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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ronald Reagan's one-liners

Obama declares war on small business franchises

Obama's new taxes and minimum wage hike will have only a negative impact for small businesses. In particular, those that use the franchise system. In the cross hairs most of all are businesses run by minorities and up and coming poor whites that already have to struggle to stay afloat in our terrible economy.

Businesses in Seattle Washington and New York city are expected to be hit the worse. In the link above, there was mentioned a restaurant franchise run by a US citizen of Chinese descent who had been hurt terrible by Obama's new system. It also showed that Starbucks, perhaps one of Seattle's most prosperous businesses will hardly be affected.

As a result of socialism, the tiny franchise of Mr Grant Chen was a meager profit of $8,856.57 after taxes. For Starbucks, it was 2.8 billion. McDonalds, twice that.

The purpose of the new minimum wage law is to be used as an attack on popular big businesses that have been in the gun sights of communist liberals for some time. In Particular, Big box stores and fast food restaurants IE: McDonalds and Wal-Mart.

But the new wage law, designed to target richer and bigger corporations is in fact being used by liberals to target small businesses. While many on the left would have us believe this is not intentional, the truth of the matter is that it is intentional. Very intentional.

The reason for this is because while big corporations like starbucks may have all the money and power it Is in truth the small businesses and the small francises, the backbone of our nation's economy that are the foundation of a sane and working capitalist system.

It is the small business that enables big business to distribute many of its goods and services instead of an expensive program of vertical management, the small business that provides the majority of jobs and taxable income to tiny communities.

Most of all, it is the small business that is the launch platform for future businessmen and inventors and the beginning of a community's rise from rural backwater to running metropolis. For this reason alone in of itself, small businesses is the enemy of liberals and their Nazi agenda to turn America into a 3rd world nightmare of socialist enslavement.

The sentiments all liberals have towards capitalism in particular its backbone can be summed up by one of America's biggest traitors and enemies Michael Moore

If the small businesses suck they'll be driven out of business... If they got a good restaurant, people will go there and eat. You know in my town the small businesses that everyone wanted to protect? They were the people that supported all the right-wing groups. They were the Republicans in the town, they were in the Kiwanas, the Chamber of Commerce — people that kept the town all white. The small hardware salesman, the small clothing store salespersons, Jesse the Barber who signed his name three different times on three different petitions to recall me from the school board. F all these small businesses — f 'em all! Bring in the chains. The small businesspeople are the rednecks that run the town and suppress the people. F 'em all. That's how I feel.

Notice also the liberal whining by Moore in his frustration that many of these people are republican while many of his big business supporters rooting for him and Obama from behind are Democrats. It is thanks to Moore and others that small business is guaranteed to constantly be on the side of the GOP while Starbucks and other big businesses will rely on them to stop up and coming rabble from competing with them.

They don't care that they'll pay more but so what? Most of their workers will be subsidized on welfare and made dependent and therefore more likely to also support the Democrats making it win-win for them.

Only the small businessman suffers, those who through thrift and strife attempt the impossible by challenging the ones above are knocked down and kept down so they wont compete with big business.

The real sufferers of all are the unemployed and the underemployed. The unemployed cannot get his/her foot into the door of business because of layoffs as the result of higher taxes and wage hikes, the underemployed because although they think they're getting a higher wage, with that comes higher expenses, lay offs and higher costs.

Big business it should be noted will never and never have taken it and laid down.

And so in the beginning of the 21st century, a more socialist and liberal time, the rich still got richer, the poor even poorer. And all thanks to Democrats. But they'll still blame the gipper and still blame the GOP.

Ronald Reagan on Johnny Carson 1976

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The number one reason Socialism always fails...

What is it? Well its the fact that socialists do not respect individual rights at all just for starts. But more to the point, Socialist governments dictate your life and the lives of other individuals for them and do it poorly.

You see government always knows best. That is what leftists always claim. And the government always wants to meddle in affairs. But how do they really know what is best? God has made everyone unique and has created every man and woman with different needs ambitions and desires. But government cannot fathom  all our needs and desires and our ambitions.

In truth government doesn't want us to have ambitions but rather to be the same and to be conformed to its goals and ambitions. Controlling everyone and looking after itself.

Yes... Government couldn't give a damn about anyone but its own needs. Government doesn't care about what wee need but what it needs.Our taxes, our unconditional attention and obedience. The government is the master.

When people cannot control their own lives, when people are forbidden to decide for themselves and to care for themselves and their needs, they are robbed of their status as a human beings and robbed of their humanity.

The unfortunate truth about the matter is that despite this the liberals insist that we obey and submit to the decisions of the government "All for the greater good." Sound familiar????
The government we are told is always just and that they are always right and their decisions for us, our families, careers, businesess etc are all for the greater good. THEY ARE FINAL...

But despite this the socialist liberal nanny state is not always right and not always just. In fact, 99% of the time they are unjust and dead wrong. Why? The government employees just don't get it. They think for us, do things for us and belive they know what is best for us but don't. They do not understand our needs and our desires, our ambitions, our careers and what is needed.

To make matters worse, many of the government workers in fact just about all of them are incompetent, lazy, intolerant and evil. Many of them do not care and do not know. They cannot get a private sector job because of their stupidity, they wouldn rather leech off John Q Taxpayer. And these same so called workers and the government they serve cannot balance their check books or make good decisions and yet demand that they decide for us, that they manage our money.

Ask anyone with a legal guardian or a representative payee and they'll tell you all about it. Government doesn't care, government is a disaster. The overwhelming majority of payees and guardians abuse and/or neglect their wards. The media rarely reports it. Because the media has a leftist bias and supports it like all leftists.

But they never get it right.

Under capitalism, the individual has more rights and has the right to say no to help and no to the government. The individual decides the individual gets to make the decisions. The individual himself or herself knows what is best. Because its for the individual.

We know what;'s best for us. We know what we want and what needs to be done. A government worker who probably never finished school and has a below average IQ will never be able to organize or run a business or family. We can. We have the training the experience and the instincts. Its our family our business we know what to do. Government does not.

When it comes to our health and our family biological instincts of the parent and self trump that of the state which lacks caring emotions and the paternal/maternal instincts of a parent.
That in of itself repudiates socialism and casts false the worldview of liberals that government is infallible.

It takes a lot of responsibility and skills as well as education to run a business much less an economy yet liberals want to nationalize businesses and have the government run it for them. These same losers I just mentioned untrained unintelligent know better than we are just because they're the government.

The government also wants to decide our own lives for us. Cancel out our ambitions and goals set its own for us, hence the need for guardianship bureaus and the need for the nanny state but they don't know any better. Ask any ward.

The capitalist system on the other hand though not perfect respects the rights of the individual. The individual is free to control his/her property, life and family in the way they want to. It is the only system that is compatible with a free republic like the United sates where individual rights are not trumped by the greater good or the need of a community which may not be good.

Now that doesn't mean that its absolute and they can go about causing trouble for other people but don't you think the liberals in our fascist government today are not that qualified to decide especially since they cannot even balance a check book much less a payees?

Individual freedom and human rights made America the great nation it is today. Community demand trumping those rights and a government that wants the last word in all affairs including personal affairs no matter how meaningless undermines human rights as well as the economy and the individuals the left claims to care for but really doesn't. Liberals care only about themselves. this is evident in the corruption we see. Socialism, it has failed and always will. We must return to the Christian capitalist and individualist principles of our founding fathers that made us a great and free nation.

Leftist RINO Senator linsay Graham exposed

Click here to read an interesting article worth reading on Senator Lindsay Graham And his plan to bypass the US constitution.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ray Allerman videos

And now for my catholic friends and viewers, something haven't been able to do a long time since Youtube is such a mess with interuptions and government service in Maine and New England for that matter being as terrible! Here is Ray Allerman from Fix the Family!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

New videos about Ronald Reagan

At the behest of my Hungarian and Russian viewers, well have some videos coming out about Reagan. More to the point about Reagan in the 50s on TV and radio. I will also try and present him on full episodes of Dean Martin's celebrity roasts, Man of the hour, Man of the week ETC.

Ronald Reagan on I GOT A SECRET!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bill O'reilly and Barney Frank fighting on Fox


Ronald Reagon on the name's the same

Is it all over for Sarah Palin? And why do liberals really hate her?

Sarah Palin in my opinion has wound down her reputation and her popularity. Its time I think for the GOP to move on from Sarah and let her retire back to Alaska with hubby Todd and her kids.

There was a time when Palin dominated GOP politics even before becoming VP under Senator McCain. She was mayor of a small town in Alaska and governor of that state for many years, she has dominated the media limelight.

But unfortunately, Sarah palin is not without problems. And no its not the fact that our enemies the left has attacked her day and night since 2008. Its not that She has been criticized more for Bristol's out of wedlock baby in one day than Obama has received in the entire 2008 election. Its not that the left hates her for her views and because she refused to abort her baby for being retarded, its not that she's a woman either.

The Problem is that stress she has suffered since 2008 and since the world has come on to her has taken its toll. There are indications that Palin suffers from a condition known as schizophasia. Its a condition similar to stuttered speech and involves disorganized speech instead. The condition can be brought on through emotional stress, excitement and general stress.

It seems that Sarah Palin cannot handle all of the stress of the publicity she has had to endure. Sarah Palin has also endured constant attacks and scandal upon her family. Unfortunately not all the problems are unfounded... Bristol Palin despite being an abstenence spokesperson was pregnant a second time and involved in a drunken brawl at a party. Sarah's son Track was also arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Very unfortunate.

there are also indications, now I'm not saying its true but there are possibilities that Sarah Palin may also have been intoxicated at her speeches. There are reports of alcoholism. Although this is mostly speculation. In all likely hood, stress inducing Schzophasia is the cause.

Certainly it does not mean that Palin would be qualified to be mayor or governor in her home state or any other state that would elect her. But it can be a problem.

Liberal Hate

Why do Liberals hate Sarah Palin so much? It is quite simple, because she stands for the values that they stand against. In particular, pro-life values. As I have said before and I will say it again, the real reason liberals hate Sarah Palin is because she and her husband are avid hunters of blood thirsty dangerous animals such as wolves and Polar Bears, because she supports America and because she refused to murder her baby for being retarded.

The Palins are avid outdoors sportsmen. Hunting is one of their favorite pastimes. The Palins for this have come under attack by the animal rights beatnik branch of the Democratic party. And every other Democrat has seem to do the same thing and join the animal rights nazi bandwagon. Bloodthirsty wolves that attack people have more rights than people. As do Caribou, Bears, Jaguars and so on.

 Palin is also a mascot for the pro-life movement. Her choosing life for Trig Palin instead of terminating his innocent life for the crime of having Down Syndrome has certainly enraged liberals the world over. The American Life League has reported that over 80% of down syndrome babies have been murdered through abortion.

The disabled have always been subjugated to cruelty by liberals. From the Nazis to Roe V wade many many retarded have been murdered in the name of convenience and choice by people who oppose freedom of choice and undermine convenience with socialism.

To liberals the disabled like Trig are non-persons, retards, incapable of paying taxes to their vast coffers for personal pension and incapable of working in public works projects. To liberals especially those in the government, Trig and his kind are parasites. They take from social security and SSI what they should be getting for being government employees in other words they should be the ones leeching not them.

What if Sarah was a liberal Democrat?

Without a doubt if there was someone who really was stupid as people think Sarah Palin is who ran as a Democrat and had the same issues then without a doubt liberals would cause the country to be destroyed in a rampage that makes the Trump Riots last week pale by comparison.

Imagine if you will someone like Paris Hilton running for office. Imagine some blond hair bimbo with no cognetive ability or intelligence working to run for office. Imagine someone like say similar to paris Hilton as she was portrayed on South Park. The left would love her.

In fact, the left is about to introduce such a candidate late in the race... WHICH WE INTEND TO SHOW YOU LATER...

But lets face it. The Palin Derangement syndrome and all the crap about her shows just how far off Democrap voters are. These pieces of excrement should not be allowed to vote. If they weren't we wouldn't have had all these undesirable candidates in the White house and the congress and senate over the last 16 years would we? No certainly not. But its all about palin isn't it?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two liberal EMAILS

Today we share with you all some liberal fascist email. One from a marxist student

I assume you live in the U.S. That explains your arrogance in assuming that you and the U.S. (which often means planes and bombs) have a right to encourage intervention in the internal affairs to correct "errors" perceived or real of other countries. Has it ever occurred to you that so-called human rights campaigns that are crafted and whipped up by the ruling classes in this country and widely covered and encouraged by the media are selectively chosen to advance the global interests of U.S. capitalism and imperialism? That they are not really about "human rights" at all? It is certainly possible to go into many examples - just one is how reporting in the release of Betanourt in Colombia was used politically to attack and slander FARC and did not mention at all the murders of union and Indigenous organizers at the hands of the paramilitaries backed by Uribe and U.S. military and financial involvement. Even if it were true - and I certainly will not accede that it is - do you think that one instance you allege to have happened in Cuba outweighs that Cuba has the most educated population in all of Latin America and the Caribbean and I dare say than the U.S.; that they have managed under extreme difficulty to provide the sustenance of life and health care for the people of Cuba that has a lower infant mortality and higher life expectancy than the U.S.; that youth from around the world and also the U.S. are afforded FREE education - including room and board - to become doctors. How did that happen? Do you think results like that can come from oppression? They can't. And do you think that we, based in the U.S., should join in on "criticism" of Cuba or slanderous speculation? Our responsibility - and your responsibility - is to get the U.S. off the backs of Cuba and the rest of the world. It is an example, warts and all, that the future of humanity depends on developing human potential fully instead of exploiting its labor we are confident that if the intervention and domination of U.S. imperialism is removed and the profit motive no taints human relations the working class of those countries can handle their own affairs. Because we and you live here, that is our first responsibility - not chiming in a way that helps continue imperialist global domination. There is a lot more that can be said - including the right of oppressed nations to self-determination. But we can leave that to another time. If you are sincerely concerned about the issues you raise you will help defeat the U.S. of era endless war and domination
This stupid commie denies any existence of oppresion in China and Cuba or any other marxist country. It's only capitalist free democratic societies they go after. 

No paragraphs. Hmmmmmmmm...

Next we have an email from A Bernie Sanders support

F**K you you stupid right wing POS! Bernie Sanders is the only candidate worth voting for! We need him to kill all the right wingers and purge this country of fascists like you! LONG LIVE COMMUNISM! Stay out of my home state of Vermont or I'll Kick your a$$!

Woo hoo! Well I have no desire to visit that cheesy poverty stricken commie state.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ronald Reagan on To Tell the Truth (1950s TV!)


We got a response from Senator Ted Cruz last week for operation Paybork! Senator Cruz joins a long list of senators who have pledged to stop Obama from nominating a liberal judge in place of Antonin Scalia (May he rest in peace)

Sorry I didn't get to share this but I had lots of articles I wanted to get done and I got a family to raise. Here it is! A response to New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets and those who support Ted Cruz and the American way.

Hi Brian!

My office was delievered information about OPERATION PAYBORK which I have read and I wanted to respond to let you know that I will pledge to prevent Obama from nominating a liberal justice to replace Antonin Scalia. I also want to let you know that you're all doing a good job! I haven't been able to take the time out of my busy schedule to read your Blog and see some of your videos but I will try to over the weekend.

Thank you Very much for you're support and for your encouragement. I hope to see all of you at the convention this summer!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Anonymous Declares war on Trump! ITS ON!!!

The hacktivist communist terrorist group known as Anonymous has recently come out to announce that it has declared war on Donald Trump who they have compared to Hitler and has been called a dictator.

The accusations against Trump are outrageous and exaggerated. But what do you expect? I wonder sometimes who are these people or one individual? Some 40 year old virgin in mommy's basement? A homeless bum with a lap top living in a shelter in New York or LA? Perhaps, someone with a computer science degree working white collar for a corporation and enjoying the fruits of capitalism while opposing the system that gives him the lifestyle he's accustomed too. Who knows...

That said Anonymous has launched operation white rose society, named after an organization in Germany that opposed the election the the National Socialist party in Germany in 1932. The hashtags Anonymous is using include #OpTrump #whiterose #opwhiterose ETC. on Twitter. Supporters of anonymous have already taken to the net attacking any site that is favorable to Trump and have trolled forums and YT against Trump supporters.

Here are videos of and about #anonymous and their war on Trump

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The mindset of Hillary and Bernie Sanders supporters (How welfare bums vote)

Karl Marx was a racist (racism of communism)

This is an oldie a classic oldie that I had been asked by black viewers to share. Especially relevant in light of the murders of black Donald Trump supporters by white racist Hillary and Bernie supporters

Marxism is probably the most racist ideology to ever rear it's ugly head on the Earth. Although its adherents claims to be anti racists, their ideology is the epitome of racism. Consider it's founder Karl Marx. Marx was an evil white supremacist and anti Semite. Although such people would balk at that notion, claiming Marx was a Jew and go so far as to say the whole reason of his ideology to destroy the white race! The truth is that although Marx came from a Jewish background, he would be right at home with Hitler, David Duke and Richard Butler. Matter of fact, Hitler's National Socialists and the KKK base their ideology on none other than Karl Marx. Nazism is nothing more than an acronym for National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party. That's right. The white supremacists, Christian Identity, skinheads and Nation of Islam are real life socialists. In fact visit their hate sites and see for yourself. International Answer, Code Pink are sanitized versions of what a real socialist is.

Karl Marx did not go to any lengths to conceal his hatred towards non white races. In a letter to a competitor of his he wrote, "... it is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother had not interbred with a nigger. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also nigger like." Engels was also a racist writing in 1887 concerning Marx's son in law, "Being in his quality as a nigger, a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district." He was the Representative of a district that had a zoo.

On Mexicans, Marx and Engels "Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?" They even write, "In America, we have witnessed the conquest of Mexico and have rejoiced at it. It is to the interest of its own development that Mexico will be placed under the tutelage of the United States." Can you believe that!? We have Hispanic Marxists and their supporters in Southern California right now demanding secession, under the red banner and it's none other than Marx and Engels praising the conquest of former territory! Of course it wasn't theirs to begin with. More about that at a later time.

Racism as practiced by Marxism would eventually make it's ugly debut in the USSR under Josef Stalin. During the purges of the 1930's Some of Stalin's biggest targets other than poor peasant landowners called Kulaks, were ethnic minorities living in Russia such as Jews, Moslems, Mongolians and others. Those that survived found themselves impoverished and enslaved, some were sent away to Siberia. Take a look at pictures of the Kremlin during the Soviet hay days and see if you can find women and minorities in the Politburo. In China, racism was practiced against different races living in the nation. In addition to persecuting Tibetans, Christians and Falun Gong there is racism against blacks visiting and residing in the nation. the state tolerates and even promotes racism. And let's not forget about Germany, the most socialist and racist country that ever existed when Hitler and his National Socialist thugs ran things.

One of the reasons that racism is allowed to become prevalent in communist countries is because of a lack of diverse opinions and free speech that can counteract racism. In nations such as Socialist Germany, the USSR and China, the media, publishing, education were controlled by the government. Whenever this occurs or if these institutions are held in a few hands, then racism stands a good chance. Furthermore government steps in and suppresses liberty, critical thinking and free thought which ultimately gives racism the upper hand. In Europe where they have hate speech laws, it is illegal to speak out against minority religions such as Islam that preach hatred and antisemitism. Meanwhile outlaw groups can still publish and propagate their vicious and racist speech no matter what the law says. Europe does not enjoy the civil rights that we Americans enjoy.

Under a democratic and capitalist society, racism can still exist but does not enjoy many of the advantages it does under despotic systems of government such as Marxism. According to black economist Thomas Sewell wrote that under a free market economy, employers who are serious about running business are concerned about one color, green. Under the profit motive employers want employees that are skilled able and efficient. An employer who hires a lazy uneducated white man over a black man who is educated and experienced will regret it later on. That employee then moves on to one employer who will seize that opportunity and gain greater profit over the other. 9 times out of 10, the system works. When it doesn't, government steps in to prevent discrimination. As for hate speech, the propagation of media outlets and educational material made possible by the first amendment debases and refutes racism without costing liberty.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JTF: Trump care is identical to Hillarycare/Obamacare/Sanderscare (socialist Trump)

JTF's Chiam Ben Pesach goes on the attack against Donald Trump for his support for Socialized medicine which Hitler used to kill Jews and which Obama has used to ruin American lives and jobs.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Communist agitators attack 1st amendment and Trump in Chicago

This is a response to the disgusting and virulent attacks by liberals in the media and by the Occupy bums in Chicago who are rioting and all fisticuffs against Trump and his supporters. The riots that took place in Chicago should come to no surprise since that city is in the grip of communism and black lives only matter thugs. YO!

The riots were incited by Bill Ayers and the revolutionary communist party. This is the same group that incited the Rodney King riots and riots in Seattle during world trade conventions and Bill Ayers you may know is the founder and terrorist activist from the weather underground. The racial composition of the riots were mostly 50/50. Black thugs mostly from the South side as well as Gary and Milwaukee (chiraq) and white communists from as far as Minnesota.

Chicago, in addition to being a cesspit of crime is a communist city rife with corruption and injustice. The city's police force still practice torture and the city's politicians and workers are kleptocrats and bribe takers. Unemployment in the city, that is true unemployment is in the double digits thanks to massive regulations and restrictions.

The Chicago PD which is normally lazy and abusive actually made a good effort to protect Trump but they were overwhelmed. Trump had to cancel a rally at the University and many of the rioters became violent even murdering a black supporter.

The leftist media unfortunately ignored the atrocities and this communist and un-American attack on the 1st amendment. In fact the media blamed Trump for the riots. Much like Hitler and Goebels blaming the Jews for anti-semitic riots in Germany in 1938 during the night of broken glass that the government caused. The only thing they didn't do was prosecute Trump for the riots and sue for damages. They did not dare I believe only because Trump's supporters are armed and gun ho.

All in the the liberal press blamed the whole thing on Trump. The Huffington post for instance condemned Donald Trump for "abusing the 1st amendment of the constitution" and the BBC the Beeb called for America to pass communist hate speech laws like they have in Europe to prosecute Trump. NOT PROSECUTE THE COMMUNIST AGITATORS AND BLACK THUGS IN CHICAGO NO! NO! NO! NO! TO PROSECUTE THE VICTIM TRUMP!

The DailyKos another treasonous and liberal socialist nazi news group wanted Trump to be prosecuted for Incitement to riot. Further proof that all liberals hate free speech and support riots and violence. Many have also called for prosecuting Jim Robinson of Freerepublic and the entire blog at freerepublic for riots in Chicago as well as riots that took place in Cleavland Ohio. The riots in Cleavland were not as bad as the St Louis and Chicago riots against Trump however. That hasn't stopped the Bolshevik news media from attacking and smearing Trump and Freerepublic.

The riots in the eastern mid-west combined with the onslaught of media attacks on Trump has only served to make Trump more and more powerful and to demonstrate that the left fears Trump and his allies more than they fear Cruz or any other candidate. And their fear is a reflection of their backers. From the multinational corporations that have sold us out for 30 pieces of silver to the communists in Washington DC who want to celebrate the centennial of the bloody October Revolution by launching their own bloody marxist coup here in our own backyards. A Hillary or worse a Sanders presidency could be just the thing to make it happen.

We'll keep you posted on further developments including stories of murder by the marxists in Chiraq against Trump supporters.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Senator McCain, Johnson and Shelby back Paybork! Many others to follow!

This is an update to Operation Pay Bork, our website and project the New England Alliance has launched to stop Obama from nominating a liberal to the Supreme court to replace Antonin Scalia. Good news!

Yes indeed good news! We have circulated our new website and initiative to the GOP senate. We have gotten responses from just about all of them. Among them, Senator John McCain of Arizon and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby who have pledged to oppose Obama's leftist judicial nominees! Among the more recent pledges came from Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

In addition to these above mentioned, Senator John Cornyn, John Boozman and Mitch Mconnell have signed the pledge that they will not allow Obama to nominate a leftist to the supreme court!

Now not all of the senators have been reached and many of them are busy but we expect just about the entire GOP senate to either contact us with pledges to oppose Obama or to simply go ahead and forgo the need for a pledge.

We thank our viewers and supporters for making this possible and getting the word out. Keep doing it! Even for those already on our side to encourage them and let them know you support them! Give the courage and power!

We also thank the people who emailed us to let us know that they will contact the Senate to demand accountability.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

From Hungary with love, from New York with malice

I got two emails last weekend I want to share with you folks. Couple of good ones. One from a conservative from Hungary where lately I have been getting loads of hits, the other from some miserable New York A-hole liberal.

First from Hungary...

Greetings from Hungary! The way communism used to be! Well in all serious we still have that problem in our government but its getting better yes. I found your website while looking up info about communism and about Ronald Reagan. Great man he was! I wish so many people here and in the US looked to him with more how do you say, gratitude I guess is the word. He did make mistakes but he saved a lot of lives. My grandfather, he was a good communist. He fought against the Hitlerites and nazis in the partisans and later was a loyal soviet but after the war Stalin had him and others killed. Our family was even billed for the bullet!

We are far better off thanks to men like you and Reagan. The people who hate you who are against you are either communists or they do not know what it is like to live under the iron boots of a communist government. They are uneducated and have no knowledge of what it is like to go through what we went through. Nothing nice about it at all friend.

I think perhaps I come visit you sometime eh? I have a tourist Visa and I am thinking of vacationing in New Hampshire either that or Florida. I will stay away from Maine and California I think. Too much leftist rabble. I think New Hampshire is good yes? Lake Winnepaski, Odyarne point and the beaches there, I think also a hike through the woods it sounds like a good time. Maybe I will go to Florida too if you have info and I always wanted to see Texas!

Thank you Brian for everything you are doing to help out. People like you do a good job for all of us and help us out. Keep it up! Lots of people in other countries read your blog and others like it. Its hard to make something like this because of the government and because of trouble makers.

Yours in Christ,
GYÖRGY [last name omitted]

I omitted the last name just in case the government decides to crack down and go back to the Soviet ways.

And Speaking of soviet ways, here's another from that bastion of soviet communism RIGHT HERE! In America! NEW YORK CITY! The email from from a man named Big Tim. (that's what he called himself first and last name.) TAKE IT AWAY TIMMY!

First of all F**K You about New York. I like it here way better than that hick state you named yourself after. I lived there for 3 years in Portland and Augusta. Second, F**K you for saying we're communists. Were not communists! We live in a city with over eight million and a half people so we have to do things a little different. And third, F**K you for making fun of mayor Giulianni and Bloomberg. Rudy Giulianni made us safer and a better place to live. Bloomberg yeah he did stupid things like try to ban sodas but some of what he did like making the homeless work for once was good. We got too many homeless. All of them lazy and/or mentally ill. They shouldn't be allowed to be comfortable or be happy at all while in that situation. You forget to mention that Bloomberg allowed them to get greyhound tickets to go to other cities if they were unhappy with things. Also we did not outlaw freedom of speech. You need a permit however to use a public sidewalk. NOTE THAT A** H**E! Its a public sidewalk! No one said you couldn't speak! But we tend to be picky about other a** h**es like you or that preacher saying 9/11 was done by are government. B*** S***!! The preacher was given a chance to leave but refused. His preaching amounted to disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. And I remember Maurice Nohope when he and your friends were protesting in Times Square a few years ago. He is a nut and they were right to lock him up. He got locked up because he was nuts and crazy not because he thinks the government caused 9/11 or hates the government. F*** BOTH OF YOU! Also we banned guns because they're dangerous! It takes responsibility and restraint. Something that police and the military are trained to have. My brother served in Afghanistan and Iraq and he needed to be cool with his guns. Most people like you and the black guy in the video going to the nuthouse don't have that. They just shoot anyone they want to. As for Eric Garner, I agree it was bad he died but he shouldn't have resisted the police. Neither should Kelly Thomas. But we trust our government and our police and believe them more than some mutt in the courtroom dock because they're trained to be responsible and they aren't allowed to be police if they are anything like the low lives that are defendents. We never said they were always right but we trust our government and our police officers more than some dirty mutt trying to defend himself for hitting his girlfriend. I was on a jury twice. One for vandalism, the other for resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. We convicted both of them. Both were poor black mental cases, both argued they didn't do it, both raised their voices loudly and had to be told by the judge to be quiet and pipe down. We all agreed that they did it and that they needed to be punished but there were always one or two retards in the jury just like you who doubted authority. Claimed that the police jumped to conclusions that just because they had a badge didn't mean they were right all the time and that these "defendants" were innocent because there was not enough proof or no proof just the cop's word. I love it. I mean your telling me that a professional licensed law man with a good record is wrong and this yelling screaming black guy is right? Now before you claim I am a racist I want you to know there were two black people on our jury and they agreed with us. These cops were well mannered, dressed well, they came across to us as honest well meaning cops just doing their jobs and that they were reliable and honest whereas these "defendents" "Innocent victims" Were nuts. They were loud, they were agitated, they were crying screaming and making noise, they smelled, they dressed horribly. These people were dishonest and didn't want to be responsible. By the way the vandal was homeless so he must be irresponsible as well as worthless. I don't care what you think if you can't make it its not the government's fault or anyone's fault but yours. Get a f*****g job and stop blaming the government! The homeless in this town are worthless pieces of S*** who either blame the white man or the government for why they are unemployable. We spent only an hour deliberating we ignored the nutty liberturds don't trust the government morons and we went back to court and saw to it that justice was done. The bum vandal got 500 hours community service so he will finally be working and the noisy black that resisted the cops got to spend 5 months in Riker's Island plus time served. It felt good. It really did! I don't care if you think these cops are corrupt and that I am some communist bum who ran over innocent people, they weren't innocent otherwise they would never have been arrested! Why would I convict an innocent man? I never would do that if there were any doubts and there was no doubt they were guilty. You don't like it F*** Y**! You need to stop watching Fox, stop attacking our government and stop running your mouth and grow up. This isn't 1776 its 2016 mutt! You wanna preach your BS on the street corner fine! But free speech has consequences, don't expect any sympathy! You might be asked to leave and if you don't you will be arrested. I have nothing else to say to you. F*****g retard shut up!

The letter comes from Big Tim of New York city over here! If ever there were any doubt that these Brooklyn reds were any different than when Bernie Sanders grew up there here it is. This communist is probably an unemployed grease ball living upstairs from Mama's bistro who spends his time shouting and cursing at real true blue Americans who support justice while undermining justice and America. YEAH OVER HERE! I

I asked him if he had any other jury experience or worked at all and asked him why he thinks well dressed pigs with a badge are all honest. His response:

F*** Y**! Don't talk to me anymore!

Yeah! Mr Tim is probably an Obama supporter if he is a Bloomberg supporter. And He will no doubt be voting for either Hillary or Bernie Sanders who like Mr Tim is a Brooklyn socialist scumbag with an outstanding arrest record to boot I might add. Mr Tim I bet if we could get a closer look at his lifestyle would also put to rest the myth of so called white privilege. More like white trash is more like it.

Thanks Hungary for your support! Stay strong against Islamic invasion!

And many thanks to communist New York City for proving me right again and proving to us just how offensive and stupid Democrats and RINO GOPers can be.

One more thing, I was asked once the difference between Brooklyn New York and Brookline Massachusetts. The people there are the same except in Brookline Mass they tend to be more affluent and just one notch higher on education. That's all. More like a pig in lipstick or a gorilla in a two piece suit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Real O'neals is a real washout

Hey everyone been taking a break for awhile and I wanted to talk about a new TV show that really isn't that new its been around for awhile and I only recently began to watch some of it at the behest of my Catholic friends. They asked me to write about it and give my take on it because this show is Anti-catholic and irreverent. Also the main character is a queer.

The writer is New York Times columnist and comedian Dan Savage, an Irish ex-Catholic homosexual liberal. Savage's articles are generally crap. Attacks on Christians, particularly catholics, attacks on capitalism, America and family values. Some of his articles are so raunchy that even the papers he works for have had to censor them. Clearly this is someone who would be a case for book burning not to mention for bringing back the inquisition. But even all the matches in the world aren't worth it for his articles or for him.

Well I watched some of it read a few reviews from different people and I can tell you it seems as though they didn't even scratch the surface. This is a TV show that is not merely anti-catholic, this is a show that is Anti-Christian and satanic. This is a show that doesn't merely slight everything sacred it vomits on it and takes a dump on it. And not in a humoring and good natured matter like in South Park I'm afraid. This show literally destroys everything sacred about family, God, Ireland and the church, Catholic and protestant and everything that is holy.

The O'neals are an Irish Catholic family with a bumbling cop father and a fanatic mother who makes pancakes with the image of Jesus and places a statue of the virgin Mary on the toilet to encourage men to put the seat down. The older brother is an anorexic jock who has visions of Jesus talking about food and the sister is a cheating larcenist and con artist.

The main character, Kenny who narrates (much like in Malcolm in the middle)is gay. The show follows some of his misadventures which includes using a condom for sex while the priest is at home with his collar on, (the priest by the way didn't donate much to charity claiming vows of poverty yet he is driving a lexus,) and facing the preasure of coming out of the closet. Other misadventures includes a take on lent that is considered sacrilege and blasphemy and another episode that attacks Palm sunday and Ash Wednsday.

I am not going to dwell on what goes on in this evil show but every facet of the Catholic church and Irish-American life is slighted. Everything from lent to Corn Beef, a staple of St Patrick's day suppers which I am looking forward to enjoying but wont as much now that I have seen this travesty of sitcom.

The reviews of this show are mostly bad. Again they underscore how trashy this show is. Its not just bad because its blasphemous and Anti-christian, its bad because its low grade trite. It doesn't just lower the bar for sitcoms it takes a crap on it.

The only good news I can report is that ratings for the show are low and its on its way out. The bad reviews plus low ratings and the constant attacks on the show seems to show that American people have had enough of this kind of garbage. That America still has a back bone and has a sense of morality and decency.

To borrow from one review from the New York post, the only people who watch shows like these are the typical low-IQ Obama voters who view reading bedtime stories to children and sitting down to meals cooked at home to be a form of white privilege. Your typical viewer of trite on the dinosaur media and Alphabet stew networks are low-IQ, unproductive putzes on welfare or if they work they work at K-mart, McDonalds or are affluent low lives living with white guilt. The O'neals among other things proves that the Basic cable has become the opium of Low-IQ Americans.

There is simply no way a working taxpayer, or someone educated beyond fifth grade, can have anything in common with the people who sit on their arses watching this nonsense.  Sheer nonsense. The government could probably write a better script.

All in all, this entire show proves just how disconnected the lame stream media is from America and the American people. I predict that after the O'neals are finally cancelled Obama and his voters will go to work censoring the internet with so called net neutrality laws and with new laws similar to SOPA, PIPA and CISPA. That way, the American people will no longer have access to the shows they want to watch and no longer be able to write their own shows that other people will watch. We will be forced to watch and accept what the liberal elite want instead.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Herbert Bowler, victim of guardian and payee abuse responds to attacks

Hello everyone! This is Herbert Bowler, many of you have seen the attacks against me by my family claiming that I am gravely disabled and mentally ill. They are wrong. All the allegations against me are either exaggerations or lies. I am not mentally ill. I do not have Asperger's syndrome. And I am not emotionally disturbed. I am emotionally stressed and emotionally abused but that's not the same thing as being retarded with a mental illness. I have nothing in common with lunatics and crazies who live in institutions and never ever make it and I never ever will. My parents and relatives are bullies who can't accept me for who I am.

First of all the allegations of tantrums. I can't believe my father would go so far as my childhood to use some long buried bone from back when I was a minor developing behaviorally and mentally to say that I am stupid and can't take care of myself. They weren't tantrums they were arguments. I got emotional and excited yes but there was abuse going on. My Art teacher and my parents sided against me with the bullies who attacked me. They were punishing me instead of doing their job to protect me.

The so called hostage situation was a civil rights protest against unfairness by the school. The school was violating my civil rights by doing nothing and letting everyone pick on me. That's not fair! I am not allowed to fight back at all either. Not fair! It was the culmination of years of torment and human rights abuse by the school and my bad family.

I got into arguments I did get angry and maybe had a bit of an outburst but it wasn't a tantrum. They should be nicer anyway.

The guardianship I discovered didn't go back to when I was at school. the Guardianship I discovered was first filed 2 months before the classroom incident by my uncle John, my father and Uncle Gerald. It was made official when I was 19 sometime before I tried to run away the first time. it was the only way out but I had supports on the other side. Better supports but they caught me at Denver and made me go back.

The guardianship and the SSI are the reason I can't get a job. Privacy laws are bad and because of this employers have ways of knowing you're getting SSI and are under guardianship. They don't like that at all. I was attempting to get hired at Reynolds and I got a call that they found out I was under legal guardianship and was uncomfortable hiring me. I then got a call from Affinity health system and they told me that they weren't allowed to hire me because I got SSI. While that isn't necessarily true, SSI is a turn off since its meant for retards and cripples. So they were turned off.

I got another call by a woman who said that she was fired and she told me I was rejected because the manager said I was too fat and that I was getting SSI.

Anti-discrimination laws btw are not very good anymore. According to my attorneys I have to prove overwhelmingly that I was the victim of discrimination. Sadly my parents can't prove that I'm a stupid fat retard with Asperger's but their word is good for the doctors and anyone else so I can't leave the failing state of Wisconsin and get a good job.

Sometimes I have been told to my face by employers no, just because I got SSI or because I was too fat. At one job site I was applying on an application form and I was able to overhear the shift manager say that I looked like a geek and something to an effect good luck to him if we hire him and that he's ugly and blah, blah. Well I didn't get hired. I called and asked why they told me they hired someone with more experience. The way he said it sounded negative like he didn't want me but no one believes me. My parents said that I must have done something wrong to not get hired. They say that all the time. They ignore that there are 2 openings hundreds of applicants, people with much more experience than I have yet somehow its always my fault. YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG HERBERT! YOU TURNED THEM OFF HERBERT! SOMETHING WENT WRONG IN THE INTERVIEWS HERBERT! THEY PROBABLY DECIDED THE MINUTE YOU WALKED INTO THE DOOR YOU NUT!

I hear this all the time and it makes me sad and hungry. And all I think about is how I have more problems then everybody... Every time I applied I get turned down, then cussed out by my family. They say things like you did this you did that even though they weren't there. Another time I applied at subway. I got an interview but the manager said the one position was filled by someone with more experience. Aunt Esther says when they tell you that it means you did something wrong and they want someone with a better mind and a better demeanor. My dad said to me "well Herbert, maybe you did something to make him mad. There may have been 100 people but they all have something in common, they mostly came in professionally, calm and intelligent while you did things to screw up everything." They used the McDonalds interview all the time as well.

Uncle Gordon said I should lose weight and stop eating maybe I might be a more attractive prospect. "If I saw you like that, I wouldn't hire you. Clean up and loose weight stupid."

The interview at McDonalds was a mess because Dad scolded me the morning of the interview. Mom was at breakfast and asked me if I was ready to get to work at last and I said I hope so and that I was worried that there were only one or two openings while all these experienced workers who lost their jobs in the recession were competing for the one opening. Dad then immediately came in slammed his hand on the table and started screaming at me. He said that he didn't want to hear it that I had control over the situation and that I had to learn to be a mature adult and control myself. He said a lot of other things but I forget. It hurts too much to remember and it was long ago. I thought about it during the interview and all I could think about was, I'll never get this job no matter how hard I try. Everything in Wisconsin is terrible, there are no jobs, there are so many people out of work I just can't get it. I can't get work. I need to get out of here! I don't want to be in Wisconsin! I hate myself! Everyone says I am a retarded failure all because there are no jobs and I am forced to hate myself as much as my parents.

After the interview no one spoke to me. I wanted to say something that I was sorry but Dad hurt me and made me think about it but I knew they'd just say I was stupid. So I went to my room and cried and then went to go out and eat. I was sad.

My family knocks me down, my family hates me. That's why I ran away. It isn't retarded or childish to run away from abuse, it isn't mentally ill to leave abuse or to be unemployed but all the Democrats and liberals including my filthy racist family all hate me because I am unemployed. And yet they support higher and higher taxes, more and more regulations and immigration legal and illegal to take what little is left from us. They work for nothing the illegals. And then they wonder why I am unemployed and why I am a mess.

Being against the government is not a mental illness either. Neither is disagreeing with doctors. Doctors are not always right. No one is no matter what the government says or how trained they are. My parents are very pro-government and very credulous. They believe everything the government says no matter what anybody else says.

Also I cannot move to Oklahoma because my parents wont allow it and threaten to cut off my allowance. Also the ministry that I wanted to participate in is in decline and does not have openings. I can't go to Oklahoma at this time. Maybe later but I am forced to settle for St Paul Minnesota which I fear may be a disaster. I'll probably get a crappy apartment full of bugs and stuff next door to drunks and liberal occupy wall street bums like that beggar that punched my uncle Gordon after he told him to take a hike. Uncle Gordon hates poor people yet he wont let me and other poor leave Wisconsin to get a job someplace nice. He wants the government to take care of everyone but when it fails only the poor are to blame.

Since I cannot get my money and since SSI is blocking me from getting a good job, Oklahoma is out for now. I went there with Uncle Gordon because he wanted me to see how bad things were. Actually the bad parts looked like East Portland and the Bowery. the bad parts we have places just like that in Wisconsin especially in Milwaukee yet Wisconsin is the best according to the left and my dad and uncles.

I ran away 2 times. The first time I tried to get to Tulsa. The bus detoured to Colorado because of something that happened I guess I don't know but they still caught me in Denver and I was forced to go back. The doctor was very mean to me and told me it was all my fault that I was bulled and all my fault I couldn't get a job in the filthy nasty state of Wisconsin. The second time, was about a year ago. I used travellers assistance. I flew by plane from Miluakee to New York city. It was the only place I could get to. I heard terrible stories about New York and how they treat the poor but thankfully I got set up with people who really were sympathetic. They helped me get a job at Labor Ready, I got to work at an Italian Bistro Sbarro in Brooklyn. It was a temporary position however. THey said it was seasonal but I worked there for two weeks and they told me to come back next summer they might have openings! they were happy with me being there!  I got to work!

Later on I got a greyhound bus to Portland Oregon because my caseworker tipped me off that the police knew were I was and were going to arrest me and take me back to Wisconsin. Portland Oregon was okay but not as good. I could only get work at labor ready and I lost my Photo ID but I had help from the Union Gospel Mission and they helped me. CHRISTIAN CHARITY DID BETTER THAN THE GOVERNMENT! DAD AND UNCLE GORDON WERE WRONG!

It wasn't good though. They found me after thanksgiving and forced me to go back to rotten Appleton. The police arrested me at labor ready. I was embarassed. They took me to the hospital. The doctors were mean and said that they didn't understand why someone who is disabled could work. I told them because I am not disabled but they said that it was wrong and that I was not supposed to work. They drugged me up badly and I got sick. I was there for almost a week and I got flown back east. Uncle Gordon Uncle John and dad were there and were very very happy that I was unemployed and back in a bad place.

The guardianship meeting decided that I could be taken off guardianship only under strict conditions. First, I had to let my parents be conservators of my money. Second, I can be my payee but I have to give my parents and case workers bank statements and receits to show that my money management is capable, third, I have to be supervised constantly. I was told that it would take me a couple of months to get a place at St Paul but I would have to stay at the rescue mission. I need to also be monitored by both relatives and by the government like a peasant in a 3rd world communist police state. A social worker will come visit me at my place at least daily to make sure I am not speaking to people my parents don't want me to speak to and to make sure that I was taking my meds and being cooperative. This is humiliating that people who work with retards are gonna come barging into my home in full view and give everyone in my building the immpression that I really am a retard with aspergers or some other horrible retard ailment. I am also scared of sneezing the wrong way and that the people in the Minnesota government will abuse me and punish me for small things.

The government does not want me to be independent at least not fully independent and neither does my family. I know that if I were to loose weight, get a job and live on my own it would embaress the government and show that doctors and government can be wrong and that people who are down and out and almost down for the count can be right. This goes against everything that liberals like my parents my family and Democrats believe in.

I am a libertarian, I am a conservative, the reason I became one is because the other side is morally bankrupt. I don't know who convinced me of this more, my irresponsible and abusive family or the state of Wisconsin. I am not an irresponsible person. I do make mistakes we all do but being drugged by force and being verbally emotionally and even physically abused by people you can't escape from  is a distraction. That's not an excuse by the way Gordon that's a fact. If you want me to be an adult you and your brothers need to treat me like one and stop grinding me down. If you want me to be responsible let me be responsible instead of depriving me of resources and rights that are necessary to be responsible.

That's all I have to say for now. I know my relatives will now respond and do so in an inappropriate manner, make accusations against me that are false or exaggerated and claim that all because of what some doctor said years and years ago it still applies. I don't even want to think about what they will say.

That's all. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive. God Bless.

Excellent Article by fellow blogger worth reading...

an excellent article by fellow blogger and conservative at the Freedom Fighter's Journal. What can I say? Fair warning to elitists, snobs and our rulers elected or otherwise.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

TED CRUZ WINS IN TEXAS!! ...and sort of won Oklahoma.

At super Tuesday primaries Senator Ted Cruz I am thrilled to say won and overcame all negative expectations that were had. Despite slugging behind after he and Marco Rubio went mudslinging after Trump, Cruz rose above the muck above all other candidates and defeated Donald Trump in his home state!

The win puts Cruz back in the pole position and assures that his victory is almost certain. It also will ensure possible victories in other important areas as well.

But despite the win Donald Trump was not entirely blasted aside contrary to opinions as of late. The Donald fought back hard. Despite not winning he didn't really lose neither. Trump floated and remained aloof despite not winning big and still has a fair amount of support in Texas.

Surprisingly, Trump is very popular in Oklahoma! Ted Cruz barely won in the sooner state but then again sooner than never. Cruz and Trump are virtually neck and neck to each other in polls and in the long run anything is possible.

Despite receiving support from the KKK and other undesirable groups in Alabama, Trump has choosen to stay mum on the subject. Trump would prefer not having any involvement and although he has been scolded from both sides for failing to denounce David Duke, trump none the less came out on top.

Meanwhile Trump has garnered massive support from the least likely of places, New England. In a region infused with liberal fascism and new Hampshire an island of liberty in a sea of communism many including Democrats are infuriated with the failure of the party and with Hillary and Bernie and have gone over to the GOP side to vote for Trump.

But this could all be a ploy by Democrats who see Trump as unwinnable in the long run to help Hillary or Bernie win the elections and destroy America. Many polls show that Trump would lose to avowed communist Senator Sanders (D) in the November elections and that Hillary also stands a good chance of defeating him while Ted Cruz seems to offer more to the GOP and voters.

In a related story Hillary won on Super Tuesday over Bernie Sanders. Sanders will need to fight hard in order to achieve victory and perhaps even moderate some of his more radical views.

But the biggest loser was Marco Rubio who is now endanger of losing altogether. Rubio has taken hits by Trump supporters over his compromising with liberals especially over immigration and amnesty.

The elections are looking good folks! The die is cast and America is still on Cruz control!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The founding fathers, on the GOP Primaries

"If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures." - Alexander Hamilton

"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the Party over to the so-called moderates wouldn’t make any sense at all." -- President Ronald Reagan

"A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." - Thomas Paine 1792

  "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

  "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams "

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." - John Quincy Adams

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump Rising: Did Cruz go too far on Cruz Control?

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may have made a fatal error in the 10th GOP debates by attacking Donald Trump too hard rather than simply standing on their own platform.

Despite winning the Iowa polls and rising in other polls and despite Marco Rubio climbing and gaining on Cruz, both Cruz and Rubio launched a massive attack against Donald Trump that many are comparing to tag team wrestling.

The problem is that negative attacks are not very popular with voters and with pollsters. To make matters worse, Cruz and Rubio used some of the same Gags and puns Trump used against his detractors. For example, Senator Marco Rubio made this outrageous statement against Trump's business record and concerning his failure to establish a university:

"If he [Trump] hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be? Selling watches in Manhattan,”

Ted Cruz meanwhile asked Donald to get back on his meds.

The attacks also included attacks on Donald's business failures, his failed marriages and his attacks on celebrity women including Meg Ryan. Donald Trump refused to participate in the Iowa caucus it is said because it was hosted by Meg Ryan.

None of the attacks on Trump have had any substance on his ability to be president of the united states of America. The attacks were largely irrelevant, ad hominem and did not go well with the audience.

In spite of every attack, Donald Trump rose high above and countered back at Cruz and Rubio over their shady dealings in Washington including dealings involving lobbies dealing with illegal aliens and amnesty and Marco Rubio's support for limited amnesty with his pal governor Jeb Bush.

The other candidates were happy to be bystanders as the top contenders attacked Trump and did so unsuccessfully. Only one candidate rose above the Muck in the debates it seems. John Kasich who used his time left after the mud slinging and mud wrestling on stage by Trump Cruz and Rubio to urge children to follow their dreams. "America is great!" He said, "You can do it!"

Kasich and others condemned the rumble against Cruz Rubio and Trump. By breaking a cardinal rule of not attacking your opponent, Cruz and Rubio not only cut their own throats but gave the Donald an opportunity to fight back and hit it hard where it hurts the most for Cruz and Rubio... Immigration.

Indeed the economy being the big issue of this election is probably nowhere as big as immigration. Donald Trump rose above accusations of racism and stuck to his guns despite the whining of the liberal media and the politically correct crowds. Both Cruz and Rubio have had histories of being supportive of amnesty in whatever limited capacity.

Another strong point for the Donald, his lack of political background. Although not experienced in politics, he has no skeletons or cobwebs to be attacked with. His business issues and his marriage life are irrelevant. The American people want a strong leader regardless of his business issues and societal problems. Trump rises.

Cruz could lose in Texas...

Ted Cruz faces a momentous challenge today in the Super Tuesday debates in Texas, his home state. With staggering loses to Trump and Rubio it is essential that Cruz hold on to his homestate to have any hope of success against the rising star of Donald Trump. If he loses he may not be able to win the primary.

There are also rumors from insiders within the Cruz and Rubio campaign that Cruz is willing to throw in the towel and support Rubio in exchange for a judicial nomination. This has not been confirmed but it is apparent that within the Cruz campaign, morale is buckling.

With that in mind Ted Cruz must hold firm and fight back against Trump and fight hard without using negative attacks. The loss of Texas could destroy all he accomplished. He will have no choice but to endorse another candidate and drop out.

To be Continued...

We'll keep you posted and respond this Thursday or Friday when the dust clears. In the event of a Cruz lose, the New England alliance for liberty and free markets has not planned on another endorsement but that it is likely we will nominate either Ben Carson or Donald Trump. We don't know for certain. Stay tuned...