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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The number one reason Socialism always fails...

What is it? Well its the fact that socialists do not respect individual rights at all just for starts. But more to the point, Socialist governments dictate your life and the lives of other individuals for them and do it poorly.

You see government always knows best. That is what leftists always claim. And the government always wants to meddle in affairs. But how do they really know what is best? God has made everyone unique and has created every man and woman with different needs ambitions and desires. But government cannot fathom  all our needs and desires and our ambitions.

In truth government doesn't want us to have ambitions but rather to be the same and to be conformed to its goals and ambitions. Controlling everyone and looking after itself.

Yes... Government couldn't give a damn about anyone but its own needs. Government doesn't care about what wee need but what it needs.Our taxes, our unconditional attention and obedience. The government is the master.

When people cannot control their own lives, when people are forbidden to decide for themselves and to care for themselves and their needs, they are robbed of their status as a human beings and robbed of their humanity.

The unfortunate truth about the matter is that despite this the liberals insist that we obey and submit to the decisions of the government "All for the greater good." Sound familiar????
The government we are told is always just and that they are always right and their decisions for us, our families, careers, businesess etc are all for the greater good. THEY ARE FINAL...

But despite this the socialist liberal nanny state is not always right and not always just. In fact, 99% of the time they are unjust and dead wrong. Why? The government employees just don't get it. They think for us, do things for us and belive they know what is best for us but don't. They do not understand our needs and our desires, our ambitions, our careers and what is needed.

To make matters worse, many of the government workers in fact just about all of them are incompetent, lazy, intolerant and evil. Many of them do not care and do not know. They cannot get a private sector job because of their stupidity, they wouldn rather leech off John Q Taxpayer. And these same so called workers and the government they serve cannot balance their check books or make good decisions and yet demand that they decide for us, that they manage our money.

Ask anyone with a legal guardian or a representative payee and they'll tell you all about it. Government doesn't care, government is a disaster. The overwhelming majority of payees and guardians abuse and/or neglect their wards. The media rarely reports it. Because the media has a leftist bias and supports it like all leftists.

But they never get it right.

Under capitalism, the individual has more rights and has the right to say no to help and no to the government. The individual decides the individual gets to make the decisions. The individual himself or herself knows what is best. Because its for the individual.

We know what;'s best for us. We know what we want and what needs to be done. A government worker who probably never finished school and has a below average IQ will never be able to organize or run a business or family. We can. We have the training the experience and the instincts. Its our family our business we know what to do. Government does not.

When it comes to our health and our family biological instincts of the parent and self trump that of the state which lacks caring emotions and the paternal/maternal instincts of a parent.
That in of itself repudiates socialism and casts false the worldview of liberals that government is infallible.

It takes a lot of responsibility and skills as well as education to run a business much less an economy yet liberals want to nationalize businesses and have the government run it for them. These same losers I just mentioned untrained unintelligent know better than we are just because they're the government.

The government also wants to decide our own lives for us. Cancel out our ambitions and goals set its own for us, hence the need for guardianship bureaus and the need for the nanny state but they don't know any better. Ask any ward.

The capitalist system on the other hand though not perfect respects the rights of the individual. The individual is free to control his/her property, life and family in the way they want to. It is the only system that is compatible with a free republic like the United sates where individual rights are not trumped by the greater good or the need of a community which may not be good.

Now that doesn't mean that its absolute and they can go about causing trouble for other people but don't you think the liberals in our fascist government today are not that qualified to decide especially since they cannot even balance a check book much less a payees?

Individual freedom and human rights made America the great nation it is today. Community demand trumping those rights and a government that wants the last word in all affairs including personal affairs no matter how meaningless undermines human rights as well as the economy and the individuals the left claims to care for but really doesn't. Liberals care only about themselves. this is evident in the corruption we see. Socialism, it has failed and always will. We must return to the Christian capitalist and individualist principles of our founding fathers that made us a great and free nation.


Kyle Prince said...

I am an anti-socialist/communist as well as an anti-capitalist. Both systems are flawed. That being said, capitalism is far superior to socialism in that it does not punish you repeatedly for the same mistake more than once. (for starts) If you make a mistake in capitalism you have the chance at least to start again. Not so in socialism. Fail once there and you've failed for all time. The government and the loyalist pigs that support it is unforgiving to you. Men like Abraham Lincoln, James C Penney, Henry Ford and William Gates all had shortcomings when they first went into their respective trades. In the end they plodded on and succeeded. In today's economy, they would never have made it and made the great contributions they made. In socialism, you fail once, you fail for all time. But its the fact that radical individualism and personal responsibility and freedom are superior to collective good and collective group think. That's why America is the richest greatest nation in all history while every other great country in history and now have come up far short.

Anonymous said...

If you had been in England in the 18th century you and Kyle would most certainly have been cheering on for the monarchy and feudal dominion. The same arguments used then against Democracy in favor of monarchist and feudal dictatorships are used today against socialism.

True socialism is nothing at all as you and Kyle espouse them to be. Its merely democratizing the economy and industry. Meaning that important decisions like job creation and wages are in the hands of the people rather than a business executive who is really like a feudal lord.

NO one is going to take away your rights but under socialism, the greater good must always be maintained. You have the right to own property and manage your family but it has to be done so as not to infringe on OUR rights as well meaning that you cannot hoard 99% of the country's wealth while everyone starves and you cannot avoid paying your fair share of taxes especially during a crisis.

You cannot abuse your children or teach them to harm other people and you cannot teach them that fairy tales and myths are absolutely correct.

Also if you fail in socialism no one is going to knock you on the head and say you failed forever! That actually happens in capitalism! In Europe they have safety nets to help people like James Penney who BTW ended up almost killing himself after he failed the first time because there was a strong stigma against failing in business that was fostered NOT BY SOCIALISM BUT BY CAPITALISM.

Your facts are completely wrong. Both of you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, no one wants to take away your rights or your property. What we don't want to happen is for people to abuse their rights in a manner that hurts other people. In other words you do not have the right to hoard 90% of the nations wealth while people are starving. You do not have the right to use hateful speech that could encourage discrimination and hatred towards other people. You do not have the right to produce products like tobacco that can hurt people or sharp toys or that sort of thing. You do not have the right to own a gun if your not responsible with it. If you are a reckless driver or just plain clumsy like I am you don't have a right to drive a car. I can't drive very well and the courts said I was unfit to drive. I got into 40 accidents in over a 3 month period. I take the bus and the train to work now. I can't drive and I shouldn't drive. I agree. That's all that will happen. You know not this swindle about everyone out to F'ing get you.

mainestategop said...

There's a world of difference between Democracy and a collectivist tyranny. More than that in fact. The government does not have the capacity to make rational decisions on behalf of its people. Neither does a command economy have the ability to understand public needs and the needs of the economic distribution of resources since it always looks after #1. And who gets to decide on what basis such and such a right must be negated?

Also, we don't need a socialist government to decide who's a reckless driver and who isn't. Its plainly obvious. We don't need communism for the very obvious.

If you don't want to have someone hoard the wealth, government isn't the answer. This wouldn't even have happened in the first place if the government didn't act like a giant leech sucking out welath and subsidizing these corporations. Socialism got us into this mess in the first place.

Anncoulterishot said...

Monarchy? no way! How did we go from capitalism to Monarchy? No way can you have capitalism and a feudal tyranny! A free market and free society are only possible under a consitutional democracy, preferebly one grounded in Christian faith.