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Thursday, April 7, 2016

How socialist governments deal with unemployed workers: GENOCIDE

One of the biggest arguments made by liberals in favor of socialist government is the lack of unemployment. Unemployment levels according to liberals was zero in the USSR under Stalin and in Germany under Hitler. You would think, "Gosh! All I have to do is give up my constitutional liberties and let the state take care of me and my problems are over!"

But not so fast! It never occurred to supporters of socialism just how they were able to do it!

They didn't do it by giving everyone a job that paid. They did it through the enslavement and/or extermination of those who were unemployed and could not find jobs for as well as the extermination of those who could not work due to disability or old age.

In addition, those who could work found themselves exiled to barren and uninhabitalble regions where only shovel ready jobs were available.

In the USSR for instance, those who could not find jobs in Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad and other metropolitan regions found themselves whisked away from friends, home and loved ones to the wilderness to work on collective farms or cutting down trees in forests. Others were set up with false accusations of treason and sedition and sent to the Gulag in Siberia.

In Germany is was just as bad if not worse. Under Project T4 to save money, the German government had the old and the retarded killed off. This was made possible with the consent of the German people who believed everything the government told them such as that people with disabilities being a blight to humanity and that the old were worthy of death.

Even the anthem of the Hitler youth, the rattling of the old bones is a prelude to genocide of the elderly and the feeble. Old men and women who lived industrious productive and moral lives found themselves at the mercy of the waffen SS.

Those who were able bodied and able working but for whom there were no jobs available were taken to camps such as Dachau and Buchenwald to work as slaves. Worked to death along side Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses and others all for the crime of being unemployed. Others were forcibly conscripted into the military and used as fodder for the coming war.

Say what you want capitalism is superior to Socialism (The marxian soviet model as well as the Nationalistic Hitlerite model) in aiding the unemployed and the poor. To encourage settlement in an otherwise unforgiving wasteland such as the deserts of America and the midwest, the government provided incentives for land ownership, mining rights and other perks for settlers who were willing to risk their lives and do hard work. Some died but many succeeded and prospered!

For the unemployed, there are Christian charities to help them find employment or to provide travel assistance to areas of the country where jobs are more plentyful such as the Mid-west or the South.

Many of these incentives are perfectly constitutional and provide incentives to work rather than leech off the system the way liberal would ask of us to do. Fatten us up for the slaughter...

So there again, socialism fails, capitalism wins!!


Anonymous said...

You left out two or three things I believe.

First, Even if you do get a job in socialism its more likely one you don't want. Its also probably a job you'll suck at and one that is dangerous. If and when you F**K up, they usually say its your fault and gulag you or kill you. Government after all to socialists is infallible. In fact its God.

Second, wages are the same regardless whether you're a janitor or a scientist. There's no incentive to do the jobs. Placement is usually not based on merit but a labor lottery. A janitor who simply sweeps the halls of say the Gumshoe department store or some government office building in Moscow will go home after his shift with the same pay as a man who busts a gut at a steel mill or as an air traffic controller or say an architect. There is no real incentive for students to learn skills or achieve anything or even to invent. There is no profit motive and you do not have the time or freedom to put your ideas on paper. Have to go to work.

BTW, while we Americans used to work 40 hrs a week, in the USSR and China its even longer. In China for instance 120 hours. Some workers have to put in shifts for 24 hrs. One woman died and all she got was $134 a month in wages.

third problem as I said is no profit motive. I pretty much covered most of it already but I want to bring up something. Profit to a socialist is considered theft by executives. Meanwhile in socialist countries, 0.001% of the population, the heads of the state and the party enjoy unbelievable wealth.

The lifestyles of the heads of China are greater than our own CEOS whereas, in America, low income earners at McDs and BK and others who make just under the poverty limit enjoy a far greater lifestyle than China's middle class or what would've been the middle class in Russia during the days of the USSR.

Gino D'Gari said...

Want to know why socialism always fails?

The old Mahatma, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi summed it up best...

A Nation's greatness is measured in how it treats its weakest members...

In socialist countries like Germany, they offed the sick and the weak. Europe and Australia also does this. They have forced sterilizations, abortions of the retarded and euthanasia. Its also been happening in the USA for some time as well and getting worse.

I read that over %80 of Europe's handicapped children are murdered through euthanaisa and abortion. Just like T4.

And I want to add what pope John Paul II said, a nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope.

He said a few other interesting remarks about abortions in dehumanist Europe. But They are worse off now than they were under despotic kings and fuhrers. They have not gotten better. They may be economically better than they were 100 years ago (thanks to America paying for their military I might add) they may have advanced technologically but they have discarded morality or what little they had. The church is powerless.

Its just sad really. Just sad.

Aaron micha said...

I see this all the time in blue states. The Democrats and the blue collar people always blame the homeless and unemployed for being homeless and unemployed. We don't mention taxes, regulations and anti-business policies of government. Always its the victim's fault. I live in Boston and I was homeless here and in New York for 8 months. all they do is blame blame blame blame. New York they made homeless services worse for us and made our conditions worse thinking it would motivate us to work. HELLO! How can I do that if there are no jobs? How can I start my own business if I am not allowed to earn money and keep it and if I am not allowed to so much as shine shoes or sell lemonade without a politician squeezing me and restricting me!? I got fed up and went to Boston. They did only a little better. They just knocked us around. I gave my case worker a copy of the myths of homelessness and told her, read it and weep! But she ignored it. She claimed I put myself in this situation and that I wasn't trying hard enough to find work but I got laid off and somehow that's my fault!? Not the employer? Not the government? And there's no escape! You need services you look everywhere but there's nothing! ALL I WANTED WAS AN OUT! I WANTED TO WORK BADLY! BUT THERE WERE NO JOBS BECAUSE OF THE HEALTHCARE MANDATE! FUCK THIS GOVRENMENT! I hate the government I hate liberals even more because of this. I swear to fucking God if we do not elect Trump and we have another economic crash I am gonna do something. something about this.

mainestategop said...

The DSM states that unemployment is a mental illness. Oh yes! it doesn't take failed economies or failing socialism into account. Unemployed? Its your fault you're mentally ill. Look we got a guy Herbert Bowler who is being ripped of by the State of Wisconsin and by his abusive parents! Its on the blog look it up we got tons of stuff even his stupid liberal parents comment.

Anonymous said...

The DSM does not say that Unemployment is a mental illness. It does however list being unemployed for a long period of time as a criteria for mental illness. Either way it's not very fair and doesn't take into account periods of financial stress as a cause of unemployment rather than a mental illness.

The democrats support Psychiatry for this reason. They want to blame the victims for why Obama is our worst president ever. I was unemployed for almost a year back in 2011 to 2012 all thanks to this uncle tom and his policies and even became homeless for 2 months as a result. Liberals hate jobs and they hate the unemployed and poor. They only uplift them when a republican is president.

Anonymous said...

The DSM IV emphasizes on this but there's less emphasis on the DSM V which calls Asperger's syndrome Autistic Spectrum disorder. So now it's obsolete. But doctors still sometimes use being bullied or being unemployed as a reason. the damage is already done anyway.