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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Response from SSI victim's legal guardian

Here is a response by Herbert Bowler's father who is his legal guardian:

Hi. I'm Robert Bowler. I am Herbert Bowler's father and along with my wife brother and the state of Wisconsin Appel his legal guardian. I am emailing a response to my son's allegations that we are abusing him and mistreating him by not letting him live on his own outside the state of Wisconsin and because he is a ward of the state.

Herbert Bowler has been seeing therapists, doctors and child psychologists since he was 7 years old. Herbert has always been an odd person and not like his peers. He also has a behavioral issue and behavioral health problems. Doctors have first diagnosed him as having Asperger's syndrome when he was 7 or 8 years old. Asperger's syndrome is a mental illness related to autism and is also rated on the DSM as a cognitive disorder. People with Asperger's are very high functioning adults and children as compared to other disabled adults in children but have issues requiring them to have structures in place to help them go about their living situation.

We all love my son Herbert, me most of all but to say that Herbert is not in any sense mentally ill is an exaggeration and dishonest. Since childhood and especially in his teen years, Herbert has shown himself to be unstable and mentally disturbed especially when under stress or when things don't go the way he wants.

Herbert's behavioral and mental problems are the result of Asperger's and in addition to fidgeting, rocking his head, talking and mumbling to himself and making funny faces for no reason he is egotistic, greedy, a glutton, and irresponsible. Whenever Herbert does something wrong he makes excuses or blames someone else.

Again I love my son very very much, I think even more than my other children sometimes but these things need to be said. The truth hurts but it needs to come out. He has problems and he needs to come to terms with his problems and take responsibility for his behavior. Herbert's reflex is to interpret it as mental abuse and verbal abuse and he exaggerates this in his head so that is why people like his case workers interpret it as mental abuse. We are not mentally abusing Herbert. We are simply pointing out his troubles.

In school Herbert struggled because of bullying and academically he struggled. He was diagnosed at 14 with ADHD and possible Bipolar another illness that effects several million Americans. The bipolar diagnosis was thrown around al lot but Herbert's current doctor doesn't agree. But he needs to accept labels just as we all do.

As an adult Herbert was unable to find work. Herbert puts this down as a bad economy but compared to other areas of the country Wisconsin is fine. The problem is Herbert's lack of social skills and poor communication skills. Herbert's doctor agrees. We signed Herbert up for Vocational Rehab to help him get a job but they have thrown their hands up in frustration. While it is true that Wisconsin's economy is fine, the job market is weak and disabled adults like Herbert are at the bottom of the barrel. Furthermore Herbert's skills were not so good and counsellors did not put him forward as good material for job employment.

Herbert has a history of issues such as tantrums going into adolescence and adulthood.  The first recorded instance of Herbert having tantrums was in his art class at age 12. His sculpture was destroyed by another student who didn't like him and he demanded that the art teacher "find the culprit and expel him." When the teacher refused to stop the art lesson and told him that he and his partner had to start all over he went into a screaming fit and began pounding the table and accused everyone of breaking the sculpture and siding against him. He then walked up to another student's painting, accused him of breaking it because he laughed at him and began to spit on it. He then accused the teacher of helping the bullies out against him. He knocked over tables and chairs and damaged other student's art work even pushing another student. The art teacher and another teacher grabbed him and hauled him to the principals office. I got a call saying that Herbert was having a bad day and that he had to be sent home. When got home my wife told him he was not allowed to play video games for the entire day since he was bad and he threw another tantrum saying that we were all against him.  The tantrum consisted of screaming knocking over furniture and pounding the wall and floor while screaming that we were all with the bullies. He said if the teacher did not find the bully that broke his sculpture and give him a passing grade he would publically kill himself. He also demanded that he be allowed to play nintendo or he would seriously hurt another student.

Well, I went to a PTC to talk to the art teacher told him the situation and they told us they'd let herbert opt out of the class since people bullied him too much and he wasn't doing good to being with. Herbert was suspended for a day after the incident. We thought about sending Herbert to the hospital but we didn't thinking that this would pass by. That it was just a childhood phase. Well a year later in Junior high Herbert had another tantrum. 

His teacher gave him an F on a report he did because his had writing was very bad. He began to argue with the teacher over it and the teacher threatened to send him to detention if he didn't drop it. when he walked back to his desk another student laughed at him and called him a dweeb  and a nitwit. He demanded that the teacher do something and when she said no, Herbert hit the student in the face real hard giving him a shiner. 

He was ordered to go to principal's office for detention he then threw the desk across the room and screamed that everyone would die if it happened again and that he would "rape the fuck out of everyone if they didn't stop hurting him and if the teachers did nothing." He then stormed out of the office and then thretned another student in the hall as he walked saying he was looking at him funny. at the office he threw a screaming tantrum that everyone including the teachers hated him. They almost had to call the police.

So we had another conference, Herbert was given one week worth of detention and was grounded. No Nintendo or play station. (we lifted the sanctions after 3 days.) We also had to come up with a behavioral plan for Herbert. He was required to see the guidance counselor twice weekly for the remainder of the school year and the principal wanted us to get him a therapist. We couldn't get one at the time because my health plan wouldn't let me and when we did it lasted only for a year. We couldn't send him anymore.

Herbert's next recorded tantrum was when he was 15. He was shoved into the lockers in the hallway and demanded that the principal suspend the student who did it. He didn't and Herbert began to throw a screaming tantrum and jump up and down and the police were called. Eventually the principal gave in and gave him a detention. Herbert was sent home and suspended for a day for being disruptive. The police gave Herbert and I a warning citation for disorderly conduct in which Herbert immediately accused the officers of supporting bullying and even brought up Rodney King. I almost thought he would get us all in trouble.

At 17 the biggest outburst of all was when Herbert locked himself in an empty class and threatned to burn the room down if he did not get treated right. This was because his homework was thrown away allegedly by bullies. He called it a non-violent protest. The police came tore through the barricade and arrested herbert who was then taken to a psychiatric ward for evaluation and treatment.  He also called the media as well. Fortunately they didn't cover the incident we told them the issue was resolved and Herbert was getting a much needed rest.

The only good that came out of this is that experts were on hand to help us get Herbert enrolled in a health plan that allowed him to go to a psychiatrist and get medication until he turned 18. The staff were good enough to help us keep him on the plant till he turned 20. 

The next tantrum occured when he was 18. He was teased and harrassed by another student and kicked his desk. When Herbert was told to leave he threw a screamer and demanded that the other person be punished. He kicked the desk again then slapped the other student. Herbert was taken to the principal's office then sent home. He had another tantrum when we announced he would be limited as to how often he could eat out and play video games. He reacted horribly and said we hated him and didn't want him to succeed. He then hit the walls ran around and screamed. We called the police and Herbert went back to the hospital for another 72 hours.

at 19 herbert had a tantrum in the Voc Rehab office when the counsellors told him that he was very awkward and could not envision Herbert being a worker. He was told he should apply for SSI. Herbert wanted instead to get money from his Grandma like his brothers and sisters were and live on his own and prove them wrong. When we told him no and that we would be conservators and guardians he threw a fit tore up papers and yelled it up!

He had another tantrum again at the psychiatrists office accusing the staff of patient abuse. They sent him home. Luckily for them our health plan ran out.

He had yet another Tantrum at the group home he stayed at. They were having a nice bbq cook out at the beach in Lake Michigan when he began wondering around telling people that he was being abused by staff and parents that we wrongfully diagnosed him as mentally ill all because we don't love him and said that he was miserable. He asked them to call his lawyer and us and ask us to give him his money and let him move out of Wisconsin. When they were going home in the car back to the group home he had a screaming fit yelling that he was not disabled and that everyone hated him for no good reason. He yelled so loud the driver had to stop call the police and have Herbert taken to the hospital since he could not focus driving.

The last recorded tantrum we know of was when Herbert was 22. He argued about his situation and accused us of hurting him. When we told him he had to stay at the residential care apartment and accept the way things were he had yet another grand fit. Screaming yelling throwing tables and saying that his whole future is lost just because of the word of a doctor.

I think there were other times he had tantrums or at least light tantrums but He is very childish.

In addition he is grossly obese because he eats too damn much. Herbert constantly eats more than everyone he never moderates his portion sizes even before he was on medication. He especially eats at buffet restaurants. We have a rule. He is forbidden to eat at those places unless we accompany him. Gordon and I have something called Herbert patrol. In our free time drive or walk by the buffets making sure Herbert isn't there pigging out.

This brings me to another situation. His table manners are repulsive. Herbert shovels food into his mouth without so much as stopping to breath. At the chinese buffet for instance with his Grandpa, he ate 5-7 plates. Most everyone including my big brother Gordon only had 2 or 3 plates. When he sat down to eat them he ate real fast making chomping and munching sounds and then going back up to get another plate before everyone was done with their first plate. At olive Garden 2 years ago, Herbert had chicken alfredo, dribbling it on himself and making loud chewing noises and not taking his time.

One memorable moment was when Herbert was with the family eating at Golden Corral. We had to do are darndest to keep his portions in proportion. When Herbert got a plate it was loaded with mountains of food enough to feed 2 people I would speculate. He immediately began shoveling it into his mouth very very fast! We had to restrain him and grab his arm. "HERBERT! HERBERT! Slow down... Chew your food... this isn't a race. He would slow down for awhile then start to pick back up and we had to grab his wrist, "wait Herbert... one at a time." He ate his plate before we were all done. He was not allowed back up for seconds until we all finished our firsts. I then had to accompany Herbert to the buffet to make sure he didn't overload again. (Ditto for his uncle Gordon) after 3 smaller portions later he was allowed to have a little desert which he woofed down in one or two bites. I was embarrassed. He is like this all the time and like a child I have to restrain him.

Herbert has run away twice. The first time was back in I think it was 2012 when he wanted to go to Tulsa. He didn't know he was a ward of Wisconsin and his parents. We found out then that he had become a libertarian. His reasoning behind it was because the government programs he was on couldn't find him work because they were lazy and useless. He also believed he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome to punish him for why the school failed to stop the bullying. There are times when I wonder if we should've let him go to Tulsa and times where I wonder if we should see how well he does on his own. 

Herbert ran away a second time this year after arguing over removing his guardianship. He was told that he could travel out of state to get it removed. He traveled to New York then Portland Oregon where he was found and brought back after Thanksgiving. He was gone for half a year and had us all worried.

Herbert's condition is hard to fathom. But let me tell you. He needs to be reminded to clean up after himself, he needs to be reminded to take a shower, he needs to take care of himself. No grown man should have to be reminded of that.

Oh! before I forget, I have seen a couple of Herbert's job interviews. One at McDonalds where he blew it by making a screwed up funny face and another one in Green Bay where he talked too loud and the interviewer asked him to lower his voice. This is not a responsible adult.

Herbert's only job history is Labor Ready in Appleton, Green Bay New York and Portland Oregon.

I realize that some people on your blog Brian have no issues or were dealt a bad hand or had just a few issues and shouldn't have had their money taken but people like Herbert are their own worst enemy and it is the state's job to take care of these people along with parents. We need to get Herbert help so he is accepted and allowed to thrive like he's supposed to.

Herbert can be independent and go leave Wisconsin if the State and his doctors agree. I spoke to him and told him if his doctors agree, well let him leave but not far. We prefer herbert live close by either in Chicago or St Paul or Des Moines or some place else where he can get services. But Herbert can't live in Tulsa Im sorry but I don't see how a place like Oklahoma or Texas could be better than Wisconsin.

Anyway that's all for now. I wont be posting the videos of Herbert's tantrums because they are all on VHS and Audio cassette and I don't want to damage them. Well show them off if his hearing next month falls through and if he continues to be resistant to the help were trying to give him.

I love my son, I know I can be hard on him sometimes but I need to be. It was like that for me when I grew up. I have to show him the error of his ways even if he doesn't want to see.

That was Robert Bowler, Father of Herbert Bowler his legal guardian. The response was given on New Years Eve. A copy of this and Herbert's letter was shown to Tina Johnson, a mental health worker and case worker in Sacramento California. Who had these remarks,

My name is Tina Johnson I am a case worker and mental health professional who works in the Sacramento area. for 15 years I have worked with dozens of clients from children to adults many of whom with severe mental illness disability or mentally challenged. I looked at Herbert's letter and his father's response and there seems to be a lot going on that isn't being addressed. 

First of all a few words on Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's syndrome is a form of Autism it is a cognitive disorder that is very mysterious and that people in my profession have baffled over for many years.

I wish to point out for Herbert's benefit it is NOT! NOT a mental illness. In fact people with Asperger's syndrome are very intelligent and very capable people who live normal lives like we do. Some need a little more help, some of them do have mental disorders accompanying Asperger's such as ADHD, Anxiety and major depression others have a few other issues. But at the worst they simply need structures and supports to help them get by.

Looking at Herbert's situation is seems that there are some unresolved conflicts and problems going on in Herbert's life that need to be resolved. Herbert's got some issues and the parents it seem are behind much of it. This being hard on him, saying he's a nut job that he's crazy and laughing at him is probably one of the main reasons.

What I find is that when people with disabilities like Herbert are willing to run away and go places like Tulsa it tells me that he is unhappy with his situation. He is very stressed there are problems he doesn't want to be there anymore. He also has a strong desire to get out into the work force and live on his own. When I work with people like that they usually want to do so because often they are told by loved ones they can't and they feel stupid and left out. They want to to show people they aren't stupid and that there is nothing wrong with them.

 Also I see that Robert admits being hard on him, the problem with people with Asperger's is that they tend to be hypersensitive to criticisms and condemnations. Herbert believes that he is stupid and that getting a job being independent is a way out of his problems. This unfortunately also tends to enforce denial of having Asperger's syndrome. The denial usually comes with the fear of loss of freedom or assets and loss of family support. I find that clients I work with who deny their condition do so because of the stigma attached to it. Sadly societies view of the weak and the mentally ill and the disabled enforces the problem.

I also see Robert is trying too claim that Herbert has it nice that materially he is better off but sadly that doesn't cut it. Its nice you buy him things and provide for him but its only part of the thing. You need to also support him emotionally and lovingly! I know plenty of people who pamper their loved ones but cuss them out chew them out and make their lives unbearable. That's not good enough!

What I would suggest is that Herbert be allowed to move someplace where his family can keep an eye on him and support him just in case he winds up in another homeless situation. Herbert can perhaps stay close to relatives? I recommend places like Massachusetts or Oregon or Washington specifically around the Seattle area. St Paul or Rochester in Minnesota seems to be a nice choice too because of the services they offer. 

As for symptoms like tics and fidgeting or Herbert's overeating, I recommend finding different medications for Herbert to try that wont have so many bad side effects like drowsiness or hunger and some that will also reduce his appetite so he can moderate his eating. Some people with Asperger's are believed to have a condition related to a missing enzyme that might propel much of his bad eating. If Herbert craves foods like grain or dairy or sweets he may have it. So new meds and a change of diet can lessen the symptoms.

Also the family needs to get together and show him love and support! Not this derision or ridicule! That just worsens his behavioral issues.

Finally I wish to recommend the following for herbert. First, instead of buying him 5 new video games buy him something like sneakers to walk around get around and look for jobs in Appleton or Green Bay. Or buy him bus tickets to a close by metropolitan area that can support him and where he can find work! Second, Herbert would benefit greatly if he had a therapist. The therapist could help him grow some skin and also could help him with issues he has and could work with you and the family. 

Another good idea is peer counseling. Mental health professionals with Asperger's syndrome can understand what Herbert is going through and work not only with Herbert but you and the family! If Herbert can't get a job anywhere else he could be trained and employed himself as a peer counselor! 

These are a few suggestions I have. As for Herbert's belief that the government is the problem I should point out that the economy is not so good and that government isn't going to do anything about that. Herbert's political views are motivated by distrust and feeling let down by the government. Also people with Asperger's tend to be credulous. I would recommend exposing Herbert to different view points, maybe let him visit Tulsa and see what its like and what they have to offer as opposed to more enlightened and progressive areas of the country.

One other thing, the government is not a substitute for caring for Herbert. The family has to pull itself together on this one. We are low on funds and low on staff and the economy has shrunk our funding base so while we can help you best we can its best not to rely too much on us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian could you post that article about Michale Savage being almost right about autism? Instead call it Michael savage RIGHT on autism.

These parents are irresponsible and are the ones to blame. Its their child its their fault. They've over indulged him and coddled him too much and now hes a fat sissy who is a nerd. Why? Just look at the part about the tantrums the obesity the eating problems playing video games all day, this is not asperger's this is a spoiled weak little sissy who has been made that way all because ofthe parents!

I am a father and I have 6 children. 5 of them are grown the other is going to be 18 in March and out the door in June when he graduates. I raised all my children to be responsible, and mature. My sons in particular. If some punk kid shoves them in the hall, they don't have tantrums. they either ignore it or they shove the punk back. Detention, well "f" the damn school! I teach them stand up for yourselves! Not have tantrums!

And I never let them play Nintendo all day long. They were only allowed to watch one hour of TV a day unless it was raining cats and dogs then maybe you can watch a bit more provided you finished any school work or chores.

If Herbert were my kid I would send his fat weak butt to military school. They'd whip him into shape. They did it for me. If kids pick on you don't be a wimp and have a tantrum like a damn toddler stand up for yourself! These bullies are cowards who can't fight anyone but those who are weaker than they are. You don't whine you don't be peaceful you stand up to them and they back down but the schools want you to be peaceful lowly automatrons who will submit to the state. You don't want to be a automatron stand up you get detention oh well. screw em.

But probably the biggest problem is dads who are not masculine who are not responsible. Robert bowler comes across to me as a marxist and possibly an irresonsible dolt like Homer J Simpson. He wants the government to take on his responsibility he wants doctors to care for him. No! Its his job and he blew it!

When he put his son in that school he thought nothing was going to happen he thought the government could do it take care of him well guess what they failed!

If something goes wrong with your kid its your fault no one elses! If one of my kids becomes like Hitler or Mao or becomes a red or becomes a spoiled sissy like Herbert its my fault. Its Gordon and Robert Bowler who should blame themselves

HERBERT IF You are watching this listen to me very carefully! Put down the joystick put down the drumstick and toughen up! The state doesn't care about your problems neither do your parents! Get tough! Excersise and stand up for yourself!

Anonymous said...

This is kid is stupid! He has tantrums, eats like a toddler and despite living in an apartment that cares for him and getting all these video games and other perks he wants to move to Oklahoma? WTF! I mean I was homeless for 2 years before I got an apartment I would've loved to live in a residential care apartment. So what if its for retards they got all kinds of people there! They treat you like a king at some of these places! I would've loved to have a nintendo or PSP2 or to be able to eat out at golden Corral. I would die for SSI! I never had that! I grew up in the hood! the only video games I ever owned were old school man! It was on a used PC my parents got for us at a pawn shop! All I could play on it were old school stuff from the 90s and the internet was slower than 90s internet man! I was poor my whole life! And this brat wants to live in Oklahoma or New York? You gotta be kidding me!

Anonymous said...

This kid sounds like a mental case. Also I noticed that a lot of people with Asperger's are libertarians.

Anonymous said...

This guy and his brother said that everything the government says is true yet they wont show the alleged videos of the kid's tantrums. More than likely they never existed or were exageratted. If there were tantrums they weren't really tantrums just some outburst over something. I've seen that happen before. If his parents loved him they would have taken their son out of that terrible school and homeschooled them. Liberals. They are lousy parents and are not real americans.

Gordon Bowler said...

I remember those Herbert patrols well. me robert and Gerald all kept an eye on Herbert to make sure he doesn't eat out at a buffet restaurant or at a fast food joint without supervision. We caught him 3 times! the first time he was outside Golden Corral, he was hesitant and I think he saw me and then ran off. The second time he went to Mcdonalds. He was about to walk into the lot when I drove up blew the horn several times and scared the hell out of him. I pulled into the lot and demanded to know what he was doing there and he was, "Oh! I was just passing through!" Okay whatever... Ha!

But the third time was when he was actually in a buffet! It was the Asian palace I think. I just had a feeling he was there or at Golden Corral. I walked in and sure enough there he was on his second plate packing it on. I was at the front entrance going, HSSSSST! HSSSSST! HERBERT! I waved at him told him to come here. He didn't acted like he didn't see me and so I walked up to him and said "Herbert, you know your legal guardian doesn't allow you to be here without supervision. Put down the plate and come with me." He was totally embarassed. He said he was extremely hungry had no food since the previous afternoon he says.

What a clown! Ha! But its worth it. He began to loose weight for a bit. I think.

mainestategop said...

@anonymous Hitler and Stalin attacked their opponents as mentally defective too.

Also not everything these parents are saying is true there are other problems going on. A retard nursing home is no place for Herbert. Herbert needs to be working and living normally. He can't if his own family persecutes him and says things that are negative all the time. And add to this, being on SSI and being a ward of state is a major major barrier to employment. I know people who were also forced on SSI and it ruined them

@Gordon. I want you to know I spoke to Herbert and advised him to loose weight. It would be a benefit but get him off those meds. It'll keep him fat.

Gerald said...

I do remember Herbert patrols. He almost walked into Taco Bell near the mall last week and I was on the side of the road beating the horn over and over and over as he walked to the door. I hit it again and again rapidly again and again. He stood there near the door then he walked away. We followed him on car and my wife asked him why he was at Taco bell when he knows he's not supposed too and he claims he didn't know of Taco Bell was a fast food restaurant he thought it was like a regular mexican restaurant. He made so many excuses and claimed that he didn't think it was fast food because they don't serve very fast at all. My wife told him he couldn't eat at any kind of greasy fatty restaurant that served food that wasn't good for you like Taco Bell or McDonalds or at buffets. I told Herbert he couldn't eat anywhere that wasn't healthy which was almost everywhere but Subway or Quiznos. I told his father what happened that night and he told Herbert the same thing I said. If it were up to me Quiznos and Subway would also be off limits. There's no telling what he could do with the sandwiches. How he could turn a healthy sandwich into a fatty nasty sandwich full of calories!

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Herbert. I forgot all about him until I read this. He was a big fat obese greasy sweaty nasty nerd. He hasn't changed I see. He had tantrums a lot when he was in middle school. Once he had a loud tantrum in the office we all could hear from down the hall. He also ate like a pig. Our school went out to McDonalds after a field trip in Chicago and he ate like a pig there. He had more foood than everyone! To say that he is stable is not being honest. Either he's lying or he is so crazy He can't even see he needs help!

robert bowler said...

Don't worry Herbert can eat at Quiznos and Subway. I took him out there to both restaurants last week. There's no damage he can do. All he can do is load up on vegetables and avocado but that's okay! That's good! I mean I had so much veggies in my Italian BMT I had to use a fork and a knife to tackle it. The only issue I would point out is the salad bars. Just make sure he goes easy on the cheese salad dressing and meats. But he can hardly do wrong at health places.

Gordon Bowler said...

I took Herbert to Quiznos a few weeks ago. No harm done. He just tried to pack that sandwich with veggies and condiments. Its good that he can get his veggies from a place like that. Two days ago I took herbert to the grocery store and we both got big salads at the salad bar. Herbert sometimes loads up too much on dressing but that's okay, he's getting his veggies and stuff. No problem there.

Anonymous said...

Wait... Excuse me... He threatened to rape the other students? WTF?

Robert Bowler said...

At the time he was 13. Herbert didn't know what rape meant. He thought it meant to really really hurt someone. He was just a kid then. He got a lecture from the Guidance Counselor over it.

Anyways this Tuesday is the big appointment. We meet with the Guardian Apelate in Green Bay and decide if Herbert still needs a guardian. It looks like he might get off but with strings attached.

Gerald said...

No its Thursday. We're gonna find out if Herbert is ready to take care of himself or not.

Herbert if you're reading I hope you don't go too far away from us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this kid sounds real messed up! I think this could be a good case study about republicans especially the distrustful of government kind. The fact that he wanted to move to Tulsa Oklahoma instead of someplace nicer like St Paul or Chicago tells me this kid is mental.

And what I want to know is what was he doing in New York city? That place is more liberal than other cities and this kid is a libertarian nut case. WTF? And Portland Oregon is even more liberal! What is he doing there instead of Tulsa?

Anonymous said...

Herbert only got off his guardianship because of slow improvements made by training from workers but he was stubborn. He still has problems and his parents will still manage most of his money issues. He also wont go far away.

mainestategop said...

But you and Herbert's other relatives said he was getting worse.

John Bowler said...

Herbert has had ups and downs. He's only stable and normal when he's chaperoned and on his meds. The only problem with his meds is he tends to eat like a pig so its difficult to get the eating under control.

Innez Santos said...

Well why didn't you let him move to Minnesota or these other places then? It sounds like all that bullying is just making him worse. Punishing him ins't going to help either. We really need to crack down on it.

This is rather a case study of what happens when society permits and tolerates bullying and abuse. It also shows that sometimes parents are not fit to be parents and that the state should moderate.

Anonymous said...

How bout Herbert Asks Donald Trump for a job? They sound alike!

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as mental illness. Herbert Bowler, this stupid family and this stupid blog prove it.

The fact that Herbert is a conservative and religious is proof enough that he needs help!

Anonymous said...

Why? Even the DSM doesn't classify religion as a mental illness. Maybe you're just a fascist who has no respect for other beliefs. Also I don't know if Bowler supported Trump.

Jeff Gilman said...

there is such a thing as mental illness. You prove it Herbert. So does Roger and Brian

And no religion is not a mental illness. But people use religion to justify their mental illness and use it as an excuse to avoid treatment and being responsible for it.

As this proves, there is two sides to every story and 99% of the time, its the mental patient who's got it wrong as this demonstrates....

He has a record of behavioral problems including temper tantrums, criminal behavior ETC the judges and doctors all agree he can't take care of himself and despite being generous with him, despite being kind to him and letting him have a place where he would be on his own while getting treatment and support he spurnned them and ran away many times.

Roger is autistic and he has mental illness. It may not have been a good idea to completely remove the guardianship much less let him be his own payee.