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Monday, January 25, 2016

sorry if I've been away awhile everyone!

But I make it all up today. Last couple weeks were not impressive I had the flu and I'm recovering, I also had been busy at work and so on. Well hopefully starting tomorrow or at least the day after tomorrow we'll see more interesting articles and not just youtube vids. Still I intend to advertise more video about Ted Cruz and the new organization New Yorkers for Cruz by JTF's Chaim Ben pesach. I think it'll turn out even better than ZAK (Zionists againt Kerry) And even better than Jews Against Obama. This has lots of promise.

Unless of course that is if you're a Trump supporter. Chaim Ben Pesach JTF and NY4Cruz is anti-trump. But don't get me wrong. He'd make a fine running mate for Cruz and He's far superior than Hillary or Stalin I mean Bernie Sanders.

I also intend to post a couple of historical articles I think you'll all like! Written by the same Professor that helped me write my articles on Lepanto and the Byzantine empire!

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