that it is "for my own good" that I stay in Appleton wisconsin whether or not there were no jobs. She said I would benefit from programs. But I never did. They promised that in a year I would be given my own place a job maybe etc. Well they didn't promise a job. In fact Heidi believed that I was too stupid to work and that since I was eligible to recieve SSI that meant I didn't need one.

The meds made me sick. I became overweight and would often be sick and weak and tired. So no wonder I can't work. I only felt good when I was off the meds but my parents did not care. They said it was good that I was fat and tired.

Also I was forced to live in an apartment for retards. They call it residential care. I am the only one there who has any semblance of normalcy. I would be normal if I weren't on programs and druggeed up.

I couldn't find work anywhere in Appleton or in Green Bay. From the time I graduated till now I had only worked at one job. Labor ready. That was only because i had run away again and found myself in new york. I ran away again Last October and was in Portland Oregon. I didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving. All I had to eat was two double cheeseburgers. I worked at labor ready for awhile before being found arrested and sent back to Appleton.

I now live in the apartment for retards again. I have no friends, no job no money, my SSI check goes to my mom who is my payee and conservator and guardian. I only get $10 a week in allowence. This one retard down the hall gets $50 a month. Mom says she doesn't trust me with money becuase she says Im so stupid.

As of writing this letter on December 5th 2015 I am still a ward of Wisconsin and the unions who are lazy and don't care. Scott Walker and a few sympathetic people helped me get my guardianship limited. But I still am under the leash of the government.

I learned alot from my experiences. I am not longer a liberal I am a conservative.

I learned that the government benefits more when people are unemployed and homeless because then the taxes can go up and they get paid for the more unemployed and poor there are.

I also learned that poor people are more subserviant to the big government. They depend on it for substinence. Very little I should add. I don't I hate it here. I don't have any money or anything and I will hate the government even more because of how I am treated.

My family makes fun of me and doesn't really care about me at all. They all say that its my fault that i am a victim of bullying and that I can't find work. They blame me for the failure of socialism.

I don't know what I am to do. I need to get off of guardianship and get off these meds.

Herbert Bowler continues to live in Appleton Wisconsin in a residential care home for the disabled. He is in the process of coming off his guaridanship so he can get detoxified from meds and be able to work at job and leave wisconsin. Please pray for herbert and others like him.


Herbert Bowler said...

Thank you Brian for writing.

GordonBowler said...

damnit Herbert! Why do you have to make everyone's life so hard? We're trying to help you out and you keep on biting the hand that feeds you! Just about everthing here is a lie! No one abused you! you're parents were hard on you but you also made things hard! you were already a ward of Wisconsin when you were 17 after that stunt you pulled at school locking yourself in class. Not only that you always were overweight because you ate too much and spent all day playing nintendo and playstation instead of exercising! You are mentally ill Herbert! You were diagnosed by at least 5 or 7 doctors licensed by the state of Wisconsin as having Asperger's syndrome! That's a mental illness! Youre mentally ill! You aren't able to work! Also you always were a weirdo! Stop this toddle tantrum bullshit and grow up! You have a problem! You need to come to terms!

Gerald said...

Herbert why are you saying these things? We're trying to help you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How come everyone being cheated by the government on this blog has Asperger's syndrome? why not schizophrenia or bipolar? Is there an agenda going on here by the republicans to have Asperger's declassified as a mental disorder?

mainestategop said...

I haven't got any schizophrenics telling me about it. Schizophrenia was the overdiagnosed disorder of the 70s then in the 80s it was bipolar and now its Asperger's syndrome. A make believe disorder to brand those the government let down and failed as mentally ill and worthless so they don't have to take responsibility.

mainestategop said...

@Gordon are you the same communist who said on another post that you wanted guns banned nationwide? I can see why Herbert is having issues now.

Herbert Bowler said...

@UncleGordon. I didn't know that I was award of Wisconsin and my parents! They were very mean saying bad words that were put downs. My case workers in both New York and Portland Oregon said that what my parents were doing was verbal abuse. They called me names to and mocked me whenever I stood up to them. I was not always obese like I am now. I can't control my eating because the meds make me hungry! One reason I read is that the meds destroy the bodies nutrients and that it thinks there's a famine. Meds for retards cause aging, diabeties, obesity, braindamage, seizures epilepsy all kinds of problems! My parents don't care. My anxiety is worse than ever and so is my depression! It wont go away until everyone learns to accept me for who I am, let me take care of myself and let me work! Not to mention get me off these horrible meds that make me sick and hungry and tired all the time so I can exercise and lose weight.

Herbert Bowler said...

I don't know! The bus went through Chicago des Moines and Omaha instead! It was a detour. The clerk told me that it had to do with how they do things sometimes! Someone once told me they took a greyhound from Denver to new york and he said they went through fort collins and South dakota to get to connecting busses at chicago to new york. i don't know what happened. i hoped that i could get away and get to tulsa but i got caught. i wonder what could have been...

Anonymous said...

Herbert your doctors said that it is highly unlikely you could hold a job. even your guidance counselors told us you were a mess and that it is likely you would get fired from even doing the simplest of menial jobs! Labor Ready BTW is not a real job! only people who are desperate or so stupid or unwanted they can't work anywhere else go to work at Labor ready. Your doctors also said you had poor judgement. that you embrace the conservative politics and mantras and want to go to a red state in the middle of nowhere proves just how bad your judgement is and how mentally ill you really are.

And before you fire back with the old "Oh! They're not always right!" Let me remind you these people your guidance counselors your doctors therapists and case workers are all licensed professionals with a great deal of experience. Not only that they have been certified by the state and many of their clients and customers have rated them highly and recommended their services on many different sites.

No, that doesn't mean they're always right we know that Herbert but its unlikely that these people who are licensed and have recieved a high degree of education and even credibility as well as praise from those who have relied on them could be wrong while a boy with no judgement no social skills and no work history and who gets his news from Fox and Alex Jones is right. voc rehab couldn't come up with anything so its probably for the best that you remain in your situation and accept it.

Anonymous said...

What the hell Herbert! more of this libertarian right wing reaction bullshit?! the reason you're in the situation your in is because you have a mental problem! You were diagnosed with a mental illness (Asperger's syndrome) by a certified profesional. Don't tell me he is lying! Herbert you NUT!

You need to be thankful that you have a roof over your head and that we give you some allowence money at all. You also need to be thankful for free healthcare food stamps and place where you can play on the computer sleep eat and get help!

Most people with your condition even in crappy places like Tulsa and places like California or New York where there is help don't have it as good as you do! They'd kill to have 20 dollars a week or to have health insurance and SSI.

Anonymous said...

Mainestategop leave herbert alone. You're as bad as he is! Either that or your exploiting him and getting him to go against his own interests for your own interests and that of other right wingers! You don't even know him like I do!

Anonymous said...

You need to stop getting your information from Fox news, Alex Jones and Brian Ball Herbert. I read this blog and I can tell you that just about everything he says here is false. This guy is bigoted prejudice and wont hear any other argument he doesn't agree with. He only believes whatever he fells like and whatever he wants to see and hear. In other words he's just like you. i also read that a lot of libertarian conservative nut jobs like you and him have Asperger's syndrome and since he spends a lot of time debunking it I think its very likely he has it too and is in denial. This blog is just his way of doing denial and rationalizing his idiocy!

Stop getting in the way of the programs and the help. You're only being hard on yourself and you're only making things worse for yourself Herbert. You can't work because you have Aspergers and other problems that are in the way. We even let you look for work and you haven't found anything but labor ready even in places like New York and Portland haven't got anything for you.

Anonymous said...

What are you stupid? You want to live in Tulsa!? TULSA! That's the poorest place in america! The literal armpit of the nation and you think you're smarter than everyone!?

mainestategop said...

No actually Mississippi is the armpit of the nation along with West Virginia. Tulsa actually has a booming job market and while wages aren't as high neither are prices. In fact rent is one of the cheapest in the country! $250 for an apartment as opposed to a crappy studio apartment for $800 a month in Portland Maine. Proof that conservativism trumps Liberalism.

mainestategop said...

Such loving communist relatives. No wonder Herbert is all screwed up. HA! HA! hA!

Herbert said...

It doesn't matter! That doesn't make them correct! they need to show physical proof that I have asperger's syndrome or any mental illness. Look we have MRI scans that can show signs of so called schizophrenia, dementia ETC from brain damage victims but for my diagnosis there is no evidence like that. All we have is the opinion of some quack with a decorated piece of paper from the government and some bunch of other licenses and certificates. A piece of paper doesn't make anyone right neither does customer reviews. How do you even know those reviews are real people or if they were given freely? I am not mentally ill I am stressed, abused and in grief because I cannot leave Wisconsin. I cannot find work here and All these meds make me sick. There isn't even any such thing as mental illness! These people are either suffering emotional stress brain damage or something else but its just a ploy to control and enslave people and take their property away from me. I need Grandma's money so I can go out on my own and be independent! GIVE ME A CHANCE! I CAN DO IT!

Also I don't always watch Fox or Alex Jones or Brian Ball I went to Tulsa because there was a place for me. In addition to having high job creation and low costs and low rents there was a ministry there that was going to take me in and get me a job. They have a half way house there. A good place! Its strict and christian but so what? I'm a christian and I don't mind I'll do anything to get into the workforce and show what I'm made off. I'm willing to work for less if neccesary to get that job experience and climb the economic ladder.

GeraldBowler said...

Hey Herbert, you could have had thanksgiving with us instead of eating at McDonalds and running way like a little child. Also Tulsa is still not a very good place to live in just because there are jobs. Seeing that you want to live there just shows how poor your judgement is.

Anonymous said...

Grow up Herbert! behave like an adult if you want to be treated like one!

Herbert said...

You wouldn't have fed me anyway uncle Gerald. last thanksgiving I only got to eat very little while everyone else got to eat a lot. All I had was a little bit of turkey and rabbit food. I went to Tulsa because I had support set up for me there and because people i nred states are live and let live type of people. Very kind polite ETC. I would've had a decent thanksgiving there and I wouldn't be unemployed. Yes I might have to work for less for the time being but to get job experience and climb the ladder that's what i need to do. I gotta start somewhere and I can't do it in Appleton or Wisconsin or any of these other communist states that interfere with my ability to take care of myself. If I were allowed to manage money, make my own choices, be independent and make it on my own i would, but all you're doing is making me worse! WORSE! Everyone needs to get out of the way so I can pick up the pieces of my life and take care of myself. The family wont take care of me and neither will the big stupid government.

gordon said...

Herbert you had enough to eat then. you're on a diet because your eating is out of control. We had to limit your portions because you eat too much and your weight was getting out of hand again!

I have that same problem too! i take medication for anxiety and a heart condition i have. I can't eat the foods I like anymore neither. I had hardly any turkey at all last thanksgiving! I ate mostly Green Bean casarole, noodles, salad and cranberry sauce with lima beans.

You want to eat more thanksgiving? Stop pigging out and get out and exercise. Monitor your eating habits. I saw you come out of golden Coral a few times I know you pig out there. Your guardian shouldn't let you eat out at those places you should only eat salad at buffets.

Your uncle Maurice also ate with you at Pizza Ranch and at Asian gardens and said you were disgusting. You ate like a pig and ate way more than he or anyone who was there with you combined! I mean even i can't eat like that! At the most I could eat 3 plates. He said you had at least 5! If you keep it up you'll end up with a heart condition just like me. MAYBE EVEN A STROKE! You know what will happen to you then?

Also you don't need an MRI or any of those things to prove the existence of mental illness. the DSM notes that certain illnesses have paterns of behavior. For Asperger's syndrome which you have it lists restricted interests, failing to socialize with peers and repetitive stereotypical behavior as symptoms. You had all the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. Add to this all that fidgiting, the ADD, the crazy eyes, the yelling and raising your voice at everyone that's also a trait most Asperger nuts like you have. How can you not see you have it!?

Anonymous said...

Look at how Herbert writes and types. All those words he can't spell out and all those words he scrambles. definitely mentally ill and he chose of all the places to live Oklahoma, one of the poorest state after Mississippi. Definitely mentally ill, definitely poor judgement.

BTW he screwed up his interview at McDonalds. I don't even want to know how the interview at other job sites turned out. What a terrible thing to be mentally ill. I feel so sorry for Herbert.

Herbert said...

How would you like to be denied the right to live where you want to live, the right to own and manage property and assets and the right to work just because you were different or because some doctor some quack had a low opinion about you? Those problems are happening because I don't have rights! I am a ward of my abusive parents and the abusive communist state of Wisconsin I can't do anything without government permission! All because of an opinion! The fidgeting is happening because of the abuse and because of the meds! Its making me worse! Also all this being picked on by my own family MY OWN FAMILY!! that hurts even more! I can't get over it until everything is put together the way it should! I don't want to live in Appleton anymore, I don't want to be picked on by my family anymore I want to be independent and work!

Also listen to this! When I was in New york the case workers there and in oregon had lots of faith in me and said my judgement and my reasoning were excellent! They couldn't understand how everyone had to be so mean! Even the doctor I saw in New York said I didn't need a guardian! The doctors and therapists I'm seeing now don't think guardianship is neccesary! You're the only ones in the way of progress! remove the guardian and give me my money!

Anonymous said...

I was homeless in California and they got a ministry in Lancaster that offered me food and shelter but I had to do all this work too. I had little time for myself and I didn't have enough time to go look for work or see case workers ETC. I had to go to bible study attend church do chores and the reverend he gets all this money he drives around in a convertable and lives in a big house in Palmdale while I go through the rhythims. If you want money they make you stand outside a store and collect money in a box. Its humilating and terrible.

Gordon said...

Let me tell you for the umteenth time Herbert, your case workers do not have the ability to diagnose. And the doctor in New York was just one doctor. You have been seen by many doctors over many years including as a child! They all said you have aspergers they all recommended legal guardianship! You were a big big mess back then Herb! If it were up to me I'd let you live anywhere adjacent to Wisconsin including Illinois, Michigan and probably maybe Iowa or Indiana as well but not too far just in case you get into trouble! I got into trouble once when I was your age and grandpa and grandma had to bail me out of it. If I were too far away like say Oklahoma I'd be screwed! And they don't help you over there neither! These christian charities often times refuse to serve certain kinds of people and they aren't as effective as government help is. You think the commons is slugging now try a Christian charity.

I know people who went through them by the way. They aren't run by professionals they're run by volunteers and criminals on community service. They don't give a damn about you they just want to set up a monument to make themselves look good. In FLorida the Salvation army base there will only let you stay for 2 weeks and then you're on the street. In Michigan only 30 days and only higher if your severely disabled. Its unlikely they could help you. I wouldn't be surprised if they refuse to. They discriminate often against certain people like you. You're overweight so they might be reluctant to feed you. You're mentally ill and crazy and give yourself away at times so its likely they'll say no and not take a chance.

Also theirs a lot of criminals and psychos at some of these places. This ministry that offered to help you out you have no idea what you could be getting into. Its likely at the best case scenerio you'll be working a menial job, they'll make you do chores, attend services at least twice a week and run you like a dog. Its just a ploy for the minister to look good while perhaps make a profit. If you want something done look to the government. These people don't really want to help you they just want to make themselves look good. In reality they wouldn't give a damn about you.

Anonymous said...

YOU WERE GOING TO MOVE TO A RED STATE FULL OF POVERTY WITH ONLY A FEW DOLLARS! That's bad judgement right there! Leaving behind solid ground and a loving family just because "they have jobs we don't." THAT'S STUPID! Herbert you need more than just jobs to survive! You need programs and you need a government that will have safety nets in case something goes wrong! There's more than just jobs! You missed the big picture! WOW! Talk a bout mentally ill! The meds aren't the reason you and uncle Gordon are overweight. I've seen you both. You eat like pigs in a trough! You eat too much and don't exercise! Your uncle Gordon had a heart attack! You both need to moderate your eating and get out more! You don't want to have a heart problem like your uncle do you?

And stop blaming everyone but yourself for why you can't get a job! lose the damn weight! Then if you put your best foot forward and actually try real hard and be on your meds you can get a job if you want to in Appleton. the reason you can't get a job is because your nuts and because of your behavior! You need to cooperate with your psyhciatrist, control your emotions take your meds and put your best foot forward and stop this BS. The truth hurts and I know its hard but that's too bad you have to accept it! You're mentally ill your not like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Stop denying your disability Herbert! You have a problem! Get over it! If you actually try hard enough and take your meds you can get a job!

Anonymous said...

How about giving this kid his money and let him go and see what happens? He's miserable and is a mess anyway. he wont accept help let him go.

Herbert said...

Yes! Lets give freedom a chance?

Anonymous said...

if you want to be free you have to be responsible. Those things you just said are not rights they are privileges for normal and healthy people not crazies. If want to be on your own get healthy and stop believing everything Brian ball and Alex Jones says. And clean up your act! Stop blaming everyone but yourself1

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you wanted to live in Oklahoma. That is so insane

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about being responsible for a minute. You want to talk about responsibility? This government and these family are not responsible. You're knocking Herbert down just because he's going through a tough time and calling him names like Nuts when the problem is he's not allowed to live. The government hasn't gotten him a job, neither have the parents and he's not allowed to move to another state to find work or anything. its time we start looking elsewhere. Don't blame Herbert! he can't do anything he's not allowed to! blame yourselves and blame these idiots in Wisconson! They wont do a damn thing for him! listen to yourselves you are saying things to him that are not nice your telling him shut up get over it and everything you blame him for his problems! Its time to start blaming yourselves! you wont let him live you wont improve him you have him depending on a failed system run by a corrupt government run by union bullies who care only about getting money from the taxpayers they don't care about Herbert! if they did he'd have gotten a job by now or he'd be in another state like Oklahoma working! Blame yourselves! you just say these things to Herbert and label him with this asperger's syndrome which probably isn't a real disorder to deny any responsibility for why you failed him. i mean if my son was flunked by a teacher just because someone stole his homework and if teachers in school did that to my son I'd get a lawyer and Id be screaming my head off at the state! i'd also be getting the media on this too. Make these clowns in the school system and the NEA accountable. its your fault Bowler's your own damn fault!

Anonymous said...

I moved to Oklahoma city from Denver. Best decision I ever made! I went from rags to riches. I went from poor to middle class! Oklahoma has jobs! oklahoma is cheap people there are wonderful and responsible! what a godly and wonderful place to live!

gerald said...

Just because a state has lots of jobs and has apartments worth $250 and nice southern gentry doesn't make it a good place to live Herbert. You need to be in a community with safety nets to help you just in case, you need a job that pays a living wage, you need healthcare, you need a place that doesn't have crime and id imagine that Tulsa and OKC have lots of it since there's a lot of poverty and you also need a place with culture entertainment good education and so on. oklahoma and Texas don't come across to me as places like that. You're better off here in Wisconsin either in Appleton or Green Bay. You really missed the big picture guys. There's more than just getting any job you know what I mean Herbert? Why don't you apply for McDonalds? They hire anybody pretty much.

Gerald said...

Hey Herbert! Better rethink going to these oil producing places because they're gonna end up like some of these places in Canada.

You're better off living someplace like Wisconsin Minnesota or Illinois. Maybe California or New York cuz these places are going to fail

By the way Herbert I don't know if you know this but these states the reason they are doing well is because they get federal aid. If all this libertarian stuff works why do they need to get federal aid?

mainestategop said...

@Gerald. Federal Aid really isn't needed. It doesn't really do anything but fund federal projects and fund bureucrats in the state and federal level. If we had a free market system like our founders wanted they'd do well without the aid. Also the article talks about areas that depend mainly on Oil. That is one industry. We have same problem up in Maine.

We used to have a logging, paper mill and manufacturing sector. Dexter shoes was up where we were. But then the left taxed everything and reged the environment like crazy and all of it came to an end. We only have 2 or 3 paper mills running now and they run at a minimum, logging is gone, all we have is tourism. That's it. And the sales taxes and fees under Baldacci 10 years ago have killed that. Calgary is mainly dependent on one industry so yeah, that's a problem.

Herbert is better off in a place where the government wont get in the way and where he can get a job and gain experience. He tells me that labor ready up where he is doesn't hire often as they did in new york or even Oregon.

So if the meds work why is he still a wreck? why all the dieting? why all the fuss?

also if Wisconsin is such a good place to live and if the government is perfect why have they not gotten him a job and don't tell me its because he has Asperger's or is doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

If tulsa or OKC is such as good place to live then why don't people flock there? the reason rent and prices are so low is because no one wants to live there and second because wages are low and people are poor! rent prices are high in Democrat areas because more people want to live there and because there isn't enough housing to meet the demand! Herbert if you want to move after you get off your guardianship fine, but move someplace with programs and services! Don't go somewhere just because they have jobs! That's not good enough! try someplace else! Try green bay, or chicago or Des Moines or new york. What about NYC or Portland?

Gordon said...

Herbert's father and one of this guardians are going to write the response. I will also contribute to it and i believe Herbert's case worker jill will as well. I want to see if I can get his therapist to help but because of HIPPA that might not happen. Anyway I think well that.

Herbert, if it were up to me, you could live anywhere adjacent to wisconsin. But you can't go far. You need to be close by in case something bad happens. Or you're screwed. Also herbert the reason people have been hard on you is because you have these tics and these issues. You give yourself away as being crazy like you did in your McDonalds interview years ago.

mainestategop said...

You left out property taxes fees and other snafus for the land lord that they pass on to the tenant. no one wants to live in Wisconsin Maine or any of these other expensive cesspits. People in Okc are better off because they keep more of what they earn whereas you pinko commies squeeze everyone rich and poor.

@Gordon. What happened to Herbert at mcDs? He have a bad day? So what? we all have bad days. You can't judge him based on one little thing!

Anonymous said...

Okay, listen, Herbert is better than when he is on the meds. having trouble losing all the weight is a small price compared to the tics and squirms he would do. When he is off his meds he makes strange hand and face gestures. Those are symptoms of Asperger's BTW and one of the reasons the doctors all diagnosed him. when he's on the meds he's calmer and better than otherwise.

Also Herbert you are far better off living in assisted living apartment and getting SSI. You get only $20 a week from it I know but we can provide anything else you need as long as you behave. Christmas is coming and your parents will provide all that you need thanks to SSI. YOu should be thankful because lots of people like you don't have it as good. I know you can't see it but trust me its true.

Anonymous said...

Why not let herbert go to Oklahoma for awhile and see what its like. i guarantee if you do so he'll change his mind and at the least he'll either be in Chicago or St Paul instead. I used to live in OkC and let me tell you Herbert even if you do make it your life wont be easy ever again. You may even regret leaving your place your in now.

esther said...

I wouldn't call the interview at McDonalds a little thing. Herbert was doing just fine talking to the manager when suddenly he began to make a strange funny face and shake his head fast. He claimed it was because his mother scolded him and told him he was an idiot and an accident. He totally bummed the whole interview. I bet this is how most interviews turned out and with few exceptions like this one he didn't notice what he was doing. It was tragic. I don't know if it was because he was off his meds or if they had the wrong kind but he just made him self look horrible. I can't believe that he can't see that as a sign that he is mentally ill. He just doesn't get it and it shows just how mentally ill he really is.

Anonymous said...

I know wisconsin sucks and these parents are jerks but WTF! You want to move to tulsa!? Then he moves to New York city then oregon? New York city and Tulsa both are crap! One has rednecks, bumpkins fireants and is so dirt poor they can't even find the dirt, the other place is full of gangbangers, hooligans, wops, jerks fascist cops, and is populated mostly by rude miserable A-holes! Plus! PLUS! It costs at least 4000, a month to rent a flat in Manhattan! How bad is it in Appleton? i gotta know. It must be really bad if he wants to go to Oklahoma or NYC!

Anonymous said...

Herbert if you want to live in a place without a government or without services that are here to help you why don't you go live in Africa! I mean the south and the mid-west is pretty much like A lighter version of it for white people! If it weren't for gun control or federal services it would look even more like it.

Gordon said...

Hey brian Herbert's father and I will be probably pitching our response to Herbert's wild accusations after New Year's eve. I don't know. But I do know that last night Herb's dad lectured him about it and told him he's not allowed on your website anymore and can't respond anymore. Herb's dad is concerned that it will only draw negative attention to herbert. You think maybe you can delete this post? Its really not helping Herbert's case let me tell you. If herbert is able to get off the guardianship you can speak to him and buy him bus tickets anywhere in the country if you want but right now I am asking you please don't draw attention to herbert. This post will not help his case.

Me personally I hope Herbert can become his own guardian but only after the doctors say its okay. If he wants to live in oklahoma or texas or some other crappy state let him. He'll learn his lesson hopefully. But I am asking you once more please delete this post. It doesn't help anyone and its certainly isn't going to help Herbert.

Anonymous said...

Herbert hope you have a merry christmas this year and that you don't stray too far away.

Herbs dad and guardian said...

Herbert you are not allowed on this website anymore. all of this is lies. You should rely on the government they're more effective than these right wing nuts. I have software on your computer to regulate your net searching and I am going to block it out. I also can know if you've been searching sites like these. Me, your mom and uncle gordon will check regularly to make sure you're not being conditioned by these right wing blogs full of lies. You may not come back here again otherwise I will disconnect your internet for an undefined periord until you're ready to be responsible. YOu have a problem Herbert and you're so mentally ill you can't see it.

You had a nice christmas yesterday with gifts and treats and 5 new video games. You need to be thankful that you had all of these things. Most people like you are out in the cold and had no food for gifts this christmas. You need to be thankful.

So you can't go back here. AND STOP SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON THE COMPUTER! Remember no playing on the computer on nice days. Weather's not so good now so that's alright you can spend time on the computer but not on nice days. Starting spring time if you haven't been taken off guardianship You;ll be spending more time outdoors and less time in doors in front of the idiot box. Gonna lose weight and get some sunshine.


Brian Please delete this news article please. Its not helping herbert. I'll let herbert leave wherever he wants but only if the state aprroves. He has a guardian review after MLK day coming up and if they don't approve they'll be a hearing. But prefer he stays close to home. You need to do some more unbiased reasearch on government and society. This whole blog reeks of right wing fanaticism.

mainestategop said...

It seems that you really are as bad as Herbert put it. You wont let him on this blog because you know I am right and because you don't want him to defend himself from your allegations he's retarded. Also you want the last word. Herbert emailed me several days ago about the mcDonalds incident. You scolded him and made offensive remarks and it totally sabotaged his composure during the interview.

You need to be nice to your son. At any rate I will not delete the article. You want to post a response go ahead. But this stays to show how mean liberals are to their children.

It seems that Herbert is undergoing stress. WTF family? And why do you think Herbert is too stupid to own a bank account and manage money? How did these quacks conclude He is mentally ill exactly?

Anonymous said...

labor ready? WTF! Only people I know who work for Labor Ready are bums, retards, crazies and people with criminal records who can't get real jobs. LOL @ HERBERT!

Herbert's dad said...

Alright Brian but I want you to know we have evidence of his mental illness including documentations of a history of temper tantrums as an adult with video recordings of some of them.

I spoke to herbert this morning and if he wants to he can email you or post just to request the deletion of this article. If he wants to make himself a spectacle and an astonishment so be it. Well post his tantrums, pictures of him mumbling to himself ETC. He doesn't want to take responsibility for his mental illness after we post the videos of him being mentally ill he will know how mentally ill he is and he'll know how sick he is and from now on HE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE.

Herbert, last chance! I'll show them to you if you want, the tantrums and meltdowns. Also we have your school records. You want to post nonsense and lies about us accusing us of abusing you, well fire back with photos and videos of you being child like. We do this out of love for our son and since you don't believe mental illness exist you will be a believer after were done.

mainestategop said...

Herbert Emailed me and said that he doesn't believe you have them he also says that the reason he messed up at McDs is because you verbally abused him the day before and began to think about it. he was also on his meds fyi. His mom even saw him take them before going. Herbert also said that he did not have tantrums he was being abused by teachers and faculty and was in pain. Herbert also said in his email that your being hard on him and forcing him to live in an economically depressed and intolerant region of the country is what is making him do those things he does and that the meds fuel it more.

Me? I'm with him. It doesn't matter. Your making him worse. He'll never get better until you get your foot off of him.

Anonymous said...


I mean how does it that a mentally ill boy with no job lives in a home for mental cases recieves SSI become a know it all? Herbert you really believe that you know more than experts like your case worker and doctor? How can that be? How can a licensed professional be wrong and a nut boy with no job be right? Herbert you aren't even licensed to make a diagnosis! HA! HA! HA!

You need to grow up and take your meds you nut.

Herbert's Dad said...

Okay Herbert if that's the way you want it. I have cassette recordings of Herbert's tantrums. I don't know how to get them from audio cassette to CD and I don't want to damage them because I need them for our hearing with the Guardian review hearing next month. Whatever the out come I will post them for everyone's viewership so they can see how mentally ill and disturbed Herbert really is. I also have documentation of tantrums, outbursts and bad behavior by Herbert. i also have Herbert's school records hospital records etc. If Herbert wants attention he'll get it. expect my post to be after new years on the weekend.

herbert you were warned.

Anonymous said...

If I was named Herbert I'd be mental too. Hey great job parents! Why don't you just let him move! I lived in Wisconsin before I moved to chicago and if he hates my home state he should be allowed to get outta there!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Herbert Has it okay. He can't leave Wisconsin but he's got a place to stay and all those video games. What's the beef?

mainestategop said...

the beef is that he is being mentally abused by his parents. He is not allowed to work, to live in his own place or to be a normal adult.

Gordon said...

Sorry Brian but adults who are in a child like state do not have the right to be independent. The government needs to take care of them. Anyway My brother is going to respond probably tommorow or Saturday.

I see Herbert is also making excuses again like he has with his failed interview. THat's another problem we noticed. He makes excuses and doesn't take responsibility. Now that's not the kind of person capable of caring for himself. I took a job at a bowling alley when I was 15 waxing lanes and cleaning shoes. On the day I was interviewed my dad scolded me, screamed at me and even shock me like a leaf because I forgot to do something important I should have done. I didn't let it stop me from putting my best foot forward and getting a job. Herbert on the other hand can't even handle one bit of stress.

Herbert has always made excuses for his behavior. Its always someone elses fault or nobodies fault it's never his fault. He always has done this rather then sucking it in and taking responsibility for his actions. That screwed up face thing is a symptom of his mental illness he has done it before when he was a teenager. One day we came home from Chuck E Cheese we were all happy so was Herbert THEN... in the care he makes his screwed up face. He says he remembered something he needed to do and then when me or his father asked about it he always said, "I don't remember, nothing, no, no I don't need to share." He just clammed up. I told my little brother, his father not to bother pushing him. Its because of his mental illness.

Herbert doesn't even see he needs help. That's how bad it is. And his father will tell you more than I can.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Bowler IS MENTALLY ILL. He even shows It on this stupid blog.

First, he says there's no such thing as a mental illness then says schizophrenia can be proven with MRI scans! Second, he denies everything till his face is blue despite evidence third, he has tantrums as a teenager and an adult. Fourth, he runs away from home like a little bad child and fifth guess where he goes? THE BUYBULL BELT! HA! HA! HA! HA! I wish he did make it there. He would've been screwed and he would learn his lesson and we wouldn't have this BS about government being at fault and the parents being mean to him.

What else lets see... there was that hostage stunt in school he took himself hostage and threatened to burn down the school if he didn't get his way then there's the times he eats at buffets like a pig at a trough btw. the list goes on.

He was so disgusting at golden corral years ago. He even spat up some of his food because he ate too fast. His mom scolded him for it and then he went back and forth loading up more and more food.

Its like that episode of the Simpsons when Homer ate at the seafood buffet and he ate them out of business. It was so hilarious and he eats just like Homer Simpson and makes funny sounds while pigging out. No wonder he's so fat. WHAT A PIG! I wonder if his father has video of that episode. That alone will make sure he remains a ward of the state for a damn long time! LOL!

Oh! And he starts making paranoid claims that Wisconsin is Communist HA! HA! HA! HA! What year is it Herbert? 1955? And then he says the meds cause aging diabetes and all these other things which is mostly false. I take medication for anxiety and depression and I see a physician regularly to make sure that nothing is going wrong with the meds. Herbert does too and sometimes he tries to get out of it.

Oh I could go on. I just hope his father doesn't go to far and show all the real embarising episodes about Herbert. HA!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the parents are mostly to blame. Their overprotective and overindulgent. This kid is a mess. If he wants to live in Tulsa or Portland fine. Let him. The government has no business medeling in other people's affairs and its not their job to care for them.

Anonymous said...

Leave Herbert alone liberals. The parents are lying irresponsible reds who made Herbert have problems.

Anonymous said...

Herbert's parents are not reds. They're fine. Herbert has mental problems.

Anonymous said...

Calls Wisconsin is communist,

admits he's a bible thumping Christian,

reads right wing blogs listens to Fox News and Alex Jones

Has tantrum and blames everyone but himself for being unemployed

never worked in his life

any place he doesn't like is a communist

anyone who doesn't agree with him is a commmunist

hostility to the government

Denies that mental illness exists


Grow up Herbert you retard! HA! HA! HA!

Innez Santos said...

It looks like Herbert does have Asperger's syndrome and other mental disorders, I mean he chooses to live in a very poor and very miserable part of America just to get any shovel ready job and he has all those manurisms like the screwed up funny faces at the interviews and he makes excuses.

He doesn't want to admit that he needs help and his parents actions and the actions of society are enforcing his denial and his bad behavior. I wonder how bad things were in Wisconsin when this was going on to want to move to Tulsa or New York city.

Does Herbert realize we had a republican governor when those problems happened?

Me? I live in NYC. Its very hard for someone like me who has mental illness (BIPOLAR & Schizophrennia) I'm suprised he got a job there but Sbarros always hires.

Herbert does have a mental issue since he works menial jobs, has these issues and what happened at school but the family needs to pull themselves together to help him. Stop being mean and insensitive. If you're aggrevated by his behavior, remember that its worse for him!

Jeff Gilman said...

Well it looks to me like Herbert didn't do very well. First time out he gets stopped at Denver on the way to OKC? Why did you go to Denver Herbert? Why couldn't you get a bus ticket that went straight south? Straight down?

Yeah that's what a lot of these libertarians with Asperger's and mental illness do when they wont admit its their fault things wont work for them in the north. They go straight down south into Dixie and Middle America and from there on in its STRAIGHT DOWN.

then he runs away again in defiance of a guardianship order, goes to New York, works at a fast food restaurant Sbarros which from my experience has unfortunately a lot of low lives on its staff especially in Boston and New York city, he does fit in there since most of them are also mentally ill or autistic

He then goes to Portland Oregon when things don't work and spends thanksgiving at McDonalds.

Yet Neither he nor the blog owner can see he is the problem...

First, he runs away from home instead of working out his problems in Wisconsin like a mature adult he runs away like a spoiled child to Oklahoma which is poorer than Wisconsin and still is one of the worst places in the country, second he has tantrums, he yells, stomps his feet and pounds the table, he is a trouble maker.

Get some help Herbert! You're not better your worse!