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Friday, January 29, 2016

The subversion factor: The Communist infiltration and subjegation of America


Anonymous said...

I disagree. The main reason for the Russkies nearly getting one over us is because of American acceptance of Marxian and socialist ideals. Things like government intervention of the economy, civil rights, affirmative action, soaking the rich, big labor ETC. have been etched into America by Roosevelt's the new deal and by Hollywood putting out movies that lift up the little guy and put down rich people as selfish and snooty people. That and over the last 30 years we've had political correctness, multi-cultism, equality BS and so on. The American people lick it up. Its just our good fortune the soviets bought it in 90 otherwise we'd be speaking Russian. Then again its only a matter of time before the Chinese and Putin get the upper hand over us if they haven't already.

Anonymous said...

One other thing the civil rights movement was socialistic if not communist. This whole idea that no one has the right to serve or hire whoever they want is as wrong as hating on someone because of color.