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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Is it all over for Sarah Palin? And why do liberals really hate her?

Sarah Palin in my opinion has wound down her reputation and her popularity. Its time I think for the GOP to move on from Sarah and let her retire back to Alaska with hubby Todd and her kids.

There was a time when Palin dominated GOP politics even before becoming VP under Senator McCain. She was mayor of a small town in Alaska and governor of that state for many years, she has dominated the media limelight.

But unfortunately, Sarah palin is not without problems. And no its not the fact that our enemies the left has attacked her day and night since 2008. Its not that She has been criticized more for Bristol's out of wedlock baby in one day than Obama has received in the entire 2008 election. Its not that the left hates her for her views and because she refused to abort her baby for being retarded, its not that she's a woman either.

The Problem is that stress she has suffered since 2008 and since the world has come on to her has taken its toll. There are indications that Palin suffers from a condition known as schizophasia. Its a condition similar to stuttered speech and involves disorganized speech instead. The condition can be brought on through emotional stress, excitement and general stress.

It seems that Sarah Palin cannot handle all of the stress of the publicity she has had to endure. Sarah Palin has also endured constant attacks and scandal upon her family. Unfortunately not all the problems are unfounded... Bristol Palin despite being an abstenence spokesperson was pregnant a second time and involved in a drunken brawl at a party. Sarah's son Track was also arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Very unfortunate.

there are also indications, now I'm not saying its true but there are possibilities that Sarah Palin may also have been intoxicated at her speeches. There are reports of alcoholism. Although this is mostly speculation. In all likely hood, stress inducing Schzophasia is the cause.

Certainly it does not mean that Palin would be qualified to be mayor or governor in her home state or any other state that would elect her. But it can be a problem.

Liberal Hate

Why do Liberals hate Sarah Palin so much? It is quite simple, because she stands for the values that they stand against. In particular, pro-life values. As I have said before and I will say it again, the real reason liberals hate Sarah Palin is because she and her husband are avid hunters of blood thirsty dangerous animals such as wolves and Polar Bears, because she supports America and because she refused to murder her baby for being retarded.

The Palins are avid outdoors sportsmen. Hunting is one of their favorite pastimes. The Palins for this have come under attack by the animal rights beatnik branch of the Democratic party. And every other Democrat has seem to do the same thing and join the animal rights nazi bandwagon. Bloodthirsty wolves that attack people have more rights than people. As do Caribou, Bears, Jaguars and so on.

 Palin is also a mascot for the pro-life movement. Her choosing life for Trig Palin instead of terminating his innocent life for the crime of having Down Syndrome has certainly enraged liberals the world over. The American Life League has reported that over 80% of down syndrome babies have been murdered through abortion.

The disabled have always been subjugated to cruelty by liberals. From the Nazis to Roe V wade many many retarded have been murdered in the name of convenience and choice by people who oppose freedom of choice and undermine convenience with socialism.

To liberals the disabled like Trig are non-persons, retards, incapable of paying taxes to their vast coffers for personal pension and incapable of working in public works projects. To liberals especially those in the government, Trig and his kind are parasites. They take from social security and SSI what they should be getting for being government employees in other words they should be the ones leeching not them.

What if Sarah was a liberal Democrat?

Without a doubt if there was someone who really was stupid as people think Sarah Palin is who ran as a Democrat and had the same issues then without a doubt liberals would cause the country to be destroyed in a rampage that makes the Trump Riots last week pale by comparison.

Imagine if you will someone like Paris Hilton running for office. Imagine some blond hair bimbo with no cognetive ability or intelligence working to run for office. Imagine someone like say similar to paris Hilton as she was portrayed on South Park. The left would love her.

In fact, the left is about to introduce such a candidate late in the race... WHICH WE INTEND TO SHOW YOU LATER...

But lets face it. The Palin Derangement syndrome and all the crap about her shows just how far off Democrap voters are. These pieces of excrement should not be allowed to vote. If they weren't we wouldn't have had all these undesirable candidates in the White house and the congress and senate over the last 16 years would we? No certainly not. But its all about palin isn't it?

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Mrrammus said...

She's definitely a lush. Alcoholic. I remember her speech in Denver. Her speech was slurred and she couldn't tell the difference between hills and mountains. I think it is also possible she had a mild stroke long ago.