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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black lives never mattered to Democrats

The so-called black lives movement has been a major force in the Democratic party elections. Bernie Sanders only recently has harvested its potential to take on Hillary who in her youth supported Barry Goldwater who opposed the civil rights act of 1964.

Understandably the Black lives matter movement has reasons to be perturbed such as killings of innocent young blacks by communist pig policemen and low life incompitent cops who think anyone with a black face is a criminal. Black lives like white lives, hispanic lives, Asian lives and other lives also matter but the movement has become monopolist and exclusivist much like a Klan rally. Black lives matter acts as though at times that Only black lives matter. Though that isn't the man consteration.

The real problem is that the Black lives matter movement is against a political party that opposed slavery, lynching, jim crow, hate crime legislation and discrimination while it panders to a political party that supported slavery, lynching and segregation while opposing anti-lynching laws and civil rights laws. This same party also supported the so called Great society of LBJ, a racist former Texas Governor who joined Pappy O'daniel in supporting lynchings in Texarkana who also created the worst thing to hit the black community; WELFARE.

Thanks to the welfare state created by the Great society measure (more like Grate society) black people no longer relied on their own labors and strivings but instead went to stick their hands out to the government for a handout. While many white southerners condemned him for doing this since they had to pay for it, they really like it. It kept blacks in their place and kept them complacent through bribery by the federal government.

To put it the way Johnny Rebel and Col. Sharcroper said it or sang it I should say: "They waits with the rests, the ones at Lyndon's Breast, Will there be any checks in the mail?" And that's all black people did. No more sitting in, no more non-violent resistance, no more working and studying to be equal with the white man, just go on welfare, sit around on the corner and eat a can of beans for dinner or fried chicken.

Add to this, the incentive it created for black women to have out of wedlock children just to get more money and avoid having to work and go to school. For nearly 50 years, the Grate society has contributed to the explosion of illegitimate births in black households. Before this, only 3% of blacks were illegetimate. Family values were important at a crucial time in civil rights. Now 83% of them are illegitimate. Young black men growing up without a male role model, becoming sucked into drugs, gangs and a life of dereliction. Black women, learning that they don't need a diploma, just get pregnant and have a baby with some "playa" and you're all set for life!

It was all intended on purpose by the Southern Democrats to destroy black lives and make sure they don't matter. Whether you're black or white or brown, when you go on welfare and drop out, you're life no longer matters. As one southern liberal Democrat and Klansmen once said, its worth the price!

Ah yes! Lets not forget that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democratic party! Lets not forget how Occupy Wall street was supported by the KKK and the American Nazi party! Lets not forget it was the Democrats who stood for the Klan!

Yes indeed! In the Democratic Party, Black lives never mattered, but they wont tell you this. No sir! Yet were the ones who is racist even though we're the ones who fought for them.

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BlackconservativeSouthcentralLA said...

Man, I can't stand these dumb Oreos who buy into the lie of these Democrats. When I was a kid and when my daddy was still alive we didn't stick our black hand out to the government for a handout the way these dumb black bastards do now, we worked for a living. You are correct that LBJ did more to hurt the black community than anyone else.