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Friday, March 25, 2016

Leftist hate mail

Meet Rahul Kemp, unemployed black nationalist. I am not sure if he is from Europe or Africa but in all likely hood, he is one of the many untalented muslim immigrants from Africa who have swarmed into the European continent looking for a handout. And now he has his own free home, free computer, free everything. All at the expense of working people including Americans who subsidize Europe's destructive welfare state.

Well I got some interesting response from Mr Kemp on Youtube and all of it not good.

You a racist cracka! Sarah palin is so F***ing stupid! She is so stupid she needs to die! 

After refuting some of his ad hominem arguements about Palin this was his responses

You C***! I am jerking off at you!

F*** YOU!

On and on. I can't show you all of it but it appears there is good reason for Europe to flood their contiinent with morons from elsewhere. the peasants are revolting. No longer can Europe rule over herself with illiterate slaves for kings and lords so they bring in bums from the Middle east and Africa to keep them in power and dilute the votes and power of whites.

And its coming to America friends all thanks to Democrats. We have over 11 million illiterate peasants who want to tear down America and replace it with a dictatorship. What can I say? They can't debate, they can't read, they know nothing. its just ridiculous. But that's liberalism.

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