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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

African and Syrian Muslim refugees start riot in school outside Berlin

Sorry if I've been away for sometime folks! But I had the flu and there was also business to look after after holidays. Also been tweeking up on my YT channel. Leftists have been busy reeking havoc. They deleted a video I did about Muslims attacking students who had to barricade themselves in a classroom in England. But I have this nice one of German students at an agricultural school outside Berlin being attacked by the Muslims. Here it is folks! Multiculturalism, in all its glory!


Anonymous said...

They are able to get away with this because Germany is a highly tolerant and liberal nation. They will tolerate any evil or immorality no matter the harm it comes to anyone. This cannot happen in America right now because here in the states America is not as tolerant of evil as Western Europe is. If Muslims were this violent in America they would be deported or even shot. In Germany OTOH they are safe to do whatever they feel like whether its rape or pillage and anyone who points out that this is part of Islam is branded a criminal and punished.

Anonymous said...

Its already happening in America. The Syrian rag heads have taken over the schools and are wrecking havoc. Even the coloreds can't stand it and only the NYPD cops at some of the schools have the guts to put these jihadists in their places. Filthy muslims.