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Saturday, January 30, 2016

RIP Al-Jazeera America

It would be remiss of me not to mention the pending demise of the cable news network Al Jazerra America, which is shutting down April 30. Boo-hoo, cried NOBODY anywhere.

From The New York Times:

It’s hardly surprising that America didn’t cotton to a cable news channel owned by Mideast interests that didn’t mind sprinkling in anti-Semitism. The question is why these suckers paid such a high price to get into your living room.

Mr. Gore and his partners launched Current TV in 2005 and toyed with formats before settling on liberal drivel. Keith Olbermann worked there a few minutes, it has been rumored. Cenk (rhymes with stink) Yugur hosted a program called “The Young Turks.” Jennifer Granholm, once the governor of Michigan, bored people nightly.

Every twist and turn of programming was accompanied by lavish praise from The Times, dozens of stories. But the ratings never grew from what could be accounted for by pets like me accidentally stepping on remotes.

When oil money came calling, Mr. Gore was all ears. Smart people never buy anything he is selling.

Other facts:

The TV Network that Al B0re sold to these jihadist bastards was going to bought by Joseph Farah and Worldnetdaily. Imagine a network even superior and more fair and balanced than Fox! Imagine a network that broadcast info that even Fox couldn't show you. A network free of the taint of investors and interests! No. Al Gore couldn't abide by that.

Luckily the network has bit the dust. Americans are not interested in the treasonous rabble of the towel head jihadists or their demonic moon god. Neither are the majority of Americans interested in Islam the way European degenerate filth are.  Therefore the network failed in the American marketplace. Islam can only thrive among the ignorant, the degenerate, the racist and the evil violent. Al-Jazeera fails again for this reason. Al Jazeera also failed to provide decent programming that americans want to view. I could go on but Righting on the wall again hits it on the noggin.

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Anonymous said...

Well no of course not. There is no market in America for pro-jihadist anti-Israel anti-Semitic slant. Its good to see that the majority of Americans have at least a modicum of decency and morality to reject his evil channel. The executives in charge of this network of evil should have known that. Of course the Mid-east crowd will lap it up and the degenerate Europeans who have always hated Israel and the Jews would also appreciate it too but in America which has a free market and free speech, people can choose what to listen to and the majority have decided they don't want to hear it.