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Monday, January 25, 2016

response from Herbert's legal guardian

This is Gordon Bowler Herbert's uncle and for a time Herbert's legal guardian along with his father and mother and two other uncles. We had the meeting on thursday with Herbert's psychiatrist and case manager and a few officials from the Guardian bureau in Green Bay. Here's what happened.

We all agree Herbert is now ready to take care of himself independently and he no longer needs a guardian. However He will continue to have a conservator (me and his father) watch his inheiritence. He will also not travel far. He will probably be moving in a couple months to Minnesota. We had a long talk with Herbert about responsibility and living conditions. Last weekend we took him on a trip to Tulsa and to Oklahoma city. We showed him what he can expect if he decides to move there far away. It looks like he's changed his mind.

We sat down when we got home again on the sunday before MLK holiday began and we talked and talked about where Herbert could live where he could be independent and find a job. We all agreed that Herbert should live in Minnesota. He will move to the St Paul area. Herbert has relatives in Edina which is just outside the city who can help him if needs be and he also has relatives in Duluth. We are already looking at places he can stay at and Herbert is excited about it. However because it is very cold over there this time of year and because there is a need to prepare Herbert agreed to wait till early May to move.

Herbert will move sometime in May and while we wait we are preparing him. We agreed to fund his travel his stay and give him all he needed on the condition he attend classes at an adult welfare center that teaches classes on job skills and social skills. Herbert was stubborn about going there saying that he already has social skills and job skills and claims that since he has worked at Labor  Ready before he doesn't need it. We don't agree but in exchange for payment and help Herbert agreed to finally let the government help him. We assured him that it was just for the meantime to fill in any gaps he had about social skills. He really needs it.

Herbert's father, mother, myself and his Uncle Gerald have agreed to be his conservators over his inheiretince. We will fund whatever he needs to live in St Paul as well as money from our own pocket to stay there.

Although It has been found that Herbert is ready, there are still concerns that he has skill deficiencies particularly in social skills and living skills. Herbert also must agree to continue to see a psychiatrist. Medication will be changed if necessary and well be flexible but if his doctor orders him on any meds he must take them.

Herbert can comment here again but he can't go around saying he was abused. It simply isn't true. Yes we had been hard on him maybe sometimes too much but he has behavioral issues. He also can't go on the internet too much anymore. We put limits on that too. He has to spend more time outside moving around and going to classes at the adult welfare office. He also has to try and find work. He tries to get a job at labor ready but unfortunately they don't have too much work available.

Herbert is doing a bit better than he was when he was a teenager. 2 years ago he was a big problem. He can't manage himself and he couldn't manage his illness but he's improved greatly.

I want to also point out we are not communists or socialists. We consider ourselves left of center but not that far and we believe that people who can't behave themselves need the government to take care of themselves. We don't share the views of libertarian nuts like Alex Jones, Brian Ball or Herbert that anyone can do whatever they want without the government checking them. No. We have to share this country and a boy who has tantrums can't care for himself and can't find work or even moderate his portions at Golden Corral needs government care. Sorry Herbert and right wingers but mankind needs to be governed Thus speaks a communist hater of freedom. Who gets to decide who needs to be imprisoned and restricted by tyrannical failing government. And if government is so good why couldn't they give Herbert a job and an apartment of his own. Looks like communism failed again this time in Wisconsin.

Anyway I hope that clarifies things. Were not against freedom or anything like that WHATEVER!! But we believe in limits and sensibility. As for Herbert he's doing better now and this Spring he'll be out on his own in Minnesota and hopefully he'll get a better job than just labor ready. Bye for now. Gordon Bowler.


Reuben Ben Abraham said...

clearly the parents hold to communist beliefs. One does not need to be a card carrying communist to promote communism and be a communist. Just like communists they believe in the government as a solution for their failure to raise their son properly and they believe that individual rights and needs must be put aside for the greater good IE: No one has the right to do what they want. They also believe like communists in an arbitrary decision making process that automatically gives government workers the power to demolish another man's rights and therefore his livelihood based on an assumption, a theory or a possible worry that someone might be too stupid to look after himself. All of these beliefs are Marxist and totalitarian. The Bowler family clearly has been conditioned into Marxist thinking whether they believe it or not. If Herbert is not employed and not fully independent in Wisconsin after guardianship was imposed then it is the fault of the parents and the Guardian not Herbert. Herbert should've been allowed to travel to Oklahoma or anywhere he wants to without being hindered by the state or by failing parents.

Peter Foult said...

If Herbert Doesn't want to live in Wisconsin let him leave. Sounds like the parents are jerks.

Anonymous said...

Thank whatever god there is that Herbert isn't going to Oklahoma. I mean I can't imagine him succeeding there.

Anonymous said...

The Parents are very irresponsible. And yes they are communists or fellow travellers at least.

This is a real danger this involvment of third parties in people's affairs. Its the main reason socialistic and other controlling governments always fail. They claim to know whats best for people but in the end only they [the third party] benefit and people they claim to benefit are the only ones who suffer. The third party can make 1000 mistakes yet they will never suffer just the people they are supposed to care for. It always happens. The government must never ever be trusted. Government always fails.

Esther Bowler said...

No, No, they are not communists. That's what you always say about anyone who wont agree with you. They are very good and responsible parents. They are hard on him sometimes but then again Herbert can make things hard. Sometimes a third party is necessary to take care of those who cannot or won't take care of themselves. They don't always fail. Herbert's cousin who lives in Indianapolis has a guardian and does a very good job of taking care of him. You are just paranoid.

mainestategop said...

And yet when a third party is in control they fail. Herbert's parents have failed to get him to be independent, they have failed to get him a job. What happens when they die? Who will take care of poor Herbert then? The government certainly didn't do its job.