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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The liberal war on Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

With Ted Cruz and Donald Trump up for the GOP candidacy the Leftist press has been on the rampage tearing up Cruz and Trump.

Donald Trump of all people have had it worse when it comes to attacks by the left. Cries of racism, intolerance, bigotry, misogyny ETC. have gone throughout the media. In fact Trump has had more criticism than Obama did when he was a Democratic candidate in 2008 to when he was president. Already Trump has been attacked more and more.

Fortunately the attacks by the left have been wonderful for The Donald's poll numbers. Polls show Trump is ahead of the game. This indicates that the majority of Americans are fed up with the left and fed up with liberal bias. Americans are fed up with illegal alien wet backs taking jobs and starting gangs and Americans are also fed up with Muslims.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who has the courage to say what needs to be said and demand the action that we all demand. No more political correctness no more tolerance of evil and no more liberal fascism. The left are having a heart attack while real americans are happy.

Ted Cruz still has a considerable lead in the polls. He hasn't come out much unfortunately like the Donald has but Ted Cruz unlike Trump has a voting record and already the left has condemned Cruz for his fiscal conservatism his opposition to wasteful spending the usual criticism.

But Ted Cruz has actually been attacked by another thing, his citizenship. The left, which for 8 years has tried to cover up Barack Obama's questionable citizenship and has even called for non citizens from communist countries that hate us to be allowed to run for president is now turning around and using the same supposidly racist xenophobic attacks against Ted Cruz, arguing he is not a citizen.

The same tactics that the left condemns as racist and xenophobic they are now using on Ted Cruz. Remember when Obama opponents were branded racist for suggestions he was a Muslim or for his involvment with Jeremiah Wright? Well the Left has already attacked Cruz for his involvment with the so called religious right. That's right! Ted Cruz under attack for defending religious liberty and public expression of religion from commie Democrats.

And while Donald Trump takes attack after attack after attack by the liberal media and their cries of racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and every other ist and bic, Cruz has not escaped attacks by independent liberals. for instance refers to Cruz as a Proto-fascist thug Demogogue. Others have predicted a slew of dystopia nightmare fantasies of exploitation and abuse by right wingers.

One leftist blog predicts that if Ted Cruz were to become president it would lead to another gilded age. Banks would run the economy, families would be put into poverty and millions would be unemployed or forced to work at burger king. Ted Cruz essentially is another 4 or 8 years of Bush according to the blog. It goes on to state that Ted Cruz would abolish women's reproductive health affirmative action cut wages and abuse the working class and that millions of americans would be homeless or very poor if his policies were put into place. Women and minorities would suffer the most.

Hmmmm... That sounds a lot like what we've been going through with the 8 years of Obama's administration. And Killing babies before their born hasn't done wonders for the economy neither so no worries about that. Affirmative action? Reverse discrimination is still discrimination but with no jobs created under Barry bail out the banks Hussein its a moot point.

Ted Cruz in truth would be a godsend to the nation's economy and to civil liberties. Cruz did support the patriot act and other communist policies that had potential to infringe on civil liberties but he restrained those laws to make sure that it did not happen. Instead what we need to do is throw out the muslims.

Cruz's economic policies would stabilize the economy and put millions of Americans back to work and give the homeless a chance to get their own homes. Businesses could invest in America again without fear and without cost. It may take awhile to recover from 8 years of Obama but they'll catch on. By deporting illegal aliens that alone would cut American unemployment and homelessness in half. IN HALF! There's no better time to vote Republican for someone like Cruz or Trump.

Trump's biggest problem is his attacks on Cruz. The tea party likes Cruz and while Trump is no longer a leftist like he was in his younger years, the people have not forgotten that. Trump should lay off the negative attacks on Cruz and focus on going after the Democrats while he's ahead. Remind the people he's not the liberal he once was. As an associate of mine once said, live in New York and you wont be a leftist anymore.

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