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Friday, April 8, 2016

Hans Asperger: Nazi War Criminal, inventor of bogus disorder

Asperger's syndrome, It has become a household name now thanks to liberal fascists and their allies, Big Pharma, The so called American psychiatric association and the big failing government. A disorder that was invented to smear the victims of bullying and the victims of a failing government.

It is a phony disorder invented to protect the government's failing butt from its failure to protect children from bullying and to protect its communist interests.  The government doesn't care what happens to our children, as long as they get paid big bucks by the taxpayers. Many of whom enjoyed being squeezed and exploited by our failing government.

Hans Asperger was born and raised on a farm outside Vienna, Austria. Asperger studied medicine at the University of Vienna under Franz Hamburger and practiced at the University Children’s Hospital in Vienna. He graduated doctor of medicine in 1931. He married in 1935 and had five children.

During World War II, he served the Third Reich as a medical officer, serving in the Axis occupation of Croatia and served under the notorious Ustache SS and was involved in committing war crimes against the Serbs and against Jews in the Balkans.

Later Hans was permitted to leave the SS and move to Austria where he opened a child psychiatry clinic. He was involved with death panels to decide whether children were defective and thereby worthy of being killed as a burden and undesirable or whether they were worthy and able to work.

It was during this time that Hans began to study the behavioral traits of some children who were thought to be autistic. Many of the children were viewed as potential undesirables for reasons such as "Failure to socialize" or that they simply did not fit in.

Many liberals will tell you that Hans tried to make them out to be little professors. It is possible that Hans' conscience pricked him at this time and tried to make the children appear to be desirable with but minor set backs but more likely, they were branded as Hans' saw a potential that these children would later socialize or at best find themselves in a slave camp like Buchenwald or Dachau.

Hans Asperger's was not a kind hearted doctor. Contrary to propaganda from liberals and cheerleaders for bigger government, the majority of doctors are not kind in any way. Asperger wrote several documents that were loaded with more Double talk than 1984. Children who were eccentric according to Asperger were geniuses yet they were not socialized! They didn't fit in!

On one hand people with this phony disorder are high functioning and intelligent, on the other hand they cannot socialize, they have no social skills, they are awkward, they cannot take care of themselves!

The distinctions fade once the left takes over and begins to go to work on these poor victims of Hans Asperger who even after death continues to haunt from the grave millions of innocent Americans who's lives are ruined thanks to psychiatry and socialism.Once diagnosed with this horrid disorder, likened to mental illness and even mental retardation, the lives of an Asperger idiot or retard as they are called are limited.

Government restricts people with psychiatric labels such as Asperger to be prevented from holding any job at all through Voc Rehab or SSI or are forced to rely on menial paying jobs for all their lives. Others are also restricted from living independently and are forced to become homeless or even forced into psychiatric hospitals and institutions where they are drugged abused and raped.

Throughout the mainestategop blog we have listed instances of innocent people being branded with Asperger's retard syndrome and other disorders. People who were productive or had the potential to be productive who could have been major contributors to civilization are ruined by the government.

So lets cut through the doubletalk. If you have Aspergers, you are a grade A retard. You cannot work, you cannot take care of your self, you may not marry or have children! So the state will take care of you from now on.

Relax... There is no such thing. Its just a liberal lie to take away your rights and control you.

But then again you shouldn't relax because liberals and their socialist allies, Marxian or Hitlerite will not rest until you are under their thumb and the thumb of the big big government.

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