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Friday, April 29, 2016

Flordia and New Jersey Baker acted me and stole my home and my bank account!!

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Stodie Coleman from Newark New Jersey Didn't have it easy. Born in 1994 to an unmarried couple, his earliest memory was at age 5 watching his father beat his mother over the head with an empty beer bottle. He went to prison and he never saw him again. He would go on to be repeatedly incarcerated in prison in other states.

He lived in Newark then went to Trenton and then to Windsor township to live with relatives. At school Stodie was a loner. He was also deeply traumatized by abuse by his parents especially his mother who would hit him out of anger for no reason. His mother was mentally ill and would later also go to jail while Stodie had to live with his uncle and aunt who also didn't look kindly on him, seeing him as a burden.

Nonetheless he made friends at school and even got a part time job. His aunt and uncle would force him to pay most of what little he earned for rent but he did have some money stored away. Later Stodie went to live with his mom in section 8 housing in Trenton where he continued to work and go to school. Stodie had dreams of going to college to become a scientist. But trouble started just before he turned 18.

Stodie's mother filed a guardianship against him claiming he was mentally ill and mentally incompetent. She got help from his aunt and uncle. The origin of the conflict was an inheiritence of ten thousand dollars Stodie was to receive from his Grandfather. Stodie's mother however wanted the money for herself and with help from his aunt and uncle EVEN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, Stodie was forced into mental health all based on allegations that were false.

Stodie was also required under New Jersey law to receive mental health evaluations. These evaluations going back to when he was 10 were also to be used against him. Stodie went to the psychiatrist at 17 and after only 5 meetings in the span of 2 months doctors diagnosed him with being mentally disturbed and with having Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental retardation and mental illness who's existence is questionable. It was not questionable to liberals in New Jersey who always believe the government and professionals without question.

The diagnosis was confirmed by evaluations from long ago. Based on old forgotten buried bones they just dug up from his past, Stodie was branded mentally ill and mentally retarded. He was officially diagnosed as having PTSD, ADD and Asperger's syndrome. The wrong diagnosis of all of these disorders was based on first, false and biased allegations made by his school guidance counselor when he was bullied at school in Newark (ignoring that he had a perfectly okay social life in Windsor BTW)that he had a traumatic early childhood and that his mother had mental illness.

Interesting, the infallible socialist people's government of New Jersey having to go all the way back to childhood, a traumatizing childhood years and years ago. Digging up an old long buried bone that had been long buried and forgotten about that had no relevance to be used in a current mental health evaluation when Stodie was 17 going on 18. This same evaluation omitted important facts about Stodie we want you to know...

  • Stodie was able to make friends in his new school and was well liked
  • Stodie worked part time saving money for adult education
  • Stodie volunteered at the Salvation army base and also one summer went to work at a VA hospital volunteering his time to help veterans of the War on Terror and Vietnam
  • In a social skills test and IQ test, Stodie received high scores with an IQ of 112 and a social skills test of 90 out of 100 showing that despite what the government said and what the parents said Stodie had good social skills
  • Stodie was a B student. He did get a couple of A's but despite problems he had at school, the few he had compared to Newark, Stodie did well
  • According to his Grandfather's will, Stodie instead of his mother was to receive the money because he was trust worthy and good while Stodie's mother had a history of being unscrupulous and had a criminal record with crimes such as forging checks, shoplifting and drugs use.
  • Stodie went to church frequently with his aunt and uncle and even volunteered one summer for an outdoor event for disadvantaged children with disabilities hosted by his church
Despite all these things the doctors conveniently swept it under the rug. They instead focused on Stodie's childhood and times of turmoil. This is a selection of excerpts of the evaluation Stodie had:

 At 9, Stodie was often seen biting his nails and rocking back and forth while mumbling to himself by teachers. He has a history of social problems and made no friends while at school indicating that Stodie has very poor social skills and may be mentally disturbed.

...Stodie claims to be a Christian and goes to church regularly and that he talks to a holy spirit which gives Stodie instructions on how to conduct daily living. He claims that "Jesus is the only way and that all other ways are false." ...Stodie seems to hold in contempt other cultures and religions because of his religious upbringing.

...Because of Stodie's alleged conversations with God through a "holy spirit" and reports by his mother and teachers that he was frequently disheveled and disorderly and talked to himself indicates a possibility of undifferentiated schizophrenia or Bipolar with schizophrenic episodes.

 ...Evaluations of Stodie's childhood show either a possible diagnosis of Autistic spectrum disorder (Asperger's syndrome)or of an undifferentiated form of schizophrenia. Stodie has made no accomplishments in his life and refuses to take responsibility for his behavior. He does not have hindsight into his illness.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS!? Despite Stodie showing and demonstrating these things, the doctors ignored it and made only negative comments about Stodie. They refused to talk to his pastor or friends to demonstrate his competence. To make matters worse, they relied on his crazy mother as a source of information...

Mrs. Coleman was well dressed and appeared very kind and well mannered. She gave reports on Stodie's childhood behavior indicated that he was very disturbed and very poorly behaved. She is currently employed she says as a sales representative at Marshall's shopping center. She should be regarded as a good source of information on Stodie's behavior and childhood upbringing.

FACT: Mrs. Coleman has always been miss Coleman. She never married in her life.

FACT:She had been unemployed during the time, holding work mainly at Walmart or at a local restaurant as a waitress. She never worked at Marshall's shopping center and in fact she had been arrested for shoplifting over $800 worth of goods there.

FACT: Stodie's mother Miss Coleman [not mrs.] was unscrupulous and lied so she could get Stodie's money.

FACT: She has rarely held down a job and rarely dressed well or behaved well, frequently lashing out against Stodie and others.

But despite all this the doctors listened to her and paid no heed to their "patient" Stodie Carmichael. In a neuropsychology evaluation performed in a clinic in Trenton NJ, doctors had this to say:

Stodie suffers from autistic spectrum disorder Asperger's type and is deeply emotionally disturbed. He has poor social skills, poor verbal skills and is very credulous. 

...It would be beneficial if his mother were his conservator or possible legal guardian in order to take care of the money he received from his Grandfather's will.  

...In our opinion Stodie's condition and prognosis is guarded and of question. He may need a legal guardian to make decisions for him and to manage his money. Stodie also qualifies for SSI. However; since he is vulnerable to exploitation and too trusting of others and because of his difficulties in mathematics and paying attention, Stodie should not be counted on to manage his own money. he would benefit from having a Rep Payee...

TREATMENT PLAN: Recommend Stodie be placed under a limited form of legal guardianship under the least restrictive settings possible.  Recommend Stodie be placed in behavioral health treatment, job skills training and social skills training. Recommend Stodie's mother or another trust worthy relative be appointed conservator over Stodie's estate. Recommend Stodie receive medication for symptoms of generalized anxiety, Depression, autism and ADHD.

Stodie was proscribed by doctors over four to six different kinds of medication at one time. Seroquel, Lithobid, haloperidol, Zyprexa, ritilan Hydroxizine, Lexipro, Fluphenazin, and the dangerous drug risperdal. Just to name some of the meds. Meds that made him sick and weak and lead to hospitalization on several occasions.

But fortunately, Stodie had a lot of friends. When it was learned that Stodie's faith was a factor in the diagnosis, his church and other local churches in the New Jersey area went into an uproar. The outrage and strong public will slammed the brakes on attempts to force guardianship over Stodie. Unfortunately Stodie's mother  was able to find a lawyer and judge corrupt enough to take over Stodie's money that he received from grandpa.

As soon as Stodie was 18, he fled the coop. Stodie still had a savings account with money from work and he was able to settle in Miami Florida. Stodie lived in an apartment he rented with two other men and they bothed worked in the Hollywood Florida area. He didn't have it easy though. The job didn't last long. But Stodie was always able to get a place to work at. This went on for a two years and Stodie despite tribulations and rising conflicts such as times of unemployment and so on, he took care of himself. But disaster loomed around the corner and at the head of that disaster, was Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was planning to build upscale housing in the neighborhood that Stodie and his roomates lived in. The apartment they rented was slated to be demolished. Trump forced the landlord and owner of his apartment to sell to him under eminent domain. Although Florida has fought eminent domain for years since the Kelo decision to terminate property rights in America, it was an uphill fight full of loopholes all thanks to liberals south of the state. Not to mention Southern Democrats in the north.

Several of the building's tenants balked and tried to resist among them Stodie but Trump played every trump he had against them literally...

Donald Trump forced the residents out with help from Miami's corrupt police force. They were forced to choose between jail time for obstruction and criminal trespassing or leaving without another word. Nearly all the people caved in but Trump had even bigger plans for the ringleaders mainly Stodie one other man and four elderly people who lived in the building. In revenge, Trump did not merely threaten them with arrest, he had them Baker acted.

The baker act is a communist mental health law established in Florida that gives the police, social workers and any doctor unlimited power to detain anyone for any reason in a psychiatric hospital for evaluation for no reason at all for up to 72 hours. It is also possible with doctor's consent to hold for longer periods. At times doctors with a communist sympathy have used the Baker act to seize property from the elderly and those accused of being mentally ill (usually based on hearsay)as well as punish dissidents and opponents of government tyranny.

It wasn't just the Baker act that did Stodie and the others in. Trump used the corrupt mental health system to drive them out and even enlisted the help of abusive relatives. the four elderly women who opposed trump were placed under emergency guardianship and forced into nursing homes, three of them with help from Trump and relatives who with bribes forced them into the nursing homes. The man who with Stodie stood against Trump was held and later forced into the notorious Florida state hospital in Chattahoochee for over a month. Stodie meanwhile was placed in Golden psychiatric center's violent ward where he spent over two agonizing weeks of abuse and injustice by staff and other patients.

According to doctors at the center, Stodie was declared incompetent and needed a guardian. They based this on his being unemployed for nearly a month at the time and based on false allegations made by police and doctors at Jackson memorial hosptial's so called "crisis unit." A lawyer representing Trump contacted Stodie at Golden and offered to pay him compensation in exchange for being allowed to talk with his aunt and uncle who would also help. He didn't know that they betrayed him. With their help Trump played his final trump against Stodie. Stodie had no idea that they would go to his mother and side with her against him.

His mother contacted the staff at golden and in violation of Hippa spoke of his condition. Using vague loopholes in the Hippa laws they got a hold of his psychiatric records going back to when he was 7. Using these old outdated evaluations with its false allegations against Stodie, doctors were able to nail him and declare him incompitent. Again, his accomplishments were omitted, his positive traits swept under the rug and again, it was claimed that Stodie made no accomplishments.

Also, the evaluations claimed that Stodie was dishelved, was unemployable and had poor social skills and no friends, never mind all the friends he had in Miami!

With help from Trump, the Coleman family placed Stodie under six months of involuntary commitment and forced him to give his entire estate away to his mother. He was later flown back to New Jersey and forced to live with his mom in Newark. Thanks to Trump, thanks to Florida and thanks to New jersey, Stodie lost all that he accomplished and lost his friends.

Things would have been even worse had it not been for Chris Christie who's office intervened on behalf of Stodie and others accused of having disabilities who were threatened with incarceration in institutions. Christie and the GOP in NJ succesfully deinstitutionalized much of the state.

As for Trump's gambit in Florida it all fell apart. Trump later sold his unjustly accquired posessions to another real estate developer in Fort Lauderdale.

From then on its been down hill for Stodie. The medication regimen he was forced on even after his commitment was expired destroyed his health and his mental well being. Without his money, his mother blackmailed him and forced him to remain in the new Jersey and new York area. since 2015, Stodie has been homeless in Newark an New York. He is not allowed to go beyond those areas otherwise his mother will take away his allowance from his inheritence and the money he worked for in Florida and give him nothing. To this day no one has been punished for this atrocity or for the abuse inflicted on him.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

eminent Domain has made New Jeresy a communist nightmare

Today We present brief articles the history of eminent Domain and a few words on the despicable practices of Donald Trump

In meeting This morning and afternoon, the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets held a meeting at the HAMPTON INN & SUITES conference center in Downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire to condemn Donald Trump for his continued Stance on Eminent Domain. Another meeting will follow a few days from now where we will possibly discontinue any support for Donald Trump whatsoever and in the event he becomes the GOP candidate to support a third party in his place.

Trump's history has always been shaky. In the 90s, Trump supported leftist and communist policies such as eminent domain, gun control, hate speech legislation and speech codes and has shown contempt for the US constitution.

Trump's refusal to condemn KELO V New London and to repay damages to victims of eminent domain in the US and UK continues to pose a threat to the GOP. While we still condemn Colorado for its refusal to hold elections as dictated in the Constitution, Trump poses an embarassment to the GOP and a threat to America and property rights if elected.

In addition we have received word that as late as 2012, Donald Trump used eminent domain and social security to steal money and property from an innocent African American in New Jersey which lead to him being homeless. We will have his story out later this week.

Cruz Nuz, Articles concerning Ted Cruz

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Click here to check out this awesome new article by Josh Painter of conservatives4Tedcruz attacking Trump.

Is Trump a phony, is he still a commie? I report you decide! We'll have more on Friday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black lives never mattered to Democrats

The so-called black lives movement has been a major force in the Democratic party elections. Bernie Sanders only recently has harvested its potential to take on Hillary who in her youth supported Barry Goldwater who opposed the civil rights act of 1964.

Understandably the Black lives matter movement has reasons to be perturbed such as killings of innocent young blacks by communist pig policemen and low life incompitent cops who think anyone with a black face is a criminal. Black lives like white lives, hispanic lives, Asian lives and other lives also matter but the movement has become monopolist and exclusivist much like a Klan rally. Black lives matter acts as though at times that Only black lives matter. Though that isn't the man consteration.

The real problem is that the Black lives matter movement is against a political party that opposed slavery, lynching, jim crow, hate crime legislation and discrimination while it panders to a political party that supported slavery, lynching and segregation while opposing anti-lynching laws and civil rights laws. This same party also supported the so called Great society of LBJ, a racist former Texas Governor who joined Pappy O'daniel in supporting lynchings in Texarkana who also created the worst thing to hit the black community; WELFARE.

Thanks to the welfare state created by the Great society measure (more like Grate society) black people no longer relied on their own labors and strivings but instead went to stick their hands out to the government for a handout. While many white southerners condemned him for doing this since they had to pay for it, they really like it. It kept blacks in their place and kept them complacent through bribery by the federal government.

To put it the way Johnny Rebel and Col. Sharcroper said it or sang it I should say: "They waits with the rests, the ones at Lyndon's Breast, Will there be any checks in the mail?" And that's all black people did. No more sitting in, no more non-violent resistance, no more working and studying to be equal with the white man, just go on welfare, sit around on the corner and eat a can of beans for dinner or fried chicken.

Add to this, the incentive it created for black women to have out of wedlock children just to get more money and avoid having to work and go to school. For nearly 50 years, the Grate society has contributed to the explosion of illegitimate births in black households. Before this, only 3% of blacks were illegetimate. Family values were important at a crucial time in civil rights. Now 83% of them are illegitimate. Young black men growing up without a male role model, becoming sucked into drugs, gangs and a life of dereliction. Black women, learning that they don't need a diploma, just get pregnant and have a baby with some "playa" and you're all set for life!

It was all intended on purpose by the Southern Democrats to destroy black lives and make sure they don't matter. Whether you're black or white or brown, when you go on welfare and drop out, you're life no longer matters. As one southern liberal Democrat and Klansmen once said, its worth the price!

Ah yes! Lets not forget that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democratic party! Lets not forget how Occupy Wall street was supported by the KKK and the American Nazi party! Lets not forget it was the Democrats who stood for the Klan!

Yes indeed! In the Democratic Party, Black lives never mattered, but they wont tell you this. No sir! Yet were the ones who is racist even though we're the ones who fought for them.

Reagan on Johnny Carson 1975 about the budget

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Back By popular Demand Sebastian Peters: Victim of welfare and socialism


In a previous article we gave you a taste of how grossly incompetent and inefficient government programs are and that they are far too expensive. Programs that are designed not to uplift the poor and promote self sufficiency, but actually do more to leave people dependant and keep them poor. Its not just the taxpayers that suffer, it is those who are forced to depend on them who suffer and who suffer the most.

Consider the story of Sebastian Peters, born and raised in Manchester NH, from earliest moment of his childhood, Sebastian had suffered terrible cruelty under a father who became abusive towards him and his mother. When he was not suffering at home, Sebastian suffered at school where he was tormented by other classmates for being overweight and later in high schools for other reasons.

Sebastian became isolated as a result of the harsh treatment he received at school. The teachers allowed this to continue and Sebastian became isolated. Sebastian's father meanwhile continued to cause trouble for the family. The parents divorced when Sebastian was 12. Sebastian's mother began to become more like the father and abused Sebastian and his older siblings but he bore the brunt of his mother's anger. She ignored and alienated him when he suffered.

Sebastian's father died when he was 15 and his life insurance policy left both Sebastian, his two older siblings and his mother large windfall. Sebastian's mother maintained conservator ship over the funds until they were old enough, except for Sebastian who did not get to enjoy it when he turned 18. His mother continued to hold it for him but very little of it was used to make him independent.

After finally getting out of High school, Sebastian looked forward to applying for work, getting his own place and finally getting away from his burdened past. Unfortunately his mother would not allow it. His mother saw him as being inferior and no good and took him to a psychiatrist for the purpose of having him declared mentally incompetent. Sebastian pointed out to the psychiatrist that his mother had helped keep him in a hostile environment where he was abused by the school and that his mother kept him in isolation. He was forbidden from going outside and only after he was 20 was he allowed but under tight restrictions. He had very little if any social contact as a result.

As you can imagine, the psychiatrist did nothing about it. When Sebastian brought up that he was not allowed outside of the home to do normal adult things and interact, and that his anxiety and depression were caused by being restricted and isolated and not allowed to live independently, the doctor ignored him. The psychiatrist claimed that Sebastian suffered from Asperger's disorder and was emotionally disturbed. Although she said that he did not need a guardian, he did recommend that the mother remain conservator ship over the inheritance and that Sebastian apply for SSI benefits with the mother as rep payee. She also recommended he be referred to government programs. AS for abuse, the psychiatrist downplayed the incidents where the mother was emotionally abusive and that she kept him isolated.

Sebastian and his family moved to Rochester NH when he was 19. He was referred to the Portsmouth based Work Opportunities Unlimited, a government subsidy involved with the ticket to work program. The program was supposed to help Sebastian find a job, preferably a paying job. From the beginning there were many, many problems. First, Sebastian was forbidden by his mother to go out and look for jobs, second, the case workers at WOU had little faith in Sebastian. They told him and his mother at a meeting at their Portsmouth office that they felt he was incapable of working. They recommended menial jobs such as being a janitor at a school. Sebastian refused as did the mother. Then they heard little from them. It took a month after the meeting for them to test his aptitudes and then another month for another meeting to get him to a seminar.

After all this, it was thought that NOW, Finally! He would be in the work force and no longer isolated. That was the last they heard from them for 3 months. From the beginning on, no progress was made. Sebastian mailed them classified ads for jobs but they either ignored him, or said they felt he was incapable of working at those jobs. In addition, the case worker was constantly away on vacations for up to a month. 2 years going on 3 without a job and no work history, Sebastian became frustrated. He secretly went out and looked for jobs when his mother was not around. He applied at several places but couldn't get them since he had no work experience, this thank to the mother and the WOU program.

2 years and 3 months after applying and after being isolated with little chances for going outside, 21 year old Sebastian and his mother agreed to sit in a meeting with WOU staff to demand a reason for the lack of progress. This came after they claimed to have hit new roadblocks. Sebastian's case workers informed him and his mother that there were no jobs around for Sebastian that were suitable for him. In addition they felt he was incapable of working to due to a diagnosis of Aspergers. He was diagnosed solely because of the persecution he suffered at school. They also claimed that he had no social skills or living skills based on the fact that he had no job, and no friends. They also accused him of having no skills in independent living and recommended that his mother become legal guardian to Sebastian and place him in a structured setting in a group home for the mentally retarded.

Sebastian became defiant and the meeting became heated. He told the group bluntly that he was the way he was because of abusive treatment by his mother and that although progress had been made since his graduation from high school, he was still isolated and restricted and forbidden to work at jobs. The money that was intended for him was also being spent down and wasted when it could be used for economic opportunity and independent living. This was the REAL reason behind all the problems. The case workers were not interested and said they saw nothing wrong with what was happening to him.

2 days after the meeting, tension between Sebastian and his mother exploded. Sebastian threatened to leave to go live elsewhere where he could get a job, live in an apartment and apply for programs that ACTUALLY worked. The conflict became even more tense when his mother's girlfriend showed up and partnered with her to stop him from leaving. Sebastian called the police for help but the Rochester police department was unsympathetic. His mother lied to the police officer informing them that he would be a danger to himself if he left home. The police offered a safe place of Sebastian if he cooperated.

He agreed but was not taken to a safe place. Instead the police officers took him to the Portsmouth regional hospital psychiatric ward. While there, he was denied legal representation and was not treated with the dignity he deserved. He was forced by doctors to return to his mother and placed under a strict outpatient commitment that blocked him from getting out of the destructive relationship. He was later placed in a group home in Manchester. The programs he was given were a disaster. They, like the so called Work Opportunity Program prevented him from being independent rather than letting him be independent. The group home assigned him to several other programs that immediately went to work undermining him. He was to take a class on social skills, a class on how to live ETC. ETC. and all of them failed or kept him on the back burner. Here's just how ridiculous it is:

  • It takes about 6 months for government program to teach normal basic things such as mailing out a letter.
  • It takes 6 months to a year to teach social skills.
  • It takes up to 2 years to learn living skills
  • Government programs like the Work Opportunities program in New Hampshire take years to get an applicant a job. Sometimes they fail to even do so.
  • government programs that teach things like how to cook a basic meal can take months.

You get the idea don't you. For Sebastian it was painfully clear. Even if he really needed these classes and seminars, learning that should have taken a few minutes took hours, what took days took weeks, weeks months, months years, sometimes they failed all together. This is what Sebastian Peters experienced during his time on the programs. He spent 3 years under this oppressive regime. It wasn't until sometime afterwards that Sebastian was able to get out of the commitment with help from a legal aid and ran away to Boston.

Sebastian successfully ran away to Boston Massachusetts where he checked into the Boston Rescue Mission. The Mission which was non profit had an array of programs that actually worked. They helped arrange for him to get a job at local temping agencies such as labor ready and referred him to a legal aid for help getting his inheritance back. Non profit programs like those run by the BRM ministry got him back on his feet and helped him get into housing and government assistance.

Unfortunately Sebastian's trouble's did not end... His mother had successfully Spent down his assets and still threatened to hold him under guardianship. The later did not succeed but Sebastian was unable to get back all the money that was taken away from him. He currently lives in Boston where he relies on government assistance and assistance from his relatives. He still works part time at a local retail store and lives in a small rooming house near downtown.

Sebastian Peters paid the price for relying on the government for help even though he didn't want to. A non profit program run by caring individuals would have only taken a few days weeks at most. Instead tax payer dollars were wasted and a bright young man who could be paying into the system must now depend on it.

Isn't it amazing how the left whines about debt and about losing the tax base when they are constantly destroying the lives of ordinary people and making it impossible for them to get good jobs? Isn't it amazing that right wing conservative republicans are the reason for poverty when liberals do more to hurt with their help for the needy the very people they claim to help? With Democrats in charge, expect more of this and expect the government to go bankrupt.


 The welfare system in America is cheating tax payers in all sorts of ways. One thing is certain, many on welfare do not really need it but need a good kick in the rear. People who are perfectly capable of working are using welfare to avoid getting a job like the rest of us. They sit around in section 8 housing smoking, drinking, using illegal narcotics, just sitting around in front of their big screens, contributing nothing at all while we the tax payers must foot the bill by working harder.

Its not just welfare cheaters who are making our lives more expensive, the entire bureaucratic system is corrupt and it costs more to support the system than the recipient. For every dollar spent on welfare, 80 cents goes to bureaucracy. It goes to government employees, to the case workers, to the people who maintain the offices, and the administration costs alone are staggering. Many of these employees are simply over paid for doing little.

The state of Maine is a good example of a welfare state out of control. Maine has the largest state government in the country. This bloated administration is not only seen in the welfare system, but also in other branches of Maine's government. The administration we are told is for quality control and efficiency. Nothing of the sort is accomplished other than the exact opposite. Maine's administration is so bloated and incompetent, that many welfare recipients including those who truly need it are forced into the back burner and let down.

A good example is homeless housing. It takes on average a year for government to provide housing for those in homeless shelters and rescue missions. Applicants, many of whom are elderly or disabled or underemployed must wait on average up to a year before receiving housing. Sometimes they must wait EVEN LONGER! This is because their application must drift through several agencies and bureaus before it can be processed fully. Add to this, that many of Maine's public housing are full and bursting.

Government programs are not only expensive, they are outrageously inefficient. They take to long and sometimes never do anything at all. This is because the employees are not motivated through care of the recipient. they only care about getting their pay checks. All paid for by the taxpayer. There is no incentive unlike private non profit religious charities which are motivated by compassion and care. This is why private organizations which are motivated by care and compassion and not for the sake of lucre are more successful than government programs. Even groups like the ACLU have condemned them for violating the due process rights of recipients for their inneficiency and long waiting times.

Next time, we will present to you another article about the inefficiency of government programs and the welfare state's failure of those in need by telling you of Sebastian Peters, A boy involved in programs that not only failed but lead to poverty and misery. These programs prevented independent living and employment at jobs and lead to him becoming homeless in Boston. Just to give you more on how welfare has failed Next time...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Homeless Lupron Protocol forced sterilization Victim Gary Caccavelli

In a previous article we talked about Lupron Protocol, the new neo-nazi eugenics treatment supported by psychiatrists and their allies the liberals. Click here to read about it first. Its important to learn about it.

You can also learn more by clicking here to read about Mark Geier the liberal nazi in maryland who promoted this evil barbaric treatment against innocent children.

Today we are going to talk about one the victims of this barbaric treatment that is supported by liberals.

Gary Caccavelli from Bel Air Maryland was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at the age of 10. He was picked on and ostercized at school because of his weight. His parents brought him to a psychiatrist who labeled him because he had been bullied. The parents, having recieved the ususal crap that Gary was stupid as opposed to the lie that Asperger's are high functioning, asked about treatment options. The doctor referred them to Doctor Mark Geier and his Lupron Protocol treatment.

The Caccavellis were unaware of the devastated symptoms that would affect Gary. As it turns out they didn't really care about what would happen to Gary. Gary began his first Lupron treatment in 2006 when he was 11. It went on up until 2008 when he was 13 and began to get sick and had to be hospitalized due to side effects of the Lupron.

Gary had seizures and would vomit frequently. He also had an array of other malodies including headaches, internal bleeding, dizzy spells ETC. He also developed worse obesity. But they paled compared to the unfortunate side effect that is typical of Lupron Protocol... impotence and stunted growth.

This became apparent when Gary was 16. Gary had a short stature and had no body hair growing on his body. He also remained having a boyish look and an unbroken voice. This made bullying worse. At the behest of the school nurse and a social worker, Gary was taken to a doctor to be examined. What they found was startling and shocking.

Gary Caccavelli missed puberty. He had no body hair including pubic hair, he had no sex drive, he could not get erections, his voice was unbroken and he was short. About five foot five inches. The Lupron Protocol destroyed the hormones and hormone producing organs in his body. Without hormonal injections, Gary was destined to be a boy his entire life.

Gary's family refused to pay for it. They based their decision on a second opinion. According to Gary's father, Michael, a retired Police officer it was unnecessary and that Gary had to continue the Lupron Protocol treatment whether or not it hurt him. Michael referred to Gary as a dork and as an Asperger psycho. His mother also supported Michael against Gary and claimed that Gary was not meant to be an adult because he had Asperger's and recommended he be put in an institution.

Gary couldn't take it anymore. There was bullying in school, judgements and nagging at home and the fact he missed puberty. When he was 18, Gary ran away to Baltimore and spent several months in a dangerous shelter in a high crime area and later was homeless in New York City, then Boston.

While on the street, Gary tried to find ways in order to be treated for his stunted growth and tried to avoid danger at the shelter and on the mean dangerous streets of Baltimore, Newark, New York and Boston. Gary was hospitalized twice for injuries sustained from being attacked and once for a nervous breakdown.

Gary has also been mistaken for a minor on occasion and was even detained by Police in Jersey city for being suspected of being a runaway. Gary also has even been mistaken as a woman because of the problems he has been having and his lack of masculenity.

Gary is unable to get hormonal treatments because he is broke and Obamacare will not pay for expensive treatment. Gary was able to get help for it from charities and even got a few herbal and injection treatments but the cost prevented him from getting the rest. He has never fully recovered from Lupron. He still has a short stature, impotence and is girlish. Because of his looks and his disability as well as physical problems from Lupron his chances for work are poor as well.

It is not known if he will ever recover or have any normal adult appearance or life. What is known is that he will never have children or marry. He will also possibly have a short stature all of his life. It is all because he was raised by liberal parents who believed the government and all because of the state of Maryland and psychiatry.

There are many cases worse than this. Boys and girls who can never live a normal life, never be able to succeed and become normal fully developed adults because of the left and the nanny state The government and psychiatry.

Ronald Reagan on the panel for WHAT'S MY LINE

Friday, April 22, 2016

How Bernie Sanders can defeat Hillary

The communist in the Democratic Caucus Bernie Sanders, as I have said earlier in other postings has been gaining a foothold against the front runner Hillary Clinton and may in fact become the new Front runner. However new polls show that Bernie is in reality up against overwhelming odds especially now that Hillary has taken New York.

The only reason he has been able to gain any foothold is because of two things; first, he has amassed as many donations as Hillary and two, he has captivated the minority vote by pandering to the black lives matter movement in the US. But his embrace of a movement that even white liberals and some blacks have distanced themselves from may be too late as his number came up in New York.

New York state, is Bernie's native state. He grew up in Brooklyn and even participated in the civil rights movement. The problem; GOP ballots are closed in New York to registered Democrats only. this may not seem like a problem since the Dems love Bernie and New York is very very liberal but it turns out many liberals have not registered as Democrats in New York. What's more, New York is Hillary's home state and the people there love her.

Capturing New York would have ensured Bernie becomes the nominee and not only that, Capturing New York may have been the only thing that will ensure Bernie's survival in the election. But there is a small small chance for Bernie. There are a list of things Bernie must do to win the Democratic vote:

  • Continue to pander to black lives matter, black militants and to leftist black ministers excluding those with a bad reputation for hating other Democrat groups such as Jews. This includes Louis Farrakhan.
  • Call for more funds to welfare and social security but not too much as it may look like an act of desperation. Much like when Nicolae Ceaucesscu the hero of liberals fell from power by offering more handouts for support
  • Arrange indirect attacks by supporters against Hillary Clinton and her connections to the establishment and her ties to big business and email scandals.
  • Go on the offensive against Donald Trump especially against Trump
  • Save for banning and gutting the 2nd amendment call for tougher regulations of guns specifically for felons and the mentally ill. Play up violent acts
  • Play up political "hate speech" from talk radio and blogs and call for a government rating system for political hate speech much like with movies
  • Pander to the illegal aliens. They'll vote for an amnesty candidate even though they're not allowed to. WINK!
  • Attack Barack Obama and whatever anti leftist short comings he may have.
  • Stand his guns even if some in the left cringe at his communism

Just some of the things he'll do.

It is an exaggeration by Fox that Bernie has to climb mount Everest to win. Nonetheless he must climb a mountain and be a mountain if he hopes to dismount Hillary.

That being said, I hope Ted Cruz denounces Colorado's fradulent election closure and wins because only he has a guarantee of defeating Bernie or Hillary. More so Bernie.

Chaim Ben peasch calls for Third party

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A decade after Kelo v New London Socialism has failed (Fort Trumbull still an empty lot)

In 2005, the Fort Trumbull area of New London Connecticut was a growing middle class neighborhood. The people there were hard working and spent much of their lives building their homes and living out prosperous lives.

That came to an end in 2000 when Liberal Fascist Democrats in City hall and in the state capitol of Hartford made a deal with Pfizer corporation to allow them to build a research laboratory and upscale housing in Fort Trumbull. According to estimates by the same lying fascists, over 5000 new jobs would be created.

Connecticut was one of the states hardest hit by the recession over a year later and the need for jobs pushed ahead this evil plan to deprive hard working citizens of their property. In 2004 the plan was approved and notice was issued to citizens in Fort Trumbull that their neighborhoods were to be demolished. These poor people were left scrambling with little time to move out.

The Government always targets those who it think cannot fight back. This is just one of the reasons socialism and big government is a threat to liberty and is not compatible with a free society. The timely motto by Gandhi that how a nation treats its weakest and most vulnerable is another reason that Socialism and large governments are a threat that must be rejected

The neighborhood was in shock. Under the 5th amendment, government cannot seize land unless it is to be used for public purposes. Furthermore it states that they must be fully compensated. For the citizens of Fort Trumbull that right was violated in both ways. Government made a deal to give it away to a private company with no strings attached. Further the people were compensated with less than what their homes were worth. All that hard work they put in was for nothing. It was taken away.

Attempts to fight back were fruitless. There was little time and government was too big. Laws and loopholes made it difficult for Fort Trumbull residents to get around the legal system to try and delay the action. But it was too difficult at first and many firms just didn't have the resources. This is why liberals support big government, because the bigger the government, the harder it is to fight back. It is even worse for those who are weak and poor.

The Government always targets those who it think cannot fight back. This is just one of the reasons socialism and big government is a threat to liberty and is not compatible with a free society. The timely motto by Gandhi that how a nation treats its weakest and most vulnerable is another reason that Socialism and large governments are a threat that must be rejected. But liberals support crushing the weak and the poor and yet they claim to be for the little guy.

Fortunately there was outside help. Citizens around New England and America were outraged by the government's plan to remove the right to own property in such a manner and thanks to strong public will, the development plan was delayed. The case went to the supreme court under Kelo V New London. It was argued that New London violated the 5th amendment by confiscating property under compulsory purchase to transfer it to a private entity. 

Despite public pressure, including opposition to the plan by even people on the left, The Supreme court ruled 5 to 4 that the government had the right to confiscate property and give it to any private entity it wanted. The ruling was made by John Paul Stevens, communist and traitor who thankfully is now retired and waiting to pass on into the fire along with co-conspirators, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souther, Stephen Bryer and Anthony Kennedy.

The argument that one persons right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be terminated for public good has never in history done the public any good to the individual or the public. History shows that when the government can take down the rights and dignity of one or more individuals, the public as a whole is no longer secure in its rights and the public loses its rights. Instead they now have privileges that are revoked at a whim at anytime.

 The ruling, the decision written by the so called Justice John Paul Stevens and the concurences by other left wing judges is even more astounding and frightening. Justice Stevens along with Kennedy argued that courts should decide in these cases what is good for the community and developer instead of worrying about the fate of the poor victim who is forced to sell of his or her property at a low amount. 

The ruling also failed to take into account the influence and power of the private entity in question. In a scathing rebuke written by liberal Justice Sandra Day O'connor (and this time she got it right folks!)
O'connor denounced the ruling and showed the dangers of this new precedent that assaulted one of America's foundations, the right to own property. The dissenting opinion suggested that the use of this taking power in a reverse Robin Hood fashion— take from the poor, give to the rich— would become the norm, not the exception:

Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms

Sure enough the predictions of Sandra Day O'connor were true. Following the ruling, big corporations and development firms such as Wal-mart, Johnson & Johnson, Target and others began pursuing development plans with local cities. Cleavland, Cincinnati and New York were the hardest hit. Of those who suffered the most, minorities and the poor.

Several states have tried to intervene to stop eminent domain and make it illegal for the government to seize property. Not surprisingly, conservative states have been the most successful while those run by socialists including Maine have halted attempts to stifle this new precedent.

 As I said before, minorities and the poor have the most to lose and have lost the most. The left pretty much supports this since as Hillary has stated, it is good for the government to take things away for the greater good. Liberals always hate freedom and the rights of individuals. The argument that one person's right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be terminated for public good has never in history done the public any good to the individual or the public. History shows that when the government can take down the rights and dignity of one or more individuals, the public as a whole is no longer secure in its rights and the public loses its rights. Instead they now have privileges that are revoked at a whim at anytime.

Poverty and crime is always greatest in areas that practice socialism because private property is not held up as sacred and as a right. The individual has little or no right but to go along with the collective and cannot provide for ones self or dependents to survive. Property and life are rights that are not only compatible but inseperable. Take one and both are demolished.

After the ruling, the people were forced to leave as Democrats demolished their homes. Pfizer later called off the deal citing that it was no longer profitible. In fact eminent domain made that even more so. Why build when the government can take it. As result the land remained fallow and empty.

Almost 10 years after Kelo V New London, the ruling that gutted the right to own property and assets in this country and perverted the meaning of the 5th amendment, the land that once held bustling neighborhoods of decent people in America is still vacant. There are no jobs there, there are no homes there. The lot is now home to feral cats and hobos that periodically camp there.

The City of New London also suffered. Scores of Thousands of jobs including 2000 government jobs were lost there. Many will not do business in Connecticut and other states for fear of having their property seized at a loss. New London like many other cities in that state has also suffered higher crime rates. New London shortly after the Kelo ruling suffered more murders in that state even Hartford.

And yet, we are told by liberals that the government is never wrong. we are told by liberals that this would lead to the greater good this confiscation of property. We are also told by liberals that it is good to suffer social injustice by the state and yet where are those jobs we were promised? Whatever happened to the homes and prosperity?

Today's connecticut is so much like other liberal sewers like New Jersey and New York. Infested with liberal bums, the kind that listen to rap noise, wear their baseball caps backwards and pretend to be black, the kind that opposes property and freedom and that will kill any black that walks into their neighborhood. Well black or white your neighborhood if you are unfortunate to be in New England is very colorful. Crime riden, poverty stricken, full of robberis and murders. The police are also murderers in Connecticut. It was only recently in East Haven which had one of the most homicidal pig forces in the region was finally restrained by the government only after one murder too many.

This is the other after affect of Socialism and Kelo. This is what Connecticut also got in return for shelving property rights and voting Democrat. Crime, poverty and bloody murdering communist policemen. Poverty and crime is always greatest in areas that practice socialism because private property is not held up as sacred and as a right. The individual has little or no right but to go along with the collective and cannot provide for ones self or dependents to survive. Property and life are rights that are not only compatible but inseperable. Take one and both are demolished.

Hence, Connecticut is the cesspit of New England. Only Rhode Island which has the highest level of mentally ill and a super corrupt government and a poverty right just above Vermont and Maine comes close as does Massachusetts.

Chaim ben pesach on Donald Trump in Colorado

Monday, April 18, 2016

The number two reason socialism has always failed

Well this is interesting. I was speaking with Reuben Ben Abraham, who is a major contributor to the New England Alliance for liberty and free markets and he made some interesting finds regarding my article about Socialism and the number one reason it fails. Click the link to check it out

Reuben Ben Abraham and I conversed and he made some observations that were interesting. Here he is now!

My name is Reuben Ben Abraham. I am a businessman and libertarian activist from West LA. Today I wish to make a brief reply to Brian Ball's article... I guess you could call it the number 2 reason socialist governments always fail.

 The number one reason as Brian stated was the loss of individual freedom and liberty in the face of the greater good. That is, the needs of the many justify the abuse, torture and marginalizing of one person, or that it is better that 99 people receive free handouts for no work while one is screwed and left to dried.

The number 2 reason for failure in socialism is that socialistic government are over protective and overbearing. They tend to condemn risk taking and taking chances which is what many people must do to advance above the economic ladder. 

One inspiration for this article aside from Brian's previous article in the link above is a commercial I saw last week about risks and risky behavior. Contrary to popular belief, overprotecting children has no benefits and has in fact been known to harm children and even affect them in their adult life. It shows that children who are encouraged to take chances, show courage take risks will be able to learn from mistakes more quickly and develop skills that are necessary for making it into higher society.

Now I am not saying this is all true and while I for one would rather my children not take too many risks there is a great deal of merit in this study that I can tell you from experience is true. The youngsters who step up, take risks, show initiative and ambition are the ones most likely to make it and make it big. It doesn't matter whether were talking about relationships, friendships, money, popularity, these kinds of kids are the most likely to make it in the higher tiers of society.

See, in a capitalistic business world, many of the best of capitalists are those who take the biggest chances. They risk their money, business and more for bigger stakes. The results are 9 times of 10, positive. When they aren't the business tycoon picks himself up and tries again.

This is how it was for many people I have worked for. They started off with a small fortune either from an inheritance or from a small business they have set up or from a loan. Then they risk a large portion of the money in an investment in a bond, or invest in a new firm, they risk involvement in buying and selling a good that is now in demand and therefore more profitable but one that may soon become unprofitable and undemanding, maybe its a service instead of a good and in time they either find themselves starting over again at the bottom or soaring up and then find themselves rubbing elbows with the cream of society.

But socialism discourages risk taking and discourages freedom to take risks. It is much like the over protective parent this nanny state. There is no incentive to take risks anyway since property, and saving money is illegal.

One other reason to discourage this kind of behavior is to force the child to grow up accepting totalitarian authority. By discouraging risk taking they believe that it will discourage rebellion. The perfect plan to enforce socialism and all other forms of despotism. A person who is willing to take risks will stand up to corrupt and evil authority and stand up to despots much like many did against Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Khruschev, Pol Pot and others. Such people are a therefore a threat to liberals such as Bernie Sanders.

In life there is always a need to take risks whether its at a time of war, a time involving a business transaction, building our civilization and helping others. Society, civilizations and individuals cannot advance without risks.

Trump team: Cruz should demand a vote in Colorado

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lupron Protocol: treating autism with eugenics

Asperger's syndrome. A myth. An invention by government to punish its victims for government's failures. This is because the government is supposed to always be right to the left. But far from it the government even in its efforts to conceal its failings and the failings of socialism and public education continues to fail and continues to injure innocent people in the name of the greater good.

Instead of punishing bullies, instead of allowing educational alternatives, the government has invented a phony and dubious illness called Asperger's syndrome to punish the victims of bullying so our lazy teachers and bum principals can continue to loaf at our expense and at the expense of our children and their future.

Parents sadly believe their governments and that it is their children's fault and not their fault or the fault of society and have been brought to desperation on what treatments they can get for their victimized and abused children. It has had negative consequences in the loss of civil liberties for the victims as well as a waste of money and resources on bogus treatment. That consequence of bogus treatments is the cottage industry of so called “biomedical” treatments to which liberal parents subject their children. Quackery and false science such as Gluten free dieting, chelation therapy (which has caused deaths), using hyperbaric oxygen chambers (a recent story described a child getting severely injured in one and another child who nearly died when one of these caught fire)restrictive vegan diets, corporal punishment and many others that have either done nothing or have inflicted more harm.

Yes, so called "autistic children" have been subjected to it all. But of all the biomedical woo to which autistic children have been subjected, one form of woo stands out as being particularly heinous. Not only that, it can be summed as an atrocity. A crime against humanity. This even more so for those subjected to this barbaric treatment.

The treatment I am refering to is a treatment from the left wing and violent state of Maryland, a treatment that is now in full swing in Pennsylvania, New York, California and elsewhere. The treatment known as LUPRON PROTOCOL...

Doctors Mark and David Grier are both doctors who have had little training in the field of autism. Mark Geier is a physician but has no expertise in pediatrics or autism. His son also a doctor only has a bachelor’s degree in biology and yet he assists his father in his “research” and in essence helps him treat patients, despite his lack of medical training. Together, they are the Batman and Robin of autism woo (the 1960s camp version, not the updated Dark Knight version) going into battle against autism and some of the now discredited causes, vaccines, metalic compounds and early puberty.

they conjured up myths that testosterone somehow bound to mercury, even claiming that testosterone binds to mercury, leading to a complex that can’t pass the blood-brain barrier and keeps mercury in the body. They claimed that autistic children were really undergoing premature puberty and had too much testosterone, which was binding to mercury somehow enhancing its toxicity. So what was their solution?

In essence, chemical castration using a powerful anti-sex hormone drug based on drugs used by nazis for castration during World war 2, used to sterilize so called "undesirables in American appalachia in the 20th century and now used today on sex offenders. A drug called Lupron.

Lupron is the trade name for a drug called leuprolide acetate, a synthetic analog of a hormone known as gonadotropin releasing hormone. After causing an initial stimulation of gonadotropin receptors by binding to them, chronic administration of Lupron inhibits gonadotropin secretion, specifically leutenizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). The end result is the inhibition of the synthesis of steroid hormones in the testes in men and in the ovaries in women. In men, testosterone and androgen levels fall to castrate levels, and in women estrogens are reduced to postmenopausal levels.

The final end result is terrifying and tragic in the form of sterilization and stunted growth. For men, they not only castrated but denied their masculine identity and virility but remain boys for all their lives. Hairless, impotent little boys. Some men in addition develop worse symptoms such as obesity, diabetes and Gynocomastia, a condition involving male breast enlargement.

For women, they are denied womanhood and feminine living but are immediately made into old women at the onset of adulthood. They will never know the joys of motherhood or marriage, they remain as dwarfish sterile girls. Old maids in young bodies that have been sucked dried of their essence. The effects are almost irreversible.

This is it... Impotence and feminism for boys, old age and bareness for the girls. All because they were bulled and all because their parents were of a leftist or socialistic mindset...

To liberals and to others who support the government, this is a very very good thing!

Lupron doesn’t have very many uses. Perhaps the most common use aside from castrating sex offenders with treating metastatic prostate cancer, because prostate cancer is an androgen-dependent tumor. According to specialists such tumors will develop androgen-independent growth and become resistant to hormonal suppression with Lupron, but in the meantime chemical castration with Lupron can provide excellent palliation.

Another use for Lupron is in middle-aged women with estrogen-dependent conditions, such as endometriosis and uterine fibroids. One troubling side effect of its use in women is the onset of menopause so it is limited mainly to older women who no longer menstruate or near the end of their child bearing capacity.

One other use of Lupron is during cycles of in vitro fertilization to suppress ovarian function completely in order to allow complete control of hormone levels and ovarian follicle development through the use of hormone injections. Without Lupron or similar drugs, it is very difficult to get multiple ovarian follicles to develop and mature at the same time, allowing the harvest of eggs.

For adults the results of Lupron mainly involve sterilization and some feminine characteristics such as enlarged breasts while female adults are sufferers from menopause.

But 98% of all treatments involving Lupron Protocol are children and young teenagers between 13 and 15. This is at a crucial moment of hormonal development and of brain development that young people need to be able to develop into normal healthy adulthood. But liberals aren't interested in that especially if the person in question is not viewed as a person but as an undesirable that liberals can scape goat for their failing good for nothing government and their failing good for nothing educational system.

"despite condemnation by many professionals in the field of pediatrics, autism, even child psychiatrists, Lupron protocol remains in use not only because it allows government the excuse to rid themselves of troublesome individuals and undesirables that prove the failure of all forms of socialistic government control but more than this because of the money it brings in for the pharmaceutical medical complex and the communist Obamacare bureaucratic complex."

When Lupron Protocol began to come into use by doctors in the Chicago and Peoria hospitals to treat children who were bullied and who were in the Juvinille justice system, the Chicago Tribune did a story about this new drug and reports of what had happened to the children who were forced by their liberal and trusting of government parents to undergo this horrific operation to have their adult lives destroyed before they could enjoy them.

But the Tribune being leftist and being a bit trusting towards Illinois' corrupt Democratic and nazi government was originally interested in the individual or societal consequences of Lupron Protocol but of the dire consequences it had financially for taxpayers and government funding. No, they don't care about how squeezed the taxpayers are just that not enough of the money is going to bureaucratic back pay and civil servant perks and instead going to a new treatment.

The tribune investigated during the inciting event was the yearly autism quack fest known as Autism One held in Chicago every Memorial Day week. Mark and David spoke there this year, as they have most years in the recent past. For those not familiar with Autism One, it’s best described as an autism Quackapalooza. Chelation, hyperbaric oxygen, interventions, gluten-free diets, every form of autism woo and quackery that you can imagine is there, all under one roof. But, above, all there is the anti-vaccine movement.

And of course since Democrats in Illinois consider licensed professionals always right and since government is always correct and never ever could be wrong, these phony treatments are all accepted. Its not only assuring to the professionals who get off working the system but the system itself. Millions of dollars for government workers in Obamacare and Medicare and other health subsidies and guess who pays for it? You and I the taxpayers!

According to the Tribune, lab tests cost at least $12,000 and subsequent treatments are between $5,000 and $6,000 per month! The Greiers have also received far more than that from the government to subsidize their research and clinics in Maryland and the DC metro area.

"The idea of using it with vulnerable children with autism, who do not have a life-threatening disease and pose no danger to anyone, without a careful trial to determine the unwanted side effects or indeed any benefits, fills me with horror"

But there are skeptics and not just grassroots skeptics but those in the medical community.
Four of the world’s top pediatric endocrinologists told the Tribune that the Lupron protocol is baseless, supported only by junk science. More than two dozen prominent endocrinologists dismissed the treatment earlier this year in a paper published online by the journal Pediatrics.
Not only this but Simon BaronCohen, a professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Cambridge in England and director of the Autism Research Center in Cambridge; a man who is known to be left leaning even said it is irresponsible to treat autistic children with Lupron. Even a left leaning professor in England acknowledges that Lupron is irresponsible.

He states: “The idea of using it with vulnerable children with autism, who do not have a life-threatening disease and pose no danger to anyone, without a careful trial to determine the unwanted side effects or indeed any benefits, fills me with horror."

 Another General practicioner warns: "Lupron can disrupt normal development, interfering with natural puberty and potentially putting children’s heart and bones at risk. The treatment also means subjecting children to daily injections, including painful shots deep into muscle every other week."

Teach a man that his government is always right and that professionals are unlikely to be wrong, teach a man that his betters, his rulers and those in authority have infallibility and he will believe anything and everything no matter how ridiculous no matter how offensive. He will jump off any cliff because a doctor or a civil servant says its for his own good.

 But despite all this, Lupron is still supported by the government and by liberals and for good reason. It is profitable to the government and government workers and it is useful in promoting the myth of mental illness and the myth of Asperger's to sterilize the innocent and punish them for the government's failure, thereby saving face.

It has also been so easy since the American public especially in socialistic wastelands like Maryland, New York, Illinois ETC are credulous like all leftist loyalists are. Parents who will not take responsibility for their failures and their short comings but also use it to punish their own children for why they and their government failed.

Despite overwhelming evidence that government is not infallible, that professionals are not always correct and despite socialism failing to create jobs and affordable living time and time again, many Americans, believe their government and believe the Geiers because they are after all licensed professionals and they are "experts" in their field. How can they be wrong?

Yes, the results are the same but to those of us who ar real Americans it is not surprising. Teach a man that his government is always right and that professionals are unlikely to be wrong, teach a man that his betters, his rulers and those in authority have infallibility and he will believe anything and everything no matter how ridiculous no matter how offensive.He will jump off any cliff because a professional or a civil servant told him it is for his own good.

Even worse is how the Geiers and their clients percieve autistic children. This is what David Geier says about children with the false disorder of Aspergers:

With masturbating there is a small degree of normal, and then there is autism. Parents will say He will hump pillows then he will hump your leg. In an autistic teenager, testosterone will lead to dangerous aggression. They are incredibly strong. They can hurt you. You have to respect that these kids [who have Asperger's syndrome] are on massive testosterone. Autistic children  are heading down an ominous path, the Geiers said, and likely will end up hooked on psychiatric drugs, institutionalized or jailed.

This is nonsense. Even worse, it’s pernicious nonsense. Unfortunately, it’s exactly the same sort of pernicious nonsense they’ve been pushing since 2005 years ago, when they published a “case report” of the autistic child whose inappropriate sexual behavior abated after he was dosed with Lupron. It never happened.

Gullible trusting of government and professional parents of liberal persuassion have said nothing negative of the Geiers. Several have praised the Geiers many claiming that they do not want their children to have children of their own and that they were supporters of eugenics and limited freedom for those who may not really be disabled.

Dr Paul Kaplowitz, a critic of Lupron Protocol made this statement:
You can lower sex drive, yes, but are you going to do that for every autistic boy? Are you going to do a medical castration? For a year? For all their lives?” Neither Eisenstein nor the Geiers dispute that what they are doing amounts to chemical castration. Speaking about one teen he put on the drug, Mark Geier said: “I wasn’t worried about whether he would have children when he is 25 years old. If you want to call it a nasty name, call it chemical castration. If you want to call it something nice, say you are lowering testosterone.”
Adolf Hitler would be proud of the Geiers.
 In the end public opinion swayed against the Geiers. Both of them had their licenses removed temporarily after several boys died during treatment and because Lupron Protocol was not yet approved by the federal government. Credit should be given to the Pro-life movement for blowing the lid off of this despicable practice of sterilizing minors based on a flimsy diagnosis.  The Geiers are also facing lawsuits from survivors of their eugenics Nazi treatments.

But despite this Lupron protocol is now being accepted by liberals and by the left and is being practiced in clinics in much of North America and is now being used in Europe not only to treat Asperger's but to sterilize the innocent for no reason at all even at the cost of puberty and a normal development. This is good to liberals.

Lupron Protocol is still in use in Maryland in treating Aspeger's and any other so called "disorder" and it is also being used in Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, California and elsewhere.

Next time we will meet one of the survivors of Lupron Protocol. A boy who's life has been ruined forever by eugenics and liberalism, who's now homeless thanks to the state of Maryland, Democrats, doctors and thanks to his abusive parents.

Confessions of a white supremacist socialist. (WATCH! IT MAY SURPRISE YOU!!!)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Muslim White Supremacist attacks Asian Christian man (ISLAM IS RACIST)

Ibn Sina (Avicenna 980–1037), Arab’s most famous and influential philosopher/scientist in Islam, described Blacks as “people who are by their very nature slaves.” He wrote: “All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are abeed (slave) stock.” He equated Black people with “rats plaguing the earth.”

al-Dimashqi, an Arab pseudo scientist wrote, “the Equator is inhabited by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains almost boil from the sun’s heat…..”

Some verses: Quran-(55:72): “Hur (beautiful, fair females) guarded in pavilions;” Quran-(55:70-77): “ In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair….dark eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man or Jinn have touched before…” Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle said, "You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin." Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256, See Also Sahih Bukhari 1:11:662, Sahih Bukhari 1:11:664 I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!' He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful doom." [9:61] " Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's *****. It is also written that allah will BLACKEN the faces of the unbelievers.(Quran, Sura 39:60)

Muslims attack Cossacks in the Caucasus Казаки Ставрополья вступились за изнасилованного казака Muslims Rape Cossack

Казаки Ставрополья вступились за изнасилованного казака

Cossacks and Muslims clashed in an unauthorized protest involving a Cossack girl who was raped by Muslim fanatics. The Muslims are again claiming victimhood and denying everything even accusing Cossacks of promoting prostitution.

Muslims supported the rapists against the victim claiming she had it coming to her and even comparing Russian non-muslim women to prostitutes Alleging also Cossacks were engaged in prostitution and are ready to perversions of money corrupting Muslims.
Казаки и мусульмане столкнулись в несанкционированной акции протеста с участием казачке , которая была изнасилована мусульманских фанатиков . Мусульмане вновь утверждают, жертвенность и отрицая все, даже обвиняя казаков содействия проституции.

Мусульмане поддержали насильников против жертвы утверждая, что она была его ближайшие к ней и даже сравнивая русских немусульманских женщин к проституткам Утверждая, также казаки занимались проституцией и готовы к извращениям денег подкуп мусульман.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Videos for most of this week

Hey everyone I am going away for most of the week to the Left coast so its going to mostly be videos from Youtube that may interest you, many of them from St Michael's media and The vortex and some old 50s films including one with Jack Benny and Bishop Sheen. When I get back I plan to do an article on Eugenics in America including a scary treatment going on in Maryland and another in New York. Enjoy!