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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

bloody Godless government

As our government becomes more and more godless it no longer values life. Because as godless goes they don't believe in God hence there are no souls people have no souls so... Killing them has no consequence. Death as Stalin said is a good solution for every problem.

We saw this just recently in Oregon with the killing of a militiaman who resisted the seizure of the fruits of his labor and his land by Obama's government.

We also saw the remnants of old soviet murdering communism recently as well after an american couple was attack and one murdered while on the beach of the formerly communist island stronghold of Grenada by none other than a communist radical.

Yep and we have communism soviet style communism that is here in America. Boston Globe columnist Sarah Conly, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowdoin College praised Communist China and its barbaric one child policy and forced abortions of Chinese women. Written in the column of the communist Boston Globe of all places.

The government as it grows more godless will eventually become much worse. A government out of control to gain control of our money, homes, families, our lives no matter the cost.

But to the ones in control wont bat an eye as they wipe out one life after another to kill people or to deprive them of their homes and the means to which they take care of themselves and their families since there is no God and no judgment at the end of their lives. Also because these people don't have a soul and don't have any worth except whatever is attached to them by the state or bureaucrats.

That worth of course is usually about as much as their estates of which they are relieved of before being executed or put in jail on trumped up charges.

The godless minority that run America believe that what they consider to be the greater good trumps the constitution and trumps all other considerations. Without restraint or boundary they rob and kill.

Read over my blog and you'll see shining examples of the left's thirst for blood and the trouble left in its wake. Innocent lives killed or ruined. Both the results of liberalism

With that in mind let us pause now to ponder a speech by Bernie Sander, the new hero to the drug induced hedonistic millenials after comrade Obama who they are counting on to pay their SSI checks and welfare checks into the next decade. A speech made many years ago at UCLA University Crescent Lenin Aztec where Bernie lays out plans for America's Marxist future

"The goal that we must work toward to bring [social] Democracy to America is to have an economy that manufactures goods for everyone rather than a few capitalists
Its quite clear its got to look Democratic but we must have everything under our control. The state can handle the economy far better than these few capitalists who control more money than anyone in all history. "

"Ask yourself how much money do you need to have in your lifetime. At a certain point you've made enough money, yes I say this the rest has to be redistributed because its good for everybody and good for the nation to spread other people's money around. Income inequality and the inequality of wealth is the defining challenge of this generation."

"We need to elect a president who will not be afraid to raise capital gains taxes to return the money to its rightful owners the workers who have had the fruits of their labor shaved off for profit. Profit my friends is a form of theft. The taking of the workers rightful wages that he worked for to a few people in suits who have never done a days work in their lives. Therefore the government has to have an interest in fairness and must not  allow Americans to shirk from shared responsibility socially. America doesn't have a spending problem, America has a surplus of wealth hoarded in the hands of those unworthy of it. Make no mistake the one percent are our uncommon enemies, building their lives with wealth built on the poverty of the workers."

Thus spoke Bernie Sanders at UCLA almost a decade ago. when he was but an up and coming Vermont Senator having fleeced Vermont as governor and turning it into a poverty stricken fiefdom for wealthy East coast leftists to flock to while their constituents starve.

Bernie Sanders is godless and evil. To him the people of America are soulless as he is. No God no souls. Their deaths are but nothing to flinch from. They are nothing but meat to be sacrificed. That includes the lazy stupid millenials that make up the Democratic party. They have but one purpose, to vote for Bernie or Hillary depending on who can offer the most bennies and the most bribes and then slowly wipe them out as their terms come to an end with a growing police state and tyrannical government.

Yes, communism is still alive my friends. In America.

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