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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Democrat trolls posts BS blaming rape using my name

Recently There have been attempts by Liberals to smear me. Yes More attempts to Smear. You may remember there were false allegations that I supported the murder of Kelly Thomas who was violently murdered for being homeless by Communist pig cops and then acquitted by California Marxist bums.

Well the left is at it again. On several websites such as this one here people have posted in my name claiming that Rape is the rape victim's fault.

This is absurd. Rape is never the victims fault. Of course women shouldn't go walking around showing skin and giving perverts ideas but this is absurd to say they are to blame. There is always a choice for these perverted pieces of excrement to rape or not rape.

The only ones who blame rape victims are either other perverts, the fags, and of course Muslims since they regard women as sub-human. Muslims are the most guilty of this. Islam has always supported sexual slavery, rape, child molestation and wife beating. They are cowardly enough to rape a woman or beat a woman so its no surprise they are cowardly enough to fly planes into buildings full of innocent civilians.

I am not a Muslim. I do not believe in blaming the rape victim. I am an American and a westerner and I hold that Rape is always the fault of the rapist. Never the fault of the victim.

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