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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A conservative Christian Libertarian on Bruce Jenner's sickness

I didn't want to write about this, it wasn't important, didn't deserve exposure. The liberals however, the Hollywood communist liberal in particular have made it necessary. You my viewers have let me know of this by email and I have heard you. But most of all it is the exposure by Hollywood and the media that have made it necessary.

First of all, let me say that this is sick. An Abomination. And As mentioned by many I know as well as people in the videos down below you should watch, it is a sign of how evil and immoral America and the west has become. Michael savage is right when he said that Caitlyn Jenner is the death of America. The acceptance of it even worse.

I can't even describe Bruce/Caitlyn as a man or a woman. Its more of an it. I don't even know of it still has it's junk attached or cut off. But it's sick its abominable its evil. Its not normal. No His name is Bruce he is a Man a he and always will be as I will explain...

First a few things about Bruce. For those of you too young to remember Bruce Jenner was an Olympic athlete who competed in the decathalon against the Soviets. The cold was was on at this time and much of our battles were fought on the Olympic field. In many of the past Olympic games the Russians beat us particularly at basket ball. Bruce Jenner competed and won and it was a major moral uplift for the united states at this time.

Bruce Jenner later became a spokesperson for Wheaties cereal which was apt to post athletes at the time. Bruce was considered handsome and a ladies man and this got him some spots on TV and movies particularly in the famous Cop Show CHIPS. He was a teen heart throb. Young boys looked up to people like him. Me? I was just a boy and people like Bruce Jenner, Larry Bird, Julius Irving, Michael Jordon, Wayne Gretzky ETC. were men to be proud of as children. Men to emulate. Maybe they weren't veterans or war heroes but still it was good and healthy.

That was then... For awhile Bruce was forgotten. Now he's back in the limelight as a tranny Granny. What is sad is that no one sees what is wrong with this.

There are health ramifications that show that this is wrong and there are cultural ramifications that show this is wrong. Most of all there are moral and religious ramifactions showing that this is so wrong. I'll start out first with the Bible.

In God's holy word which applies not only to Christians and Jews but to all of humanity, we are forbidden by Hashem, Elohim, Jehovah God whoever you want to call him to practice abominations. One of these abominations is transvestitism. Even if Bruce wanted to only date woman its still an abomination according to the Bible. God calls it confusion. And it is. You now live in a society where you date a man or woman and you don't even know now for certain if its really a man or a woman or neither, either or. There is something wrong with a civilization that permits that.

God intended for men to be men, women to be women. They always will be what they were for the rest of their lives no mater what they do to their bodies. Bruce Jenner will never be Caitlyn Jenner. He will always be Bruce Jenner. Even if he were to get full plastic surgery and get his genitals removed and go from a pole to a hole between his legs he is still a man. He has a man's brainwork, a man's physiology, a man's chromazome. Men have an XY Chromozome, women have XX. This cannot be undone this cannot change no matter what Hollywood says no matter what the queer rights movement says no matter what some quack says or anyone says. A man is a man, a woman is a woman, a woman cannot be a man a man cannot be a woman, Bruce Jenner can never be Caitlyn Jenner or even Britney Jenner or Jennifer Jenner or Nancy Jenner, Lisa Jenner, Kelly Jenner, Samantha Jenner, Stacey Jenner, Amanda Jenner or Ursela Jenner. He will always be a he.

This brings me to health issues. As I said its physically and neurologically impossible for one to switch genders no matter what any one says in pop culture or in the medical profession. Its actually harmful to one's body and ones mental health. A lot of the hormones injected into men like Bruce who want to be women are no meant to be in there at those levels proscribed. This leads to deterioration of health and damages organs particularly the reproductive organs and leads to all kinds of free radicals in the body that lead to cancer and other diseases that can be fatal.

There is also a mental health issue as well. People who do this to themselves are causing themselves long lasting mental health trauma. Ten years down the road trannys like Bruce Jenner will find themselves mentally and emotionally scared. They will regret their operations and struggle with their identities.

It is even worse for older men like Bruce Jenner. Bruce is 65 years old. He's a Tranny Granny. He's at an age where his body winds down his handsome boyish looks that made him a heart throb in the seventies and eighties are fading he's aged, wrinkled and now he gets the idea at the last years of his life to be a granny?

In five years or ten years Caitlyn Jenner will cease to be. Bruce Jenner will be Bruce again and regret whatever surgical modifications were made to his body. The man who was Caitlyn will be Bruce and will face expensive painful operations to restore what was lost. At his age it may never return. Mark my words if Bruce doesn't kill himself first he will go back to being Bruce and live his life in anguish.

Finally there is a cultural danger. This whole situation demonstrates to us all that America is evil and immoral and in grave danger. The acceptance of Bruce Jenner's sex change, the publicity the positive outlook by Hollywood and the MSM media show just how evil and immoral America has become. Bruce Jenner Is not only a pop icon once again as he was decades ago, Bruce is sadly a hero to Americans.

Long ago a hero was someone to look up to like a veteran. The young boys who came of age in Omaha Beach on D-day amid a hail of bullets and bombs, who flew suicidal missions from carriers against the Japanese in Midway, stormed the beaches of Guadacanal, Iwo Jima and Saipan and Okinawa. They also risked their lives in the Foothills of Korea and jungles of Vietnam when the government restricted them from victory and who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, Many of these heroes were just kids in their late teens and early twenties. You ask them about it in their old age, the few left alive, they'll tell you they'd do it again.

That was a hero. Not all the heroes however were vets. Many are people in the community, the pastor who preaches to urban youth amid the threat of gang violence and drugs, the old community activist who reaches out to young men to become surrogate father's for them because many have no fathers or even parents, the person who reaches out to feed the poor, the hungry the downtrodden and who stands up against evil and wrong doing. These are also heroes.

The definition of hero has changed now. Bruce Jenner is now considered a hero by the news media and by Hollywood. Why? Because he had his genitals removed and wears a dress and a wig? Is this the new definition of hero? A man now becomes a hero by renouncing his man hood and dressing up as a girl? This is a hero?

Its a sign of the times. A very dangerous sign I might add that we look up to queers who practice what God has called an abomination and who are sick and degenerate. Bruce Jenner as I said is one such sick person. At the age of 65 he cuts of his balls and dones a wig? This is heroic?

The Roman empire and other great empires fell over and collapsed because of this. Because The men ceased to be men in the proper sense of the word. An empire founded by warriors, hunters, fathers and lovers became populated by boys who behaved like spoiled girls and women who believed their only purpose in life is to get an orgasm.

In Rome as now, men do not embrace courage, manliness, masculinity, defend their homes and civilization with their lives, they no longer pull their weight they believed that their existence was for pleasure. Many of them became weak and even feminized. Look at young boys today. What are they like? Many not manly but weak spending more time on Ipad, Iphone and being pampered.

Women also misbehaved believing also in endless pleasure and pursuit therein. They take up a boy one week then when they're done go find some other boy toy whose appendages they can hold on too for awhile. Women in Rome as now behave as spoiled sluts who open their legs for pleasure and profit. They were not women they were not lady like neither are our women today.

Men and women today as in Rome do not believe in having Children. Having a big family was a sign of manhood and masculinity in those days even in cultures that practiced bigamy. The more children you had the greater your social status and young sons worked early at that age as strapping lads who became apprentices at workshops and found a trade to support Their families when they married and became men.

Today children are an abomination. They are expensive and an impediment to long lasting pleasure and gratification that men and women so crave.

In Rome the army was stacked mostly with barbarian foreigners because young men didn't want to go out and fight for their nation. So they paid someone else to do it. Now we see more Mexicans and Asians in the army today not enough American men except for those who are poor and want a college grant. Is this what it boils down to? The Army, navy, marines and air force are no longer a good career option of prestige? Just a means and a way to get college money or because you can't get a job anywhere even at McDonalds? What about love of country and the need to defend it?

And so it is with Bruce Jenner. An Olympic athlete, movie star, once a role model for young boys and that women wanted to marry is now a tranny granny. Its a very dangerous sign of the times as I said. How far we come.

And so America weakens even more so. Men are no longer men, women are not women. The world mocks us as we go down the proverbial tubes and wallow in the scum of excess, gluttony, hedonism, sexual pleasure and selfishness.


oldfartrants fan said...

What a bunch of sad fascist nonsense this whole blog is. Condemning a tranny for taking a bold step and coming out like that! Caitlyn Jenner is a hero. She is a hero for standing up for others like her who got tired of their gender and changed it. She is also a hero to gays and lesbians. They are brave for standing up to bigots, nazis and conservative fascist scum like you who have no respect! Its thanks to fuckwads like you that America is laughed at and is a backwards country! Were the only industrialized nation that believes in God, the only advanced country that picks on gay people. What does the Roman empire have to do with it? Lots of empires had homosexuals and in fact Rome was Christian when it collapsed so there take your christian fascism and shove it you right wing piece of shit! Learn some Damn history!

mainestategop said...

Well well... I woke up tonight to quite an awakening. 3 comments to moderate, one by a fag liberal ranting about support for Mooooooo slims that was so full of insults and swearing I had to delete it, then I get a worried mom with a 25 yr old daughter now I got one of old douche rants followers who got tired of watching reruns on YT and decided to come here and promote homofascism.

Well I'm still tired so before I go back to bed here's a brief history lesson. First of all, homosexuality is a sin. God hates it and he will withdraw his favor from any nation that practices it. Second, the nations mentioned collapsed as a result of it. Well more of a contributing factor but all this sissification of men and women rebelling and acting like men is harmful. Our boys are not mature and masculine their weak limp wristed and docile, our women are filthy detestable and either sluts that think theyre on this earth to have an orgasm or they're all butch like Chaz Bono acting like men and yet are not manly. They have sex with as many guys/girls as they can they care only for pleasure. A nation who's men are weak cannot survive. The reason were under attack is because of this. Everyone knows which is why america is attacked by Islamists and immigrant gangs. They're men. They know more on how to be men but were not. Were weak and docile. We cannot go on like this. Read the videos below.