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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A rant against socialism or why more government leads to less freedom

 A rant against socialism or why more government leads to less freedom
 "If you give a welfare recipient a cookie and healthcare, he'll have to be given chains as well"

The following is written by historian and documentary producer Kyle Weissman who has been a long time member of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets and who has been instrumental in helping me with my blog. Kyle asked me to let him write this article about socialism over things that he has seen and heard about. Very interesting I must say. 

I wrote the subtitle. Another subtitle that would've been nice would be, if you give a bureaucrat a welfare state, he also will want a police state. I had to choose between the two that I wanted to give to Kyle's article or rant. Kyle wanted the other but I think the one I choose seems better.

What makes it more interesting, Kyle was raised by a mother who was a communist and he is a former member of the Communist youth league and has knowledge about the ins and outs of their schemes and tricks. That's not all, Kyle's Paternal relatives were national socialists from Germany, his uncles were officers and soldiers in both world wars, many of them war criminals in the SS who participated in the holocaust. He is also distantly related to Sergeant Gustav Wagner, The Beast of Sobibor

Kyle has not only been raised and bred in a communist upbringing but has been raised and bred in a Nazi upbringing as well. As Kyle Jokingly put it, he spent his childhood between the devil and the deep blue sea. He was trained to hate America and to love America's enemies. He did not know freedom, love and happiness and had no childhood. I don't want to waste more time, maybe I'll tell the story of Kyle's life later on and how he got out of there and what happened next. For now here's Kyle Weissman:

I am typing this article out because there are things I need to go on about before I forget. This may be considered more of a rant, whatever it can be called it needs to be read by as many people as possible before I forget it.

What I am to tell you concerns an incident that involved a friend of mine in Simi Valley. He is like me a libertarian conservative. A devastating tragedy developed in his family that made him question his values and his beliefs. It almost made a socialist out of him. In fact when I heard his story, I dare say I too nearly made a left turn and yearned for my mother's merciless bosom...

His 22 year old son was in a terrible car accident with a drunk driver that left him paraplegic and brain damaged. Doctors say his back is broken so badly he will never walk again. No techniques are available for his condition. In addition he suffered serious brain damage and is now borderline retarded. His prognosis overall is poor and it is not known if aside from being paralyzed waist down if he will recover his senses.

To make matters worse, his health insurance Aetna is now reneging on paying for the health costs of this tragedy and is dragging its feet. The family faces heavy and tragic costs borne from the accident and their son now faces a lifetime of misery, pain, grief and hardship. The drunk driver was killed and had no auto insurance. The son was wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred. It did not help him. It would be merciful if he had died.

The father, devastated questioned everything from God, politics, his beliefs and whether the socialists were right. He began to pour out to me his feelings of socialism and of how things ought to work. Of the short comings and miseries of America and the capitalist system. Oh, he really let it all go. He went on and made arguments for socialism and for dependence on the government.

For example, he yearned for a healthcare law like they had in Europe where healthcare was free and paid for by wealthy taxpayers. He also wanted the rich (including himself) to pay more in taxes for things like safety, healthcare, welfare for those considered too stupid or too weak (or for that matter too lazy)to work or take care of themselves, the space program and things like telescopes to spot asteroids and stop them from hitting earth.

All of these things he mentioned were straw man arguments and in fact we have those things already. Furthermore as a resident of California in the top 10% earning bracket, he is paying the highest amount of taxes in the country! All these programs! Programs that do not help the sick and weak and those unable to work! Programs that instead give a hammock to the lazy and have nots and shield them from accountability and personal responsibility! Programs that are supposed to do something but either do nothing or do what they aren't intended!!

And for this we pay the highest taxes in the history of the country! If you factor in with the federal government, state, municipal taxes, fees here there and everywhere and costs for registrations, licensing Ad nauseum, you find that Nowhere in American history not even the nineteen fifties has America been squeezed and fleeced by its government!!!

The result... higher poverty, higher unemployment, higher crime, higher costs, lower morals, lower prosperity, lower values, lower standards.

The title if you give a government a welfare state he'll want a police state too would've been a nicer subtitle. Maybe even pass for title. Remember the story of the old lady who swallowed a fly? She then had to swallow a spider to catch the fly, a bird to catch the spider, a cat to catch the bird, a dog to catch the cat, a goat to catch the dog, and in the process of getting the goat Seabiscuit killed her.

The song of the old lady who swallowed the fly is a parable to the dangers of dependence on the government. In no particular order, We swallow the welfare state, we then swallow the police state, we swallow the survielence state, the politically correct state ad Nauseum. It wiggles and jiggles and tickles our civil liberties in the process.

What we've swallowed is the dependence mentality, Satan's lie I don't know why we bought Satan's lie. I guess we'll die. We swallowed the welfare state to help the poor which lead to also subsidizing undesirables who reigned havoc in our streets, attacking and robbing law abiding citizens which lead to a police state, which lead to the surveilance state, new laws, new rules new bylines and new taxes which more often then not did anything for John Q public.

Old lady liberty is dead of course...
The police in America used to have a sense of justice and duty. TO PROTECT AND SERVE was the motto. Today, the police force are made up of communists, bullies, bums and thugs who join only to get a six digit paycheck from the very people they neglect and abuse. Thanks also to the worship of authority which comes from the dependence mentality of socialism. Remember the Rodney King Verdict?

So you think that the state wants to take care of you? You think the state, the police, the food stamp workers, the unions, the Obamacare workers and the workers at hospitals, nursing homes, the politicians, civil workers, ETC. really want to take care of you? Do you think they give a phooey if you are a tax payer and paid half your income? NO WAY!

Government workers do not work because of a sense of duty or justice or care but to receive money for no work. If that were not so we would not have a police state or public service unions. The government as it gets bigger and bigger not only results in the loss of freedom and wealth but leads to deterioration of civilization. AND YOU GET NOTHING OUT OF IT!

Lets go to this one straw argument that is very interesting: Killer asteroids and the need for tax payer money to fund a government program to keep an eye out for doomsday asteroids and if they're coming to Earth, either blow them up or divert them.

I am not arguing against the need for such a necessary program and I am sure no one would be insane enough to say, I wont pay any taxes to fund such necessities but the argument is, do we leave everything up to the government?

Also how much would such a system cost? How do we come up with the cost figures? Who decides the price tag for the defense of our home and our species from a deadly incursion? And who will be put in charge of the program once completed and built???

No doubt they would put a heavy and steep price on such an enterprise especially with the safety of the human race at stake. And why care when this rock isn't gonna hit until I'm long dead! Remember when Ronald Reagan & George Bush (The first one 1988-1992) Helped plan a possible Mission to Mars? The price tag for such a mission at that time was Four hundred Billion Dollars ($4,000,000k) That's half of what we paid for that stupid bail out for the banks!

In reality the prices were hiked by the companies that would be contracted and the bureaucrats who wanted to fleece the American people. Exaggerations. A mission to mars in truth would cost About Forty Billion maybe less. Not bad. But why pay that much? Why? Why pay that much??? Who sets the price? Add to this we're spending money on welfare for lazy bum crack addicts who refuse to work, we spend the money on public service workers who are lazy and overpaid and on a war on terror based on faulty strategery!

And what guarantee that the government is going to give a darn? What if the government sits idle and decides, "You know what? Who cares, its probably not going to be that bad? Besides, if it hits earth and creates and ecological and world wide catastrophe then I can use that as an excuse to take over and implement despotism and exploit these dumb sheep and make them my slaves!"

So even with all this in place, its no guarantee that it will work.

BOTTOM LINE.... A society, a civilization for that matter is only as free and enjoys as much liberty as its government permits and as much as said civilization permits its government to have control and the level of accountability placed on that government. Also the level of freedom and wealth enjoyed can be measured not only by morality but by that society's permissiveness and the permissiveness of the state. Add to this, how much our government is kept in check and transparent.

In a nation where no one cares, where society is apathetic, too comfortable if you will the government will tear apart freedom and liberty piece by piece and whether anyone cares or not, you have a slave state.

Don't think it can happen? We have tons of programs that fail intentionally and do nothing. We just pour money in for no reason. CASE IN POINT... OBAMACARE AND MEDICARE

Obamacare and Medicare often do not pay for medical costs. Neither does Mass health care or Romneycare. Often times people who are poor especially the elderly and homeless are turned away from hospitals despite having government insurance! In Seattle's Harborview hospital for instance, homeless and those very poor are given substandard healthcare. Pneumonia victims for instance only get an asthma inhaler and are kicked out the door in the middle of the night in the pouring rain.

Then they get worse and then they are in dire straits often dying...

In California the situation is far worse. Innocent people who are too old or too poor are turned away. too many times have we seen it in the news... Patients being dumped out of hospitals on the doorsteps of rescue missions in skid row in Los Angeles. Despite Obamacare and the jobs killing mandate, this still goes on and is now worse!

The police are also an example of government incompetence. They get paid 10 times that of combat veterans and usually don't care what happens. I have experienced on several occasions discrimination by the police who are lackadaisical and don't seen to realize why they're their in the first place. No wonder our cities are combat zones where more people have died than special forces soldiers in Iraq

Meanwhile we still have to give up our guns...

The welfare state is another shining example of why our government can't be fully trusted. Volunteer in LA skid row and I guarantee you'll have the Kleenex out to dry your eyes in no time! Bring a weapon BTW. Mace or box cutters will do... Millions of teeming masses of needy people and yet our government focuses on pampering irresponsible louses who have illegitimate children and use and abuse drugs.

And having been on the streets roughing it before folks, I can tell you, there are people who admit they just don't want to work and would rather sleep outside, get a handout every month in their EBT card and they have even openly told me, they don't want to work. Meanwhile, I had to wait 2 months to get assistance while Homey G gets to smoke and get high...

Welfare, the police, Obamacare. In fact Obamacare alone proves that our government can't be trusted.

We lose our jobs, our homes and all for nothing.

Another 6 reasons government is a failure and untrustworthy, look it up... guardian abuse, obamacare fraud, maine's spitball mountain, Detroit, bridge collapses and Border security.

Make that 7. To think vigilante citizens have to buy expensive military equipment and patrol our borders essentially doing the job that our stupid loser government doesn't want to do.

And what makes you think that having a big fat colossal government will prevent a scenario like Armageddon or Deep Impact from happening?

Again it cannot be emphasized, we are only as free and enjoy as much liberty as the government permits and as much as we permit the government to have control and the level of accountability we place on that government. Whatever we do, whether or not we have all these programs, that fact alone is what we need to concentrate on.


The price of eternal freedom is eternal vigilance. Accept it my friends, the cops, the government isn't always going to be there. Get it together and get out there and take a bullet in your chest for freedom if you have to. Better than living in slavery like I did under the Iron Curtain. My b- I mean witch of a communist mother's house. And pardon me if I use bold and caps but some of you might just be skimming through this and not paying attention...

Anyways, my friend came to and came back on his feet and to his senses. He was the same patriotic conservative and he was ready to face the new challenge of coming to terms with a physically disabled and brain damaged son. A son who would never walk again.

Our hope is that he will regain the rest of his limbs and regain his senses. The brain damage part, were not sure. No way he'll be the same and he'll have to relearn everything over again. Just like what happened to me 2 years ago.

The LAPD pig communists and freeloaders took me to Olive view to be drugged just because I couldn't keep my mouth shut and wanted to help people and urge people to respect one another and this great nation. I remember only staggering through Sylmar vomiting and fainting after midnight. Passers by thought I was a crackhead or a tweaker or something I guess. A lady from church found me and got me a safe place for the night. Thank God for her and that there are women like her.

It could've been worse... A Friend of mine from Las Vegas went to LA county jail on Disorderly conduct charges and was raped. Andersonville and Hanoi Hilton is to Sandals as compared to The Lee Boca Ritz and spa. Amnesty international rates them 5 stars.

That's what I have to go through to defend my homeland. My Christian religion and my brothers and sisters in the lord who are my fellow inmates in this prison we call the United States of America in a miserable little cellblock called Southern California. How far we've come since Hanncock's ink was dried. Since handsome Johnny broke wind in France with a carbine in his hand and JFK told us we should be asking what we can do for the USA than asking for an EBT paid lunch at Carls Jr or Whole Foods.

For my old time faith and for the land of my birth, I've been homeless 4 times in my life, stripped of my dignity, my property, my home, my marriage, my employment and I am now practically almost banned from working in this country all because employers and private citizens can access medical, criminal and credit records that they have no right to see! And all for want of a better life for me, myself and Irene. No, not me. Its For my children not yet born, my little brothers and sisters not yet born, my wife and my baby girl who wait for me on the other side and for the Lord's sake

She waits for me there, holding Amanda's hand and she is wearing nothing but a ring I gave her and a veil of tears...

I wont even go into the details of the others reason why it happened because then Brian can't publish it on the internet. It would make your skin crawl if you read.

How far are you going to go to enjoy freedom and allow others to enjoy it with you? How much government do you need to feel safe? Are you going to give it up and make me and your fellow Americans give it up too? Or are you going to give something up and maybe die so that your kids wont have to tell your grandchildren how great it was when they still had freedom...

What can I say? Kyle Weissman. He's like a cross between Patton, Joe McCarthy, Walter Winchell Jack Chick and the old man from Sucker Punch. He's been orphaned, widowed, exiled, abused and used up and a reflection of everything wrong with America. By that I mean how dare we allow that to happen to someone as intelligent and hard working like that and say nothing. He's the reason I got involved in blogging and why I do this. I don't want my son to be Kyle Weissman when he grows up. He can be anything he wants to but I don't want him to suffer as he has.

I think I'll have him write some more for me. I can spend more time with Sean my newborn and my family...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Make Mine Freedom (1948)

This is a warning to all about the dangers of giving up freedom and liberty and relying on the state.

Friday, December 9, 2016

In Capitalism, even failures, rejects, and underachievers can succeed!

One of the reasons why free market capitalism is superior to socialistic government's such as those practiced in the USSR, China and Hitler's Germany is that even those who are not geniuses, who are underachievers have the ability to achieve success and prosper greatly! As long as the government stands out of the way, even a poor, uneducated, immature lad on the cusp of adulthood can manage success and achieve great things!

Many of our greatest achievers in business, science, art, technology, cinema, music, religion, humanitarianism, medicine, even politics have been the sort of people we've been conditioned by government run education, government regulated media and government subsidized pop culture to view as undesirables, have nots and underachieving worthless failures unworthy of any mercy or any help at all!!

These are the kinds of people we've been taught should be locked up in prison or institutions or who should live in public housing working at WalMart or McDonalds!! Some of them have...

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds was a high school drop out who lied about his age to fight in the First World War and upon returning became a successful salesman for the McDonald's brothers franchising their business in southern California! This could not be done in today's government and today's economy that has eschewed free markets! It became the launch pad for the most succesful fast food business in the world!

James Cash Penney was a failed businessman who time and time again failed at every creative enterprise he started. In the 19th century under so called "Victorian principals" such a person was looked down upon and stigmatized but Penney did all he could, tried again and again and succeeded in creating one of the world's largest department store chains, JCPenney.

Even the founder of one of the most successful Department store chains, Rowland Hussey Macy faced failure time and time again. Today they would remain failures because of the credit system and information sharing by our government and they would be stigmatized by their peers and society so they couldn't start over. But back then when our nation was young and free of socialism it was possible.

Lets also not forget the one the stumped them all, Sam Walton... High school dropout, underachiever, failure, founder of the most successful of all department stores, Wal-Mart!

Bill gates and Steve Jobs of Apple and Microsoft fame are also underachievers! Gates had a criminal history and Jobs was viewed by those in authority as slackers. Today in our liberal country which seeks to emulate the Chinese and other socialist countries they could never have made it. That's exactly the way it should be to those who do not want upstart young competitors and who want America to remain vassals to Red China.

Capitalism allows for the lowest common denominator to rise above his or her station and perform great things as business enterprinuers and innovators. America to this day has the highest level of patents for new inventions and new businesses while China cannot even keep up.

As mentioned in an earlier referenced article, China despite what the traitors, liberals, cronies and others say is not a standard we should be following. In fact China is a standard we should be using to avoid and NOT FOLLOW!

China's education system and economy is based on a one chance, one hit system that considers failure to be so abhorant that once you've failed at one thing you've failed at everything. Once a failure, always a failure. You've lost face you are doomed to be a failure forever. Suicides in Asia are the highest in the world

The education system in China is strict, rigged, oppressive and unforgiving. Only 30% of primary education grads have the ability to enter high school. Testing to enter High school and university are based on one hit one shot high stakes no failure testing. Fail one test and you will never be able to get the education certificate you need to enter jobs with high wages.

Do we really want to adopt that mindset in our nation? Founded by the prince of peace who says we should forgive so we too should be forgiven? Do we want to subjugate our children to an education system run by bureucrats who don't really give a crap about our children and beat them up only to fail them forever and ever if they get one thing wrong?!

Unfortunately, a growing number of Americans, especially those in the government and in our business class think so. Either they are woefully ignorant about how the world works or they are traitors who want to sabotage our economy and our nation. The vast majority of these Chinaphiles are made up of the later. People who covet our property and our children and who want to stop competitors from rising up from the lower classes as they and their fathers have. They want to pull up the economy ladder and keep the poor enslaved and down. This is how socialism works.

The very fact that capitalism allows infinite chances for success vs China's one hit one miss system is proof that a free market capitalism free of government meddling and a free society that allows privacy, maximum liberty and freedom is far, far superior to China's communist system. And for that matter every other communist system or socialist system that does or ever has existed...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Communism failed in common core

An interesting look into Common core and the failure of communism

Well also have another article about Kyle Weissman and his misadventures in public school.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SSI took away my rights and made me too poor to survive

The following is an email from Mark Nugent of Sacramento california who at the age of 16 was forced into the mental health system against his will, branded mentally ill, stripped of his trust fund by his liberal parents and forced on SSI.

The SSI program was originally intended for those liberals branded too old or too stupid to work. It pays very little, about $695 a month and to receive it one must not hold assets or property worth more than $2000. 

People with disabilities who receive SSI [Supplemental Security Income] payments continue to be the nation’s poorest citizens. The average annual income of a single individual receiving SSI payments was $7,436 far below the federal poverty level. SSI recipient's income is sixty percent less than the federal poverty level SOMETIMES EVEN LESS!!! Since the first Priced Out study was published in 1998, the value of SSI payments compared to median income has declined precipitously – from 24.4% of median income in 1998 to 18.7% in 2010 while national average rents have risen over 50% during the same time period. 

SSI recipients are usually forced on the program against their will by mean liberal relatives and government workers in order to control and manipulate them and steal their assets. Government workers often exploit SSI recipients and subjugate them to humiliation, unnecesary auditing, forced treatment, captivity in group homes or institutions and are often homeless.

The vast majority of SSI recipients are homeless due to low incomes as well as abusive payees. The Representative Payee program manages the majority of SSI funds for victims. The payees are often mean, rude and abusive and steal from the recipients or "beneficiary" as they are labeled. The government often permits this and does nothing about it since they are all lazy bums anyway.

In 2010, as a national average, a person receiving SSI needed to pay 172% of their monthly income to rent a modest one-bedroom unit. In the 12 years since the first Priced Out was published, the amount of monthly SSI income needed to rent a modest one-bedroom unit has increased an astonishing 62 percent. People with disabilities were also priced out of smaller studio/efficiency units, which averaged 99% of monthly SSI. In the end of 2016, those numbers haven't improved.

So it goes with Mark Nugent who wrote to us in response to our many articles cataloging the abuse and failure of our government and the true evil nature of the SSI program and social security, perhaps the only other program other than Obamacare that has failed more than any other grandiose welfare program that Democrats have hashed out since the dictatorship of FDR.

Dear Brian

My name is Mark Nugent, I am 27 years old and live in Portland Oregon. I am originally from The Sacramento area, I used to live in Tulare where I grew up. I was born in Tulare and moved to Sacromento When I was 15. I used to be well liked and have lots of friends in Tulare but when we got to Sacro, that changed. I was picked on a lot. My parents and teachers forced me to go to a psychiatrist.

They told me that I had Asperger's syndrome and that I had Bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed solely because I was picked on because of tbe fights I got into. The psychiatrist and my parents blamed me exclusively for all the problems that happened. My doctor was Dr. Guohua Xia. They made no mention of the problems being recent and that I made many accomplishments and had many friends in Tulare. Dr Xia just told me, "Oh, well do you have friends now? No? Then you obviously are the problem!"

Guohua Xia always had negative things to say to me. When I got picked on, he told me that it was my fault for not socializing and for having anti-social behavior. He never said what that behavior was or why it was my fault he just said it was and he said it was also my fault that the meds he forced me to take made me sleepy and prevented me from studying and getting good grades.

Before being medicated, I got good grades. I was an A, B student then I started getting Ds and Cs. I was forced to take it by the teachers and parents.

I was on six different types of medication of Bipolar and autism. Disorders I really don't have. I was on Seroquel, Zyprexa, Depakote and a few other drugs I don't remember.

Also, my parents always took Xia's side against me. They argued that professionals who are licensed do not make mistakes and know better than minors who are totally nuts. When I brought up that Xia was educated in a medical school in Communist China they laughed at me,.

I was told by Dr. Xia that was unable to work and that I probably wouldn't make it in the real world. He recommended that I be forced on SSI and be placed either in a residential care facility or a boarding care home. I freaked out when I heard it. My parents were delighted with the idea.

I was not allowed to work at a job at summer time or anytime. My parents told me I couldn't handle it "because the doctor said so..." I was devastated. I was also told i couldn't work because they wanted me to be on SSI instead and everyone on SSI can't work.

When I turned 17 I ran away from home and hitchhiked to Denver Colorado. I didn't get very far however. I didn't know my social security number and no one in my family wanted to help me. I was told that I had to go back to California. I spent 6 months in Denver. Nobody could help me since I did not have my social and any money. When it got cold I was compelled to return. By this time I was 18 and was of legal age so they couldn't do to much damage to me then. But that doesn't mean they didn't...

When I got back I was forced back on SSI, I was forced back to Brainefit to see Dr Xia who proceeded to make up the worst imaginable lies about me such as that my being homeless in Denver was not because of abuse but because "I was mentally incompetint and unable to care for myself" and put down that I needed a guardian. He also chided me for my personal beliefs.

Well, I learned my SSA number and before they could file guardianship I ran away again this time to Portland Oregon where Ive been since. I went there because SSI was supplemented and to get away from my dad. also mental health services aren't as powerful as they are in California.

That and the fact that I had no education and a psyche record that would keep me from getting a job. I had learned when I was in Denver that the government shares info and private stuff about people with corporations and that just by seeing a doctor and being on SSI was enough to get me away from any decent job!

To top it off, the meds damaged my liver and my brain. I now suffer from ADD as a result from the different meds. I also have diabetes, poor eyesight from the Zyprexa and premature hairloss and balding. I tried to sue the drug companies but I only got a little bit of money. I was homeless for 3 years in the streets of Portland and Eugene before I got housing. I got my GED and I was able to get a part time job at Safeway but it was seasonal. I can only get seasonal employment and temp jobs like Labor ready or grocery and retail. People are reluctant to hire me since I am on SSI.


 Before moving to this once great nation built on the foundations of capitalism and Judeo Christian faith, Dr. Guohua Xia was born and raised in China and was an active member of the Communist youth league. According to the FBI, Guohua Xia received the Medal of Lenin at the age of 14 for ratting on dissident relatives involved in illegal "subversive activity." Xia was rewarded with a scholarship to Peking University. He chose to study for a career in psychiatry in The Beijing School of medicine located at PU.

FBI files show His post graduate studies and work included working at the notorious labor camps including the notorious Shayang Re-education Through Labor camp in Hubei Providence. Xia's early duties included data collection and interviewing victims and aiding in their "rehabilitation." Among his many victims included participants of the Tianamen square riots.

Guohua Xia desired to live in the united states not to enjoy our freedoms and our prosperity but to destroy it. Under ideological exclusion provision to prevent communists from entering America to promote subversive activity, Xia was originally not permitted to enter. However, thanks to Former President and pervert Bill Clinton the law was weakened to allow Chinese subversives like Xia to enter and create havoc. This at the behest of his Chinese associates.

By the way, had Hillary Clinton been elected even more of these subversives would've been allowed to immigrate along with scores of thousands of Jihadist Muslims.

Guohua Xia studied at  University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Marriage therapy and counseling. He then helped found Brainefit, a psychiatric Clinic located outside Sacramento which in addition to proscribing toxic drugs and forcing people on SSI, specialize in magnetic therapy and accupuncture.

FBI data on Dr Guohua Xia is limited due to the Clinton Administration's interference which terminated monitoring of possible subversives from China and other countries. There are now thousands of communist subversives from Asia and former Soviet Bloc countries residing and working amongst us, many of them creating hapless victims like Mark Nugent. This the result of Bill Clinton's legacy.

Friday, December 2, 2016

VOICE OF REASON #4-Black Lives Matter & ISLAM

Pompous Black Lives Matter activist demolished by man who experienced tr...

Anti-Trump Hatemail

The Bulk of hate mail I've received since August has been mostly that of anti-Trump rhetoric. Granted here there there are also lunatics who make generic statements like Oldfartrants and so on. Also, we've gotten quite a lot of flak from Europe in the form of left wing agitators and even neo-nazis.

Today we present some of the more interesting hate mail. In the form of  comments made to my blog and YouTube Channel.

First up is Oldfartrants:

Freedom of speech allows me to voice my opinions - hopefully Führer Trump won't take that away from us - he's talking about silencing the press and if you actually care about freedom that should really worry you! Still I am correct when I stated in my earlier video that Freedom needs to have limits... Limiting some freedoms is common sense - that's why there are limitations. Now, as I've said many times, if you don't like my opinions make your own videos instead of criticizing me - it's a total waste of time since nobody can care about what you think if you don't make videos and tell them.

 Yes folks, He's the same old fart, the same of Communist. Of course he should be thankful that Trump won instead of Hillary, otherwise he'd be up against a death panel, then up against a wall. His withered commie carcass would then be rendered into food for the millions of trouble making Muslim refugee bums Hillary would be dumping onto our American homeland.

Next up is an oldfartrants viewer, MCAINISTHROUGHX (gee, still worried about McCain?! JOIN THE TENS!)

You know, I refuse to believe you have a business of your own unless its one of those s***ty fast food joints that sell dollar hamburgers. You are so stupid your channel and your blog show it. I have a degree in political and social sciences and everything you posted is so stupid and mindboggling insane. No one but the very ignorant and uneducated would believe any of it.

Next, another oldfart fan, smackontheweb:

Trump's election shows just how dumbed down america has become. Don't worry though, we've overcome worse obstacles like world war 2, Jim Crow, slavery, Ronald Reagan ETC. We'll get through it then we'll take all you fascist traitors and everyone else who voted for that slime bucket and have you guillotined

Next up, H4xx0rrx

Trump will be the undoing of the GOP fascists and you too. 4 years or 8 years, it'll blow around the dry bones and bring them together. In these tough situations people develop courage and fight back like when Reagan was dictator. When he cut food stamps and blew a big hole in the budget, he brought us all together to bring about change under Clinton. Trump will do even better for progress in America. He will bring about the collapse of the economy and the welfare state thus spurring us to finish the revolution that our parents started in the sixties. One of the first things we'll be doing after Trump leaves office is seizing the rich man's stash and deporting all the Trump lovers to Antarctica. See how well you'll do then in the cold without a strong social government like so many of us have had to do nazi.


F*ck Donald Trump! Damn B**ch A** honky! If food stamps and SSI don't come in on time I'm gonna move up to Maine and blow away all you M**** F***kers!

Aedivian writes

You right wingers and Donald Trump are proof that mental illness exists. The government is our friend not our enemy. Only retards and schizophrenics would think that the government could target innocent human beings and before you bring up that ussr nazi BS those government were run by special interests. Koch Bros daddy worked with both Hitler and Stalin and so did the Bushes. You need to get help!

Voxematic, a neo nazi writes:

Look, national socialism does work. It worked wonders in the 30s. Germany prospered while you Ameies and everyone else went through a great Depression The problem is corporate banking interests controlled by Jewish Zionists. Hitler was only looking after his and Germany's best interests. The Jews and the plutocrats in the UK and US helped them and made Hitler out to be the worst man in history. Its capitalists like you, Trump and the Jews who are the enemy.

Then there's another skin head, FERNANDOCASSINELLI

I am willing to bet you're a Jew from the way you talk. Either that or your a sad sorry excuse for a goyim just like Donald Trump and the rest.

Then there's themorbiusstone

Capitalist governments have failed everywhere. I am glad I live in Europe because America will be destroyed thanks to Trump. It will happen in his first year. You'll be cooking rat on a stick over a campfire. Only a global socialist economy and state can get things working. these are facts mojo homo retard deal with it f**k your feelings!
Twosquirrly writes:
What's with the racism against Muslims? Its republicans like you we need to be watch out for. I have a black boyfriend and he is hot and takes care of me. You white trash christians are a real threat and so is Donald Trump who the USSR calls their useful idiot.
Now lets take a look at emails and blog comments. First blog comments.
Everything on this blog is pure BS. Right wing nazi rantings by stupid retarded fascists
What can I say!? I'm glad I live in a blue state rather than F**king Middle america right now!
Its gonna cost you right winger! We will overcome take back the nation and put you and all the right wing psychopaths on trial for war crimes!!! TRAITOR! 
Stupid Nazis. God is going to punish America for this travesty. I hope that the fruits of a Trump presidency will be Your Demise. Stupid storm troopers. Sieg Heil Trump Hitler!
I am a case worker in Providence RI and I work with the homeless and mentally ill! I am shocked that we elected a bigot like Trump and that we allow racism and bigotry to go unchecked and unchallenged! SHAME ON YOU ALL!
All Libertarians are racist!
You all are incompetent and obviously make up everything you write. What a group of idiots. Typical Teabagger research. 
The mentally ill like you should not be allowed to be on the internet unsupervised spreading lies and fallacies and contradicting what we know to be the facts! 
I hope you get branded mentally ill and sent to a Fema camp!
Hey fascist! This is a funny comedy blog you have! HA! HA! HA! HA! Tax cuts work!? SURE THEY DO! HA! HA! HA! LOL!!! THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS STUPID REPUBLICAN NAZI!!!! LOL!! 
You're from Maine? Where? Skowhegan? I bet you are! F**king retarded redneck POS!!
Before moving on, let me introduce you to another troll I have on my blog, Vlad Tepes. No, not count Dracula, a different kind blood sucking bat. An anti-semite from Poland who posts conspiracy theories in Polish and denies the holocaust...
 Comment moderation is for Jew loving cowards! F** Israel! Bernie Sanders got Jewed by Trump! LOL!

olsheviks ((( Bernie Sanders )))... VS.
Mensheviks ((( Debbie Wasserman-Shultz )))

The banks now right need a war desperately. They’ve tried so hard in Syria and it just hasn’t worked. Now they’ve crazy Trump actually saying we should stay out of the Middle East and focus on our own problems, and people are listening… What’s a self-respecting jewish globalist financier to do?

Without US military killing people breaking things, there no future growth path for them. So they send their puppets like Kasich and Romney out to talk up the fight against “evil” and threaten Russia and China, hoping to fool those dumb white ‘Murkins one more time into sending their sons off to die for God and Country and Goldman Sachs.

The IMF is in bed with the Turks, Saudis, and NATO, they are worried about a Trump audit of the Federal Reserve… and about Trump and Putin teaming up to destroy them once and for all… Trump is a vote for peace, and peace does not make money for the weapon industry. The pseudo secular media and their globalist masters profit from destabilization.

Retaining control of US foreign policy is what drives Hillary’s flying monkeys… along with the millions Goldman Sachs and the Saudis have paid her. 
I am wondering perhaps maybe this is not really Count Dracula but probably count Chocula?

Monday, November 28, 2016


Philidelphia has recently dropped the recount lawsuit.Without Pennsylvania, Hillary has no chance to win even if Wisconsin changes its mind.

In other news, The green party and other activists have thrown in the towel. They all realize that the people have spoken... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Trump won you lost! Deal with it!

Its time for the left to stop their rioting and caterwulting and get over it! ITS OVER! 8 YEARS OF OBUMMER IS ENOUGH! MOVE ON!!!

Liberal media attacks Barron Trump, brands him autistic and retarded #stopthebullying

Well the left wing media is at it again my friends! This time they not only no longer bother to hide their liberal bias and un-objective reporting, the now have decided to attack Donald Trumps son Barron. During the election celebration, Barron Trump was looking dozy and tired, he is no doubt up past his bedtime as the announcement comes in that his father is now the president and no doubt feeling emotional and doing his best to hide it with the whole world watching him.

For a ten year old boy, this must be a hard moment. He's up late, tired, he's overwhelmed by cameras from every nation flashing at him and broadcasting his image to everyone in the world. Of course he's going to be awkward and dozy, of course he's gonna look strange. My six year old can dish it out but then there are times he'll doze and we gotta take him up to his room to sleep.

Well it turns out the exposure has had an unlikely and not to mention repugnant side of it. As a father watching Barron on stage, I couldn't help but feel good for him as well as sorry for him. If it were my son, I'd be laughing and say, HEY! BARRON! WAKE UP! YOU WANNA GO TO SLEEP? Heh! But not everyone was laughing with us. They were laughing at him and took the time to bully him.

On YouTube, liberals the world over ridiculed Barron and on the comments teased him and made inappropriate comments. These are the same liberals who demand tolerance and scream for equality, social justice, blah! blah! blah! They also claim to be against bullying but find nothing wrong with bullying the son of our new president.

Following this unAmerican and unChristian spectacle, liberal viewers of YouTube then began to make allegations that Barron was showing signs of autistic spectrum syndrome and Asperger's syndrome. The banner was then taken up by California's fattest and most nasty evil Communist, Jabba the Hutt OOPS! I mean, Rosie O'donnell.

O'donnell who has a daughter with autism immediately rushed on twitter to claim that Barron had autism and that one of the reason he was retarded with autism was that he was being bullied online. One of the diagnostic traits for autistic spectral disorders is "failure to socialize with peers." This according to the bible of communist psychiatry, the DSM. In other words, if kids in school bully or tease your child, he is to blame and he is a retard.

Not only this, Barron's posture and dozy expression is now being used to diagnose him as being autistic. Even though none of the people making these claims hold any degrees or licensed professionals or anything it shows how dangerous psychiatry is and how disrespectful the left has become.

Amazing! In other time and place no one would sound alarm or take notice but now on youtube its all "GASP!! He's anti Social! He's a retard! We need to get him help![lock him up and take his estate]

Since last weekend as of the time of the publishing of this article, there have been thousands of videos attacking Barron as being autistic and mentally retarded all because of this brief window into the life of a son of the future president in an election. This at a time when he's exhausted and tired, there's pressure on him yet they omit this and proceed to attack him at all angles. Condemning him.

Again, these people are not licensed so called professionals but many of these quacks have been known to use these things even during times of crisis, distress and exhaustion. The consequences are devastating....

A diagnosis of Asperger's or any autistic disorder is considered criteria for declarations of mental incompetence, instances where people have been stripped of dignity, stripped of assets, property and rights and often incarcerated in institutions. others are simply thrown out on the streets. All the while, the government is saying its helping them and that they have to be patient while they wait for them to do something about the problems.

The whole purpose I believe is an attack on Trump's prodigy. They want to end his bloodline. They want to brand Barron and perhaps his siblings as retards with Asperger's all because they don't like his father.Then they can seize his assets when he grows up and lock him up like they do to so many innocent people who live normal lives and have it all taken away all because of the word of abusive relatives and some liberal doctor!!

Not only  this they can destroy his mind and body with psychotropic meds that will leave him helpless. Drugs that can cause him to age to dust overnight, make him diabetic, impotent, brain damaged, truly disabled...

Friend, realize that there is no such thing as Asperger's syndrome. Realize that there is no such thing as autistic spectrum disorder and that psychiatry is a liberal farce. The true reason is to seize your property and slowly kill you. It is nothing but a scheme to promote eugenics and socialism.

The liberal media again shows their hatred, their wickedness, their bias, their hatred for decency. The liberals among us also show their intolerance, contempt and their fascism.

LIBERAL BIAS: How News Organizations describe Castro the day he died and went to hell

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Communist Dictator Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

It seems we have something more to be thankful for the day after Thanksgiving!

On November 25th, 2016 after ruling over the poor people of Cuba for 57 years, Fidel Castro, AKA El Jaffe, El Commandant and the butcher died and entered eternity Godless and Christless as he lived and reigned.

Born in the hamlet of Biran in 1926 to a hardworking Spanish farmer Angel Castro y Argiz, Castro was the illegitimate offspring by Angel and a cook, Lina Ruz Gonzales. Angel served as a soldier in the Spanish American war in Cuba and at wars end returned where he worked hard and eventually became a humble but successful landowner who did business with United Fruit Company.

Castro prospered and was eventually able to buy and lease a total of 11,000 hectares of land which yielded pine wood, livestock, and sugarcane. Although he was hard working and thrifty, he was not a moral man. He had many out of wedlock children including Fidel and Raul.

Compared to most children in Cuba, Fidel was a privleged child. He was able to attend boarding school in Santiago but was expelled for misbehavior and sent to a strict Jesuit school instead. Fidel and his brother were unruly and were poor academics. Nonetheless with help from his father he entered law school in Havana Cuba where he was described as politically illiterate.

Castro was mostly involved in sports, student activism and gansterismo culture, he was known to be connected to street gangs in Havana and carried out beatings even assassinations against students who opposed his left wing views. His main interests in school were Geography, history and debating. In 1947, Castro joined the Far left Party of the Cuban People Party under Chibas.

Castro was opposed to the ruling dictator of Cuba, Juan Batista who like Castro was a socialist though not as far to the left as Castro. Castro attempted a coup with the help of street gangs but failed to do so. Batista himself had paid violent gangs to fight his opponents and under threat Castro fled to the US where he started a revolutionary movement against the American backed Batista government.

Throughout the 1950s, Castro lead a revolutionary reign of terror throughout the island of Cuba. Although many of his victims were themselves cruel evil tyrants such as the Alcalde of La Plata, many of Castro's victims were innocent peasants accused of counter revolutionary activities and many of Castro's guerilla attacks decimated communities. Were it not for the barbarism and tyranny of Batista and his waning popularity Castro's revolution would not have succeeded.

On new years day 1959, Castro seized the Island nation. He ordered his men to carry out widespread vandalism and looting in the streets of Havana and other major cities and purged several prominent judges and politicians including his supporters. His first task as Premier and dictator was to purge the island of anyone suspected of counter revolutionary thought.

He next task, nationalize land and tourism and the banks. and seize the assets of foreign land owners and the wealthy. The land reforms of Castro were similar to that of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, limits were set on land ownership and could be seized at anytime, ownership was transferred to peasants who were inexperienced in farming and economics and the Island soon suffered poverty and food shortages that were only stifled by aid from the soviet union.

America had an enemy country only 90 miles from its shores off Florida coast. His most notorious act besides butchering his own people was to build with help from the USSR, nuclear ballistic missiles that could strike America without warning. President John F Kennedy countered with a blockade an airstrikes on constructed missile sites. The situation lead to a stand off against the US and USSR that almost escalated into World war 3! Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev backed down before things got out of hand. He agreed to pull missiles out in exchange for our removing missiles from Turkey.

After the crisis, Castro focused on fomenting communist revolution in the third world especially in Africa. This lead to the overthrow of the colonial government of Angola in 1975 and a civil war that engulfed the country between the Cuban backed communist MPLA, American backed nationalist FNLA and the popular left of center party UNITA which was backed by the US as well as South Africa.

The war lasted well into the 80s. America refused to intervene due to fatigue from the Vietnam war and instead backed South Africa's military to intervene in the nation. South Africa fought its own war as well in Numidia which was attempting to break away from South Africa. Castro's attempt to intervene failed miserably. The Cuban military was defeated time and again by South Africa forces. Many of his Generals were executed or defected to the US in fear of being executed.

In the later years and following the collapse of communism, Cuba's economy was left in shreds. Many of the people there fled the nation to America in fragile rafts through shark infested waters, this despite Cuba having universal healthcare, high literacy, guarantees of free food, free housing and other perks and despite America not having those free giveaways. This is how bad things were in the nation Cuba.

Castro's solution to patch things up and prevent being overthrown was to raise the minimum wage and pensions and to execute dissidents and those suspected of being opposed to him. In the end Castro was forced to step down due to failing health. Castro delegated responsibilities to his brother Raoul who is destined to succeed him.

Celebrity status among liberals

Despite being one of the 20th centuries biggest mass murderers, Castro is supported throughout the world by the far left and liberals everywhere especially in the European Union and in Hollywood. Among the more infamous stars who embraced and supported dictator Castro were Hollywood film producer Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, Leonardo DiCaprio and more notorious, Sean Penn who himself has lavished praise on Castro and has mourned his death.

This Thanksgiving weekend, the liberal mainstream media has another reason to cry and blubber this after the election of Donald J Trump, the loss of one of their most beloved world leaders. No sooner had Castro died and was dragged to hell by Satan and his imps that the liberal media began to interrupt regular programing just to announce his death and whine and wail. The special bulletin not only interrupted basic corporate news but even networks like Nickelodeon interrupted their programing to announce the death of Castro.

The news reports seen throughout the media since his death have said nothing about the misery and hardship he brought to his own people, have said nothing about the evil he did, about the lives lost and the destructive nature of communism. The only negative aspect if any portrayed was the Cuban missile crisis and that is largely seen as being mostly America's fault.

The liberal media no longer hides its liberalism ever since Donald J Trump became the primary candidate and eventually the president, they continue to shamelessly bare their liberalism before the American public with their disgusting. EVEN IN SPORTS IN THE NFL OF ALL PLACES YOU CAN SEE THE LIBERALISM SHINE! THAT'S RIGHT! San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick wore a t-shirt praising Castro's education investment. He fails to note however that schools in Cuba are run like a cross between military drill camps in the German SS and the agogae in Sparta.

Children are forced to attend school from 7AM to 5PM and are saddled with tons of homework. They are kept hungry most of the day until a meager lunch is served where they are told that Castro made this possible. The schools like our own emphasize indoctrination and obedience rather than academics which is all for show than blow. Although Cuba does boast high literacy ratings, most of the population are limited in their knowledge of the outside world.

Our own population thanks to our own version of the communist dumbing down indoctrination called public schooling also has had a similar effect as we see! Many younger Americans even those of Cuban ancestry do not view Castro as the vicious tyrant as he was but ignore the truth about his activities. Castro is viewed as a generous kind hearted old man and his opponents fascist traitors worthy of death. Even the nickelodeon network wont educate the children on the dark side of Castro only going so far as the Cuban Missile crisis or his intervention in Angola's civil war.

So ends the life of one of the last of the commie despots! Castro thought that there was no God and that there would be no consequence in the end of his life for his actions. Castro now realizes too late that Jesus is lord and that we all must answer for every word and deed we have committed. Even every thought. Castro thought he would get away with murder, he was wrong and the devil now has a new fireman. He'll no doubt be wailing and gnashing his teeth along with other socialists, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Hugo and his predeceasor Batista! And don't forget about Che Guevera and those Cubans who served along side him. The good news its not too late to repent of your sins and serve Jesus Christ. Make him lord of your life and you wont ever have to burn in the lake of fire with Fidel Castro and his crew. You can spend eternity in heaven.



It's back

The Vortex—They Just Don’t Get It

Powerful Miracle Prayer to St Jude - Hopeless and Impossible cases

Monday, November 21, 2016

WATCH: The Biggest Media Meltdowns to Trump's Win

O’Reilly on Trump Winning: ‘The Vicious Dishonest National Media Got Wha...

Liberal Media MELTDOWN after Trump's Victory

Obamacare Fail: Rabies shots cost 4k each So much for socialist medicine

So it turns out this whole schtick about free socialized medicine is a farce! Under Barack Hussein Obama, our outgoing tyrannical despot, Rabies shots cost about 4k each. You  need at least 5. More than anyone can afford! The rabbies shots in Obamacare are not protected and aren't intended to be.

This I learned from one of my colleagues in Manchester who was bitten by a bat who might have been rabid. The cost of the rabies shots totaled around ten thousand dollars!! That was half her life savings! Great job Democrats and Obama!

As it turns out, Democrats and liberals really don't care about the sick in America. All this talk about free healthcare for sick people is nothing but a farce to make America a communist dictatorship. It never ever really has worked.

Consider the many scores of thousands of Americans who are insured under Obama yet still owe thousands in medical bills and debts that now mar their credit reports.

Consider also the thousands who die here and in Europe because of Universal healthcare and the rationing that comes with it. Elderly and disabled who are left to die because they'd rather spend their resources on muslim refugee terrorists and lazy bums who vote liberal again and again.

Consider the millions of unborn babies murdered because they would or might be born with disabilities!! Nazi Germany anyone?!

Consider the millions of Americans who lost their jobs because they're employers could not afford to stay in business while paying for their employee's insurance. Consider also the millions of Americans who are homeless thanks to Obamacare. WELL AT LEAST THEY'RE INSURED

8 years of Obama, 8 years of ruination. America is now becoming more of a communist bloc than a free society.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Vortex—Pressing Catholic “Media”

Freedom fighters Journal: American left wing media commits Treason plans coup

Click on the link here to read about the American news media's ministry of hate.

The news media has an agenda, they no longer hide their left wing bias. They plan the overthrow of our elected president Trump and plan the replacement of a communist dictatorship. They have deliberately fomented riots and want a state of emergency so they can stop the innaguration. Obama also wants this to happen as well to give himself either a third term in office or force america to accept Hillary Clinton as dictator.

America rise up and stand against the corporate bolshevik new establishment! Demand accountable journalism now!!

Greetings to our French viewers Bonjour et bienvenue

Bonjour et bienvenue à Mainestategop le blog officiel de la New England Alliance pour la liberté et les marchés gratuits! Nous avons remarqué beaucoup de visiteurs de France et nous aimerions profiter de ce moment pour vous accueillir. Nous croyons à la liberté maximale et aux droits et responsabilités individuels. Nous croyons aussi à rétablir la foi chrétienne et en Dieu et à rétablir l'intention de nos fondateurs. Nous soutenons les conservateurs français, en particulier ceux qui sont catholiques et reconnaissons que votre pays a connu des moments difficiles en matière de religion. C'est notre espoir et nos prières que la France deviendra une nation libre sous Dieu comme nos États-Unis d'Amérique et que vous serez une fois de plus une nation chrétienne comme avant sous de grands hommes tels que Clovis. N'hésitez pas à m'écrire et à laisser un commentaire. Merci et que Dieu vous bénisse.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hillary loving communist pigs intimidate Trump supporter in AZ

Bataille de Montgisard - les templiers français contre l'islam

Seattle's Homeless Crisis: Bum business as usuall Oh! Black lives matter!

A few days ago I wrote of Seattle caving in to the demands of The leftist bums at Share and their boss scott Morrow. Well they got what they wanted... Our money. Yes folks they get federal funding as well as state funding so those of us outside Washington also gotta pay up jack!

Already we see how that money is being paid for, discrimination against the disabled, filthy nasty tent cities full of rapists, criminals and insane being used by mental health, Bureau of Prisons and others as dumping grounds for disabled, elderly and parlolees including sex offenders as well as funding riots in the middle of what were once peaceful quiet communities!!!

The people of Seattle are already reaping the whirlwind folks! YES! Not only that, the indoor shelters have become pivots of barbarism and uncivilized behavior. Case in point, Bethany Lutheran shelter.

Located in the quiet neighborhood of Green Lake in Northern Seattle of I-5 in a serene middle class neighborhood, Bethany Lutheran since 2010 has been a men's shelter and booze establishment for the cities homeless as part of the SHARE Wheel scheme.

After reopening its indoor shelters 2 weeks ago, Share bums have already started reverting to their usual behaviors of wanton destruction and anti-social disorder. One of these disorders took place last Tuesday on the first of the month, the day the bums get their SSI checks for doing nothing but starting trouble.

Not only does it involve the usual cast of bums, it also involves the communist Women in black movement and the black lives matter movement and one of its members who happens to be Bethany Lutheran's EC or elected Coordinator, the man the bums at the shelter elect to run the place! yeah! Black Lives DO MATTER!

Here's what happened. The Bethany Lutheran church at Green lake half the people involved were extremely drunk and extremely violent. The shelter has 20 guests and is run by an elected Coordinator called an EC and his assistant an AC or Assitant coordinator. More than half the shelter at the time of the incident were black and unfortunately most of them white and black, drunk and on the verge of violence...

All it took was one spark to set the whole thing off. This happened in the form of a racist hick who showed up to Bethany Lutheran Drunk and telling racist jokes about Obama and Hillary Clinton. The AC who along with the EC being drunk took the a chair in the kitchen area and smashed it against the head of the hick. Afterwards another member yelled "hey Bro! Don't do that! We'll get in trouble!" The AC assumed he called him boy in stead of Bro and grabbed a laptop computer that was being used by another guest and used to smash his face in. The lap top owner in turn attacked the AC.

Soon the entire shelter escalated into a drunken bar brawl. The kitchen suffered extensive damage as did the dorm area. The ones not involved fled the shelter into the street. One of the brawlers pulled the fire alarm which set off the sprinklers and summoned fire and police at the area.

When the sprinklers were set off many of the criminals fled but Police arrested several people including the AC and EC. Bethany Shelter were closed and remained closed for almost two weeks until just before Veterans day. Two days after it was closed then there were protests in the Green lake area involving women in black and Black lives matter who allege that the incident was started by white supremacists. All false.

The protests which lasted two days involved blocking Ravena Blvd and Woodland and Latona and also protests across from the church. There was also an incident where a black man smashed the windshield of a police car while intoxicated. The man was arrested but police did not arrest the people who blocked the roads. The road blocks were removed by force however. The situation died down and Scott Morrow assured SHARE and WIB that Bethany would reopen under new staff and guests after a meeting with church staff.

Allegations of racism are false. In truth there were only 5 white people there, 12 blacks and three hispanics. Although the AC EC and two others were permanently barred from Share, none were charged. According to the former AC, the incident was started by the whites who were supporting Trump. In addition to the above mentioned protest there were several days Where anti-trump demonstrators from BLM and WIB showed up and called for Trump's impeachment. These protests were peaceful and according to SPD without incident

It turns out that this is nothing new at all folks. Such incidents like brawls, arson, rape and wanton violence and mayhem are very very very common in Share. And thanks to the Seattle city council caving in and thanks to the left they will continue to use local and federal taxes to live off us being drunk and violent...

Hope yer happy Seattle! Your taxes at hard work! Remember! Black lives matter or else!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christian Crusader (Jesus) vs Islam ISIS Muslim(Muhammad)

Speech:My Brothers! Soon, you will have your fight! You will have to kill other human beings! When that moment comes, when you must kill or be killed remember my words, you are not only fighting to defend Vienna but to defend your faith and your traditions! You are defending your wives & children, your sisters, your brothers, your mothers and fathers because if Vienna falls, Rome will fall! And if Rome falls, Holy mother church will fall! Defend your faith! So that your children may be free to worship God! Free to love Christ! Free! because you have fought on this day!

REPEAT AFTER ME! I believe, I believe with all my heart!

Guilt | Bishop Fulton.J.Sheen

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The Man Who Knew Communism Best | Bishop Fulton J.Sheen

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy vets day and Happy Birthday Sean!

Friends, I'll be sitting out for most of the coming year again. Don't worry, I'll be posting new articles, I got quite a few I like but I wont be up and about as often since 3 days ago, my wife gave birth to our third son, Sean Donald Ball.

We thought of naming him after Donald Trump but The wife had wanted to name our son after her uncle who passed away two years ago. We named our son, Sean Donald Ball. Sean came into the world on Wednesday morning at 8 lbs one ounce. We say 8 lbs and an ounce of love...

So we'll be coming and going and probably wont be seen very often as not but hey! That's life! I have one and now that Trump is in charge there's no reason to worry and I can leave my blog more often to focus on work and the family.

Thank you and God bless to all of you who supported us and voted for Trump!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



The media is trying its darndest to hide the fact that they have failed to take over america with help from Islam and Mexico! HA! HA! HA! HA!


If you haven't yet! get out now and go vote!!!

Hillary loving communist pigs intimidate Trump supporter in AZ

Hillary Clinton Says " We Need Camps For Adults" ( Concentration Camps )

Hillary's post election agenda (no, its not creating jobs)

Hillary Clinton's Post-election agenda is not about making America great again. She already thinks as she has said in speech after speech she thinks America is still great! Great that so many white people are out of work and out of a job, great that so many children are graduating illiterate and ill equipped to handle the real world yet know all about gayness, sex, a politically correct history of mankind that brands white people and Christians as a cancer while lauding Islam and animal worship.

Hillary thinks its great that in America a man who shoots a home invader in self defense is of less moral ground than the robber/rapist who barged into his house, that in America, anyone can have their constitutional freedoms from owning a bank account to owning a handgun terminated at the whim of a psychiatrist for any reason, that in America, illegal aliens can come in freely, steal our jobs and form violent gangs while police can arrest and incarcerate someone for preaching the gospel on a street corner or waving a sign expressing a political belief whether or not its popualar.

Hillary Clinton, when she comes to power has no desire to make America better. As she said she already thinks America is great so there's no reason to create jobs, improve the quality of life or make necessary reforms that are badly needed especially on the federal level. She will do absolutely nothing about the problems confronting America since, uh... well... "Well we've always been great what's the point!?"

Starting January 21st Hillary's agenda will be to transform America's demographics and economy through more socialism and immigration, changing the paradigm of America and transforming the American landscape to make it less white, less Christian and most important less free. For starters she plans to target her opponents and any book, website, news group or blog that opposed her or her agenda for deletion and destruction...

Blog burning and the deletion of websites along with the smearing of opponents isn't anything new in the Democrat's sleeve these days. Barack Obama even before his election targeted youtube videos and blogs for deletion and destruction on the grounds that they were racist. Racism being defined as any blog or website owned by a white man that criticized or even made a joke about Obama.

The Clinton crime machine however has an even longer history of doing worse and will no doubt take this to the next level. Be sure to download your favorite blogs and your favorite websites critical of the Clintons or Democrats as they will be disappearing fast.

Hillary has already made open calls to destroy popular blogs such as and Frontpage magazine. Instead of condemning her for censorship, the left lauded her. In fact many have made further calls for others to be banned such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Dice.

The first year of the Hillary presidency will be about turning America into a third world zoo, a banana republic where whites and those who support freedom are no longer the majority, where there are no longer any guarantees of constitutional liberty and where the innocent are kept down over the guilty and the have not.

"Security" patrols stationed at polling places in Philly


This is a warning to all US citizens. Do not loiter in major cities after elections due to the dangers of riots by liberals and bum Democrats. The Black Lives matter Movement along with Anarchists, marxists and other liberal scum are expected to riot in the event of a Donald Trump victory. Major cities will burn to the ground especially those with high levels of crime and Democrat voters IE: New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Baltimore, Philly, Providence, Boston Et Al

In the event of (God forbid)a Hillary Clinton victory, criminal elements all over the nation will be given a leg up and a leap of faith to commit wanton crime and destruction all over the nation. The Clinton's and their supporters are all opponents of victim's rights and supporters of criminals who make up a large number of the Democratic voting base.

Expect crime to surge in the unfortunate event that Hillary is named General secretary of the USSA for at least a year.

In addition, expect Democratic operatives and hate groups such as the Black Panthers, Anti-racist action, Red Brigade and other left wing and brown nationalist groups to intimidate voters and to block access to polls. Report all incidents to the police and record them and upload them on social media.

We urge you to follow these steps to ensure a safe election day and ensure safe voting.

  • Do not wear any clothing supportiing Donald Trump in any major city or area where the Democrats make up at least 75% of the voting bloc
  • Do not place trump stickers on property in Democrat area
  • Do not loiter in areas with large minority popualations
  • do not loiter in major cities the day after elections
  • carry a gun or any weapon at all times
  • be sure to carry a camera and record police negligence, anti-social behavior
  • Also record riots and voting intimidation and fraud and flag desecration
  • Report all instances of fraud at the polls
  • Inform the police of all criminal activity by Hillary and Bernie Sanders supporters
Most of all you should get together in large groups and advocate patriotism and wave the flag proudly against immigrants and liberals.

This should not be interpreted as a call to show weakness in the face of the enemy nor give way any inch of ground to America's enemies. We should all unite and stand firm against the Left wing scum that have ruined our nation for the last 50 years. Stand firm in defense of our constitutional liberties and in the defense of America's greatness