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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The best of Ronnie Raygun er I mean Ronald Reagan

May the old Gipper rest in peace...

Maine is still much more liberal and worse than California (As bad as Michigan in fact)

Its the back in the day buffet again. And yes Maine is still worse than California even with Lepaige.

It may surprise some folks on the west coast to learn that California may not be the most liberal state in America when it comes to mandating socialism and political correctness. Yes there may be certain things where California out ranks Maine such as the outrageous ruling banning homeschooling and the coddling of illegal immigrants but in most cases, IE: taxes, BIG government, restriction, the environment, Maine outranks California as being one of the most backward socialist states in the country along with Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode island and a few other states and it shows greatly.

Maine has the highest tax burden in the country as well as the most bloated government administration. It also has the most restrictive regulations in the nation. As a result Maine is the the meanest towards business in the nation and is last when it comes to job creation and is the 48th poorest state in the country. Only Louisiana and West Virginia rank below Maine and it trails behind states such as Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Rhode Island and even Mississippi. I'm not kidding. Even Mississippi, a state that ranks last in health, obesity, infant mortality as a better economy and better climate for jobs than does Maine. In 2006 and 2007, Maine along with Michigan were the only states not affected by natural disasters to lose jobs and go into economic decline. For Maine this is the third time in a row this has happened. It is because of a Man made disaster called Democrat legislation.

While pollution is not a problem as it is in much of Cali and although Illegal immigrants from Canada and refugees from Somalia have swarmed the state, the immigration problem has not been a as big a problem as in California. Still, Maine outranks California in a lot worse ways. So you say, "Hey! I'm from California! I hate it there! I have to pay more fees and taxes than most other places, my job security is bad because the business could go under or I could be replaced by a Mexican and the libs are ruining everything! How can Maine be worse!?" It is worse...

Although California is socialist through and through, California at least has the stamina to take that kind of assault on it's economy. If it were an independent country, California would still be the third largest economy in the world. For example California is home to most of the worlds entertainment industry in Hollywood and La La land. It is home to silicon valley where we get much of our software and technology. In addition, areas such as Petulma, Napa, and Sonoma are where much of America's best agriculture is based. The vineyards based in Napa are home to the worlds best wine. And although the left coast is under Democrat control, there is a large and growing minority of conservative resistance. In the 2004 elections, the Democrats controlled the most populated areas around the coast while Republican conservatives held on to the more rural and unpopulated regions. Still conservatives hold sway in key areas such as Bakersfield, Fresno, (Home to the famous Free Republic Network by the way!) and Stockton. Even parts of Orange, San Bernadino and even San Diego are under sway of the republicans. Of course I just want to point out that despite this many of the republicans are largely moderate and apathetic. Still does give hope.

Maine on the other hand does not have that advantage. Maine is largely a poor rural state. It is one of the most rural in America. The only industries that have existed were the fishing, logging, paper mill and low income tourist industry. All except the later have failed. Agriculture is also failing. Most of Maine's farmlands have been outsourced out of state and many of it's finest crops such as blueberries are rising in cost. The fishing industry has also suffered due to over fishing, mercury run off and regulations. The only professions that have grown in Maine were the medical and administrative. Government jobs have sucked up most of the tax base. The welfare system in Maine is out of control and unreformed. Most people moving into the state are welfare recipients as well as families of disabled children and adults. The average amount of money a single mother with three children makes in a month is $2100 while the rest if they have a job struggle to make anything decent.

Conservatism along with the job market has fled over state lines to places such as New Hampshire where it is reinforcing against the rising tide of liberalism in Concord and the seacoast area. In 2004, Piscatiquas county which consists of Millonocket and Brownville and Washington county, the poorest county in Maine and one of the ten poorest counties in America were the only two counties that voted Republican. Waldo, Aroostok and Somerset counties came close. Even the most rural parts of Maine are home to thousands of Socialist liberals expecting handouts from an already burdened service system. In 2006 48% of Mainers who voted, did so in support of the Tax Payer bill of rights or Tabor amendment. The majority of them lived in the last sustainable pockets of Maine in places such as Portland while 52%, most of whom lived in rural parts of the state opposed it.

Watchdog groups in and out of the state that have tasked the state for burdening the economy have been attacked by state legislature and its supporters as biased and "using republican lenses" But even liberals have opposed Augusta's policies. One leftist even termed Maine's bloated government as Administration land. Maine politicians don't care about taxpayers rights or anyones rights unless they are lazy and unproductive. This is only the beginning. Maine's governor John Baldacci, a hardcore communist and left wing radical has advocated an increase in sales tax as well as mandatory health insurance for businesses and individuals over a certain income. In addition, Baldacci wants more Somali refugees and even more regulations, breaking several promises he has made in the past.

Given the situation it will be interesting to see what will happen in these two states. It is likely that with enough motivation, the silent majority in California will no longer be silent and start it's own counter revolution. Maine on the other hand which has already gone far and beyond the way of the USSR will soon no doubt reach it's final conclusion in a matter of years or even mont

Saturday, February 27, 2016

NYPD still using punitive communist psychiatry to punish dissenters and Christians

This is an incident that needs exposure! It is serious and it is down right dangerous! I am actually going to talk about two victims. One liberal, the other conservative. These two people were all wrongfully arrested and taken to psychiatric facilities for "evaluation" and detention.

Their crime... Is practicing freedom of speech!

The first one, one that has been going around recently involves Kam Brock, a long island woman who supported Barrack Obama. During a traffic stop in Harlem she was pulled over on suspicions that she was using marijuana while driving. This is false yet police decided to temporarily impound her vehicle and informed her that she had to go the police station to file paper work and retrieve it.

At the station Brock got into arguments with the station's police officers who then ordered her detained and whisked away to the nearest psychiatric ward for evaluation. It was in truth an ordeal that lasted for over a week. The forceful and unjust commitment by the NYPD was only the beginning.

Kam Brock was taken to Harlem hospital. Upon arrival, officers falsely claimed she was a danger to her self and violent. She was injected with sedatives which knocked her unconscious. Brock reports that she was in and out of consciousness being drugged with sedatives and anti-psychotics and being undressed by hospital staff. When she finally woke up, she was in a bed in the hospital ward in patient robes.

 At the hospital Brock was repeatedly drugged over and over with a variety of anti-psychotic meds and staff refused to verify statements she made that she had no mental health history and was gainfully employed as a bank teller. Doctors dismissed her remarks as mentally ill delusions. These were further emphasized when Brock made a statement that Barack Obama followed her twitter account. Rather than verify these easily provable facts, doctors instead branded her delusional.

According to parts of her hospital records that were released to the press, Brock was considered to be unemployed and a high school dropout. It listed her major weaknesses as unemployment and inability to test reality. But the reality is that Harlem hospital abusers are the ones who would not test reality. It further stated as an objective goal for Brock:"Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter."

During her hospital stay, Brock was verbally denegrated by staff who called her bitch, a screwball and the N-word. Her doctors refused to do anything about this listing these allegations as delusions. Brock spent 8 days in the hospital and as a condition for release without further commitment Brock was to verbalize to the doctor that Obama was not following her on twitter and that education was important for unemployment.

Kam Brock spent 8 days hospitalized against her will by staff who threatened her and verbally abused her. Upon release she was given a follow up appointment at a local clinic and a medication prescription. She was also given references to case workers and homeless services. As a final insult Brock was charged $13,000 by the hospital for her involuntary stay.

The case is currently being taken up by a local law firm against the city hospitals and against the NYPD.

In a second case of wrongful commitment, the NYPD jailed a pastor from Big Springs Texas and sent to a psychiatric ward. 

Brother Ken Hickson is a black libertarian preacher who is very Pro-American and a former marine who was a Vietnam veteran.

 He is well known to be involved with Chick publications and Infowars. He was preaching in New York city particularly to fellow blacks about their rights and America's Christian heritige and black heritige.  

But that didn't rest easy to New Yorkers, the majority of whom are flaming liberal, pro-government and pro-socialist. He got into lots of trouble in Brooklyn for his beliefs. Among them, that the catholic church is the whore of babylon and controls the corrupt governments of New York, that 9/11 was an inside job and that China is planning to invade America at Christmas of 2016.

While many such beliefs are disagreeable and maybe offensive to some, Brother Hickson had every right to preach them in public. New York city hates free speech and it is difficult to preach there. Brother Hickson had to purchase a permit to preach on street corners in New York which he had but that didn't stop the NYPD from violating his rights.

While preaching at 4th and avenue P in South Brooklyn 2 Police officers arrived and immediately approached Ken. Ken continued preaching and was about ask the officers what they wanted when one went behind him and grabbed his hands and handcuffed them. The officer also knocked the bible he was carrying out of his hand as he was handcuffed. This is assault.

When Brother Ken asked why he was being arrested the other officer informed him that his preaching was offensive to passersby and that he was being disruptive. He was also told that a woman had alleged that he tried to fondle her. Both allegations were false and that fact is that he had every right to preach regardless how the public didn't agree with him. Police rather than try to substantiate the evidence took Ken to the police station and then had him taken to the notorious Kingsboro Psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn.

The reason for taking Ken to the psych-hospital is not clear but paperwork shows that Ken was considered to be disturbed and was considered to be suspicious. Paperwork also falsely claimed that Ken was originally from San Antonio TX instead of Big Springs and that he was homeless in New York. It also listed his birth place as Tulsa Oklahoma instead of his real place of birth as Springfield Missouri. The paperwork also falsely claimed Brother Ken had a 5th grade education when in reality he graduated from High school and claimed that Brother Ken was lying about being a vietnam vet and a marine. All false he really was a marine and a vet but no effort was made to correct this.

Ken's request to speak to a mental health advocate and be released were denied and he suffered horribly at the hands of staff and patients. Ken was diagnosed by doctors as having Paranoid Schizophrenia, this because of his beliefs that 9/11 was an inside job and because he stated that the government could not be trusted ever.

According to evaluations Ken was branded as emotionally disturbed and as being delusional. He was listed as being hostile towards the American government, Catholics and being suspicious of everyone. This is ridiculous. Believing that 9/11 is an inside job and opposing the catholic church is not criterea for a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This is the kind of BS that happened in the soviet union.

At group therapy sessions, the attendants in charge would encourage ridicule against patients like Ken for their beliefs. Another patient, a female who had been raped by her brother as a teenager was made to feel guilty and that she caused it. Another patient who alleged being discriminated against on the job was instead told that his illness which he denied having was the cause of being fired, that he was to blame.

Ken was targeted primarily for his belief that 9/11 was an inside job and his belief that the catholic church was the whore of Babylon. New York being liberal as well as having a high catholic population (which sadly is still permitted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan to receive communion despite being left wing) certainly made the group's responses interesting. When Brother Ken claimed that the Catholic church invented racism, he was rebuked by a hispanic woman but then several in the group claimed that they were racist and agreed. When Ken claimed that the catholic church allowed and condoned child rape by the clergy and that the church teaches the children brought it on themselves, many claimed to agree including the majority of whom who were not catholic. 

Ken however was really taken to tasked over his dissensions towards big government. The doctor in charge of the group encouraged attacks on Ken and claimed that it was impossible for the government to be wrong. Others claimed he was a traitor and accused him of supporting Donald Trump for president when in fact Ken opposed Trump as well as Cruz.

Ken Hickson spent nearly 2 weeks in Kingsboro. In order To be released, Ken was required to state verbally and written the following:

  • Government does not allow gross injustices to take place within the public or the courts. Government decisions are always final and just
  • 9/11 was committed by terrorists who oppose our government and because of America's support for Israel and history of intolerance towards arabs and Muslims
  • The catholic church is a Christian church just like any other denomination including baptists, pentecostals presbyterians ETC.
  • It is important to receive a high school education and a good job.
  • People who speak out about alleged atrocities by government are generally stupid and profoundly ignorant, lacking any comprehensive education
  • It is important for every American to support their government in every action whether or not they agree with it.
  • good citizenship requires loyality as well as good manners.
  • It is important for everyone to be responsible for their actions and situation no matter what.
  • I must be responsible for my homeless situation and unemployment and take advantage of all opportunities by the government educational, vocational, ETC.
  • I will abide by the treatment plan and recommendations proscribed by my doctor
  • I will monitor my behavior from now on and I will monitor my conduct in any situation.

In addition the doctor made recommendations that he stop street preaching and not read his bible very often, he recommended watching less television, spending less time on the internet particularly sites that the doctor claimed promoted bad behavior and mental illness. He also recommended that Ken learn to be more social and open minded.

Ken was released from the hospital with a proscription for Prozac, Abilify and Zoloft. He was ordered by the doctor to attend a follow up appointment at a local clinic. Ken was then placed in a taxi cab that took him to a homeless shelter where he was told to stay at. Ken instead walked away and went to the greyhound station to return to Big Springs. There he filed suit against Kingsboro hospital which is pending.

More information on Kingsboro Hospital and its history of abuse can be found at the following links:

 Also Click here to see one of our very own get screwed up by the NYPD and its unconstitutional activities!

   Psychiatry has always been a tool of liberals to abuse and persecute the poor and dissenters. From Nazi Germany, the soviet union, China even in parts of America that really are no longer American like New York city. We have made many articles illustrating this. Furthermore we have written several more about the impact it has had and continue to do so. Psychiatry is false hood and a lie as we have demonstrated time and time again. It is also proof that liberalism is a lie and a falsehood, a disingenius system to rob the working of the fruits of their labor and aid those who will not work especially those in government who live off our backs.

Friday, February 26, 2016

How does America rank in Karl Marx's ten point commmunist manifesto?

In this podcast you can go to by clicking here, you can learn all about how close America is to being full blown communist. Its right there and sadly we are very close. I am very surprised we aren't there yet. The elections no doubt will also be an indicator of what is to come.

Universal Healthcare and the commerce act: Bypassiing the constitution, imposing liberal fascism

The following is a guest commentary on the dangers of universal healthcare and the legal dangers posed. Universal healthcare in the name of fighting disease will re-classify social issues and political issues as medical issues using loopholes in the commerce act, thereby bypassing the constitution and the rights that it guarentees in the name of medical safety.

The new initiative by the Obama administration is spearheaded by leftists many of them Jewish. This is sad because Adolf Hitler the Socialist used the same tactic to brand Jews as a walking talking disease.

Here to comment from Los Angeles is NEALFR member and scholar Reuben Ben Abraham who exposes how the Self hating Jewish left is opening the door for another third reich and another holocaust. We also present a video at the end that details the dangers posed by this bill.

My name is Reuben Ben Abraham. I am a former resident of Boston Massachusetts. I currently reside in Malibu California.

I wish to talk about the initiative by the Obama administration in its last moments to create chaos and a human rights disaster that hasn't been seen since the days that Hitler was elected in Germany. Just like Hitler used universal healthcare as a tool to murder Jews and others he and the Germans deemed undesirable.

Hitler and his nazi party, (Nazi being an abreviation for NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY)came to power with popular support amid the great depression. Hitler promised the German people in exchange for giving up their civil liberties and souls that happy days would be here again! He and the Nazi party put millions of unemployed Germans back to work, provided a welfare system and a system of universal healthcare and other socialistic perks.

There was a cost. A cost in freedom and lives. All these social programs were a means to an end for Hitler. Using universal healthcare branded judaism and dissent as a mental illness. The mentally ill, the retarded, the crippled and lame and the old according to National Socialist Propaganda were a burden on the healthy workers. Propaganda movies such as Erb Krank and eugenics educational material, much of which sadly came from the United States of America, was used to bring about operation T4, where many disabled physically and mentally as well as political dissidents branded as crazy were murdered.

In addition, many more were euthanized simply for having a disabled relative or not fitting in. Are you different in some way, do you in anyway question Hitler and the government? "Then you are a menace to society!" says the nazi liberal doctors.

In the end it lead to millions of Jews, Gypsies and (take note liberals)Homosexuals along with Jehovahs witnesses and others dead in Auschwitz and Dachau.

How did they accomplish it so easy aside from propaganda and having a population that was liberal pro-authortarian and considered the government to be infallible? By branding such undesirables as sick or as walking diseases of course! At Nuremberg one thing we didn't hear about aside people being made into lampshade and doctors using Jewish children for barbaric scientific research is doctors and psychiatrists refining the liberal and false sciences of eugenics and psychiatry.

Why this was rarely touched upon can no doubt be because in America socialists particularly Marxist socialists were taking over America. The followers of Marxian socialism like the followers of National socialism utilize psychiatry to support their doctrines of intolerance, totalitarian authority and corruption so they had a lot to gain by side stepping much of the works of German psychiatrists including works from pre-Nazi era that inspired Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and that made genocide acceptable to the Germans.

This same plan is now being utilized in modern America to undermine human rights using the medical profession. Our modern day elected despot, Barack Hussein Obama is now taking it to the next step.

Second Amendment rights are important but there are other rights that are important.

Of course he's talking about the right to welfare, housing and of course the right to free healthcare. And the 2nd along with every other amendment will soon take a back seat once the Democrats use the Obamacare system to ruin the lives of ordinary Americans.

In the business sector its called brand re-positioning, taking a good or service and changing all the precepts and assumptions about it. Tylenol for instance is no longer another aspirin but a pain reliever that replaces it and is superior. But in fact it is another aspirin. The brand name's traits have changed and the brand reflects public assertions and presuppositions.

The same thing is done with healthcare particularly with psychiatric labels. We are told we all must accept labels. But this is false. Social labels are unacceptable and bring down society because they achieve nothing but bringing down the morale of an individual and smearing his or her reputation socially and vocationally. This is why liberals use psychiatry to undermine individual rights and promote the welfare nanny state.

Now brand re-positioning takes a whole new turn for the worst... The system is now to be used for political brands and presuppositions. The Medical establishment plans to take over the political and legal establishment and use it to undermine your rights in the name of socialism!

It has already started and Obama has the men and women in power willing to use it. For example, Vivek Murthy, Obama's anti-gun socialist surgeon general has declared that gun deaths are a medical issue. This assertion was tweeted by Murthy after the NewTown Massacre, never mind that it took place in a gun free zone!

Gun violence and gun deaths fall under the jurisdiction of law enforcement the criminal justice system not doctors! Liberals like Murthy ignore that there are far more deaths from malpractice, automobile accidents and suicides mainly suicides that don't involve legally purchased firearms.
Yet by giving doctors jurisdiction in legal as well as political matters, gun crime becomes a disease not a crime and allows the government to bypass the 2nd amendment and the US constitution all together.

The US government is further enabled by the loop holes commerce clause of the US constitution and with the growing federal involvement in the medial industry. Medicare, Medicaid, OSHA and the tobacco regulations all fall under the commerce clause. This federal activity started around the sixties and seventies. Our government now has the ability to engage in unconstitutional and fascist activity in the name of the commerce clause under public health.

Gun owner? You are a health hazard. Oppose socialism and government control? Mentally ill! Oppose Obama Clinton or Sanders? You're a walking cancer! It'll start with confiscations of guns and bank accounts and then move on to indefinite detentions in mental hospitals as well as seizures of your home and property and the loss of dignity and personhood.

Here's how it could work. By branding guns a health hazard BATF squads with bio-hazard teams could move in on your home and break down your door and seize your guns. Then have you carted away in an ambulance to a psychiatric hospital.

In the case of free speech, say anything about the government they don't like or that isn't popular or even say anything that someone might find a bit radical or far fetched either in public or on social media and you could be detained in the mental hospital and branded with schizophrenia or as being delusional. In fact this is what happened to a woman in Long Island for what she said on Twitter

What about freedom of the press? Blogging and social media all are found under protection in the press. But they wont bother. Obamacare and branding opposition as mentally ill will fall under medical jurisdiction and they can bypass it. Print or publish anything unpopular to the left or to the government or say anything negative about Obama, Hillary or Bernie and in the name of public health a quarantine will be placed on you banning you from using the internet! Just like in China and Canada!

Obamacare is truly a threat to human life and human rights. Already under the commerce clause you can't drink and drive, soon you wont be able to carry and drive and you wont be able to surf while dissenting. The brand repositioning of gun violence is the start it threatens to strip us all of the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech among other things.

And that is the start. Soon your existence will also be threatened by the commerce clause and Obamacare. All you need is to fall under the brand of undesirables such as white gun owners, property owners, business owners and so on and its off to the death camp!

Reuben Ben Abraham is a member of NEALF the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets He is a former resident of Boston Massachusetts and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

liberal reactions to Antony Scalia's death

As can be expected liberals are celebratory over the death of Antonin Scalia. It is to liberals a call to celebration especially the more hardcore liberals who want to do away with the American constitution altogether and make America into a communist dictatorship. I've waited some time to do this for good reason as the responses have been piling and piling.

First lets look at twitter:

brian boucher ‎@briankboucher
Ding, dong, the witch is dead! 

Get the idea?

Well this is only the tip of the iceberg. But it just goes to show how intolerant these Pieces of shit are. The people who scream the most about tolerance and love really are the most intolerant and hateful in America. They run our government epecially in the east coast and California. They want to crash and burn america.

The united states of America now needs to elect a new justice. Liberals want a communist justice. To paraphrase the retired witch Sandra Day O'connor, Obama needs to start a revolution by electing a liberal judge and we the American people must bork that judge with all our might till next election if need be to get a real American into the vacant seat.

So far so good the death has shaken the establishment a bit. Because Scalia died, many cases including a case that would give unions more clout could not be heard. So this is an oppertunity for our revolution, a second American revolution to take back the country from the godless in order to prevent their communist revolution and save our nation and future generations from unimaginable hell.

We urge you to help by contacting your senators and demanding that they bork Obama's nominees. Visit operation pay bork at the link below to learn more...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Infowars unravels possible #scalia murder mystery

Infowars did an excellent job of investigating the murder mystery surrounding the death of Scalia at the Cibolo Valley Ranch that you need to watch.

I thought it was excellent and answers some questions like was Scalia murdered? Is this a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy fact? I report you decide...

Oldfartrants refutation station

A playlist of John Andrew's oldfartrants videos where he succesfully refutes and slams old farty for his lies and garbage.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Harlem Libertarian activist arrested and detained in Psych ward(video back up again)

UPDATED! A recent attempt was made to block this video. Apparently the NYPD did not want google to allow us to show it to everbody but we've successfully filed against the attempt to block it under security and copyright infringement (LOL!) The video should be up and running now. If not or if it is taken down again let us know.

This is a video courtesy of Copblock Harlem division. It shows Maurice newhope, a homeless black libertarian and friend of the Free state movement and the new England Alliance for liberty and free markets being taken away by ambulance to a psychiatric ward in full public view by commie bum police officers after being assaulted for no good reason.

Maurice is a former bank teller who's life was ruined when he was falsely accused of embezzlement in 2010. It is believed his political views contributed to his false arrest. The New England Alliance for liberty and free markets helped pay for his legal costs but although he was cleared he still lost his job, was bankrupted by court costs and still had an arrest record which kept him from getting another job. Add to this two other arrest records from practicing free speech in a protest in 2007 and another arrest and conviction for disorderly in 2012 in Manchester New Hampshire when Maurice and three other men were arrested for merely practicing their constitutional rights during a protest rally.

Maurice also has a mental health record stemming from another unjust arrest as a youth when he was placed in a psychiatric ward at Bellevue hospital after a teacher falsely accused him of attempting suicide.

Maurice has always been a friend of ours and has participated in libertarian pro-american action protests in New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He has also traveled to Arizona and California representing us to help the minutemen and the Tea party movement.  Maurice grew up in Upstate New York and knows first hand the dangers of Big Government and socialism.

The video merely confirms those dangers. Maurice had been in 125th street reaching out to homeless individuals handing out flyers about their constitutional rights. A local business owner objected to him handing out leaflets and attacked him after refusing to leave. He is described as a puerto-rican male five foot seven inches claiming to work in the area. Police arrived and refused to arrest the criminal involved instead choosing to place Maurice under emergency psychiatric commitment even though he was emotional at the time. Harlem cop watch was there to witness the incident. Police officers mouthed off at the camera man demanding he go away. Maurice was restrained and taken away to Mount Sinai hospital's notorious psychiatric ward.

At the ward, Maurice was looked at by doctors and badly treated. Doctor Roy Bachar who was one of the physicians admitting him to the ward claimed that Maurice had a problem with authority and that he had encouraged the assault. He also made false allegations in admisions that Maurice was a convicted felon and omitted that was never convicted. At any rate he was innocent until proven guilty and court something that Dr. Bachar doesn't realize.

Roy Bachar is also believed to have taken part in the abuse of Kam Brock, a woman from Long Island who was abused by staff at another hospital and made false statements about her in her evaluation.

Furthermore Maurice's physician blamed him for the assault and the wrongful commitment claiming that he had been creating a disturbance. He failed to mention that he had been the victim of an attack by a leftist piece of excrement just for handing out copies of the constitution. Another doctor who saw Maurice claimed that he was causing trouble by educating the homeless about their constitutional rights.

Maurice Newhope was released after spending more than 72 hours in the ward. he has also been billed around ten thousand dollars. A law suit supported by the NEALF is pending.

the arrest not only proves that New York is not liberty city it proves that things are still as terrible and communist as they were under Bloomberg.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND AND UPDATED:Civil liberties under attack in Maine

In recent surveys on economic and personal freedom, conservative states such as Texas, Kansas and so on have scored high marks while liberal states such as California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York has scored low. New Hampshire scored big on both economic and personal liberty proving once again the power of private sector and low taxes against socialist oppression. California, that socialist paradise that liberals love ranked rock bottom on nearly all the surveys with Rhode Island and New York tied neck and neck.

Where does Maine stand? Not surprisingly Maine scored very low on economic liberty. Maine as you all remember is the worst state to set up a small business, it is the second worst state for jobs after Michigan and is the 3rd poorest in the country. Only Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee rank lower than Maine. In economics, Maine is almost last beating out Michigan, Alaska and West Virginia while trailing Mississippi, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California and Illinois among others.

As for personal liberties, Maine came out at 3rd place in ranking for civil liberties. None the less, Maine barely managed it as civil and personal liberties in Maine are on a knifes edge thanks to liberal Democrats who want bigger government and taxation at the top and busy bodies, psychiatrists and parasites at the bottom who scamper around making lives miserable.

Maine has had close calls with losing liberty but at times too close. The biggest culprits have been psychiatrists, mental health workers and case managers in the welfare system.

At Bangor's Acadia hospital, juvenile corrections has used the facility as a dumping ground for Juvenile delinquents including those not convicted of drug use. In many cases where this happens Juveniles are slapped with a mental health record that can close doorways to employment at certain high paying jobs and are given psychemeds that increase addictiveness to street drugs.

Mental health workers at Acadia hospital have also been involved in abusing patients in their care and helping abusive families harm children and relatives. For example, Acadia was involved in isolating a Portland woman from her son while in custody. In another case, Acadia's doctors aided an abusive parent in stealing money and causing job loss and homelessness to his son.

Other mental health facilities have been involved in abusing patients and creating more problems where before there were none. A psychiatrist at a clinic in Waterville was responsible for helping abusive relatives get a court order against their son to prevent him from leaving the state to get a job.

Homosexual militant activists have been very active in the state sometimes beyond comprehension. Many of them have harassed and assaulted donors for republican causes whether or not they have anything to do with gay marriage. Liberal heterosexuals have also done the same thing. In 2006, supporters of the TABOR amendment that would have jump started Maine's economy and brought tens of thousands of jobs to the state were assaulted in Downtown Portland by liberal activists. One of them assaulted a black African immigrant while calling him the N word. Police did little and none of the attackers were charged.

This not just takes place in Portland but also in other communities even places where there is still conservative resistance. In Newport Maine for example, liberals assaulted a small pro troops rally and police officers shut the rally down. They did nothing about the liberals.

Also in the Universities, liberals are dominant and do everything they can to suppress any thought that is not leftist. College republicans have had difficulty booking conservative speakers. Although they were successful in bringing in speakers such as Bill O'reilly, liberals successfully prevented Ann Coulter from Speaking at UMaine. This shortly before the controversial movie about Michael Moore visiting Utah Valley college came out. Liberals are hypocrites.

Politicians are just as bad if not worse. Many judges and bureaucrats are liberal minded and tend to vote to the left and on other occasions, politicians have also used the power of government to harass and persecute the needy in the state on several occasions. Maine is also one of the bigger offenders when it comes to eminent domain. Several small businesses have been plundered and destroyed by the government to make way for big business that offers cheap jobs and socialist works. Many small business owners have become homeless bums on welfare thanks to eminent Domain. Only Connecticut and New Jersey do it worse.

Elaine Thibodeau, and official from Maine's Orwellian and Marxist department of Professional and Financial Regulation attempted to shut down Christian activists in Maine by fining their organizations. She attacked them for speaking out against gay marriage proposals and for opposing Muslim indoctrination in public schools.

While the police and the government are harassing Innocent people, criminals are getting away with almost everything. In Portland Maine, homelessness has increased dramatically. Many of them are also drug addicts and alcoholics. While city ordinances prohibit drinking in public, police officers do little to enforce it. Some because they are tired of handing out tickets and subpoenas to drunks. Instead the police dump the beer can out on the sidewalk before giving it back to them.

Maine also gives sanctuary to illegal aliens from Europe, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere. 4 years ago, southern Maine experienced an outbreak of whooping cough. It was traced to illegal alien children who had the disease. Portland Maine has also passed laws giving sanctuary to these law breaking deviants who usually in return decide to steal benefits and jobs and cause crime.

Economic liberty itself should fall under personal liberty. The right to go into business and own property are essential for freedom and liberty. Since Maine is one of the worst offenders that alone should knock out Maine from the top 20. At best Maine belongs somewhere in the bottom 25, preferably bottom 10.

Maine is looking more and more like the USSR than the us of a with a terrible and dysfunctional economy and disappearing civil liberties. Its thanks to liberals and their friends in government that this is happening. In due time Maine WILL hit rock bottom with personal liberty along with economic liberty.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feminist fascism: The tyranny of the matriarchy

Here's a great article from back in the day about women's lib. Its not gotten better its gotten worse.

The feminists are whipping up women to join their ranks and rebel against the tyranny of the patriarchy. They claim they want a society that will give them equal rights regardless of gender. They want a unisex society where women can enter the workforce and hold a good career as do the men. The feminists however want something else instead. They want more than a platform over a pedestal, they want a throne.

During the sixties when you had in the name of civil rights radicals fighting for so called equality, these people had us thinking they really wanted equality but what they really meant was turning the tables. I wasn't around then but I was told from eyewitnesses what really went down. They were the same then as the left is now. They were ruthless and merciless not to mention very intolerant of opposing view points. They said they were going to tear down the establishment and for awhile they succeeded in nearly shutting down the government. (Gosh I wish we had some patriotic God fearing Americans with the guts to do the same thing today and actually shut it down!) Remember affirmative action? It was billed as a civil rights initiative to promote equality. I believe it was Walter Mondale who said that if it did lead to discriminating against white he would eat his hat. Of course he died so he cheated. But affirmative action rather than promote equality shut out other racial groups from good paying jobs especially whites.

These young kids work their tails off studying at university and when they get in line, they find they are cut out in favor of someone who did not have as much talent or who worked as hard simply because of race. It's not just whites. A lot of other races are excluding for one or the other. Blacks over Mexicans over Chinese Jews and others. The feminists want the same thing. They want to turn the tables on the men for the women. They don't want a unisex society they want a matriarchal society. We see today how women are being favored now more than men. A friend of mine who was at a homeless shelter in south Central Los Angeles told me of how they used to bus people to and from downtown. Every morning the bus would pick people up and take them downtown to go work or go hang out on skid row. The bus however would pick up females first to go downtown. On the second run the security guards would sometimes call for more females to pack the bus leaving out most of the men. The bus would pick up usually three or four times and usually a lot of men were forced to walk. It took almost an hour to walk from the shelter to downtown Los Angeles. A friend of his who had a job kept losing his bus seat to the women. It didn't matter how early he was, he would sometimes even skip breakfast to try and catch the bus to go to work but you know how it is "Ladies first." Then they would roust up more women to push out the men. He kept showing up to work late and got fired. Most of these so called "ladies" were hard core bums who took the bus to spend their taxpayer funded welfare checks from TANF or GR on the crack dealers in skid row, some of them had kids with dozens of men and were homeless because they screwed around too much at their taxpayer funded housing that they lost it, and most don't want to work. It's real sad.

A lot of government services and charities are geared towards women. There are more shelters and services for single women then there are for single men. The men are expected to pull themselves up from their boot straps even the ones who are handicapped or severely mentally ill. Why aren't the women expected to do the same? I recently read a statistic that the percent of homeless who are women are only 18% as opposed to men. Wonder why? A lot of good jobs that pay well will only hire women because we are told they are more mature than men. Meanwhile we keep hearing about a glass ceiling. Our educational system is also geared towards matriarchy. Girls are doing better at school than men are, I read a statistic about how African American women were succeeding better then the men and the same statistic applies to all races whether in the urban or suburban areas. Why?

Whenever a husband and wife try to divorce the woman is usually favored by the courts over the men. The woman sometimes makes false claims that the man abuses her and the kids and they all side with her against the man. The woman gets custody of the kids, the man pays child support and is usually rendered homeless as a result. I met a man who became homeless under similar circumstances. He lived in Winterport and then his wife demanded a divorce and threw him out of the house. She said if he didn't settle she would tell the cops he raped her. Guess who everyone believed without even examining the facts? The man is now homeless in Portland. He stays at shelters and also camps on the water front. He held only a few small jobs and has a disability that affects him. He also gets SSI and trying to get HUD housing except that the women once more are put first in line. Especially if they have bastard kids by different men.

Welcome to the new Matriarchal America. Men need not apply here. Ladies first. If you even want to consider these people real ladies.

Was #Scalia Murdered by Obama and his supporters?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Muppets: Statler and Waldorf watch redfrontrants I mean oldfartrants

The ending trumps farty's $10,000 challenge itself without using the bible. He'll never pay me but no problem! I don't need his spare change!

Voting is a responsibility not a right (back by popular demand)

Hey everyone! The article here was written back in 2008 well I'm posting it again for all to see. It is an idea but I think we ought to do something about irresponsible and uneducated dimwit liberals from voting. Joseph Farah or worldnetdaily made a similar article in support of it. I think its a good idea. But It needs to be implemented carfully. Here it is.

A week ago I was at McDonald's ordering lunch. It was very busy and there was a large crowd present. I ordered the food and waited around for a few minutes. While I was doing so, a manager and another crewmemeber were getting ready to put the flags up on the pole. The manager showed him how to fold the flags up and they folded up old glory into a nice triangle with loving and patriotic care. While they were folding the McDonald's flag, a funny looking woman in her thirties with two tots in a carriage walked up to the counter where the US flag was and exclaimed in a squeaky and stupid voice, "Oh! That lookth jutht like the flag they give to famlieth of veteranth after Bush sendth them to die in Iraq and take away their benefits!"

Everyone nearby looked at her for awhile and then paid no attention to her. I began to ask myself, just where is the father of her kids and what does she do for a living anyway? From what I gather this dingbat is another one of Maine's many welfare recipients who can't amount to anything and are either too poor or too stupid to leave to get a better job and instead cancel out my vote and suck on the tit of Maine's enormous government. This woman was completely ignorant that the reason we are scaling back veterans benefits is to make way for massive social programs for lazy bums and housing projects filth like her who are idiots. I started to imagine just how the kids are going to grow up and cancel out the votes of my own children as well.

With that in mind I began to lay out the plans for this essay and thought, its time we go back to making voting a responsibility and a privilege rather than a right. One of my writers pointed out an 18th century quote from an English gentleman by the name of Edmund Blackadder the third overheard on a PBS TV show that also sums it up:

Blackadder Give stinking morons like Baldrick the vote and we'll all be back to worshiping druids, death by stoning and eating dung for dinner.

S Baldrick: I'm eating dung for dinner tonight actually.

Jokes aside there is some meaning in this. If we continue to allow people who are uneducated, immoral lazy byproducts of government schooling, secular humanism and pop culture to vote, we will be going bankrupt and have less freedom than we have now. Its already happening. The politicians and judges we elect share the same sentiments as the people before mentioned.

Long ago in America the founding fathers, men from different backgrounds were political and philosophical geniuses who recognized the necessities of religion, morality and responsibility and freedom against tyranny and dependence on government. They did little to debate on who should be eligible to choose their leaders. There were certain regulations such as the poll tax and literacy tests but it was found that they were biased towards certain groups and they didn't last. One of my friends pointed out debates on other blogs that only those who pay taxes who are not mentally incompetent or of certain privilege be allowed to vote but also pointed out that Pelosi and Obama could use that to make conservatives ineligible to vote and take over the courts, the congress, the senate and oval office and drive this country to the ground. Just keep raising taxes and have the American psychiatric Association define conservatism, defenders of the constitution and opponents of large government and taxes to be a mental disorder and that's that.

There is naturally a better way to sort it out. Sensible solid criteria that can be given out to filter out those who are moral, educated and responsible from those who are corrupt, immoral and ignorant regardless whether they are rich and poor.

First of all, recipients of welfare, and government subsidies as well as certain people who work for the government should be excluded. If you are a single mother with 12 bastards living in public housing, you should not get to vote. Get a job, a husband, get your act together, and put some of your brats up for adoption then you can vote. If you are a business executive, CEO, manager, or employee of a company that receives subsidies, no vote. Get your act together, plow more of your profits into your companies and hire more workers, create more innovations and then you can vote again. If you are a case manager, bureaucrat, agent or politician, no votes for you. You can keep your job and work for the taxpayers, or you can get a new job and vote again.

This should also apply to others on the government payroll. Police officers, Firemen, doctors, teachers, public defenders, judges, District attorneys ETC. You are receiving taxpayer money to do a job for we the people. You are receiving funds from our hard work. We don't trust you to vote for politicians who will give you a raise while our cities and communities are in the pits. We the people will decide if you deserve a raise.

The only exception I believe to this rule is the military. These men and women are doing more than receiving money they are putting their lives on the line to stay free. We don't want uneducated lazy parasites taking from defense to fund their laziness.

Second of all people who are ignorant of facts should not be allowed to vote. I recall Sean Hannity interviewing college kids in Marxist universities who don't know a damn thing about how the world works. They know nothing about history, they don't even know what happened on December 7th or what the constitution says. They do believe that socialism is best, that 80% of the wealthiest Americans (Or for that matter anyone who works) Should be taxed redistributed to those who won't work, they believe that no one should be allowed to protest or publish without government approval, they believe religion is a mental disorder and that anyone who does not agree with them in even the tiniest way is a racist sexist fascist Nazi who should be put to death.

People from other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, China, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Japan, Algeria, Yemen, Portugal, Britain and Togo land and who become citizens are required to know, and many of these people go on to becoming outstanding citizens in the community. Meanwhile our own children grow up stupid, lazy and the most they can land is cleaning up puke, flipping burgers and mopping aisles. These kids who work retail use cash registers that tally up numbers for them since they are too stupid to count add and subtract, paid for by us thanks to Public school. Yet they get to vote for idiots who ruin our nation.

There should be a test given before anyone can register to vote. The test will be a sensible one, multiple choice. You need to know about how the government works, how our constitution works, why we have the freedom we have ETC. People who support gun control, speech codes, protest zoning, socialism, compulsory public schooling won't be eligible. When they get educated, when they learn to be wiser, then they can vote.

Third, Individuals part of organizations that are openly hostile to our way of life such as the Communist party, the Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan, Islamic Jihad, La Raza, Mecha, Occupy Wall street ANSWER ISIS IWW and other trash should also not get to vote. Instead they should be considered dangerous individuals and a threat to freedom. There is a way to differentiate between which group is not of that criteria. Keep in mind I'm talking people who are openly hostile to us and our way of doing things. I'm not talking people who show some leftist views that some people disagree with like Food not bombs or the council of conservative citizens or some other nutcase groups. Were talking people who openly hate us and preach for our destruction. In the olden days communists and other people couldn't vote or work in government. We should go back to that.

Fourth people who commit certain crimes should not be permited to vote. People who are dishonest, who are unscrupulous and who harm innocent people should be barred for a long period or for the rest of their lives. A lot of felons don't want law abiding citizens to be armed or to be protected by the law. The reason criminals have more rights is because we let them vote for evil people who want to "understand them" or "have sympathy for them."

I read some other suggestions that people diagnosed with certain mental disorders or who come from certain backgrounds also should not be eligible. We at MainestateGop are against Psychiatry since it is a leftist junk science that supports eugenics and contributes to holocausts and great acts of injustice. The left can use it to declare libertarians, conservatives and others of being mentally incompetent and take over. We should not be concerned if someone appears to be unusual or comes from a certain background. If he or she is responsible and knows how the system works, they can vote.

Please keep in mind this is not totally full proof. We planned this out to be fair and decent in allowing those who are qualified to vote without allowing for loopholes for evil to use to take away someones freedom. But if we did use this, we would have better people in office, less taxes, more freedom and more jobs while people like the stupid woman I mentioned would be staying in their public housing on election day fuming about Ronnie McBush-hitler, complaining that America is the worst place in the world.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Panera Bread embraces gun control, becomes crime infested war zone

So the company Panera bread which I guess is kinda a fancy kind of Starbucks coffee shop has caved in to demands by the communists and a militant group with loose connections to the CPUSA called Mom's Demand Action.

The group are using pressuring companies all over America to ban guns in their stores and thereby make it impossible for anyone but criminals to carry a gun into their establishments. The organization uses different methods from coaxing, threatening boycotts to intimidation, threats and slander.

Monday, the CEO of Panera Bread officially declared the fast-food chain a “gun-free” zone. All in nice crimson gun wound blood and bolshevik red. Gun wounds being caused by an illegal handgun.

The company said it wants to ensure that "customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome” in its restaurants.
“We ask that guns not be brought into this environment unless carried by an authorized law enforcement officer," the eatery chain, which boosts 1,800 locations in the United States and Canada, said in a statement Monday.
"Panera respects the rights of gun owners, but asks our customers to help preserve the environment we are working to create."

The new York Daily news had its own take on the situation which you can read by clicking here

Righting on the wall also had an intersteing take as well

Panera is not the only business sadly to cave in to the demands of radical leftists and their criminal backers. Buffalo Bill Wild Wings, Chipotle grill, Target, California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks of all places have now become supporters of gun control and have either banned firearms or ask that their customers not bring them in.

Again not all these businesses ban firearms outright. Its a moot point in places like Massachusetts, New York and California which all ban guns and have tons of violence but elsewhere its more of a request.

That being said I believe that we as patriotic Americans should honor that request and keep our firearms out of those places and with that ourselves out as well. I have no desire to keep my gun at home and be unarmed and vulnerable in a target rich environment like Target, Starschmucks I mean Starbucks or panderizing leftists like Panera Bread.

This isn't a surprise since Many of these businesses are headquartered in Liberal areas and run by people who lean to the left in some way. California Pizza Kitchen and Starschmucks being the most obvious but none the less we have no desire to put ourselves at risk by leaving our firearms at home and risk mugging or being shot by a criminal.

What liberals time and time again don't get is that declaring an area a gun free zone doesn't make the area gun free. It only prevents law abiding and obedient citizens from taking their guns there. Criminals will always utilize that area and will always carry their illegal hand guns in. Many of them have felony records already so they shouldn't have a gun in the first place but they do. Gun Free is safety free and its a free for all to rob and kill anyone they want.

There’s never a cop around, at the moment you need one as well, so you’d better pray there’s a law-abiding-gun-owner around that is willing to put their life between the gunman and your life.But if you patronize Panera, Starbucks or Target then expect to be a target.

As one fellow owner from Laconia at the rifle range once told me, no one has ever asked me if I was carrying, nor has my carrying ever made anyone around me uncomfortable.  No one has ever seen my weapon, that’s why they call it “concealed carry.” 
Amazingly they respect the right to bear arms so they say. Just as long as it isn't in their establishment which I will respect and keep my gun and home and not risk my life since criminals don’t have the same respect of the law or human life as I do.

Aside from the loss of profits to establishments That are gun free since gun owners tend to be decent working people unlike so called people at Occupy wall street who recieve welfare which mainly goes to drugs and such, there is a loss of safety. In the east coast where I am from, a place hostile towards gun rights, Target literally is a target rich establishment. When Target first enacted its gun ban as Leo Hohman of Worldnetdaily reported, robberies and assaults became common.

Throughout the east coast even on the day the law was started Criminals showed up to Target to rob innocent people in the parking lots. Even store security were powerless. And of course the police were lazy and did nothing. The majority of criminals got away. 

Target isn't the only target rich environment either. When Starbucks enacted it's own gun free zones they too became the target of armed robbers. Most of these places for the first time particularly in the east coast became the target of robbers. Barristas were also the target of sexual assault. As this gun free starbucks edition explains many starbucks coffee shops upon enacting gun laws became the target of criminals and a stomping ground for criminal activity.

Its sad when businesses go liberal. They leave behind the capitalist principals that made their businesses possible and go off the cliff to the left starting first with citizen disarmament. They do not realize that criminals will never obey until it is too late. 

Impeach Benito Obama and try him for treason!

THE FLAMING CONSITUTION (To the tune of Blazing Saddles)

He flamed the Constitution
He followed a Crescent-Star
He claimed he had solutions
To problems near and far

He offered Hope and
He offered Change
Pretended dark night was day
He made the Constitution
A torch to light his way

When outlaws ruled in Washington
Corruption filled the land
A cry went out for an honest man
To take the place in hand.
Instead they got Faux-Bama
Destruction was his aim

Yes, out of Chicago
There came a Thug
Faux-bama was his name
Yes, Faux-Bama was his name

He flamed the Constitution
He followed a Crescent-Star
He claimed he had solutions
To problems near and far

He offered Hope and
He offered Change
Pretended dark night was day
He made the Constitution
A torch to light his way

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We present Operation Pay Bork: an inititive to demand the borking of Obama radical nominees

The New England Alliance for Liberty and free markets and the mainestategop blog announce Operation Pay Bork. An Initiative to demand that the Senate Bork any left wing radical nominee who opposed the constitution and to unelect any senator that won't bork Obama's judicial nominees.


   With the death of Antonin Scalia, a new opening now exists in the supreme court and the risk that our constitutional liberties will be destroyed by radical leftists who rather than interpret the Constitution as it says would rather Legislate from The Bench or use international treaties by communist enemy countries as a tool rather than our founder's intent! As a result, our nation is now put in jeopardy by the potential nomination and confirmation of a radicalized judge who will use his or her position to undermine our constitution freedoms by legislating from the bench.

Leftist radicals who will aid other leftists such as communists, occupy wall street bums and foreign and domestic enemies of America such Islamic extremists, ISIS, Mexican nationals with racist anti-white, anti-black, views and National socialist nazis, all of these so called people who favor terminating our constitutional liberties in order to attain a despotic regime or a Caliphate that will be the end of our free republic.

An Obama nominee with radical views about how the world should be governed will give the liberal fascists and their Jihadist and degenerate allies a court that would legislate on their behalf rather than America's behalf for decades to come. With this we launch Operation Paybork. Named in honor of Judge Robert Bork who after a long denegrating smear campaign by leftists lost his nomination to the Supreme court.

The Term Borking was used to describe how leftists destroyed the nominees of the president. We believe its time to pay back the favor until a sensible judge is elected or until Ted Cruz or Donald Trump are elected to the white house and thereby be able to give us a judge who will go by the constitution not by what they think it should say. We aim to demand that our senate only nominate godly Pro-American Judges and bork any judge that does not support our founders intent.


click here to sign our conservative petition to keep radical leftists and muslims out of our Supreme court 


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Imagine... No liberals and No John Lennon (lenin)REVISED AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND

This is an article I wrote many many years ago when I first started blogging. I got the idea after listening to another untold story about John Lennon and his twisted imagination. Well I think it needs to be longer and I added a few new observations. Hope you enjoy!

The soviet Union was one big country without religion yet the governemt killed many people and many people died. Hardly anyone lived life in peace there. So atheism once again proves to be flawed as with Lennon's views.

Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed no hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You can say that Im a dreamer
but Im not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Imagine no possesions. More like a worldwide collective where the state owns everything and everyone. Just like what Lennon advocates. Ironically Lennon was worth a ton of money when he died so he never practiced what he preached.

Lennon was criticized for his wealth during his Playboy interview but defended himself by pointing out how difficult it is to leave a materialist world behind once you are caught up in it and comparing this to leaving the Beatles:

PLAYBOY: "Why does anyone need $150,000,000? Couldn't you be perfectly content with $100,000,000? Or $1,000,000?"

LENNON: "What would you suggest I do? Give everything away and walk the streets? The Buddhist says 'get rid of the possessions of the mind'. Walking away from all the money would not accomplish that. It's like the Beatles. I couldn't walk away from the Beatles. That's one possession that's still tagging along, right? If I walk away from one house or 400 houses, I'm not gonna escape it."

John Lenin Er... I mean Lennon despite demanding that the people give up their possesions and rights to allow the state to take care of everyone and control everything cannot even bring himself to do the same thing. This is a typical failing flaw of liberalism. They demand you do as they say but never do as they do. The majority of liberals are spoiled and wealthy and ignorant of how things work. They make demands upon society and the nation that hurt the most poor and vulnerable.

Communism and socialism throughout history have put the poor in a worse situation than they already were in. Collectivist farming to environmentalist regulations have ruined many poor people and stop them from climbing the ladder and taking steps to improve their lot in life. Yet liberals in Hollywood like John Lennon, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney and so on demand that the poor take on burdens like gas taxes, failing welfare, bans on owning firearms for protection, cap and trade, higher taxes on neccesities and more and more regulations and fees and they pat themselves on the back and think that they are doing a good thing.

But liberalism is no good thing to the poor. It keeps them down, keeps them poor and takes away their money. Those who want to advanced are pulled back down by the left and its government. Once being thrifty and ambitious was a sure way out of poverty, now no matter how thrifty or hard working you are you can't climb the ladder

Then there is his call for a brotherhood of man, where the world is one. Now I would have no problem with that if only the world government that they want us to submit to wasn't so anti freedom and anti Christ. The other problem is man's sinful and fallen nature that hinders this desire. No matter what the left does to obtain utopia on earth it is always a failure.

John Lennon's imagination is twisted

The rest of Lennon's imagination lyrics are by far twisted and show's that the imaginations of liberals is filthy. For example Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today... Don't do it.

 One of the fundamental concepts of liberalism and marxism is atheism. Lennon of course was one despite the Beatles embracing the teachings of Hindu and Buddhist gurus and the new age movement as well as psychedelic drug movements founded on new age eastern religions and occultism. But it is the desire and dream of all liberals with imaginations as twisted as John's to remove God and the concept that we will be called into accounting for the way we live our lives.

A long time ago in America during the 50s, America was a much much safer place. Not perfect mind you but far better than now. America was a safe place. Oliver Stone for instance notes that he and his high school principal used to go hunting in the woods outside their school. He brought his shotgun with him in this truck.

Today if so much as an air gun is used near a school or if rumor has it a gun even a paintball gun is nearby, the school goes into lock down, the liberal media plays up fear of a shooting to a worrisome public and the communists and their supporters scream for more gun control.

How did it change? Because America had faith. Because America and Americans had the fear of God. Note this distinction. They didn't just believe in God, they feared and trembled at God. They respected his power and authority and knew that they would be called into account when they died. Thou Shalt not murder saith the lord.

Today faith is but a word. We believe but so does the devils and his demons as God's word teaches and while we may believe in God or many gods or different gods we wont honor him or fear his wrath. And so America like Europe wallows in crime and wickedness.

And by the way there were many other thou shalt nots that we shalt do all throughout our once Christian land. Such as pre-marital sex and promiscuity. You old timers who grew up then. How many pregnant teenagers on welfare did you know in High school? Hardly any. There were teen marriages in many parts in America in those days. Sadly, though we were safer and saner women did not have as many career options as now and it some places particularly in rural farm areas, many settled for shacking up their kids when they were teens. In the city and in more sophisticated places this was unheard of. You didn't have 15 year old sluts with baggage then. Today they are everywhere and we all must pay for it by force.

Other thou shalt not dos was homosexuality. If you went queer or taught kids it was okay to be queer, out of town you were run. They'll be no evil wicked sodomites molesting our kids and trying to get us into it as well! NO! But today they fags are accepted as equals and they must be or else...

Don't steal, don't be envious of your neighbors possesions and spouse but now everything belongs to us all. Burglars and robbers such as the men who tried to kill John White in Long Island and who was punished by the liberal fascist New Yorkers and almost sent to prison were it not for support by the NRA and God fearing Americans.

Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed no hunger
A brotherhood of man

But whereever property rights are terminated or whenever they are subject to termination in the name of the greater good of society (PAGING HILLARY!) poverty, hunger and distress are always the result. In Zimbabwe where land, particularly farm land is regulated and restricted, there is high unemployment poverty and famine. The farms in Zimbabwe are leased for a few years and must be run according to tight regulations. Because of this there is no motivation to develop farm land, there is no motivation to grow certain crops and no motivation to improve the estate.

Add to this the farmers are usually hand picked by the government and arrive at their estate with no knowledge of agrarian farming and managing a farm estate. As a result most of these farms, many of which were seized by white families end up failing and going bankrupt. The laborers of these farms are condemned to unemployment and poverty as their way of living is lost.

Imagine all the people... living for today. AH!

Throughout America and Europe we are taught to live for today. And when that happens when we live for today and not for tommrow, not for our race, not for our nation, our families, future generations or our fellow man we live licentiously.

We have become a nation of criminals, degenerates, socialists, nazis, perverts, drug addicts, gluttons and boozers. We live for today and forget future generations. Our national debt is over twenty trillion dollars, the largest in the world because we want free handouts and perks from the big government while we burden our children and their children and so on with massive unpayable debt. All while work harder and longer for slackers in the projects.

And I hope some day you'll join us
and the world will live us one.

If we don't take our country back we will be forced to join the godless, the evil and wicked. And the world will live as one. As one big socialist dictatorship with the parasites on top living off the proletariots at the bottom.

It was in such a place and such a time that men like Hitler took over. The conditions were very very similar. It was in times like this when perversion, violence, poverty and injustice were rife and the government was big and evil that Hitler, Stalin and Mao took over. It was in these times that put evil men like these into power. Sweeping power that made martial law seem like anarchy. it can happen in America. The masses, hungry, desperate, frustrated, afraid, angry, ignorant, brainwashed, filled with hate, wanting to live for today and tommorow are easy prey for socialists and evildoers who will exploit the nations wants and fears and the greed and ignorance of the masses.

John Lennon wasn't a Beetle, he was a locust and I imagine there's no leftists, no atheism too where people live life in peace. Thanks to leftists like John Lennon and those who followed him who even now occupy our places of power, we have no peace.