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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Explaining McCarthyism to a High school student

Back again! Well I enjoyed my oldfartrants weekend holiday and I will be kicking off the month of April I think by answering an email by a public school student Susan Klein from Sacramento California asks:

What was the reason for McCarthy punishing people and branding them communists? I noticed your comments on youtube and I want to know how you being a conservative libertarian think McCarthy taking away people's right to work is a good thing when they may not have been communists. I am asking also because I have a report to do on the 50s and McCarthyism and the Hollywood 10 is my subject. I'd appreciate all the info you can give me thanks.

Well Susan here's the low down on McCarthy. First of all there are many myths and legends and mainly lies about McCarthy and what he did.

The biggest lie is that he ruined innocent people's lives, another is that he was the one who prosecuted the Hollywood 10. Not true. The Hollywood 10 were prosecuted by a congressional committee whereas McCarthy ran the sentate commitee.

The House Unamerican Activities committee was was run mainly by congress and was designed to root out communist infiltration in Hollywood and the government.

You see Susan, in the 50s there was a great danger from Russia. Nuclear war was seen as inevitable with both sides at logger heads over capitalism vs communism and which side would dominate the world. Communism was rightly seen as a threat as it removed property rights, human rights and murdered millions while millions more died in captivity in the Siberian Gulags.

The Communist Party USA had grown during the 1930s during the great depression and many people in Hollywood entertainment, military and government sectors were members. CPUSA had no loyality to the USA. They're loyalty was to Moscow and Stalin. For that reason enough, it was innappropriate for agents of a foreign power to work in our government.

The other truth you must learn is that the people prosecuted under HUAC in truth were at one time or still were loyal communist party members. Others were sympathetic to the USSR and the values of the CPUSA.

The Hollywood 10: All 10 of them were at one time communists. Dalton Trumbo who you may remember in the movie and play was one of them. He supported Stalin during the 30s and was a communist party member. Michael Wilson was another. Alvah Bessie was a member of the notorious Abe Lincoln Brigade, a group of leftist military fighters who fought on behalf of the communist republic in Spain during the Spanish Civil war. He was a member of the communist party in the 30s.

When these people were brought before congress to testify they were asked if they had been or still were members of the communist party. Everyone knew it was true. If they said no they would've been drummed up for perjury. If yes, they were exposed. But they filibustered and were found in contempt of court and sentenced to 10 months in a federal prison.

The Hollywood Blacklist was not created by the government. It was made by the film bosses them selves. The Warner Brothers, Louis B Mayer, founder of MGM and other film bosses got together in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and drew up the blacklist. They did so because they did not want communism in their films and they didn't want it to influence the public.

It was feared that communism would infiltrate entertainment and use movies and songs to make communism acceptable to the public. Communists had been highly successful in China using comic books and cartoon literature to make communism acceptable. Russia also used Television to promote communism.

The Film bosses made it clear that they would not employ and enemy subversive on their studio either as an actor or screenwriter.

Another threat came from Universities. Professors could be used to teach students communism or to promote communist ideas such as collectivism or to devalue human life. HUAC was very busy at the University campuses targeting Professors and even students who spread communism throughout the schools.

But the biggest threat was within. Enemy agents in the government spreading secrets to Russia, undermining the government and using the government to undermine constitutional freedoms. This is where HUAC was needed the most.

One of liberalism's biggest false martyrs was a man named John Service. He had been an OSS agent in China during the second world war. He was a supporter of Mao Tse Tung and along with other former OSS agents such as Joseph Alsop helped Mao gain power in China. His actions were exposed by McCarthy personally and Service was removed from his position in the weather bureau

Yet liberals shilled for these so called victims arguing that they had every right to cater to an enemy country and infringe on the rights of others. John Service, The hollywood 10 and others are now lauded as heroes by the left. Mainly because they helped bring down America.

McCarthy was later censured by the senate and congress and died shortly after. He is believed to have been poisoned.

With the loss of McCarthy the flood gates of soviet socialism were opened. In schools, the future of America was taught relativism, humanism, socialism and that all was relative. In government, the state grew bigger and became more hostile to its, people. America's military once the greatest was compromised and their secrets leaked.

In Hollywood, America and its values are now the villians. In movies today and then, socialist values and anti-American ant-western prejudices are prevalent. Hollywood actors to this day are hostile towards the US and towards Capitalism.

A good movie you can watch is The subversion factor. A movie that tells of America's decline as a world power. A good place for you to start after you finish reading.

There is so much to talk about Susan but this is just for starts. You can find out more on youtube and elsewhere. I would also suggest you look up what happened in the hippie movement and the Berkeley protests to see more of what dangers communism has in store for America.

Thank you for your email.

Yours faithfully, Brian Ball.

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