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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hillary Hiltler is about to lose her minority voting base

You know, elections are never simple with leftists. I mean consider the current situation involving Bernie sanders, Hillary Clinton and the black lives matter movement. Up till awhile ago, black people and hispanics supported a candidate who campaigned for Barry Goldwater and for a more strict form of amnesty while ignoring Bernie Sanders who was arrested for demonstrating for civil rights and wants the flood gates opened for illegals who he says aren't illegal.

Hillary Clinton is not quite as left wing as she used to be. Certainly not as left wing as Bernie Sanders is. That much is known. Since becoming a New York Senator in 2001, lefties complain that Hillary has forsaken her working class base and has gone over to supporting wall street and big business.

Hillary Clinton has also supported the war on terror, torture, eroding privacy and the patriot act which many left wingers who support civil liberties have condemned. But since when to liberals truly support civil liberties? I mean look at my blog, so many innocent lives destroyed by liberals using Social security, so many dead and not to mention that they soak the little guy and up and coming businessman and support big government and big regulations as well as eminent domain.

Bernie Sanders has stayed away from it however. He knows that to become president and defeat his competitors relies on remaining true to socialism and to appear as a man of the people which Hillary certainly has not done. But whether or not this scharade will continue remains to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

Too late. Bernie Sanders is now embracing black lives matter and with it has captured the minority vote. The blue collar whites in New York (where polls are closed)and elsewhere might not look highly on that and it could cost him but This is probably all he needs to beat Hillary. He just needs to hold on to his guns and he'll be the candidate.