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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Homeless Lupron Protocol forced sterilization Victim Gary Caccavelli

In a previous article we talked about Lupron Protocol, the new neo-nazi eugenics treatment supported by psychiatrists and their allies the liberals. Click here to read about it first. Its important to learn about it.

You can also learn more by clicking here to read about Mark Geier the liberal nazi in maryland who promoted this evil barbaric treatment against innocent children.

Today we are going to talk about one the victims of this barbaric treatment that is supported by liberals.

Gary Caccavelli from Bel Air Maryland was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at the age of 10. He was picked on and ostercized at school because of his weight. His parents brought him to a psychiatrist who labeled him because he had been bullied. The parents, having recieved the ususal crap that Gary was stupid as opposed to the lie that Asperger's are high functioning, asked about treatment options. The doctor referred them to Doctor Mark Geier and his Lupron Protocol treatment.

The Caccavellis were unaware of the devastated symptoms that would affect Gary. As it turns out they didn't really care about what would happen to Gary. Gary began his first Lupron treatment in 2006 when he was 11. It went on up until 2008 when he was 13 and began to get sick and had to be hospitalized due to side effects of the Lupron.

Gary had seizures and would vomit frequently. He also had an array of other malodies including headaches, internal bleeding, dizzy spells ETC. He also developed worse obesity. But they paled compared to the unfortunate side effect that is typical of Lupron Protocol... impotence and stunted growth.

This became apparent when Gary was 16. Gary had a short stature and had no body hair growing on his body. He also remained having a boyish look and an unbroken voice. This made bullying worse. At the behest of the school nurse and a social worker, Gary was taken to a doctor to be examined. What they found was startling and shocking.

Gary Caccavelli missed puberty. He had no body hair including pubic hair, he had no sex drive, he could not get erections, his voice was unbroken and he was short. About five foot five inches. The Lupron Protocol destroyed the hormones and hormone producing organs in his body. Without hormonal injections, Gary was destined to be a boy his entire life.

Gary's family refused to pay for it. They based their decision on a second opinion. According to Gary's father, Michael, a retired Police officer it was unnecessary and that Gary had to continue the Lupron Protocol treatment whether or not it hurt him. Michael referred to Gary as a dork and as an Asperger psycho. His mother also supported Michael against Gary and claimed that Gary was not meant to be an adult because he had Asperger's and recommended he be put in an institution.

Gary couldn't take it anymore. There was bullying in school, judgements and nagging at home and the fact he missed puberty. When he was 18, Gary ran away to Baltimore and spent several months in a dangerous shelter in a high crime area and later was homeless in New York City, then Boston.

While on the street, Gary tried to find ways in order to be treated for his stunted growth and tried to avoid danger at the shelter and on the mean dangerous streets of Baltimore, Newark, New York and Boston. Gary was hospitalized twice for injuries sustained from being attacked and once for a nervous breakdown.

Gary has also been mistaken for a minor on occasion and was even detained by Police in Jersey city for being suspected of being a runaway. Gary also has even been mistaken as a woman because of the problems he has been having and his lack of masculenity.

Gary is unable to get hormonal treatments because he is broke and Obamacare will not pay for expensive treatment. Gary was able to get help for it from charities and even got a few herbal and injection treatments but the cost prevented him from getting the rest. He has never fully recovered from Lupron. He still has a short stature, impotence and is girlish. Because of his looks and his disability as well as physical problems from Lupron his chances for work are poor as well.

It is not known if he will ever recover or have any normal adult appearance or life. What is known is that he will never have children or marry. He will also possibly have a short stature all of his life. It is all because he was raised by liberal parents who believed the government and all because of the state of Maryland and psychiatry.

There are many cases worse than this. Boys and girls who can never live a normal life, never be able to succeed and become normal fully developed adults because of the left and the nanny state The government and psychiatry.


Anonymous said...

I think I remember meeting Michael Caccavelli, the boys father. I don't know if its the same person but it wouldn't surprise me if that were so. He was an ass hole. I feel sorry Gary.

Anonymous said...

I remember Gary Caccavelli when I was homeless in New York. The staff at the shelter we stayed at and the people there bullied him because he looked like a little boy. When I first met him I actually mistook him for a 14 year old and I was all, "Hey! What are you doing here boy? Where are your parents?" He gave me a funny look and he says that he was 21. WHOA! I thought. He told me his story at supper and told me his parents did this to him. What the hell? Why are parents so freakin stupid!?

Gary moved on to Boston after 2 years of putting up with the shit at the shelter. he was almost beat up by these two black dudes who thought he was queer because of his looks and he couldn't get housing. I had the same problem, its like they want to dump all the homeless either in the Bronx or Harlem or in el bario. It took me 3 years to get a decent place in Brooklyn. I hope Gary is alright man. I heard Boston did good in housing it's homeless.

Alfred Nolan said...

Gary is unable to get hormonal treatments because he is broke and Obamacare will not pay for expensive treatment.

No you can't get anything done from these people. Its a fraud. Obamacare is far worse than even the healthcare system in the soviet union or China! You go into an emergency room with a life threatening injury or illness all they give you is a little tylonel and kick you out to die. Isn't Socialism grand?